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Robyn Volek

University of Lethbridge


Combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education. Majoring in Science Education and
Minoring in Mathematics Education with practical experience in primary and secondary.
Brooks Composite High School


High School Diploma

Professional Experience
Professional Semester III - Internship

August December 2016

Rolling Hills School, Grasslands School Division

Teacher Mentors:

Fifteen weeks, half time teaching Grade 7/8 Science, L.A., Social Studies, Grade 8 Math, and
Junior High Physical Education

Professional Semester II

March April 2015

Mountain View School, Westwind School Division

Teacher Mentor:

Eight weeks, two thirds to full time teaching Grade 5/6 Physical Education, Grade 6 Science,
Grade 7/8 Science and Social Studies, Grade 9 Physical Education

Professional Semester I

November December 2014

Lomond Community School, Horizon School Division

Teacher Mentor:

Six weeks, one third teaching Grade 1/2 Science and Physical Education

Education 2500

G.S. Lakie Middle School, Lethbridge School District No. 51

Teacher Mentor:

Observed and assisted with a Grade 6 class

Spring 2013

Professional Learning
I have strong leadership and communication skills. I believe that my passion for teaching and
learning will inspire my students to be lifelong learners.

Work Experience
Dinosaur District Provincial Parks


Campground Booth Supervisor at Kinbrook Island and Tillebrook Provincial Park

Responsible for organizing and training employees, customer service, revenue reconciliation,
collecting money, and creating staff schedules

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EID Rolling Hills Reservoir Campground


Customer service, booking sites, sales, handling money, and general maintenance duties

EID Historical Park


Gave tours and information to visitors, handled money and sales

Organized games and events for the park, including Earl Taylor Day

2010 & 2011