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Teachers Name: Ms. Bossie
Grade Level: 12

Date of Lesson: One Fall 07

Topic: Explaining Origin of Universe

Student will understand that much of science is theory.
Student will know theory, origin, universe, and events of origin of universe and origin of Earth.
Student will be able to explain the different theories of the origin of the universe.
Maine Learning Results Alignment
Maine Learning Results: Science and Technology D. The Physical Setting
D2 Earth
Grade 9-Diploma
Students analyze the biological, physical, and human interactions that shape and alter Earth systems
b) Describe factors that influence plate tectonics
Rationale: Students will see the bigger picture, the origin of the universe, in order to determine the
different interactions that alter Earth systems.
Formative (Assessment for Learning):
The last five minutes of class will be dedicated to formative assessment. I will have the class write down
any questions they have or comments about the material we covered that is unclear to them on an index
card. With this, I will know to continue with lesson or know to move on.
Summative (Assessment of Learning): 1-2 page research paper, assessed with rubric, covering a theory
of the origin of the universe with which the student decides.
Technology: Students will use their laptop to do most of the research for their papers.
English: Students will write a research paper over a theory of the universe.
Students will find a partner who has picked the same theory. They will discuss why they have chosen this
theory and research the material together. They will then write their own paper over the research. If the
class has an odd number of students then we will have a group of three.

Differentiated Instruction
Verbal: Class discussion of theories for the origin of the universe
Logical: Picking a theory they will research
Intrapersonal: Research paper will be completed individually once they have discussed it with a
Interpersonal: Talking with peers about the theories and trying to figure out which one was the
most likely to have happened
Visual: YouTube video of the three major theories of the origin of the universe
Bodily: Students will conduct research on theory they choose, using their laptop.
I will review students IEP, 504, or ELLIDEP and make appropriate modifications and
Absent student:
The class blog will contain all information necessary for absent students. The topics for class
discussion as well as the assignments will be available on this blog.
This assignment is intended to get students to think about this abstract idea. They should become
experts on the theory they have chosen. The students will work on their laptops, depending on
availability, to research these theories. I am not going to limit the use of any sources because it is up to
the students to determine what is relevant. They will be able to do this after the class discussion we have,
because they will have the basic information.
Materials, Resources and Technology
In this class we will need:
Class blog with URLs
URLs covering the theories of origin of the universe
Source for Lesson Plan and Research
Maine Standards for Initial Teacher Certification and Rationale
Standard 3 - Demonstrates a knowledge of the diverse ways in which students learn and develop by
providing learning opportunities that support their intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and
cultural development.
Rationale: I will engage all students by differentiated my lesson and assessments.

Standard 4 - Plans instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students,

curriculum goals, and learning and development theory.

Rationale: I will plan the lesson to be on track with the MLR standard, and I will also do so with the
latest and most accurate information.

Standard 5 - Understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies and appropriate

technology to meet students needs.
Rationale: I will make sure each student is using their laptop to research and start their assessment to
their strengths.

Standard 8 - Understands and uses a variety of formal and informal assessment

strategies to evaluate and support the development of the learner.
Rationale: I will check for understanding at the end of class and will have an assignment that needs to
be finished at home to further the learning and understanding.
Teaching and Learning Sequence:
Detailed Lesson Plan
80 Minute Class Period
The classroom will be made up of tables. These tables are in a U-shape. This allows for appropriate room on a
table when taking notes or working on labs. Students will have a peer to have discussions with or ask questions. I
will also have the section of the Maine Learning Results we are fulfilling written on the board.
Origin of universe
YouTube video
Review Research
Research Paper
Students will understand the different theories of the origin of the universe. They will be learning this information
because it is important to know the theories of our existence. My goal is to make sure students analyze biological,
physical, energy, and human interactions that shape and alter Earth systems.
At the beginning of class, before I start in with the lesson material, I will show three different YouTube videos.
One video will be on the Big Bang theory, one will be the Pulsating universe theory, and the last will be the SteadyState Theory. These videos will enable the students to visualize something that no one has actually seen in real life.
What, Where, Why, Hook, Tailor: Spatial, Logical, Verbal
10 Minutes
Students will know various vocabulary words that are recommended to be taken down in a class notebook. These
vocabulary words include: theory, origin, and universe. Students will also know important events: origin of the
universe and origin of the Earth. I put various notes on the board. This will be a discussion based lecture by asking
questions before writing notes on the board (See attached content notes). I will encourage students to answer the
questions even if they are not sure of the answer. This comfortable atmosphere will have already been established
at the very start of the year. This will act as a pre-assessment as well. I will draw many images of the theories onto
the board. I will have names of scientists that agree with the various theories: The Big Bang, Pulsating, and SteadyState theories. These are the theories of focus, and it is encouraged that students find any other ideas of the origin
of the universe. At the end of class, I will need to know if the students have retained this information because the
next class builds on this information. Therefore, I will pass out an index card in which students will write down
any questions they have or concepts that are still unclear. The class will have the last 5 minutes of class to do this
Equip, Tailor: Verbal, Logical, Spatial, Intrapersonal
40 Minutes

Students will be able to explain the different theories of the origin of the universe. To do this the students will find
a partner, one which they do not sit by in class that shares the same theory. This theory is the one in which they feel
is not likely to have happened. This team will research the theory together and write separate papers. In class these
theories will be discussed but further information is required for the paper. To do this research I will provide some
websites for the students to start with:
Before the students leave the classroom, I will check the information they have gathered. I will be able to tell them
they are on the right track or that they need to head in a different direction. This will be their time to rethink the
way they are researching. Overall, the students will be able to explain the theories of the origin of the universe.
Explore, Experience, Rethink, Revise, Tailor: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Logical, Bodily
30 Minutes
When the papers are passed back to the students within the next two days, they will have an opportunity to revise
and make up any points that were lost. This allows students to self evaluate their work, because they will rework
their material. This homework assignment is the first stage of our journey and is important for the next days class,
because this information is the foundation of the material to come.
20 Minutes (Homework assignment once passed back)