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The new spring flowers blooming meet, colorful 21-22 centuries of human history

Lecture on international business and economic and technological cooperation and scientific
and technical trade negotiations academic discussion forums dinner Amsterdam,The
Gentlemen, ladies, distinguished from all walks of countries around the world work. Providers.
Technology. Trade and industry elite. Leaders, distinguished experts and professors, distinguished
guests and friends:
This is the season of flowers in full bloom, I was fortunate to be invited to come here to attend the
International Business economic and technological cooperation and exchange of trade negotiations
as well as the exchange of scientific and technical forums, I am truly pleased. Especially with new
and old friends get together to discuss the exchange, benefited, I feel joy. The trade exchange, the
exhibition is very active and enthusiastic. Manufacturers around the world exquisite booth and
film maker quite novel and innovative promotion. By the way, participated in the discussion and
exchange of scientific and technical forums, I thoughts a lot, hard to describe. Flying over the sky,
aerial Hanada, watching the movie instantly turned into orderly Hanada color box or a road
landing rainbow; still visible along the verdant new land (polder), such as dams and clear blue
coast, the scenery stunning Beautiful flowers, beautiful flowers, beautiful tulips symbolize noble,
rich, colorful, solemn, success
"The first ripe fruit the first floor", "walking footprints marching others who never left their
mark," which is Shakespeare and Einstein's famous quote. Here, poetry and painting-like
language, rippling music symbol, intoxicating.
We are very clear and crisp, the source of life for any country regions for both the letter of the
industrial, commercial, trade, technical, economic, financial investment, and so on. Especially in
the new century, his importance is increasingly prominent. The world's countries in the world rely
on each other, inseparable. Market, globalization increasingly close. From a farming community to
the industrial revolution, from nascent modern industrial civilization, from the human mythology
for a better vision of the universe, the stars and the nations of the world to this day most of the
great myths of the world's space journey of the universe, the moon landing, Mars landing, human
history indeed a new leap into a new era of breakthroughs in new civilization in the history of the
universe. According to the analysis of the world economy than the annual report and the various
aspect of comprehensive data, the total productivity of the modern human society far more than
the development of productive forces in the past few years several thousands of times the sum of
the times. In today's global GDP of about U.S. $ 70-90 trillion, of which up to 50% - ...... 70%
from the modern industrial technology, agricultural technology, mechatronics, genetic biomedicine, fertilizer, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, energy,
mining, infrastructure, information technology, aerospace, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, nuclear
energy utilization, environmental protection, polymer materials, metallurgy, high-rise building,
tunnel,. . . . . So, electric cars, electric airplanes, spacecraft accumulator, household appliances,
household chemicals, distance education, military engineering, aircraft carriers, space shuttle,
unmanned aircraft and so on. . . . . . . . Almost every aspect of human social life and have hundreds
of thousands of modern civilization and modern science and technology products seamless. The
traditional shackles of outdated human reason, cognition and perception of ideas, ideologies,
philosophical thought, religious thought and culture, and so also will be dramatic collision and
fission. Age of Enlightenment human again set sail from the new will confidently say goodbye to
new ignorance and ignorant, to break the limitations of the era of history, well on its way towards
a new starting point. From the nascent ape evolved to today's modern humans, humans are paying
a heavy price and sacrifice, including economic, political, military, religious, scientific and
technical, cultural awareness, and so on, but also contains a substance based on thousands of years
of human Production superstructure above all, politics, philosophy, religion, culture and ideology,
academic and economic model of economic and political model, social model, military model, war
mode, civilized mode of consciousness mode model of international cooperation, economic
development and trade patterns , the concept of belief mode, covering the whole range of human

and social survival in all areas and the development of civilization. Nature, including thousands of
years of humankind peace, happiness, democracy, freedom, equality, richer value system. Various
conflicts in the world is still ever-present. Natural revolution, science and technology revolution,
social reform and revolution in the universe exists in nature all the time too. From Newton's
gravitation, cell theory, Darwin's theory of evolution, Copernicus's heliocentric and geocentric
theory of the theory, the quark structure of the particles in the universe, the evolution of genes, the
