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The Daily Planet
(Newspaper Team)


Justice League

The Daily Planet

(Newspaper team)

Goal: The goal of this community is to provide news to the city of Metropolis

Members: Members include journalists Clark Kent (Superman), Lois Lane, and Perry White.

Purpose/Place: The intercommunication is that they all are in the same office taking orders from Mr. White and
using their newspaper lexis.

Technology Impact: Technology use and development had a major impact in The Daily Planet. It was a main
source of communication in the office. When they posted their articles it was where they were able to view the
critics they received.

Topics Discussed: The topics discussed were daily and breaking news, sports, entertainment, among others.

Guidelines/Rules: The only rule was that each team member was responsible to complete their article on the
topic they were assigned by the due date they were given.

Language: They had no specific language in order to communicate with each other.

How did the character become a member: Clark Kent became part of this community when he was accepted as
an intern. Later, he became an editor and that allowed him to keep track of ongoing events where he might


Goal: Their goal is to survive when they are running out of resources

Members: A great civilization which boasted advanced science and technology; home world
of Supergirl, Krypto, and General Zar

Place: Krypton is a distant planet that orbits a red sun; it's Superman's birthplace

Technology Impact: Some of the technological advances made led to the fortress of solitude (his secret
lair) and more infamously the Black Zero, a device that almost destroyed the earth

Topics Discussed: When the planet was running out of resources they discussed survival, but for the
longest time they discussed how to make the universe a better place.

Guidelines/Rules: Like any society they had a set of laws, two of the more important ones being that there
is no space travel, and no building of spaceships

Language: There is no specific language that they spoke, but it comes off as English to us

How did the character become a member: Superman was born on Krypton

Justice League

Goal: The public goal of the group is to protect the universe from any type of trouble.

Members: This community includes superheroes Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern,
Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.

Purpose: To be able to branch out and help multiple people in need. They hope to achieve safety for the citizens of
Earth. They usually communicate when a villain or a government calls them.

Technology Impact: They have a electronic device that tells them when it is time to assemble, the technology helps
make it easier to achieve their goal .

Topics Discussed: They discuss how to overcome the bad guys and make the world safer.

Guidelines/Rules: In order to be in this group you have to have some type of superpower or advanced skill.

Language: They do not have a specific language or vocabulary that they use to communicate with one another.

How did the character become a member: Superman was one of the cofounders of the Justice League, that is how
he became a part of it.


How do the communities differ from each other?

The communities differed from each other by the members each community
had. Krypton had no specific members with a particular responsibility. In the
other two communities there was a goal and within that goal every member
of the group had an specific part.

Which of the selected communities are discourse as Swales described


The Daily Planet and Justice League would be the discourse communities.
Krypton is more than just a community, it is a world. It had many
characteristics that Swales described, however they weren't enough to be
considered a discourse community.

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