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: KJM 630/MEC 600/ KJP 551




: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Mechanical

Group assignment HEALTH AND SAFETY

Each group is assigned a different topic in the general context of Health and Safety
within engineering and manufacturing companies. You have been assigned to
construct a group and each group has been tasked with researching into the topic area
and then passing on what you have learnt to a target audience. Hence you have to
research the assigned topic, decide on the best method of passing on this information
and prepare the required teaching material

Each group will:

1. Submit a report file, which contains:

A concise, but detailed report that records the results of your research
into the topic area. Include full referencing ( Probable length of report
is around 4000 words)

A brief outline justifying your method of teaching

Copies of Agendas and minutes for all group meeting

2. Give a short formal presentation (approx. 8 minutes) based on the technical

content of the report. This will be to the rest of the class and should include
appropriate overhead transparencies. It is not necessary for all group to take
part in the presentation, but all should be present to answer questions etc.

3. Prepare and submit the teaching material (or reasonable sample thereof):

If an information pack, then this should clearly take account of the

target audience and should not simple be a photocopy of research

If stand up lecturers, include a teaching plan, copies of presentation

slide and lectures notes

The Marking Scheme

The overall mark for the Group will be derived from :
Lectures mark for the report file


Lectures mark for the teaching materials


Class mark for the Presentation


Topic to be chosen:
1. Chemical Treatment- Your Company receive a contract to design the layout
of a large factory that will be specialising in chemical treatment and your
audience is experience personnel in layout design but have no knowledge of
this type of process. Consider the usage and safety of chemical/gas and baths
where the chemicals/gasses used are dangerous, including cyanide, ozone and

What chemicals might be used

The specific dangers of each

The design of the bath/plant

How to treat small splash

How to deal with large scale leakage

The dangers of mixing chemicals from different processes

How to deal with fires involving such chemicals

Storage and transportation of chemicals on and around the site

2. Health and Hygiene in Food Manufacturing Plants Your company is

about to open a new factory based on a green field site. Your audience consists
of the new senior management team who will be responsible for running the
new operation. They all specialist in their own fields but lack any specific
experience in the food processing. Assume a plant that manufacturer both
ready-to-eat chicken pies and concentrated chicken stock which are then
packaged ready for supermarket shelf display. The pies are packaged in
cardboard boxes while the stock goes into glass bottles.

Personal health of the work force

Hygiene and health issues of the processes

Prevention of adulteration by blackmailers

The nature of noise and vibrations

Dangers of hot substances and processes

3. Offices Is to take the form of a training session and briefing for departmental
manages/section leaders on the legal requirements. These individuals will then
have to carry out an audit and then prepare a plan to rectify any short-comings
within their own area. As a new graduate, you have joined a large
manufacturing company and are currently undergoing an extended an
extended induction programme. You have now reached the offices. The
company General Management is very concerned about the lack of knowledge
on Health and Safety within the various office functions and wants to remedy
this situation through an audit and series of mandatory training sessions for all
office section leaders. You have been tasked with both carrying out the audit
and preparing the necessary training materials.

Stacking on shelves and items falling

Use of electrical power

Hazards of tripping

First aid

Legal requirements on the working environment

Fire risk and fire fighting

Use of photocopies

Lifting and movement of heavy items of furniture

4. The workshop- Is take the form of a training session and briefings for the new
apprentices. Following a break of many years. Your employer has decided to
take on several young people under the Modern apprenticeship Scheme to
work in the workshops. You have been tasked with preparing a briefing on
health and safety for their induction programme. The company workshops
have a wide variety of metal cutting and forming equipment and heat
treatment plant which is used in the manufacturing of small batches of special
tools and equipment.

Safety of the machinery

Safety of presses

Safety of grinding wheels

Legal requirements on operation of cranes and other lifting equipment

First aid

Cutting fluids

Use of energy

Legal requirements on the working environment

Fire risk and fire fighting

5. Noise & heat Your company is about to open another factory based on a
green field site. Your audience consists of the new senior management team
who are all specialist in their own fields but who lack any experience in this
type of industry. Consider the nature of noise and vibrations ant the damage
that may be done to the human frame by them. Assume that the factory is
manufacturing large glass.

Heavy vibration (causes by the presses)

Noise (caused by the clinking of the glass)

The danger of molten glass

6. Production Line Your company has been acknowledge to receive a contract

to give a brief training programme entitled Safety Programme in the
Workplace. Your audience will be operators, middle manangement and senior
management. Consider the nature of safety in the workplace, your programme
should consists :

Legal requirements on the working environment

Protective Personal Equipment

First air kits

Fire risk and fire fighting

Safety of moving machinery