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Bret Babich

Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01

Professor Suk
Spring 2016
Middle School Lesson Plan
Grade Level: 7
Subject: Middle School Social Studies

Topic: Lasting Greek Achievements

Objective: The students will be able to outline some of the major lasting achievements of
ancient Greek culture.
Standards: NJCCCS for Social Studies 6.2.8 D.3.c (NJCCCS, 2009)
Evaluate the importance and enduring legacy of the major achievements of
Greece, Rome, India, and China over time
Materials: notebooks, pens, PowerPoint slides, projector and screen, white board, dry
erase markers, e-textbook, phones, laptops, internet, and graphic organizer.
Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge: The students have recently completed a unit on
ancient Greek culture and society with a focus on philosophy and technology. The
students have already taken notes in Cornell format.
Anticipatory Set: Prior to the presentation, the students, acting individually, will offer up
what they know currently about the lasting achievements of Ancient Greece. To do this, I
will call on a sample of volunteers. Then the volunteers will come to the white board, use
one of the provided markers, and write on the board what they believe to be a lasting
ancient Greek achievement.
Input and Modeling: The teacher will provide a graphic organizer for the students to
complete throughout the discussion that will focus on the key ideas, philosophies, and
technologies that survived or evolved from Greek culture. During the lesson, the teacher
will project several slides of data for the students to observe and take notes on. With each
new slide presenting new data, the teacher will guide the class discussion for the benefit
of maximum data retention. Then, as a class, we will analyze the selections the students
have offered for accuracy by proceeding through the lessons central presentation. To
analyze the information, we will compare the student completed portions of the graphic
organizer to the predetermined information compiled into my PowerPoint presentation.
This portion of the lesson will be mostly lecture about the information I have compiled
with the students taking notes. During the presentation, students will complete the
graphic organizer for ancient Greeces longest lasting achievements. Also during the
presentation, I will call for volunteers to analyze the data to ensure comprehension from
the students. Comparing the new data to the original data they offered at the beginning of
the lesson while modifying the original data with all the new specifics.
Student Practice and Checking for Understanding:

1. The teacher will complete one section of the graphic organizer with the class. This
will serve as an example of the type of information to be gathered and how to
complete the rest of the document.
2. Then either individually or in groups, the students will complete the other sections
of the organizer using their e-textbooks or other online resources, such as During this time the instructor will be walking around the room and
available to help answer any pertinent student questions.
3. Finally, as a whole class, students will offer up the data found online about the
other sections of the organizer so the whole class can gain all the relevant data. At
this time the instructor will be present in the front of the room once more to guide
the discussion.
Predetermined students will translate the material and the lecture into the first
language for the classs ELL (English Language Learning) students to ensure all students
can obtain the information.
Closure: Lesson End and Exit Ticket
1. Ladies and gentlemen, our time today has nearly ended. As such for your exit
ticket take out a piece of paper I can collect and write down what you believe to
be ancient Greeces most profound achievement and why! Once you have done so
and submitted your ticket, you can leave at the bell. If you dont submit the ticket
it becomes homework due tomorrow, and I expect a full paragraph length
response. Have a good day!
2. At the end of the unit for Ancient Greece, the students will create a timeline for
the rise and fall of the society; noting any notable people, places events, or ideals
that have arisen from this society for a project grade. The timeline will be graded
with a rubric that evaluates content, organization, appearance, and legibility.


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content standards revision project. Retrieved from social studies standards report