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As the book is being translated, I will add the rest of the chapters.

If anyone has fond

wishes to build a cancer curing apparatus, Im at his service. But if he wants to benefit
from this, hed better not bother. Medicine concerns resort even to murder in order to
block peoples access to this apparatus. Each person who builds an apparatus wants to
become rich. The last one who had built such an apparatus died in a so-called accident
after his interview had appeared in a magazine. A deputy-woman told me that she was
busy with her children. In other words, she wouldnt get involved.
The only solution to this problem is to build such an apparatus and make its technical
details public. Ive sent letters to the state chiefs in Brazil, Qatar, Iran, Venezuela,
Kuwait, Argentina, Cuba and Norway. None of them have replied. Cancer is not a
priority. Or maybe the money of the medicine concerns is more important. Im not
offering treatments, I only offer you forbidden therapies.
Extracted from the book: Banned Miracles - by Lazar Valentin


Translated by Madalina Buzduga
Mr. Albert Abrams attended medical courses at the prestigious Heidelberg University,
where he received special distinctions and the golden medal. He originated from San
Francisco and he was part of the high society of the city, as he was one of the richest
On his return to America, he took over the Pathology Department at the Stanford
University. A fellow teacher mentioned, in Adams presence, that the onion which is
pulled out of the ground and left beside some onions which are still in the ground has a
negative effect on the ones in vicinity, without affecting the ones that are situated at a
greater distance, though.
He ascertained that by feeling the abdomen of a healthy patient, the patient makes a high
sound, whereas on feeling a sick patients abdomen he makes a stifled sound. When a
patient is nearby an apparatus that emits roentgen radiations his body has the tone of a
sick organism. When the apparatus is drawn nearer, the tone comes back to normal.
In 1924 he created the hypothesis that a disease can be diagnosed by sampling some of
the patients blood. The medical world blamed him for this declaration. Albert Adams
pleaded that the curative effect the quinine has on malaria is the effect of the radiations
that come from the quinine molecules, which annul the emissions of the malaria carrying
cells. The quinines action is due to electromagnetic emission and not due to chemical
and/or pharmaceutical action.
With the assistance of an engineer specialized in radio communications, whose name is
Sam Hoffman, he managed to build a transmitter with the power to emit on those
frequencies that could annul the waves transmitted by malignant cells.
In 1922 he presented the results of his research in a scientific paper. He was accused of
witchcraft and fraud by The American Medical Doctors Association and by the British
Medical Journal. Albert Adams died two years later, after the Scientific American
Magazine had attacked his work and activity in 18 consecutive issues.
In 1965 the researcher Riviere exposed a batch of rats that had tumors to a magnetic field
associated with microwaves for 20 minutes a day for a month. As a result of the
treatment, the tumors and its extensions disappeared completely. The magnetic fields
were between 300 and 620 Fe and the wave lengths between 3 and 80 centimeters.
The researcher Kenyon suggests the following:
The malignant tumors may be caused by perturbations of the body, as these mechanisms
highly probable have an electromagnetic cause.
Gales Hieronymus isolated three ears of wheat and placed a parasite on each of them. He

