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Monica Tripp
Teaching Date: November 29, 2016

Due Date: November 10
Burris Teacher: Mrs. Canada

Grade: First
Lesson Topic: Which parts of the plants do we eat?

Subject: Science

Preplanning Tasks
Long Term Objective: Students will observe and determine where on a plant their food
is grown.
Life Science Standards: 1.LS.2 Develop a model mimicking how plants and/or animals
use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs. Explore how
those external parts could help solve a human problem. 2.LS.3 Classify living organisms
according to variations in specific physical features (i.e. body coverings, appendages)
and describe how those features may provide an advantage for survival in different
Activity Description: Students will listen to teacher read the book Tops and Bottoms.
Students will then sort the plant cards by which part of the plant we eat. Students will
apply the sorted plants onto the poster.
Activity Rationale: The book, cards, and poster are intended to increase student
interest and understanding of the parts of the plants, and which parts we eat.
Prerequisite Skill(s): Know the parts of a plant that we would eat
Flower/Fruit: part of the plant producing fruit and seeds
Stem/Stalk: part of the plant that moves nutrients to other parts
Leaves: part of the plan that uses sunlight to make food
Root: brings nutrients from the soil and hold the plant up
Management/Room Arrangement: At a table with 4 or 5 students. Arranged so all can
see the book.
Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens Video
Plant Cards

Activity Beginning
o Gain Attention: Clap Pattern
o Behavior Expectations: Listen while others are speaking. Raise your hand to answer a
question. Before you can speak and begin answering you must have the object that has
been chosen by each group to symbolize that the student you are able to speak.
o Motivate: Book video altogether
o Purpose/Goal for Learner: Today we are going to read a book, and talk about which
parts of a plant we eat!

o Review prior lessons: Can someone think of the name of a plant part that we can eat?
Looking for Flower/Fruit, Stem/Stalk, Leaves, Root

Activity Middle
o Description of activity:
Teacher will play the video reading Tops and Bottoms
Review the video book with some questions from the question section below
Tell the students that we are going to sort some vegetables based on which part of
their plant we eat.
Go through the plant cards one at a time and decide which category they go with
Rotate giving each student the card once they decide
Once all are sorted, let each student, one by one, put their plant card on the poster
in the correct spot
o Where on a plant does my food come from?
o What are some uses for the parts that we do not eat?
o Do animals eat the same parts that we eat?
o Do we harvest our own food like the bunny and the bear?
o Who harvests our food for us?
o Where do we get our food?
Selected interventions or accommodations:

O: Make sure that he focuses in, use his name if needed

If you notice a child getting frustrated, work to calm him/her down and offer further
explanation. (Ex.: A)
For the student who is extremely smart: ask more difficult, specific questions to him.

Critical Management Skills:

1) Acknowledge good behavior: Positive verbal affirmation -- Good job, you
labeled that part correctly, thank you for being such a good listener!
2) Monitor student behavior: Use proximity and scan the classroom. Redirect with
verbal cues.
3) Managing transitions: Send back to tables in group after poster discussion. Clear
instructions, make sure to say, walk back to your seats when sending students
to tables. Give a warning time, in 5 minutes we will finish up.

Activity Closing
Group Review of practice:
o Say examples of different plants and see if the students can say which part of the
plant we eat.
Which part is celery? Which part is spinach? Which parts is a carrot? Etc.
o Give the students a part of the plant, and have them say some foods that are
that part.

What are some plants that are the leaves of a plant? What are some
plants that are the root of a plant? Etc.
What parts of a plant did you eat for Thanksgiving?

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