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CIM Certificate: Top ten assignment tips for the integrated

communications module

Every student knows that passing

an assignment-based module can
be tricky. Unlike an exam, where
what you need to do is pretty
straightforward, an assignment
will test you in a completely
dierent way. Here are a few tips
for the integrated
communications module (CIM
certicate course). This
information comes directly from
our tutors, so it is recommended
reading for those who want to
perform well.
1. Check the assessment criteria
At the beginning of each task, the assignment sheet explains the assessment criteria for the
task. Make sure you understand these criteria before writing your answer. They will give you
an idea of what is expected, and which points you need to include.

2. Write according to weight

Do not use more page space on a question that is worth ve marks than on a question that
is worth ten. Make sure that you consider the amount of space you allocate to each answer,
because you have a maximum of only 14 pages to complete the assignment.




3. Choose the right organisation

Choose an organisation that you can perform an eective critique on within each task. For
example, this assignment is about integrated communication so a company that performs
this perfectly will leave you with no scope to make recommendations. A company that
doesnt carry out integrated communications is no good either. The ideal company to
critique will have both positive and negative aspects to its integrated communications, which
will enable you to provide thoughtful answers to each of the tasks.

4. Draft an answer skeleton

In order to score points from your markers for proper structure with a clear ow of ideas,
start by writing a structure for your answers. This will help you bring out your arguments
and make them more convincing to the readers.
When drafting your answer skeleton, always follow a similar line of reasoning to the one
shown below:

5. Start early and nish early

Computer failure, lost documents, poor internet connection during the last few weeks: all of
these are potential problems you may face when preparing your assignment. So always keep
a backup copy of your work, and most importantly start early. Lost documents are less of an
issue when you have time to start again. However, for procrastinators, this could be the
dierence between a pass and a fail. Keep an eye on our CIM certicate calendar to make
sure that you nish your assignments on schedule.




6. Follow the requested structure

When marks are converted to grades, one mark can mean the dierence between a pass
and a fail. So dont ruin your chance to score ten easy marks by making basic formatting or
presentation mistakes. Follow the guidelines below to ensure you score your full marks here:

7. Make use of the Organisation Summary section

In the report, you are given two pages to provide a description of the company and its
background. You should include information under the following subheadings:
The organisations name
The type of organisation, such as prot, not-for-prot, local, national or global
The size of the organisation, in terms of both turnover and number of employees
The range of products and services the organisation provides
The customer base, such as B2B or B2C
Cross-functional relationships within the organisation
Other important stakeholders
Other relevant information
Also include details about the organisation that support your arguments. Dont describe the
organisational activities in detail within the task answer itself. This will be a waste of space,
since you could have gained more marks by including another argument instead.
8. Submit your draft assignment in time for feedback
LSM oers you the opportunity to submit your draft assignments and get feedback from
your tutors to check that you are on the right track. Be sure to make use of this opportunity.
Since the draft deadline comes some way ahead of the nal deadline, some students miss it.
Dont be one of them.
9. Use Harvard referencing




It's easy to gain marks by using the Harvard referencing system, but many of our students
still miss out on this. Simple errors such as forgetting to write titles in italics, or not really
understanding the referencing system to begin with, can prevent students from earning
marks. Follow the guide provided in our blog by clicking here. If you are still unsure, get a
friend to proofread your references for you. A second pair of eyes always helps.
10. Remember that evidence-based writing is vital
In order to receive a good grade, displaying theoretical knowledge within your assignment is
not enough. Displaying practical organisation information alone will not be sucient either.
What will get you the top grade is incorporating organisational examples to strengthen your
theoretical arguments.

While these pointers are intended to guide you, remember that at the end of the day the
main emphasis is on the assignment content. So research well into your organisation, make
sure you understand the theory you have been taught in lectures, and follow the guidelines
this article has provided. Then can you sit back, relax and wait for the stellar results you

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Komborerai Murimba 10/7/2015, 12:15:07 PM

Should the organisation summary be written in point form, or only as continuous prose?

Upekha Makumbura 10/8/2015, 6:08:36 AM

Hi Komborerai,
It should be written in continuous prose. The purpose of the organisation summary is to give a
brief background to the organisation including details on its main components such the type of
organisation, its customer base, main competitors, market position etc. Therefore students are
required to provide a concise introduction including all these factors.

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