origin of life, the universe today, a variety of theoretical and academic, hypothesis, research and
find another. Throughout the history of human cognition, peace and war, religion and philosophy
and culture, economy, politics mode, human rights and democratic freedoms, total private,
religious and cultural conflict, ethnic conflict, conflict awareness, clash of civilizations, territorial
conflict, conflict with the interests of such , trade conflicts, cultural conflicts, military conflicts,
psychological conflicts, wealth conflict, post-conflict countries, ideological conflict, and
eventually mixed. There is no conflict and there is no contradiction between nature and human
society. This is beyond reproach. At the same time, we can not put him simplistic, vulgar,
confrontation and absolute extreme. Share and share, compromise and competition. Competition
means confrontation, but confrontation is the lack of compromise and competition. Denied
compromise, the society will tear limited to endless vicious battle; deny competition, the society
does not have any impact on the vitality and social will and calm development without any
changes from the jump. To compete and sharing, compromise, balance sharing basis. Only in this
way, the entire society and the natural world to survive endless, eternal onslaught. Of course, as
human nature and animal instinct, to be the ideal balance is very difficult, is based on the
complexity of the evolution of human society and human genes into. In addition, there will be
amazing what a more rational decision and explain it? ? Natural revolution, cosmic revolution,
social revolution, gene revolution, wonderful in which, without saying that word. Newton's
famous masterpiece "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" and "cosmic system" and
other great books really important to future generations to door inspiration and wisdom. Over
time, the progressive development of human society, contradictions and conflicts will be less and
less, getting smaller and smaller. In this regard, there was a world-famous news media reporters in
the interview to ask questions and Fanji had told me, he said: You're not moderation, half-hearted,
but also the lack of fighting a successful career? In this regard, I smiled, only a few cross painted
on his chest. God's will. Not against the onslaught is to break the death; sharing and compromise
is also not surrender, retreat third. Human greatness and most dangerous enemy is arrogant and
greedy; humans most intimate friend is competing and sharing. Inclusive, cell fusion, sharing, and
sharing. Each other, is a wise and sage. Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade. Any
country and nation has a great brilliant performance of any country and the nation are bound and
there is some missing astray. This requires learning and compatibility. Of course, any country has
its cultural legacy, but also need to inherit and carry forward. This is not a contradiction. For
example, the mathematics of calculus, the positive and negative power of nature, even if it is the
flowers need pollination. Many essential phenomena of nature, mapping the light of wisdom many
intriguing ideas. Clarifies the world philosopher, statesman tarnished only if extremely stupid and
destroy the world. Of course, after all, is not the same doctrine and governance, and the earth is
just the most important point: Any doctrine and academic is to explain the world and the real
world requires not only theoretical thinking, more needs to be this or that theoretical thinking and
social practices put into reality. This is also the same as an economist, how perfect economic
theory created no danger, but in the real economic world, often mixed, into which it is difficult.
For example, the market economy, the law of value, with a total of private competition and
sharing, equality and prosperity, etc., these obvious problems, whether in the East or the West can
be seen. Requires understanding and tolerance, inclusiveness, seeking a breakthrough and
integration of concepts and jurisprudence, Land of combinations. Learn from each other,
compared with each other, mutual learning, mutual harmony, dimerization combinations. Of
course, deny the great truth more difficult than finding the truth. For example, scientific theorem,
and the like of the financial crisis, economic crisis, and so on. Therefore, it is important not only to
the scientific argument is perfect, but more important is how to build and transform the world.
This is an important fulcrum commendable. Genes are evolutionary, cells need to integrate the
development of social change need more integration. Development of human society will
eventually accelerate this integration and mutation. Embraced a total survival benefit, regardless
of the West, and regardless of the East, or the Arab world, the ultimate human development goals

are the same, no different. Throughout the competition and confrontation will be objective, but
regardless, the result is convergence. Otherwise, the world and human society does have the big
bang? ? Celestial world on this planet or endless years, Jinshan Gold is not everywhere, it is the
untapped virgin natural world to explore the endless need to generation after generation of people
to reclaim and develop. Found to be the natural father, the mother of invention, it is natural.