submitted them to a radio transmitter treatment that got the license 2482773 in the USA.
After three days of ten full minutes per hour treatment, two of the parasites were reduced
to a stain of humidity on the ear and the third became an amorphous mass.
The German physician Fritz A. Popp declared that healthy cells transmit an ultraviolet
radiation whose wave length comes close to 400 nanometers and is capable of redressing
the genetic destructions the cells suffer. Certain substances can absorb this radiation,
leaving the cell without the ability to renew itself. Altered cells multiply themselves
anarchically and thus cause cancer.
Researches at the A. S. Popov Institute of Bioinformatics discovered that living beings
transmit radiations whose wave lengths are between 300 and 2000 nanometers and named
them biofield.
Jane Waters from the alternative medicine centre ascertained that by exposing psoriasis
affected parts of the skin to ultraviolet light with lengths between 300 and 400
nanometers the psoriasis disappears for a few weeks.
Lakovsky postulated as early as 1924, that living organisms are natural oscillators which
emit electromagnetic waves. This theory was maintained by British physician Herb
Froehlich who promoted the idea that living cells are in a continuous state of oscillation.
Where there are radio waves fields there are also electric waves. This theory was brought
to light by Herbert Pohl, the director at the Cancerous Diseases Research Laboratory in
Itillwater, Oklahoma who, by using barium titanite, a powder which is sensitive to
electricity and has a tracing function, ascertained that it is attracted by cells that behave as
radio beacons. The fact that the cells communicate with each other through
electromagnetic fields was emphasized in 1972 by S. P. Novosibirsk.
Researchers placed identical samples of tissue in two tightly closed vessels separated by a
glass wall. The cells in one vessel were experimentally infested with a lethal virus that
destroyed the tissue. The cells in the other vessel were not affected. The experiment was
repeated, but this time the glass wall that separated the two vessels was replaced with a
quartz wall. As a result of the experiment, it was ascertained that the second sample of
healthy cells were also destroyed. The viruses couldnt break the physical obstacle but
their radiation could. An intensification of the viruss radio activity was noticed at the
time of the attack of the tissue. Through this energetic attack the virus makes a breach in
the energetic shield of the target cell and then invades it.
It is similar to an attack on a fortress. When they manage to break a part of the wall, the
attackers will invade the citadel. The cells with a weak energetic field are rapidly
destroyed, whereas the ones with a strong energetic field will last in front of the siege.
This is the reason why human beings must have a strong energetic field. The following
case is the most eloquent. In winters most people who, for one reason or another, go into
frozen water catch a strong cold. Normally, the viruses that lie in the lungs cant cause

infections because the cells of the organism are protected by an energetic shield. When
the shield vanishes, as a result of the bodys cooling, the viruses invade the organism.
Thats why the traditional Chinese medicine is based on strengthening and keeping a
strong personal energetic field. They reached the conclusion that the allergic reaction can
also be provoked from distance without direct contact between skin and allergen. This
process has a radiant nature and experiments established that its an electromagnetic one.
Experiments have proved that allergic reactions can be unleashed with the help of
electromagnetic waves transmitted by an oscillator. It has been ascertained that by
modifying the frequency of these waves, a frequency that completely neutralizes the
symptoms can be found.
It is shocking that an antidote against the allergy could be found by submitting a glass of
water to the correction frequency. The water that is treated in this manner is capable of
instantly calming a patient who has a crisis. This fact opens new horizons to treating
illnesses by using water treated with electromagnetic fields. It has been ascertained in
1964 by researcher L. Gross that the process of cloning DNA macromolecules can be
disturbed by the activity of electromagnetic fields.
The first Romanian who built a cancer curing apparatus was Carol Prezibil. Almost 40
years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. The idea that sprang during college in Germany,
where he worked with Einstein, Henri Coanda and others had to be now put into practice.
With the help of a few collaborators, he built an apparatus named Helioproboscope. After
the first few sessions his health improved. He also treated some friends with this
apparatus and the news was spread. Among the people who were cured there were 57
medical doctors. Some of them asked him not to tell anyone that they had been treated by
him so they wouldnt be laughed at.
The treatment consisted of a ray of light with a certain frequency that on being applied on
the zone affected by illness led to the destruction of cancerous cells. When he was a
student in Germany, Einstein impressed by his ideas, advised him: Dont ever get
married because you have to belong to mankind, not just to one woman.
Carol Prezibil patented his first invention in 1926. It was a jet plane. This invention was
followed by a long chain of other inventions, for which he received three State Prizes. He
patented an internal combustion turbine which was designed to work in power stations on
coal or hydrocarbons. The project was thought aberrant and for this reason was sold to
the American firm General Motors which sells a turbine with ten times more money
than the acquiring of the license had cost. He also lay to patenting an engine that worked
on water.
The first attempt to patent the cancer curing apparatus took place in 1981. He obtained
the invention license in the nineties, after the fall of the communist regime. Nowadays,
Carol Prezibils name is barely known. One of the people who stepped on his tracks is
professor Cristian Degeratu. Professor Cristian Degeratu was stricken by a merciless
disease - cancer. For 20 years he was 30 times hospitalized and went through 6 operations

