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Rite of Unity

As given by the Archangel Metatron

All Beloved, let us go now to the still space in the chambers of our hearts, where we are One
with Mother-Father God and all Creation.
Let us put aside now the cares and concerns of our human lives and the fear and conflict which
exists around us in our world. Let us be in the stillness, now, beyond space, time, place and
dimensions and feel ourselves as the One Consciousness Who exists in the nameless, formless
void. In the stillness of the void, there is only One Consciousness.
From out of the void, from the One Consciousness which knew only Itself, there came to be Two,
The Divine Father and the Divine Mother, Who sustain all of the living creation. We are
conceived by the seed of the Divine Father and born from the womb of the Divine Mother again
and again, as we have chosen our journeys through the material Creation.
We are Many, but also only One Divine Child. We are One Divine Child in many aspects,In our
human lives, we live the illusion of separateness in order to experience, to learn and to grow. We
are but Many mirror reflections of One Consciousness.
Through fear and judgment of one another, the illusion of separateness has descended into the
illusion of separation. It is time now for us to rise again, to know ourselves as part of the same
whole, Divine Children of the same One.
All Beloved, let us now bring that which is sourced in the One and given life by the Divine Father
and the Divine Mother into our human lives upon the earth. Let us join as One, now, in Mind and
Heart. Let us bring that unity and harmony which is in the heavens down to the earth that we live
and breathe upon.
All Beloved, let us be united in the illumination of light and love within our own being first, and
then also with one another, Let us unify the disconnected and conflicting parts of ourselves now,
through the Grace of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, body, soul, emotions, mind and
All Beloved, from this state of Grace, let us now see ourselves truly as brothers and sisters born of
the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, one family united upon the earth, in love.
As One and Many, Many and One, now unified within ourselves and with one another, let us go
forth, receiving the blessing and the benediction of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Let
us return to our human lives in peace, in love, in grace and in harmony, within ourselves and with
one another.
And so it is, now and forever, in the Name of Mother-Father God.

The Love and Empowerment Foundation

Under the Auspices of the Archangel Metatron