Whether natural science, social science or philosophy, strong arms to create major technological
invention is very important. Philosophy can change the world, the same technology is changing
the world. An array of technology products which is not to promote social change and promote
human variation and propeller it? Gave birth to the nature of human society, science and
technology but also in changing the world and society. That is undeniable. Although no human
language technology products, but this has a huge impact is more subtle and appeal. After all,
humans are not purely economic animal, thinking, ideas, modes of production, lifestyles, ways of
thinking are always constantly changing, competition. Thousands of philosophers, thinkers,
statesman, military strategist, religionists, economists, writers, scientists are trying to change and
shape a new world order to achieve greater self and more magnificent human society,
Baigezhengliu, rivers to the sea, the natural universe is very very few human beings struggling to
compete broad, broad stage to show their talents. There is competition, there is hope, there is
struggle there is failure, there is a great initiative will be accompanied by a great push Chen. The
world's major economies and population concentration areas, including the United States
and Africa Latin America, East and West Europe and the United States is the most important
powers of the State. So, since this is the most controversial human beings in several regions and
countries. Modern history, World War I, World War II that occurred in the world since expanded to
Europe. Religion and culture, but also superior to Catholic Christianity Jesus and Buddha
Buddhism and Islam Mohammed Asia dominated the world's three major religions represented by
trillions of believers and major. Genes from generation to generation religion so far. In fact, the
peak age has had a brilliant history of Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, ancient Greece, ancient
Rome, ancient Egypt, ancient India, Babylon, the ancient Chinese civilization and achievements of
the Tang Dynasty, the various periods in different countries, the West has its own splendor and
superior Oriental also has its own splendor and superior. For example, a few great inventions of
ancient China, the compass, the seismograph, paper, gunpowder, printing, a significant
contribution to the world of humanity. Unfortunately, the modern left behind, and now is catching
up. But compared to Europe and the United States still has not a small gap. Although it has its own
glory and lost, I will not enumerate here stated. Teens learn physics chemistry mathematics, often
read to many famous scientific theorems, laws, Newton's three laws of chemistry periodic law,
quantum theory, Fourier theory, calculus, partial differential equations, the Pythagorean theorem,
etc., so far fresh. Mathematical logic thinking ability of human reason and wisdom culture,
national psychology training is very important. So, here I am very respected logical thinking. For
example, the pursuit of wealth gap scores, compete for the rights of national and inter-ethnic
understanding of democracy and freedom, etc., need logical thinking and realistic thinking
wonderful combination. No food for thought is the easiest fallen whirlpool. Duel is not the best
choice, nor is it a panacea against the competition and sharing, compatible should be the first
choice. Political language, military language, not as deep and full of these philosophical language,
rich rational wisdom and gentle Fantasy. Human beings should open mind, open the door of
wisdom, rather than the reverse. Not a short moment melting icebergs floating on the sea of
wisdom, but the ups and downs of the waves continue forever, through Wuzhou universal.
When each of us were born, when the life of the clock genes has already begun, and when each
of us about to leave this great care of our natural and social time clock gene cell vitality and life
gradually shut down, you can get eternal life and resurrection, soul rest in peace in heaven.
Despite the march of development of human society, full of stormy sea, thorny weeds everywhere,
everywhere is full of various difficulties and obstacles, everywhere is full of gunpowder and
competition, but without pessimism sigh, or smug, dread not before, or retreat off defeat, or
arrogant, supercilious, overjoyed, are very harmful and dangerous. Some people predict and
frankly, the universe will explode, Earth will be destroyed. This of course can not totally deny its
rationality, but without panic, went to pieces. Human beings should bravely face the threat
optimistic nature and the universe, and a serious challenge. Since humans can destroy, then
humans will be able phoenix resurrection and regeneration. Since the founding of a natural
universe of life can be active organic molecules, cells, genes, super particles, then there is no

doubt that it will inevitably repeat again or macromolecules life long adventure birth and catalytic
processes in the air throughout the buildings. The nature of the universe is eternal movement of
the universe can Kuji extinguished the fire, but the origin of the universe is the natural super spin,
again and again, from 0 ----- to infinity from infinity to 0 .. the law of conservation of matter and
energy conservation. Earth's physical theorems in the entire universe may not be very accurate and
applicable. But one thing, there is no doubt that the whole nature of the universe, no always, no
boundaries and no time and space, everything is repeatedly among the eternally changing,
reinforce each other, mutually change each other counter-based, mutual polarization. Big Bang,
the universe collapse Kuji, everything vanished, but the new changes of the universe, nature,
particles, began a new initiation and pole-changing. We humans can see the reality of physics and
physical nature forth, and can not cover and completely accurate interpretation and proof of the
universe, all natural core. Energy and super spin Movement is the key to the entire universe of
nature, why the universe exists. Significance of the results contributed include God particle, black
holes, dark matter, antimatter, the Big Bang, the gravitational field, and so very important. For
these outstanding scientific study and research, not only hypothesis, more important is the
experimental evidence. Because only evidence have destroyed huge conquering force.
