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Gyaan Mudra (Meditation

By Hari Kumar Moorthattil November 7, 2014 Basic Mudras 1 Comment

Gyan mudra or vaayu vardhak mudra may call as

prime mudra in all finger mudras .Gyan mudra is
also known as meditation mudra or dhyaan mudra.
Here I am sharing a step by step guidance for the
perform Gyaan mudra. And its health benefits and
healing properties.

Our body has made from five

elements of earth,vaayu,jal,fire and space.Gyan
mudra increases vaayu element in the body.
In hatha

yoga this mudra is used for meditation.

In Ayurveda this mudra is known as vaayu
vardhak mudra.When you meditate with performing
this mudra it gives you quick results.
Here is the you tube video of how to perform gyan
mudra and its various health benefits.

How to do: This mudra is very easy to perform by

just joining together, the tip of the index finger with
the tip of the thumb finger.
Important Impacts of Gyan mudra on your body
and health:
Increase Vayu or air element in your body.
Improves mind power and leads to spiritual
Brain and all the nervous system is strengthened.
Facilitates movements of electrical impulses along
This mudra strengthens pituitary glans which helps
to improve entire system of endocrine glands.
Strengthen all the muscles in the body.
Strengthens vocal cords,heart,renders the skin and
mucous membranes to dry,renders the joints and
articular cartilage dry.

Vaayu plays the important role in the bodily humor

vaata.Increasing air element in the body strengthens
vaata humor.If you are in vaata deficiency Gyan
mudra is the best remedy to over come it.The
persons who are having vaata dosha,should
perform this mudra moderately.
Benefits of Gyan mudra and its healing properties:
If you are facing the problems of dullness of
mind,lack of enthusiasm or initiative
creativity,recklessness,loss of memory,in deficient
brain power.Gyan mudra or vaayu vardhak mudra is
a best natural remedy.
The disorders of drowsiness,lethargy,mental
weakness,neuropathy,Alzheimers disease,Gyan
mudra is the best solution to over come these
Degeneration of the retina, optic atrophy,Eye
disoders, Endocrine or hormonal
disorders,hypopituitarism,Hypothyroidism, Hypop

arathyroidism, Hypoadrenalism these disorders

are easily treated by gyan mudra.
Muscular disorders like myopathies, myesthenia
gravis, paresis, paralysis(viz paralytic squint,
ptosis, facial palsy, vocal paralysis, respiratory
paralysis, monoplane, paraplegia,
hemiplegia, quadriplegia, etc.)
Daily thirty minutes of practice is enough to get best results of gyan mudra.You
can perform it in any place or any time.It is prefered that early morning and
mediate to get quick results.

As said in early,If you have Vaata dosha(prakruti)

then you should perform it moderately.
Gyan mudra is very important mudra in yoga. gyan
mudra is prime mudra in finger yoga.Index finger
and thumb finger are the most important part in
this finger yoga.

Abhaya mudra is a variation for gyaan mudra.

This is the important things you should know before
practising Gyan mudra.
I tried my best to explain it in very simple language.If

you feel you need more information please leave a

comment or contact me.
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