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Construction, QA/QC

Address: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nationality: Egyptian.
Cellular: +201093493720 (EG) / +966541242249 (SA)

- Full name: Karam Sobhy Abdel Hamid Mansour
- Date of birth: 20 April 1989.
-Place of birth: Kafr eldawar city, El behira Governorate, Egypt / P. O. BOX 22638
- Marital status: Single.
- The Military Situation: Completed.
- Willing to travel to any of the branches / locations upon job requirements
- valid driving license (EG & SA) and valid passport for traveling around the world
- Residence: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Seeking to obtain a good job as Construction/ QA/QC MECHANICAL ENGINEER / Field Project engineer at a
leading company that enables me to utilize my education, knowledge, computer, Language skills and fulfills my
personal ambitions and enhance my knowledge.

UNIVERSITY/FACULTY: Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering.
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - July, 2011
Total Grade:
Graduation project:
Air Conditioning Design for three closed stadiums
(Basketball, ice rink and swimming pool) stadiums.
Graduation Project:

Certificates and Professional Qualification

ASNT level ll qualified for Radiographic testing.
ASNT level ll qualified for magnetic testing.
ASNT level ll qualified for Dye Penetrant testing.
ASNT level ll qualified for Ultrasonic testing.
ASNT level ll qualified for visual testing.

ES, Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, Membership Number: 65/06026
AE, Arabian Engineers syndicate, Membership Number: 16/19788
SCE, Saudi councel of engineers, Membership Number: 262486

Present and Pre- Position

Five years of experience in the Petroleum and Electricity sectors in the field of construction supervision, Quality
control for oil and Gas projects

From July 2016 till Now (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Company: CIS [CONSORTIUM INITEC ENERGA Saudi Services for Electro-Mechanic Works Co. Ltd (SSEM)]
Position: QA/QC mechanical engineer.
Project Description: Construction of DUBA No.1 Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant Projects, which
consist of Two (2) Portions. (GE gas turbines)
Consultant: Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)

From December 2015 till July 2016 (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Company: Saudi Services for Electro-Mechanic Works Co. Ltd (SSEM)
Position: QA/QC mechanical engineer.
Project Description: Construction on Rafha external power plant (Siemens Gas turbine)
Consultant: Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)

From January 2015 till December 2015

Company: METITO for water treatment
Position: Sr. QA/QC mechanical engineer / Filed Project engineer (P.E).
Project Description: CP111 - Water Treatment Projects.
Consultant: PGESCO.
Projects: Suez Thermal Power Plant 1X650 MW GAS/OIL FIRED UNIT

From February 2014 to December 2014

METITO for water treatment
QA/QC mechanical engineer.
Project Description: CP111 - Water Treatment Projects.
Consultant: PGESCO.
Projects: GIZA NORTH POWER Planet combined cycle 750 MW

From April 2013 to January 2014

Position: Piping and Construction Engineer
Job Description: Responsible for piping fabrication.
Follow up Isometric drawings detailing and spooling
Prepare isometrics field welds and shop welds
Responsible for installing Pumps and equipment.

From December 2012 to March 2013

METITO for water treatment
Piping and Construction engineer
Project Description: CP111 - Water Treatment Projects.
Consultant: PGESCO.
Projects: Banha power planet combined cycle 750 MW CP 111
Job Description: Responsible for piping fabrication.
Follow up Isometric drawings detailing and spooling
Prepare isometrics field welds and shop welds
Responsible for installing Pumps and equipment.

From August 2011 to December 2011

Company: MEGA for power plant projects
Project: Abu Qir. Power plant 1300 MW
Position: QA/QC mechanical Engineer


Adhere and apply project spec's., profile drawings, quality plan, ITP, and the applicable codes ( API 1104, ASME B31.3
API 650 )
Check and interpretation of all welds for network piping and for underground pipelines.
Check coating and applied wrapping (by applying holiday test).
Review and check the hydrostatic test documentations to get them release for cleaning, gauging (for pipelines), and
hydrostatic test and attend their activities according to approved hydrostatic test procedure.
Ensuring the implementation of Consultant environmental management system and health & safety management
system requirements
Review and check the Piping Erection and Fabrication work
Review and check the Piping support erection and fabrication
Review and issue the hydrostatic loops punch list and witness hydro test
Assisted in Pre-commissioning & commissioning and start-up.
Check and review on weekly basis the mechanical physical program.
Management the quality control department.
Conducting and participation of pre-inspection meetings with client and Vendors and formulating the ways of
inspection at par with the approved inspection test plan
To visit the construction site daily to check whether all works, materials, equipment, are in accordance with QA/QC
program, Project drawing & specification. When defective materials, equipment, or workmanship are found,
immediate action to be taken to correct them, & to report the corrective action to the Site Superintendent
Prepare all document of power projects that required to submitted to consultant for approval like
Inspection test plan (ITP), all work procedure (visual inspection, painting, hydro test etc.), Method of Statement of
all site activity.
Welding Examination (before, during &after welding).
Material and welding consumable inspection: - Inspection of raw material as per procurement order (P.O.) and
reviewing of mill test certificate (MTC) and related procurement documents for traceability and conformance to
mechanical /Chemical properties in accordance with applicable Codes & standard like ASTM, ASME, AWS, BS, AND API,
etc. Inspection of filler rods, fluxes and shielding gases

