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Come Together With the Sun/Moon Midpoint

In astrology, a midpoint is literally the middle of two points in a chart. The m
idpoint of those two points shows how the two energies come together. The midpoi
nt between the Sun and the Moon is considered the most important midpoint becaus
e the Sun is who you are, and the Moon is your emotional self, so it shows how y
our wants/needs, ego/emotions come together in harmony. I always tell people tha
t if you have two planets in your chart that are at a difficult angle to one ano
ther, use the midpoint of those two planets to make the energy work for you. Thi
s is especially important if you re someone who has their Sun and Moon at a diffic
ult angle. You can feel at war within yourself in you don t learn how to find a wa
y of meshing the energies together. The Sun/Moon midpoint offers exactly that, a
nd when you play up your Sun/Moon midpoint, you can feel most at ease with yours
elf. This post will cover the Sun/Moon midpoint signs, and part 2 will cover asp
ects made to your Sun/Moon midpoint by your natal planets (that plays a part too
!). A quick note before going into the signs for those of you who have your Sun
and Moon in the same sign, your Sun/Moon midpoint is also in that sign (obviousl
y). That makes the energy of that sign extremely important for you. For those of
you who have your Sun and Moon in close opposition, you ll have two Sun/Moon midp
oint signs. When that s the case, you want to focus on what the pair of signs repr
esent: Ares/Libra: relating Taurus/Scorpio: resources Gemini/Sagittarius: commun
icating Cancer/Capricorn: foundation/family Leo/Aquarius: social interaction Vir
go/Pisces: serving Sun/Moon midpoint in the signs: Aries - You need to take acti
on and not wait for others to do things for you. Use your energy and drive to ta
ke you places. You love competition. Be the leader, not the follower or loner. M
ake decisions quickly, and trust your gut. Taurus
You need to stay calm and focu
sed. Loyalty is important. So is having the things you want, and you can work ha
rd for what you want. Live through your senses, experience the world through the
m, and have enough time to relax. Gemini Communicating is important for you. You
need open lines of communication with other people, and without that, you can f
eel stifled, anxious, and unsatisfied. You need to stay busy, multitask, and con
verse. Cancer
Family is important to you, and you need to feel as though you hav
e a group of people, whether they re your actual family or not, that you belong to
. You ll do anything for them. It can be best for you to stick with tradition rath
er than being unconventional. Leo
You need attention, and crave the spotlight, e
ven if you might seem shy on the outside. You need praise and want people to mak
e a big deal over you. Being dramatic can feel natural. You can entertain people
well. Virgo You need to be as practical, efficient, and hard-working as possibl
e. The more you get done and do to the best of your ability, the better you feel
. You need a certain degree of structure and order in your life. Libra
ips are important for you. Having someone around makes you feel better, and you
prefer being with someone instead of being alone. You can perform much better wi
th a partner. You need some balance in your life, and can be the mediator. Scorp
io You need to face problems directly. With courage and a strong will, you can d
o anything. The more battle-tested you are, the more powerful you feel. You can
be passionate and stand up for your loved ones whenever they need you. Sagittari
us You need to be optimistic no matter what is happening to you. See the brighte
r side of dark situations. The more you expand your life, the better you feel. T
ravel and study can be good for you, along with writing and teaching. Capricorn
Authority figures can be important in your life. You listen to those with age an
d experience. The more you climb in life, socially, professionally, or financial
ly, the better you feel. You crave tradition and practicality. Aquarius You need
constant change. If things stay the way they are, you get bored easily. You can
be independent and original, and should embrace your unique self. Friends and c
auses are important for you, and you can be highly interested in technology. Pis
ces Dreams are important for you. They can spur you to action. You need a certai
n amount of fantasy and daydreams in life. Artistic endeavors are excellent outl

ets for you. Helping others can help you, and you feel better when you re being co
mpassionate. Author: Nic Gaudette due cortesy to