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Reflection Questions: Luke 2:1-14

For the message, Good New of Great Joy given by Pastor John Ferguson
at New City Church of Calgary on October 2, 2016
These discussion questions are designed primarily to help you apply the message from the Scriptures
by helping you think through application to your personal life, your church life, and your citys life.
You can use these by yourself for reflection, or with your family or small group for discussion.
To review the sermon, go to
Pray. Take a moment to pray asking God to guide you in reflecting upon the Scripture text.
Read the Scripture text: Luke 2:1-14
A summary of the sermon: The Bible addresses the problem of evil and the pain of this world not by giving us a
philosophical answer, but by inviting us into a compelling story about the ultimate defeat of evil through a conquering
KingJesus Christ.
Key Quotes:

Merold Westphal, Cynicism is the complacent confidence that suspicion reveals the whole story of human ideals
and idealism. There is nothing but self-interest, self-righteousness, and self-deception.

Tim Keller, The gift of Christmas gives you a resourcea comfort and consolation for dealing with suffering,
because in it we see Gods willingness to enter this world of suffering to suffer with us and for us.

Joy to the world the Lord is come! / Let earth receive her king. / Let every heart prepare him room / and heaven
and nature sing.

Bottom Line:

not only is Christianity the greatest story ever told, but it is the greatest possible story ever told. ~ Paul Gould
Starter Question: Do you tend to be more of a pessimist or an optimist? Why?
1. How does this text speak to your life?
How does this text zero in on the Good News of great joy in a way that is different than the sentimentality offered by
our culture at this time of the year?
Describe how this text roots you in a story that is deeper than your changing circumstances.
In light of this parable, how would you answer the question, What kind of me is God calling me to be?

2. How does this text speak to us as a church community?

What would it look like for us a church community if we are to live out this text in our city?
What would we need to change? What would we need to repent of?

3. How does this text speak to our city?

What kind of new life / future in Christ is this text calling our city to experience?
How does this passage help keep us on point about our message to the city?

What is the one thing you want to take away from this study to remember or to make a change in your life?

What are some ways you can turn what you are learning into prayer? List them as bullet points.






Lord God Almighty

With expectant hearts we your people await Christs coming.
As once He came in humility, so now may He come in glory,
That he may make all things perfect and glorious
In your everlasting kingdom.
For He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords,
the Saviour of the world,
now and forevermore.