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Ina, Kapatid, Anak

Also known as

Her Mother's Daughter


Family drama, Romance, Comedy, Teleserye

Created by

Rondel P. Lindayag
Reggie Amigo

Developed by

Roldeo T. Endrinal
Julie Anne R. Benitez

Written by

Danica Domingo
David Diuco
Mariami Tanangco-Domingo

Directed by

Don M. Cuaresma
Jojo A. Saguin

Creative director(s)

Johnny delos Santos


Kim Chiu
Maja Salvador
Xian Lim
Enchong Dee

Opening theme

Ngayon at Kailanman
by Ariel Rivera


George Canseco

Country of origin


Original language(s)

Filipino, English

No. of seasons

No. of episodes


Executive producer(s) Arnel T. Nacario


Kylie Manalo-Balagtas




Marion Bautista

Jeffrey Panlilio
Running time

Monday - Friday at 20:30 (PST)

Production company(s) Dreamscape Entertainment Television

Original network


Original release

October 8, 2012 June 14, 2013


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Mara Clara (1992)

Mara Clara (2010)
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Ina, Kapatid, Anak (Lit: Mother, Sibling, Child / English: Her Mother's Daughter) is a 2012 Philippine
family drama television series directed by Don M. Cuaresma and Jojo A. Saguin, starring Kim Chiu
and Maja Salvador, together with an ensemble cast.[1][2][3] The series was aired on ABS-CBN and
worldwide on The Filipino Channel from October 8, 2012 to June 14, 2013, replacing Lorenzo's Time.
The show is now airing in Tanzania on Star TV and Kenya on KTN in Africa.
The drama follows the lives of Celyn (Kim Chiu), Margaux (Maja Salvador), Liam (Xian Lim), and
Ethan (Enchong Dee) and their struggles for power, acceptance, family and love.[4][5][6]
The show was extended due to success in viewership ratings. The second season aired on January
14, 2013 with the episode featuring the grand revelation of Celyn being the daughter of Julio and
Beatriz,[7] while the third and nal season aired on March 7, 2013 with the series opened a new
chapter with a time skip focusing on the characters' young-adult stage and business rivalry.
The show also won the award for Best Drama Series in the 2013 Yahoo OMG! awards, and was
nominated in the 27th PMPC Awards as Best Primetime Teleserye of 2013.

Celyn Buenaventura (Kim Chiu) was an ambitious and kind working-class girl living in Cebu with her
widowed mother, Theresa Apolinario (Cherry Pie Picache). One day, she received an acceptance
letter from the University of the Philippines Diliman, but Theresa was furious and refused to let her
go. Celyn thus travelled alone to Manila, and upon arriving was employed by the owner of a
carinderia, who allowed her to sleep in the eatery. On the rst day of school, Celyn met Margaux

