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SAARC Stands for

(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) which was established on

8 December 1985
The SAARC Secretariat was established in Kathmandu on 16 January 1987
and was inaugurated by Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah of Nepal.
Total 8 members
Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, are its founder members
and Bangladesh. Afghanistan joined the organization in 2007

OICThe Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

Eatablished. September 25, 1969.Headquarters Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Official languages Arabic,
English, French
Membership 57 member states

United NationsHeadquarters, New York City,Official languages Arabic, Chinese,

English, French, Russian, Spanish
Membership 192 member states
Establishment: United Nations Charter signed 26 June 1945
The Common Wealth Headquarters: London. Members: 53,
The British Monarch
(Queen Elizabeth II) is the symbolic head of the commonwealth. Commonwealth
heads of government meet (CHOGM) is held in every 2 years.
Arab League
Established: March 22, 1945. Objective: To promote economic, social, political and
military cooperation.
Members: 22 Headquarters: Cairo
Asia Public Economic Corporation (APEC)
Established: Nov, 1989 Objective: To promote trade and investment in the Pacific
basin. Members: 21
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Established: Dec. 19, 1966 Objective: To promote regional economic cooperation.
Members: 59 Headquarters: Manila
Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Established: Aug. 8, 1967
Members: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos,
Myanmar, Cambodia.
Headquarters: Djakarta.
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Established: June 23, 1894 , Objective: To promote the Olympic ideals and
administer Olympic Games.
Members: 203, Headquarters: Switzerland.
International Organization For Standardization ( ISO)
Established: Feb., 1947,
Objective: To promote development of international
Members: 158,
Headquarters: Switzerland.

International Red Cross And Crescent Movement

Established: 1928,
Headquarters: Geneva.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Established: April 4, 1949
Objective: Mutual defense and cooperation Members: 26 + Russia Headquarters:
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Established: Sept,1959, Members: 12 (Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, UAE,
Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Angola and Venezuela). Headquarters: Vienna (Austria).
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
Established: Oct. 11, 1947, Effective from April 4, 1951. Members: 162
Headquarters: Geneva
Amnesty International (AI)
Established: 1961 Objective: To keep a watch over human rights violation
Headquarters: London Got Nobel Prize in 1977 for Peace.
Organization Of The Islamic Conference (OIC)
Established: 1969 Members: 57 Headquarters: Jedah
Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
Established: June 7, 2002.
Objective: To develop mutual cooperation.
Members: Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghiztan and Tajikistan.
World Wildlife Fund For Nature (WWF)
Established: Sept. 11, 1961 Members: All the countries of the world Headquarters:
Gland (Switzerland

Educational Assessment Mcqs For PSC

Headmaster & Teaching Exams
Instrument used for measuring sample of behavior is?
A. Test
Limited to quantitative description of pupils performance is?
B. Measurement
The purpose of the evaluation is to make?
C. Judgment
The purpose of evaluation is to make judgment about educational?
B. Quality
Evaluation that monitors learning progress is?
B. Formative evaluation
A formal and systematic procedure of getting information is?
A. Test
The process of obtaining numerical value is?

B. Measurement
A sum of questions is?
A. Test
The first step in measurement is?
A. Decision of what to measure
The purpose of formative evaluation is?
D. Monitoring progress of students
To assess achievement at the end of instruction is?
C. Summative Assessment
Vast of all in scope?
D. Evaluation
The least in scope is?
A. Test
Permanent difficulties in learning are investigated in?
D. Diagnostic Assessment
Broader in meaning is?
A. Aims
Procedures used to determine person abilities is?
A. Maximum performance test
In norm referenced test the comparison is between?
B. Individuals
In which question marking will be more reliable?
C. Multiple choice question
Facility value of less than 0.20 means?
B. Item is difficult
Objective type question have advantage over essay type because
such questions?
C. Are easy to mark
Discrimination value of more than 0.4 means
B. Item is acceptable
Test involving the construction of certain patterns are called?
B. Performance tests
In multiple choice items the stem of the items should be?
C. Meaningful
Which appropriate verb will you use to make an objective behavioral?
D. To construct
Objectives representing the purposes of instruction of a teacher are called?
B. Instructional
Running description of active behavior of a student as observed by the
teacher is?
A. Anecdotal record
A test very popular with class room teacher is?
B. Multiple choices
Frequently used tools of summative evaluation are?
A. Test

