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Technology Enhanced Blended Learning Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Landforms

Context: The purpose of this lesson is to allow students a hands-on
method to grasp the understanding of various landforms around the world.
This will be an important to lesson will act as a prerequisite for future
geography and science classes.
Students will be able to identify the difference between landforms
Students will be able to physically build various landforms
Students will be able to describe characteristics, benefits, and
disadvantages of landforms around the world.
State Standards:
Science-3-3.6 Illustrate Earth's land features by using models,
pictures, diagrams, and maps.
Materials: cookie Sheets, clay, PowerPoint, YouTube, deck of cards,
notecards, Tablets.
Introduction (10 Minutes): As students walk in the door, I will hand them a
playing card. Students will then form groups based on the number on their
card, this will form groups of 4. I will then take attendance while they are
watching the YouTube video as an introduction to landforms.
Teacher Directed (15 Minutes): I will present an interactive PowerPoint
presentation that will allow me to see what information the students
understood from the video. They will be taking notes in the form of fill in

the blank with the missing landform while I present the PowerPoint. This
will act as a study tool in the future.
Collaborative (15 Minutes): I will start by distributing each group with four
different landforms on notecards (one for each group member). This is the
landform they are responsible for creating out of sand. After they have
built their landforms they will rotate tables. They will then have to figure
out what landforms each of the other groups molded based on there
physical features.
Independent Digital Content: After the tables are clean and free of clay, I
will hand out tables to each student. They will use the Landforms app by
Nth Fusions LLC to take one of the two interactive quizzes. (the second
quiz will be taken the next day).
Closure (5 Minutes): To close the class I will have them participate in a
game of Kahoot as a class. This will allow them to test their knowledge in
a fun and competitive format. - /
YouTube Video: This video is titled Education: 3rd Grade Landforms. It
will hopefully help to hook students into the lesson while providing them
with important background information before I ask them to physically
mold the landforms discussed in this clip.
Landforms APP: This app will further reiterate the information learned
during the lesson. It will also allow for students to take a private quiz
before playing the Kahoot game with the class as a whole. This app will
also be useful because students will be able to access it at home, making
it a perfect study tool.

Kahoot: The website/game allows students to be tested without the worry

of test anxiety because they are unaware that they are even being tested.
They will be having fun and interacting with their classmates while I am
tracking their knowledge at the same time. WIN WIN.