Marasigan (Maja Salvador), the daughter of Julio (Ariel Rivera) and Beatrice Marasigan (Janice de
Belen), owners of the famous Memorata shoe company. Margaux lived the luxurious life of an
heiress, and Celyn looked up to her in admiration. Celyn also met her friends, Ethan Castillo
(Enchong Dee) and Liam Lagdameo (Xian Lim); she and Liam were initially irritated with each other
and she remembered Ethan from a childhood incident where he seemingly saved her life. Celyn and
Margaux eventually became best friends. Celyn found out that Ethan and Margaux were lovers.
Margaux may have led a life like a princess, but she was often concerned about her mother's
strictness. Margaux follows everything Beatrice says, but she knows that her family is against
Ethan. They kept their relationship a secret. Celyn found out that Liam has a lifelong crush with
Margaux, who was his best friend. They promised not to tell anyone when Liam also found out
Celyn likes Ethan. Beatrice showed great dislike to Celyn because she believes Celyn is changing
Margaux, while Julio defended Celyn. Theresa decided to moved to Manila with her father,
Zacharias (Ronaldo Valdez), and was found by Julio, who confronted her and asked where she took
his real child. Theresa tried to hide Celyn from Julio, but they already met each other. Ethan's father
ran away because Lucas thought that he is the one who took his money.
When Margaux and Ethan decided to elope, they were thwarted by Beatrice after Celyn informed her
of the escape attempt. Margaux couldn't believe Celyn would betray her, and their feud began. Ethan
tried to get Margaux back, but she denied their relationship, leaving Ethan lonely and depressed.
Celyn and Ethan became closer together and Ethan confessed his feelings for Celyn. Margaux
longed for Liam's company, but Liam always tried to defend Celyn whenever Margaux taunted her.
Celyn was hurt at how Margaux treated her. Beatrice, who was really Theresa's maternal half-sister
through their mother Yolanda, found out that Julio and Theresa were meeting each other. Infuriated,
she lashed out at Theresa and confrontations ensued. Julio then revealed to a shaken Celyn that
she was actually their missing daughter, and Beatrice immediately regretted hating her.
Beatrice remained opposed to Theresa, and legal issues about who gets Celyn started. They agreed
that Celyn will stay in Beatrice's house for the weekdays and Theresa's at the weekends. Now
graduated, Celyn and Margaux's feud intensied as Margaux became more condent, determined to
destroy Celyn who bested her by becoming vice-president at Memorata. Margaux thought she loves
Liam and craves for his company, and Celyn forgives Ethan, after a dispute during their graduation.
Celyn remained angered at Liam, and Liam confessed his feelings to Celyn. A jealous Margaux tried
to win Liam back. Theresa's cousin, Oscar, has flashbacks of Theresa's pregnancy; when the
midwife delivered twins, he decided to kept it a secret. The original plan was that Beatrice and Julio
raise the child after its birth, but Theresa refused, saying that she carried the child and was thus its
mother. After Theresa gave birth, Oscar took one child and gave it to Beatrice as promised. It was
revealed that Celyn and Margaux were the twins delivered of Theresa, and Zacharias admits to
having engineered the exchange, adding he did so to keep the peace between the two half sisters.

Margaux's hatred towards Celyn became more relaxed but dangerous; she is a part of the family
after all.
Mio Buenaventura (John Regala), who was Theresa's deceased husband, is revealed to have faked
his death and now seeks revenge. Mio shot Julio, sending him into a coma, and while waiting on
him in hospital, Celyn and Margaux reconciled and prayed for their father's recovery. Julio woke up
and was discharged, but Mio still threatened them. Theresa eventually realized that Ethan's friend,
Diego Medina (Alex Medina) - who had become close to her when she went back to university
was Joshua, her long-lost rstborn whom Mio had spirited away years before. Driven by guilt and
grief, Theresa tried to get Diego back. Celyn and Ethan spied around Mio's house, trying to nd
evidence conrming their theory of a link between him and Diego. Mio caught them, allowing Ethan
to escape and holding Celyn hostage, torturing her repeatedly. Mio asked for an exorbitant ransom
from Lucas Elizalde, Beatrice's father, who was Mio's employer and thus the mastermind. Lucas,
who wanted Mio dead lest he be implicated, agreed and sent him the money through Theresa.
In the rescue operation, policeman red at Mio while Diego escaped, taking Celyn with him to an
abandoned kitchen. Panicking, Diego randomly red his gun, causing several LPG tanks to explode
and burn the room. Margaux tried to save Celyn from the flames, but both were eventually rescued
by Liam, while Mio was placed under hospital arrest. Lucas planned Mio's escape attempt because
Diego had blackmailed him. After having a happy reunion, Liam proposed to Celyn, which she
accepted. They all learned that Mio had escaped, and he visited Theresa again, stabbing Liam three
times and before disappearing once more. Beatriz then planned to flee to Singapore for their safety,
and she nally reconciled with Theresa one night, amidst hugs and tears. Margaux, Theresa, Celyn
and Beatrice were then kidnapped by Mio and Diego. Lucas, who had gone to hiding with the two
men after being exposed, saw Beatrice and he text Yolanda on their location. When police
reinforcements came in, Mio ordered Diego to shoot his own mother, which he refused to do after a
nervous breakdown. Angered, Mio tried to wrest the gun from Diego, and after a struggle pulled the
trigger, shooting his son before a distraught Theresa. Diego asked her to forgive him and died,
causing Mio to roil in emotional agony for killing his own son. Theresa managed to flee with the
others, but Mio cornered them. He was about to shoot Theresa when Julio arrived and shot Mio.
They all hugged each other while Ethan and Liam ran to meet them, but Mio stirred and shot
Theresa in the back before being himself killed by the police.
In hospital, Theresa came close to death, but survived the gunshot wound. The last scenes showed
Celyn and Margaux over Joshua's grave, saying they forgive him, and pictures of Margaux & Ethan
and Celyn & Liam, married to each other. Lucas (Eddie Gutierrez) was in prison being visited by
Yolanda (Pilar Pilapil), who forgave him for what he did. Celyn and Margaux eventually became
pregnant, with Liam and Ethan by their sides, and Celyn gave birth, followed by Margaux. The series