The most commonly used guessing correction formula to predict and control
The summative evaluation is?
B. Cerifying judgment
The difference between maximum and minimum values is?
C. Range
The number of score lying in a class interval is?
D. Frequencies
A multiple choice question is composec of question referred as?
A. Stem
In a norm referenced test which item is best?
D. Item difficulty is near 50
Which question has increasing objectivity of marking?
D. Multiple type questions
The most widely used format on standardized test in USA is?
D. Multiple type questions
Which questions are difficult to mark with reliability?
A. Unstructured essay
Projective techniques are used to measure?
D. Personality
Test meant for prediction on a certain criterion are called?
A. Aptitude test
Kuder Richardson method is used to estimate?
A. Reliability
Value that divides the data into two equal parts is?
A. Mean
The test measures what we intend to measure. This quality of the test is
B. Validity
The length of a test is an important factor in obtaining a representative?
D. Sample
Meidan of 1,2,4,5,2,3, is ?
C. 3.5
The test made to compare the performance of student with the other
students is called?
B. Norm reference
The summative evaluation is used?
A. At the end of the program
The appearance of normal curve resembles with?
B. Bell
The alternative name of the table of spectification is?
A. Test Blue Print
table of specification helps in?
A. Test development

The supply type test item is?

D. Completion items
Alternative response item is?
D. All above
How many columns matching items have?
B. Two
The item in the column for which a match is sought is?
A. Premise
Identifying relationship between two things is demonstrated by?
B. Matching items
The statement of problem in M.C .Qs is?
C. Stem
The correct option in M.C.Q is?
A. Answer
The incorrect options in M.C.Q are?
D. Destructor
The most widely applicable test item is?
C. M.C.Q items
The type of essay item in which contents are limited is?
A. Restricted Response Questions
The ability to select organize, integrate and evaluate ideas is demonstrated
B. Extended Response Questions
The Analysis of items is necessary in?
A. Standardized Test
Which one is not the type of test of test by purpose?
B. Essay Type Test
The type of the test by method is?
C. Objective type test
Students performance is compared with other students in?
D. Norm referenced test
Student performance is compared with clearly defined learning tasks in?
C. Criterion reverenced test
Test that measure learning outcome of students is
A. Achievement test
The tests designed to predict future performance is?
B. Aptitude test
The founder of modern intelligent tests was?
A. Alfred Binet
The formula to determine I.Q was presented by?
B. Stern
I.Q of a student having same physical and mental age will be?
A. 100
The I.Q of a student having twelve years mental age and tem years physical
age will be?
B. 120

The quality of test that measures what it claims to measure is?

A. Validity
The characteristic of a test to siscriminate between high achievers and low
achievers is?
B. Differentiability
If the scoring of the test is not effected by any factor, quality of test is
C. Objectivity
The quality of test to give same scores when administered at different
occasions is?
D. Reliability
If the sample of the question in the test is sufficiently large enough, the
quality of test is?
A. Adequacy
The quality of test showing ease of time, cost, administration and
interpretation is called?
A. Usability
Facility index of an item determines?
A. Ease or difficulty
High and low achievers are sorted out by?
B. Discrimination power
Test item is acceptable which its faculty index /difficulty level ranges from?
A. 30-70 %
Test item is very easy when value of faculty index/ difficulty level is higher
B. 70 %
Test item is very difficult when value of facility index/ difficulty level is less
C. 30%
Discrimination power of an item is acceptable when its value ranges from?
A. 0.30 1
Test item discriminates 100% when its value for discrimination is?
B. 1
Test item cannot discriminate low achievers and high achievers when its
value is lower than?
C. 0.30