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Crash Course US History #8:

The Constitution, the Articles and Federalism
1. What was the original government created by the Continental Congress?
2. How long did the Articles of Confederation last as a government? _________________________________
3. The only powers that were given to Congress ensured that the United States could go to war with what


4. They could make money but they could not collect what? _________________________________________
5. Though it could be changed through a unanimous vote, how many amendments were made to the Articles of
Confederation? __________________________________________________________________________
6. What was OHIO called before it was OHIO? ___________________________________________________
7. What is the solid or main reason that the Articles were a failure? ____________________________________
8. What was the name of the event in which farmers rose up in Massachusetts and closed the courts over farm
foreclosures? ___________________________________________________________________________
9. Who was a fan of Shays Rebellion? _________________________________________________________
10. Who was in favor of the president serving a life term? __________________________________________
11. The first conflict that arose at this new writing of the Constitution was between states that big or small what?
12. Choosing neither the Virginia Plan nor the New Jersey plan instead something in the middle was made called
what? ________________________________________________________________________________

13. The population debate led to what plan to count slaves, but as only a fraction of people to be totally racist in
that special way that our founding fathers were good at calling for freedom but not for slaves?
14. To avoid the dominance of any one part of the government, how many branches made up the new federal
government? ____________________________________________________________________________
15. The Electoral College can put a president in office that the people did not directly put in there, which person
is shown as the first example? ______________________________________________________________
16. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison contributed to the collection of essays called what?
17. Who was the author of the MYSTERY DOCUMENT? ___________________________________________
18. How did Alexander Hamilton die? ____________________________________________________________
19. The Anti-Federalists were against having a strong government dominated by what group?