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Adding Resources to the Project

People and equipment are the resources that do the work in your project. With
Microsoft Project, you can assign resources to tasks and then use the software's tools
and views to manage these resources and the overall project more efficiently. It will
ensure you have sufficient people and equipment to meet your schedule and create
work schedules for resources.
Assign resources when your goal is to:
Track the amount of work done by the people and equipment assigned to the tasks.
Ensure high accountability and understanding of the project responsibilities for
the implementation of tasks are made clear and the risk of tasks being overlooked
is decreased.
Have greater flexibility in planning when and how long tasks take to complete.
Monitor those resources that have too little or too much work assigned.
Keep track of resource costs.
If you do not enter resource information, Microsoft Project calculates your schedule
using just task duration and task relationship information (i.e., task-driven scheduling
in the Gantt chart you have created). This assumes unlimited resources are available
to complete the tasks, which is not a very realistic view of project management.
Resource assignments affect the length of time it takes to complete a task; this is
called resource-driven scheduling.