Shall be responsible for the establishment of a fully documented project quality system in line with the Contract
requirements and ISO 9001:2008 covering construction and Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning.
Have knowledge on preparation of BOQ, ITP, Site Inspection report and Carryout Field inspections with client
Preparation of inspection report & obtain client acceptance.
Know how to prepare welding procedure (WPS/PQR/WPQ).
Know how to read drawings (ISOMETRIC/ P&ID/LAY-OUT/GA DRAWING).
Knowledge & experience in Tank/ Vessel construction & testing is a required.
Knowledge & experience in equipment installation & alignment is required.
Check & witness for (N.D.T) (RT, PT, MT, UT, VT)
Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ).
Reviewing Procedures, specification, Isometric drawings, shop drawings, and as built drawings and standards for the
Piping process fabrication & erection (Workshop, Field).
Preparation of Hydro Test Package &Witnessing hydrostatic & Pneumatic tests as per approved procedure
Preparation of Final Punch Listing
Checking of all fitting to be used as per approved isometrics.
Monitoring of consumables to be used and ensure that backing of special electrode as per Approved WPS
Familiar with international codes & standards: ASME IX, ASME V, ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1
Preparation of QC Reports.
Blasting and painting inspection: - Blasting and painting inspection of various Fabricated products by using magnetic
dry film gauge and calibrating with the approved / standard DFT gauges during blasting, priming, mid and final coat
Executes the specific inspections on materials, equipment and construction/installation activities on site.
Issues the relevant Quality Records and, when necessary, writes and sends to QC Supervisor non-conformances
Controls equipment installation, alignment and leveling
Performs functional checks and mechanical completion checks (Pressure and atmospheric vessel)
Checks of levelness, position, orientation, anchor bolts, conduits, etc. of tanks foundation
Performs hydrostatic test of tank and measurement of pad settlement.
Storages tank internal inspection.
Performs punch-listing operations.
Verify special processes and the relevant workers qualifications.
Witness the tests, controls and inspections, guarantee inspection status control for parts of the plant within his area

of responsibility, authorizing their acceptance at quality control completion, obtain the relevant
documentation and ensure the correct implementation of the approved Inspection Test Plan according to
Clients requirements.

Follow up for all activates of one 10000m3 distillate oil storage tank (outer fixed cone roof type) &three (3)
x15000m3crude oil storage tanks (outer fixed cone roof type with single deck internal floating roof and floating suction)
as per API codes like:
1- Material Reception, storage and handling (check heat numbers and mill certificatesetc.)
2- Checking of filler material and welding consumables
3-Checking welding parameters.
4- Checking of plate bevels/joint fit up.
5- Checking that correct WPS is in use
6-checking all the equipment calibration certificate and its validity
7-check the method of cutting according to the API standard
8- checking the plate are cut to same size as per approved drawing
9-check all welding as per WPS and standard for all parts (shell-to-shell, shell to nozzle, annular to annularetc.) In
addition, related NDT inspection like visual, magnetic, radiographic, ultrasonic, pneumaticetc.
10- Checking all blasting and painting issues related to approved procedure and standard and related tests like holiday
11-check all documents and NDT reports as per approved inspection an test plan(ITP) that completed before release
material to construction issue

12- Dimensional inspection of Storage tanks

13- Inspection for Tank Roundness.
14-Inspection for Tank Peaking & Banding.
15-Checking erection ,assembly and welding of all tank parts like annular ,bottom ,shell ,internal floating roof, outer
fixed roof ,nozzles ,manholes ,cleanout opening ,attachments ,draw off sumps ,platforms ,walkways ,stairs and related
inspections as per approved ITP
16-checking and witness the hydro test of the tanks (welding, internal bottom, settlement)
Preparation of handover for submission to commissioning team.

Training Course
A- ABU QIR fertilizers (mechanical maintenance for heat exchangers, bearing, valves)
B- Industrial training council " ITC "
Mechanical maintenance. (Very good)
Advanced Hydraulic control systems. (Very good)
Electrical arc welding (good)
A- Training in Kafr Eldawar power station for electricity generation
B- Training in West El-delta company for transportation , DAMNHOUR CITY ( Excellent )

Computer and software Skills

Proficient user of:
- (Windows, Word, Excel, Power point, Internet and Access) .
- Photoshop, Adobe light room and Adobe illustrator.
- Web designing and developing.
- Mobile developing, Designing mobile APPS using windows mobile platform certified by NOKIA.

Interpersonal Skills

Proficient in writing of scientific papers and technical reports and professional in preparing
presentations. Proficient in customer service skills with high communication skills.
Proficient in data collecting and data analysis to formulate solutions.
Proficient in strategic planning, time management and prioritizing tasks to achieve tasks in
Proficient in working in strong teams with effective leadership skills.
Proficient in effective negotiation skills and decision making .

German: Good

Volunteering, Reading, Writing Scientific Articles and Blogging, , Playing football and Riding Bicycles .
1- ENG/ WALEED IBRAHIM - Sr.QA/QC Mechanical Engineer (+966)-0550998117