ends with scenes of the entire extended family in church for the baptism of the babies, with Celyn
and Margaux's babies holding hands while their mothers' arms.

Cast and characters

Main cast
Kim Chiu as Celyn Marasigan-Lagdameo / Celyn A. Buenaventura
Maja Salvador as Margaux Marasigan-Castillo
Xian Lim as Liam Lagdameo
Enchong Dee as Ethan Castillo

Supporting cast
Cherry Pie Picache as Theresa C. Apolinario-Buenaventura
Janice de Belen as Beatrice C. Elizalde-Marasigan
Ariel Rivera as Julio Marasigan
Ronaldo Valdez as Zacharias Apolinario
Eddie Gutierrez as Lucas Elizalde
Pilar Pilapil as Yolanda Cruz-Elizalde

Extended cast
John Regala as Emilio "Mio" Buenaventura (Tony Montana)
Mickey Ferriols as Lourdes "Lulu" Castillo
Christian Vasquez as Antonio Lagdameo, Sr.
Jayson Gainza as Oscar Apolinario
Francine Prieto as Martina Lagdameo
Rufami as Aliyah
Mike Austria as Aurelio Castillo
Clarence Delgado as Ivan Lagdameo
Alex Medina as Diego Medina / Joshua Buenaventura
Greggy Santos as Badong

Guest cast
Marie Joy Dalo as Fiona Ortega
Edgar Sandalo as Professor Delgado
Jocelyn Oxlade
Slater Young as Antonio Lagdameo, Jr.
Cheska Iigo
Lui Manansala
Dar Bernardo
John Cando as Joel
Via Antonio
Petite as Tiny
Andrea Brillantes as young Celyn Buenaventura
Giann Marithe Solante as young Margaux Marasigan
Jerome Michael "JM" Briones as young Liam Lagdameo
Ricky Castro as young Ethan Castillo
Khaycee Aboloc as young Aliyah
Cajo Gomez as young Joshua Buenaventura

Ina, Kapatid, Anak is a family drama directed by Don Cuaresma and Jojo Saguin of the fantasy
drama, 100 Days to Heaven and written by Danica Domingo of the critically acclaimed melodrama,
Tayong Dalawa. The story conference was held on May 11, 2012 where it was ofcially green-lit for
production.[8] The idea of the concept came from the success of previous ABS-CBN dramas, namely
Iisa Pa Lamang and Magkaribal which both focused on characters of the high society.


