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I endlessly kept committing a pathetic graveyard of flagrant

idiosyncrasies; just so that you could correct me; with the
eternally magical righteousness in your bountiful voice,
I endlessly kept tossing and turning on the coldbloodedly
laconic floor; just so that you could put me to heavenly sleep;
with the compassionately timeless sensuousness in your
tantalizing fingers,
I endlessly kept speaking derogatorily insipid lies; just so that
you could Omnipotently enlighten me; with the essence of
unassailably glorious truth in your
unflinching stride,
I endlessly kept myself egregiously emaciated; just so that you
could majestically placate my every desire; with the fortress of
invincible camaraderie in your
impeccable eyes,
I endlessly kept nonchalantly staring at meaningless bits of
barren sky; just so that you could stupefy me to the most
unprecedented limits; with the mesmerizing
cadence in your magnetic senses,
I endlessly kept maliciously abusing whosoever I encountered in
my way; just so that you could teach me to be civilized; with the
principles of priceless humanity ubiquitously disseminating from
your every breath,
I endlessly kept fretting and fuming at everything that was laid
my way; just so that you could marvelously quell all my lunatic
restlessness; with the regally silken charisma of your soul,
I endlessly kept executing the most abashing of spelling
mistakes; just so that you could aristocratically enrich me; with
your insuperably magnificent power of linguistics,
I endlessly kept myself drearily dirty and languishing like a
chunk of insipid shit; just so that you could rejuvenate even the

most infinitesimal of my traumatized senses; with the insatiable

exuberance in your victorious leap,
I endlessly kept bruising myself without the slightest rhyme or
reason; just so that you could perennially anoint my disastrously
slavering wounds; with the religion of impregnable humanity in
your divinely palms,
I endlessly kept agnostically repenting every beautiful moment
of my life; just so that you could ingratiatingly drift me towards
the skies of the unconquerably Omniscient Lord; with your spirit
of patriotically blazing freedom,
I endlessly kept impudently slandering my revered elders; just so
that you could royally mitigate me from the crutches of
crucifying mercilessness; with the unbelievably altruistic
tranquility enshrouding your humble existence,
I endlessly kept ridiculing the most handsomely symbiotic ideals
of creation; just so that you could make me blend with the
celestial rudiments of my creation; with the goodness of your
magnanimously sacred spontaneity,
I endlessly kept skeptically surmising about even the most
harmonious of saints; just so that you could beautifully filter the
acrimonious dirt from my mind; with your undauntedly untamed
I endlessly kept sadistically victimizing my own self; just so that
you could perpetually guide me towards the most wonderfully
replenishing salvation of my life; with the carpet of your
resplendently embellished desires,
I endlessly kept uncontrollably shivering under the deathly chill
of the scurrilously vindictive night; just so that you could
entwine me in your splendidly humanitarian warmth; with the
inferno of boundless desire rampantly simmering in every pore
of your skin,
I endlessly kept preposterously indulging myself into a plethora
of imperiling vices; just so that you could metamorphose my
entire personality into that of a

synergistically innocuous organism; with the mantra of ebullient

triumph radiating unstoppably from your eyelashes,
I endlessly kept forgetting even the most quintessentially vital
things; just so that you could pamper the child in me to the most
unfathomable fullest; inundate my diminutively impoverished life
with the limitless happiness in your everlasting soul,
And I endlessly kept trying to extinguish every speck of my
beleaguered existence; just so that you could incarcerate my
penuriously quavering senses in the
entrenchment of your immortally blessing love; blissfully uniting
our lives in holy matrimony; for times even after infinite more
births of ours yet to come .