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Nepal SBI Bank limited

Intro :- Nepal SBI bank ltd is the first indo Nepal joint venture in the
financial sector sponsored by state bank of india and other.
Financial structure:- 55% of total share capital of the bank held by the state
bank of india, 15% is held by the employee and rest 30% by general public .
according to the NRB directive .
History: overall history state that with a 200 yrs history, is the largest
commercial bank in india in term of assests, deposit profits . SBI is ranked 60 th
in the list of 1000 banks in the world by the banker in july 2012.
The reason behind choosing this bank as preference :
Return on equity:- 21.5

Return on assests:- 1.96%

Net worth per share :- 62.3

Earning per share :- 40.8

Non- performing loan :- 0.17% lower then previous year .

Market price of share :- Rs.1510

Dividend:- 1.42%

Bonus:- 27.00%
According to the 2nd quarter report , the bank able to increase its profit 53.28
Cror to 62.39 Cror growth of 17.11%. the bank has NPL lower than 1 which
show that the positive vibes.
concluded that , I plan to purchase :- Rs. 1,51,000 (100 share)

Nabil Bank limited

Intro:- Nabil bank is a commercial bank in Nepal. The first join-venture bank of
Nepal . Nabil provide a range of commercial banking service through its 51
points of representing across the country over 170 Corospondent banks across
the globe. It was earlier known as Nepal Arab bank ltd.
Financial structure:- 50% of share is held by foreign promoter ,16.15% is
held by institutional promoters , 3.85% reserve by other and balance held by
general public.
Award;- Nabil bank ltd has bagged 'best presented annual report award
2013/14 'under banking sector.
The reason for selecting:MPS:- Rs.2055
Non- performing loan :- 1.70
P/E Ratio:- 32.18
ROE:- 26.82

EPS:- 57.50

ROA:- 2.25

The bank become preferable for invest due to p/e ratio , which show we can
earn rs. 1 by investing rs. 32.18 , lower than the bank of Kathmandu and global
IME bank .

I want to purchase :- Rs. 1,43,850 (70 share)

Premier insurance ltd.


Premier Insurance Company (Nepal) Limited has emerged as a

renowned general insurance company of the second generation. Invested by :Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.,Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.,Rastriya Banjiya Bank
Ltd,Nepal Bank Ltd.
EPS :- RS. 13.99
P/E Ratio:- 68.60
Net worth per share :- 373.77
MPS:- Rs. 1250
Rumor that the company going to declare 30% dividend after few week.
I plan to invest:- Rs. 87,500 (70 share)

Everest bank limited

Intro:Everest Bank Limited is the Commercial Bank of Nepal. Which is joint venture
of Punjab National Bank, India. Punjab National Bank holds 20% equity shares of
Bank. This is first Nepalease Bank which have Representative Office in India.

The bank has been conferred with the "Best Managed Commercial Bank" by ASIAN PAINT
NEWBIZ Award 2013.

The bank adjudged as "Number 1 Bank" under CAMELS (along with Customer Base & Branch
Network) rating conducted by KAROBAR national daily (a leading business media house of

The bank has been conferred with Bank of the Year 2006, Nepal by the Banker, a publication
of financial times, London.

Analysis:Earning Per Share :- 57.48

P/E ratio:- 39.86
Return On Equity :- 22.27 Net worth per share:- 286.90
Everest is one of the success leading bank of Nepal. Which has lower p/E ratio ,
which lure me to invest and EPS also quite worthly.
I plan to invest :- Rs. 1,16,315 (43 share)

Nepal SBI


No. of share

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100 share



Nabil bank


70 share
70 share




43 share



283 share


Investment management

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