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Its not about the mortuaries of vapidly deteriorating blackness;
but life's all about how invincibly do you light up the same; with
the untamed fire of optimism in your fervently righteous eyes,
Its not about those countless anecdotes of murderously betrayal;
but life's all about how you metamorphose each one of them into
an everlasting lantern of friendship; with each beat of immortal
love in your heart,
Its not about the inevitably lecherous bouts of stony solitariness;
but life's all about how you jauntily illuminate the same- with the
bounteous ardor to survive in your enthralling voice,
Its not about every path which led to the corpses of monotonous
hopelessness; but life's all about how you spawn beams of
newness in the same; with the unbridled creativity lingering in
each of your stride,
Its not about those tears of indescribable anguish that dribble
down the cheeks; but life's all about how you evaporate the same
into a cloud of fantasies; with each of your magically
ameliorating smile,
Its not about those disastrously hackneyed destiny lines; but
life's all about how you write your own fortunes; with the
perennially sparkling ink of your undefeated perseverance,
Its not about those eyeballs being dreadfully blinded by the
swords of corruption; but life's all about how you inspire them to
shunt all evil; with the flame of perpetual truth triumphantly
transcending every quarter of your soul,
Its not about the bitterness which had arisen out of ruthless
discrimination and disparity; but life's all about how you
timelessly unite every conceivable living kind; in the religion of
eternally unconquerable humanity,
Its not about the dungeons of ominous greed which pulverized
one and all to feckless shit; but life's all about how you

ubiquitously sow the seeds of altruistic compassion-which were

inherently ingrained in every droplet of your blood,
Its not about the inevitable spurts of devilish laziness that lay a
jinx upon the earth; but life's all about how you substituted the
same with the untamed energy to survive; predominantly
exhaling out of your nostrils,
Its not about the unsparing cry of terrorizing war that
threatened to rip apart through the fabric of human kind; but
life's all about how you perennially quelled the same; with the
message of peace and brotherhoodradiating from every cranny
of your countenance,
Its not about sinfully lugubrious decay and the inescapable
stench that arose; but life's all about how you sparked the skies
of freshness in each element of the atmosphere; with your
unending zeal to adventure; discover and blissfully create,
Its not about those countless cries of hedonistic torture; but
life's all about how you took away even the tiniest ounce of
hysterical pain; with the balm of unshakable friendship; that you
had to offer to one and all,
Its not about the curse of curtailed time crucifying the chapter of
existence; but life's all about how you lived each instant to the
fullest of its capacity; as if it were your very last instant to
survive on planet divine,
Its not about the sadistic devil trouncing every trace of
uninhibited happiness; but life's all about how you hoist the flag
of victory with every good deed that you executed-by the grace
of the Omnipotent God,
Its not about a lost cause which cast its holocaustic shadow upon
the entire Universe; but life's all about how you let your own
inimitable identity of truth forever prevail; and bless even the
worst of your foes,
Its not about the closest to your heart deserting you in the midst
of the apocalyptic storm; but life's all about how you spread the
oceans of love from your heart all over; and in the goriest face of

Its not about the bane of childlessness thwarting the fabric of
living kind; but life's all about how you adopt every orphaned
child in vicinity; with the unparalleled goodness in even the most
obfuscated iota of your creation,
And its not about the fangs of satanic death forever silencing
every cry of fresh birth; but life's all about how you live an
infinite lives just in a single lifetime of yours; by tirelessly loving
each palpable creation of the Almighty Lord; irrespective of
whether you could get the love of your girl or not