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Lesson 1 Civil War art - Union Recruitment Handbill;

Recruitment handbill for African American troops, about 1863.
%28May_1861%29.jpg - Confederate recruiting poster (1861) from Virginia, urging men to join the
Confederate cause and fight off the U.S. Army, which it refers to as a "brutal and desperate foe". Confederate noncommissioned officer, Sgt. Andrew Martin Chandler (left), and his named slave, Silas
Chandler (right). Born into slavery, Silas was one of thousands of slaves who served as [body servants]
during the war - Defiance: Inviting a Shot Before Petersburg - The Domestic Blockade - The Soldier's Grave
Lesson 2 Civil War maps - Map of free/seceded states - Map of slave
population, 1860 Where battles took place - Major battles/areas of control
Lesson 3 Civil War music - Battle Cry of Freedom song for the North (song and lyrics) - Bonnie Blue Flag song for the south - lyrics - Follow the Drinking Gourd Slave Song about the
Underground Railroad to go along with The Drinking Gourd storybook
Lesson 4 Field trip and reenactment project - Field Trip
Info (no actual technology needed for this lesson)

Lesson 5 Civil War people social media project - make an online fake Facebook profile on the computer
(automatically finds pictures to associate with historical names, is easy to edit, and can be shared
in a variety of different ways)
o I made an example page - Make fake tweets (Twitter) - Instagram
template (made on PowerPoint)