but his health didnt improve. In 1991 he heard of engineer Carol Prezibils invention
that treated illnesses with rays of light. Cristian Degeratu went through treatment on
Carol Prezibils apparatus combined with a natural diet and was happy with the results.
This made him build his own apparatus, in association with electrician Dorin
He first tested the apparatuss efficiency on fish in an aquarium. By directing the ray of
light towards the fish and modulating the frequencies, he discovered the frequencies that
were favorable to health. When the light had negative effects, the fish would go away
from it and would come near it when it had positive effects. He obtained an invention
patent for the apparatus that he called Crisdor.
At the time when he was interviewed he had arrived at the third generation of the
apparatuses. Depending on the applied frequencies, patients who suffer from cancer,
leukemia, sterility, impotence, ganglion, liver, heart or gall bladder related diseases can
be cured. Another exceptional researcher who went on the same path is Mr. Ionut
Vrnceanu. He is a graduate from Medical Faculty in Iasi. He built an apparatus that was
based on a Coanda style laser sheet with a crystal ruby, which is filtered in a bulb filled
with a noble gas.
Depending on the patients disease, gases such as helium, hydrogen, argon etc., are used.
The ray of light penetrates as deep as 12 centimeters inside the organism, thus being able
to operate on internal organs. He cured patients who suffered from cancerous tumors,
leukemia, hepatic infections (hepatitis, cirrhosis), pancreatic illnesses, biliary diskynesia,
affections of the thyroid, spondylitis, rheumatism, sterility etc. Favorable effects usually
occur in a short time of only 4-5 sessions. At the same time, patients are recommended a
strict diet and various natural products. He also uses an injected sea buckthorn
[hippophae rhamnoides] serum which is another one of his inventions.
The Chinese firm Hokar International put out on the market the gyro-magnetic apparatus
for treating diabetes, WSJ-B. The apparatus has 5 transmitters that are placed on the
adrenal zone, pancreas, navel and ankles. In this manner positive vibrations are let in the
organism and they regenerate it. The treatment lasts for 40 minutes per day and in the
case of diabetes, it led to the reconstruction of pancreatic functions and production of
insulin. The healing rate in the case of diabetes is 93.3%.
Romanian politicians get healed by using Chinese equipment but they remonstrate
against the use of cancer healing apparatus in Romanian hospitals. Pigeons may die as
long as they live. Chinese researcher Wang Shijie, who invented this apparatus, was
invited on the B1TV television station to present his invention. Praiseworthy decision,
but only when Romanian television will support Romanian researchers too, instead of
striking them down. Have you ever seen a Romanian researcher who invented a cancer
curing apparatus shown on a televised transmission? Luckily there are some newspapers

that present Romanians inventions while governors make their utmost to ban them and
shut off inventors mouths, many times by using certain state or private televisions.
In the case of laser treatments it has been ascertained that depending on the wave length
of the laser, radiations act differently on normal living cells and on cancerous cells.
Certain frequencies led to the growth of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in the blood. In
clinical treatments different types of lasers are used:
Carbon dioxide

10.6 mm
0.63 mm
0.44 mm
0.34 mm
0.50 mm

A tumor reacts differently on being irradiated with different lasers. While helium-neon
and nitrogen laser radiations accelerate the evolution of the tumor, helium-cadmium laser
radiation hinders it. With the help of an ultraviolet laser fascicle malignant tumor can be
detected early. At the contact between the laser fascicle and the affected tissue, the zone
illuminates. In this manner the presence of the tumor, its size and even its approximate
time of appearance are detected. The red radiation of the helium-neon 0.63 mm laser
charges the cells with 4 times its regular amount of energy. The inflammation process
stops. Broken bones are brazed in a shorter amount of time. All regeneration processes
accelerate, making 10-15 year old cureless wounds heal in a few weeks. Gangrenes and
burns disappear as a result of the treatment. The organisms immune system gets
activated. Only a 3% backsliding has been found on patients treated in this manner.
Ponder on how easily a person can be cured of diabetes. But who would medical
concerns sell insulin to?
The blue-green argon radiation treats diabetic retinopathy. Cataract and tumors inside the
eye are also healed with the help of the laser. Ruby laser pulse signals of 10-7 seconds
heal glaucoma in 10-15 minutes after the patient walks home. Through an experiment
conducted on rats a few decades ago, it has been proved that cancer can be eliminated in
three days without using apparatuses or medicine. A much diminished form of this
treatment is used in certain hospitals.