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ESAS In House Review Problems

1. How much heat is required to change 30 kg of
20C water into 100C steam at one
a. 88, 858 kJ
b. 77, 860 kJ

c. 55, 556 kJ
d. 44, 454 kJ

2. In an experiment to determine the specific heat

of copper, a piece of copper weighing 50 g is
first heated to 100C in steam. It is then
immersed into water at 27C. The water in the
calorimeter weighs 100g and the inner cap
aluminium cap weighs 50 g. If the final
temperature is 30C, what is the specific heat
of copper, specific heat of aluminium is
a. 0.095 Cal/g-C
c. 0.88 Cal/g-C
b. 0.077 Cal/g-C
d. 0.66 Cal/g-C
3. A 287.5 cm of vapor at 100C and 100kPa
has a mass of 0.725 g. What is the molecular
weight of the vapor?

in the balloons is 1 atm, its temperature is

-40C. Find the volume of the balloon
a. 0.8 m

c. 0.7 m

b. 0.1 m
d. 1.0 m
6. An automobile tire is inflated to 220.6 kPa
gage pressure 16C. After the car has been
driven the temperature rises to 24C. Assuming
that the volume remains constant. What is the
final gage pressure?
a. 230 kPa gage
c. 331 kPa gage
b. 433 kPa gage
d. 322 kPa gage
7. Air is considered to be an ideal gas with a value
of R= 0.287 kJ/kg-K. If there are 2 kg of air in
a piston-cylinder at a temperature of 280K, a
volume of 0.2 m , find the pressure.
a. 80.36 kPa
b. 803.6 kPa

c. 36.08 kPa
d. 360.8 kPa

8. A sealed tank contains 27C at a pressure of 2

atm. If the temperature increases to 100C the
pressure inside the tank will be..

a. 77.94g/mole

c. 55.94 g/mole

a. 1.49 Pa

c. 3.49 atm

b. 66.94 g/mole

d. 88.94 g/mole

b. 2.49 atm

d. 5.49 Pa

4. A tank of 1 m contains air at 19.6 N/cm and
15C. Air is pumped into the tank until the
pressure is 98 N/cm and the temperature is
40C. Find the mass of air pumped into the
a. 8.538 kg
b. 3.85 kg

c. 5.883 kg
d. 8.853 kg

5. A tank whose capacity is 0.1 m contains
helium at an absolute pressure of 10 atm and a

9. A piston cylinder containing 0.25kg helium of

278K receives heat at constant temperature
until the pressure is one-half its initial value.
(RHE = 2.077 kJ/kgK) Find the heat added.
a. W = 120 kJ

c. W = 100 kJ

b. W = 153 kJ

d. W = 167 kJ

10. When the temperature of an ideal gas is

doubled, while the absolute pressure is halved,
the volume is
a. quadrupled

c. Doubled

b. quartered

d. Halved

temperature of 20C. A rubber balloon is

11. A piston

inflated with this helium. The gas cools as it

methane at 5C receives heat at constant

expands and when the pressure of the helium

cylinder containing 0.35 kg

temperature, until the pressure is 1/3 the initial

value. Find the heat added. (R = 0.5183 kJ/kgK)

a. 55.4 kJ
b. 56.4 kJ

c.45.5 kJ
d. 54.5 kJ

12. Air flow steadily through an engine at constant

temperature, 128C. Find the work per kg, if
the exit pressure is the initial pressure and
the initial pressure is equals to 220 kPa.
a. 88
b. 75.9


13. An ideal gas occupies a volume of 0.8 m at
a temperature of 38C and a given pressure of
200 kPa. The gas undergoes a constant
pressure process until the temperature
decreases to 6C. Determine the work done in
a. 18.1
b. 20.3
14. Propane gas has a constant R = 0.1886 kJ/kgK and a specific heat ratio k = 1.127.
Determine the value of Cp and Cv of the gas.
a. 2.13, 1.67
b. 1.67, 1.48
18. What







c. 190hp
d. 203hp

19. An ideal gas is 45 psig and 80F is heated in

a closed container to 130F. What is the final
a. 65psia
b. 45psia

a. 21.9
b. 67.4
16. A closed vessel contains air at a pressure of
160 kN/m gauge and temperature of 30C. The
air is heated at a constant volume to 60C with
atmospheric pressure of 759 mm Hg. What is
the final gauge pressure?
a. 186kPa
b. 167kPa

c. 174kPa
d. 172kPa

17. A gas is enclosed in a cylinder with

weighted piston as the top boundary. The gas
is heated and expands from a volume of 0.04
m to 0.10 m at a constant pressure of
200kPa. Find the work done on the system.
a. 12 kJ
b. 10 kJ

c. 14 kJ
d. 8 kJ

a. 140.3kg
b. 190.7kg

c. 130.4kg
d. 240kg

c.1.48 , 1.88
d.1.12, 2.13

isothermally compressed 800ft of air per
minute from 14.7 psia to 120 psia?
a. 108hp
b. 180hp

15. An automobile tire is inflated at 35psig

pressure at 75F. After being driven, the
temperature rise of 25F was determined. Find
the gage pressure in psig assuming the volume
remains constant.

c. 55psia
d. 75psia

20. Determine the amount of air in a room whose

dimensions are 4m x 5m x 6m ay 100kPa and