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Guide to the Application of ISO 3183 Parts 2 (1996) and 3 (1999)

Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries - Steel Pipes for Pipelines
- Technical Delivery Conditions. Withdrawn January 2008. The
Publication included a note that when the ISO standard was updated,
EEMUA 203 would be amended or withdrawn
Guide to the Use of ISO 15649 and ANSI / ASME B31.3 for Piping
in Europe in Compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.
Withdrawn April 2004 see PD CEN/TR 14549:2004
Electromagnetic Compatibility - A Users Guide to Installation and
Standards. Never Published
Compendium of EEMUA Information Sheets on Topics Related to
Pressure-Containing Equipment.
Withdrawn December 2009. Committee to update Information Sheets
and issue a new publication under the title of Piping Issues
Guide to the Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers
Regulations. Withdrawn 2000. New edition published 2009
Specication for Production Testing of Valves, Part 4 - Buttery &
Globe Valves. Withdrawn June 2008. Superseded by Publication 205
Specication for Production Testing of Valves, Part 3 - Gate Valves
Withdrawn June 2008
Specication for Production Testing of Valves, Part 2 - Plug Valves
Withdrawn June 2008
Specication for Production Testing of Valves, Part 1 - Ball Valves
Withdrawn June 2008
Specication for High Frequency Electric Welded Line Pipe.
Withdrawn January 2005 - see ISO 3183/API 5L Specication for the
Production Testing of Valves
EEMUA Specication for Quality Levels for Carbon Steel Valve
Castings. Withdrawn March 2005
Specication for Line Pipe for Offshore Pipelines (Seamless or
Submerged Arc Welded Pipe). Withdrawn January 2005 see ISO 3183/API 5L
Thermal Insulation of Pipes and Vessels. Withdrawn, superseded
by BS 5970
Drilling Fluid Materials. Withdrawn 1998 - see appropriate ISO
and API publications
EEMUA Supplement to BS 5500: 1991, for the Oil, Gas and
Chemical Industries. Withdrawn June 2002
Safety Related Instrument Systems for the Process Industries.
Withdrawn April 2002, replaced by the User Guide to IEC 61508
Benchmark Cases for Computer Programs for Pressure Vessel
Components based on BS 5500:1988. Withdrawn 1991
Asbestos Substitute Materials (Members only). Withdrawn
EEMUA Supplement to ASME B31.3- 1996 edition, Process piping.
Withdrawn 2010
EEMUA Supplement to ANSI/ASME B31.3 - 1984 Chemical Plant
and Petroleum Renery Piping: Version 1 - (Members only).
Withdrawn December 1987
Steel Specication for Fixed Offshore Structures (Adapted for
Offshore from BS 4360:1986). Withdrawn November 1996
see BS EN 10225
Acoustic Insulation of Pipes, Valves and Flanges.
Withdrawn December 1988
On-Line Analysers Part II Viscometers. Withdrawn March 1988
now incorporated in Publication 138
Electrical Process Instrumentation for use in Division 2 Areas.
Withdrawn December1987
Pressure Gauges. Withdrawn December1987
Heat Exchangers Tubes. Withdrawn July 1997


Power Transformers of the Oil Immersed Sealed Type.

Withdrawn December 1987
132 Specication for Three-phase Cage Induction Motors.
Withdrawn October 2006 superseded by BS EN 60034 parts 1-18
plus 22 124-131. Reprinted 1988 as part of Publication 163 which
was itself Withdrawn
131-124. Reprinted 1998 as part of Publication 163 which was
itself withdrawn.
131 Drilling Fluid Materials - The use of Iron-Based Weighting
Agents in Drilling Fluid
130 Drilling Fluid Materials - Tannin Lignosulphonate Thinners
129 Drilling Fluid Materials - High Viscosity Carboxymethylcellulose
128 Drilling Fluid Materials- Starch
127 Drilling Fluid Materials - Bentonite
126 Drilling Fluid Materials - Barytes
125 Drilling Fluid Materials - Low Viscosity Carboxymethylcellulose
124 Drilling Fluid Materials - Salt Water Clay
123 Guide to the Engineering of Microprocessor based Systems for
Instrumentation & Control. Withdrawn March 2002
122 Guide to the User needs for Technical Documentation.
Withdrawn September1990
121 Thermal and Chemical Welding of Plastics.
Withdrawn December1990
120 Installation of Instrumentation and Process Control Systems.
Withdrawn December1992
119 The Selection of Automatic Control Valves.
Withdrawn October 1986
118 The Use of Plastics Materials in Building.
Withdrawn December1990
117 A Guide to the Selection of Rotodynamic Pumps.
Withdrawn 1990
116 Specication and Selection of Data Logging Equipment.
Withdrawn October 1987
115 Dynamic Sealing of Rotating and Reciprocating Shafts.
Withdrawn May 1992
114 Electrically Driven Glandless Pumps. Withdrawn December1990
113 General Principles of Static Control application in Electrical
Engineering. Withdrawn December 1987
112 Pipe Jointing Methods. Withdrawn December1988
111 Chemical Resistant Materials, Parts I and II.
Withdrawn December1990
110 Thermoplastics Pipework and Ducting in Unplasticised Polyvinyl
Chloride and Polythene. Withdrawn December1988
109 Thermal Insulation of Industrial Buildings. Withdrawn December1990
108 Cladding Materials for Industrial Buildings.
Withdrawn December1990
107 Recommendations for the Protection of Diesel Engines for Use in
Zone 2 Hazardous Areas. Withdrawn June 2005 superseded by
BS EN 1834
106 General Specication for Silencers and Acoustic Enclosures.
Withdrawn updated and included in Publication 161
103 Preliminary Noise Enquiry - A Form for Purchasers.
Withdrawn December1988
102 Manual of Health and Safety References (Members only).

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