According to several reports made earlier by the management, the drama was supposed to be Andi
Eigenmann's comeback project as an actress after her pregnancy, she was to star opposite Jessy
Mendiola.[9] During the course of pre-production, Eigenmann and Mendiola were offered separate
projects by the network, Andi with Kahit Puso'y Masugatan[10] and Mendiola with Paraiso,[11] which
they both accepted causing them to back out of the project. Meanwhile, Enchong Dee remained part
of the series as Ethan, as originally planned, although the roles previously given to Martin del
Rosario and Joseph Marco were offered elsewhere.[12] After so much delay in production, ABS-CBN
tapped Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz to play the roles previously given to Mendiola and Joseph
Marco,[13] however during lming, the production crew left out Cruz's character as they felt that his
character was no longer needed. Meanwhile, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim replaced Eigenmann and Del
Rosario in the nal casting of characters.[14]
The series marks the reunion of Chiu and Lim as a tandem[14] and Chiu and Salvador as rivals[15][16]
after the highly successful romantic comedy, My Binondo Girl for which actress Cherry Pie Picache
was also part of, this marks the third time Picache and Chiu working together in one project.[17] It is
also Chiu's reunion with Dee[18][19] and veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez who she once worked with in
the Philippine adaptation of the South Korean drama, My Girl. Meanwhile, the drama is Dee and
Salvador's rst on-screen team up.[20]

Ina Kapatid Anak is one of the top rating shows of 2013. Last February 21, 2013, the family drama
posted an all-time high rating of 40.4%.[21] Its nale episode, which aired on June 14, 2013,
registered a whooping 42.9% national rating based on Kantar Media survey.


42.9% 30.3% (2012)
33.4% (2013)


Notable Episodes: 1. Gabi ng Katotohanan (Jan. 14, 2013) - 36.3% 2. Gabi ng Pagbubunyag ng Lihim
(Feb. 04, 2013) - 35.7% 3. Gabi ng Pagpapakilala (Feb. 15, 2013) - 40.1% 4. Gabi ng Pagbabago
(Mar. 07, 2013) - 35.6% 5. Gabi ng Rebelasyon (Apr. 03, 2013) - 34.6% 6. Gabi ng Pagtutuos (Apr. 12,
2013) - 36.7% 7. Ang Huling Gabi (Jun. 14, 2013) - 42.9%



Album Info

Track listing
Track listing

Ina, Kapatid, Anak: The Ofcial

Artist: Various
Released: 2012

Label: Star Records

Language: Filipino
Format: Studio album (CD)
Genre: OPM

1. Ngayon at Kailanman - Ariel Rivera

2. Ikaw Lamang - Angeline Quint o
3. Kailan - Bryan Termulo
4. Ikaw - Erik Sant os
5. Kung 'Di Sa Iy o - Xian Lim
6. Ngayon at Kailanman (minus one)
7. Ikaw Lamang (minus one)
8. Kailan (minus one)
9. Ikaw (minus one)
10. Kung 'Di Sa Iy o (minus one)

Cruze airbag controversy

Some viewers of the episode where Celyn and Margaux gure in a vehicular accident were surprised
that the airbags of the Chevrolet Cruze used in the scene did not deploy despite the damage to the
car depicted. People took their observations to Twitter, and concerned motorists enquired of
Chevrolet on the car's airbag deployment mechanism. The automobile manufacturer issued a
statement, reminding the public that they were watching a ctional series that did not depict a real
event, and calling on such programmes to present factuality on technical matters. A regular cast
member of Ina, Kapatid, Anak had to apologise over the issue on behalf of the staff, the writers and

Post Ina, Kapatid, Anak TV Series

After the ending of the drama series, the former cast actors are now in various TV & movie shows
as follows:
Kim Chiu is joining with Coco Martin, Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca on Ikaw Lamang, released
last March 10, 2014 and ended on October 24, 2014.
Enchong Dee is joining with Enrique Gil and Julia Montes on Muling Buksan Ang Puso, released
last July 8, 2013 18 days after "IKA" ended, however the drama series is short-lived.

Maja Salvador is joining with Angel Locsin and JC de Vera on The Legal Wife, released last
January 27, 2014 and ended on June 13, 2014.

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