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The quality of filter papers to be used shoild technically meet the desired specifications.

It is
preferable to prepare the estimate for whole requiremnt and order the same in bulk with a
request to supply the same batch/ lot of filters to control analytical quality and blank

During the selection of filters following points should be considered:

Mechanical stability.
Chemical stability,
Particle or gas sampling efficiency,
Flow resistance,
Loading capacity.
Blank values.
Arterfact formation,
Compatibility with analysis method, and
Cost and availability.

47mm (dimeter) Teflon (PTFE) filter paper with polyprooylene support ring manufactured
by M/s Whatman or M/s pall Life Sceinces or equivalent having 2m pore sizes. The filter
parers should have very low background concentrations for ion and elements.
Filter papers selected for defferent analytical objectives should be conditioned by following

Inspect all the filter papers for holes or cracks. Reject, if any deformity is found
Note down the batch/lot in log sheet.
Label all the filters following a general lab coding technique, which should be
unique to represent a sample.
Put the marked filters in pertri dishes.
Use always proper (blunt) tweenzers/ forceps (made of non-reactive material) to
handle the filter papers in lab and field as well.
Prepare a sample-tracking sheet for each filter paper or a batch of filter paper.