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Planetary Archangels
Saturn Cassiel (Saturday)
Jupiter Zachariel, Zadkiel (Thursday)
Mars Samael , Camael (Tuesday)
Sun Michael (Sunday)
Venus Anael , Hagiel (Friday)
Mercury Raphael (Wednesday)
Moon Gabriel (Monday)
Uranus Ithuriel , Uriel (Saturday and during Saturn hour)
Neptune Asariel (Thursday and during Jupiter hour)
Pluto Azrael (Tuesday and during Mars hour)

The strongest time to link with one of the Archangels is the day and hour that they rule.
For those who care to know the details: planetary hours are not as long as the 60minute hours used in normal time-keeping. The day is split into two periods, daytime
and nighttime. Sunrise to sunset is considered daytime. Sunset to sunrise of the next
day is nighttime. Then these two periods are each divided into twelve equal length
hours, which are the planetary hours. The planetary hours of the day and the planetary
hours of the night will be of different lengths except on the Equinoxes, when light and
darkness are balanced.
The order of the planets in this system goes as follows, starting on Sunday at sunrise:
This cycle repeats. But since there are seven planets in this system and 24 hours in the
day, and since seven doesn't go evenly into 24, each sunrise will start with a new
planet. With this system, the hour of sunrise will automatically be associated with the
planet of the day. Thus, Monday at sunrise begins with the Moon and the cycle is as

To avoid the mathematical calculations, one can download free software from the Fellowship, or
This website permits a person to calculate planetary hours for any location on the planet:

Prayers in the name of Jesus Christ (or Christ Jesus) are symbols of our connection with Jesus
who realized Oneness in Christ, and through our appeal in His Name we realize our Oneness
with Christ who rests in our Creator-Source God. Prayers of the heart join us in Christs love
with God.
We pray effectively when we maintain an unbroken connection that joins us through the Elder
Brothers, through the planetary archangels, through Jesus Christ to God. When we offer the
name of someone for healing in this spirit, we join with that person in the Oneness that can
realize full health again. In this way we share Christs Love to be used where it is most needed.
Such a prayer is life affirming and acknowledges that in spirit death is not possible. However, we
leave the timing of the illness and the destiny of the person to Christ.
Appeals to planetary archangels work when you experience the archangels energy directly.
Ritual alone will not initiate direct contact unless you provide the intense desire and the intuitive
receptivity needed to establish the connection. However, these suggestions are offered as support
for starting the flow of healing energy.
Archangels provide energy as specialists in healing. Appeals to a planetary archangel will
intensify healing energy in the area of that beings influence. As different planets rule parts
of the body, the regent archangel for the planet associated with each body part will be the
one to whom we should petition. The best time to contact a planetary archangel is the hour
following sunrise on the day ruled by the archangel (see below). Initial contact formed
early will last throughout the day. You can also contact an archangel more easily on the
appropriate planetary hour any day of the week (see times to petition).

Follow these practices regularly throughout the day to develop your intuitive receptivity:
Breathe naturally. When your mind and emotions interfere with your natural breath you
become tense and stressed, and your breath is shallow and tight. Monitor your breathing
regularly to maintain natural breathing.
Sense your life body. Feel the life in your body. Notice the presence of life energy in all
parts of your body. If life energy seems blocked in any part of your body, give your
attention to that area until it is fully alive again. All parts of your body need to be equally

Ask a column of light from the Universal Life Spirit, or Christ, to surround you and
embrace you to promote your highest good now and always. Awaken your life energy to
the life of the universe.
Forgive! Whenever you notice unforgiving or guilt producing thoughts in your mind,
forgive the objects of those thoughts. Ultimately all forgiveness is forgiving ourselves.
Forgiveness attunes you to Love.
These steps awaken Live and Light and Love in your Mind and position you to share these
Divine qualities with others.

When appealing to an archangel, we recommend these basic steps:
Select a planetary hour when the archangel related to the area of concern is on duty.
Sitting, standing, or lying down, align yourself to maintain a prayerful concentration as long as
Praise with gratitude the angel or archangel as you would the highest spiritual Being. Give
thanks for the good that comes through that being.
Ask the help of the archangel with a statement such as this:
o I request Divine Love and healing from Archangel _________ for my highest good. (Identify
your particular area of concern.)
o Bless your misfortunes; ask your misfortunes to teach you with the help of the archangel; then
allow them to turn to blessings.
o Hold your appeal with intense concentration and passionate emotion for as long as it is
beneficial for you.
End your petition by expressing gratitude to the archangel and all involved in the healing

Recognizing that intensity of purpose is of prime important, and that intuitive receptivity is
beneficial for direct experience of the archangels energy, we offer this ritual for contacting
an archangel so that we can serve as a conduit of healing energy:
Everyone naturally expresses healing energy through the palms. Draw the planetary
symbol of the archangel (see separate sheet) on the palm of your hand. Then tap your palm
three times, each time repeating your healing request: I request Divine Love and healing
from Archangel _________ for my highest good for the healing of _________. Repeat the same
ritual with the other hand.
Place your hands over an area of concern, one at a time. Usually the right hand sends energy
into a person. The left hand receives energy and amplifies the energy when placed over or along
side the right hand. This process may be reversed with left handed people. Let your intuition be
your guide.
Repeat your request as often as needed to maintain intense concentration.

Jupiter Hour, for example
If you form a sequence of the planetary rulers of the days of the week, you will see that
it follows the beams of a heptagram, also known as the Star of the Magi:

The Planetary Spirit that rules the day is strongest in the hours of that day it rules; these
hours depend upon latitude and calendar date. For example, Thursday is ruled by the
healer Jupiter, and it is strongest during the Jupiter hours on any Thursday. If Daylight
Savings Time is in effect, you must add an hour to the times listed below. It is best to
wait about 15 mins. into the commencement of the Jupiter hour for meditation.
Remember that your supplication is to the Christ Spirit within and without, with the help
and guidance of the planetary genii.
October 1 - 7 any year
Jupiter hours at Latitude 39 N
5:56 till 6:55 a.m.
12:48 till 1:47p.m.
7:45 till 8:47 p.m.
Note: adding or subtracting a degree or two from 39 N only changes the starting and
ending times by a minute or so for that week
Zadkiel is the name of the planetary archangel ruling the Jupiter hour. Be sure to apply
medicines sympathetical to the afflicted part of the body, and not in conflict with the lord
of the ascendant. In this hour, one does well to gather or apply (under the advice of
one's physician, of course) herbs ruled by Jove, such as avens, dog's grass or figs.
Jupiter rules the arterial vessels, oxygenated blood, hips, thighs, digestion, and liver. Its
mineral salt is silica. The moon in transit conjoined with, or sextile or trine to Jupiter
helps even more.

Blessed are...

...the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (5:3)

...those who mourn: for they will be comforted. (5:4)
...the meek: for they will inherit the earth. (5:5)
...those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they will be filled. (5:6)
...the merciful: for they will be shown mercy. (5:7)
...the pure in heart: for they will see God. (5:8)
...the peacemakers: for they will be called children of God. (5:9)
...those who are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of
heaven. (5:10)