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Jessica Pagtulingan

Ed 494 Student Teaching

November 23, 2016
Grade 1 Level Meeting
Data Team:
Grade 1 discusses pre-assessment for math word problems for
quarter 2
Clarifying the distinctions between each rating level: Meets with
Excellence (ME), Meets with Proficiency (MP), Developing
Proficiency (DP), and Well-Below (WB).
How did each teacher improve from quarter 1 assessment to
quarter 2 assessment?
Teachers will work on decreasing the amount of careless errors
students make on the assessment
I enjoy meeting with grade 1 teachers because their dynamics of
being able to work together and ensuring that everyone is on the same
page really inspires me and gives me a perspective on what a good
grade level team looks like. I learned that, rubrics created by the
grade level arent always clear, and its always revised. They taught
me the importance of teamwork and how they encourage and uplift
each other to make progress. Their collaboration and willingness to
share ideas on how to better their practice as teachers shows me that I
shouldnt be afraid to speak up and ask for help and receive
suggestions or feedbacks on how Im doing as an educator. Overall, I
value teamwork, and its important to make contributions to everyones