Dear Gentlemen, ladies, ladies and technology and trade and science and technology industrial
and commercial elites, experts and professors, business leaders, distinguished guests world around
you: strong pace of human social progress is unstoppable, powerful scientific technology and
advanced social productive forces are advancing human history and the human world a better
place to promote the prosperity and happiness of the great and the facilitator. Admittedly, we will
encounter more difficulties and twists and turns, more failures and risks, difficulties such as
economic development, energy, environment, population, resources, famine, political, military,
nuclear proliferation, the financial crisis, economic crisis, religious strife , territorial competition,
technological competition, ideology, East-West conflict, the dominant international affairs and
sharing, poverty, disease, pestilence, natural disasters, social danger, democracy, freedom, human
rights, culture,,,,,,, national interest doctrine classes style of a variety of life and death competition,
competition and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, estrangement and grappling competition
cosmic space, the violent collision of social forms, racial, ethnic, inter-ethnic strife, and even
large-scale war, and so, in fact, the human world and the real world has always been so since the
birth of mankind, this is no fuss. On the contrary, everything is calm, sweetness and light, silent,
but is not normal. We adhere to peaceful development and peaceful competition, peaceful
competition, does not exclude competition. History in advance, the world changes, there is no
human force can stop the world and around the wheel of history forward, let alone stop the process
and attempt to change the natural history of the universe. So when I came here the participants
before the plane was surrounded by a lot of things square reporters, including the international
news media, it is important newspapers, television news, news websites, news agency reporters.
They made a lot of shock problems, some quite sharp sensitive cherished. Really makes me hard
to say, although I occasionally have to accept reporters' interviews or telephone, in writing, to face
interview, naturally, have to answer, otherwise, speechless, very find any. A reporter asked me:
You are so optimistic about the future of the world, whether genetic optimists? Yes, the world is so
complex that the universe is so vast ,21-22 centuries of human history can be written about a
century era is the era of dramatic changes in the world shaking. From the year 2000 to the year
2100 AD, before and after, and then after the year 2200 years ago, maybe centuries is very
important, the world situation changes, changes in the East and West, in addition to social change,
is the most significant cause significant social repercussions is a major breakthrough in science
and technology, a series of extremely important advent of science and technology, will greatly to
the economic structure of human society, ideas, and so have a huge influence. Giving rise to a
series of social and economic infrastructure and superstructure dramatic change. So ,21-22 century
is a very significant outbreak of the world changes, and time period. His time span, the range and
magnitude of about 100-200 years. Various crises and conflicts in the world today is frequent
slowdown will probably also need to resolve the 100-200, the economic recovery, GDP growth of
2.5-4.5 higher than today, global gross more than $ 150-200 trillion. The key is a major
breakthrough in science and technology, which is the weight of being. Social change, the world
changes with only thereafter. Major science and technology, including the increasingly powerful
industry and wisdom of modern industrial industry will undoubtedly greatly promote the history

of mankind for centuries, such as agricultural engineering, genetic engineering, computer

information technology, Internet, aerospace, nuclear energy development and utilization is proof .
So optimistic. If science and technology brought to mankind is not the gospel, then, I think, the
world will certainly be destroyed by itself. Strong scientific and technological revolution, will
shine and the future, and never let the great human society and the natural world to darkness and
depravity destruction. Otherwise, we science and technology, industry and trade exchanges of
today's event, and whether there will be any positive noble significance? Human society will be
able to move forward, conquering, wind and waves, never onslaught. Since we belong to the great
nature, the universe, then we will not hesitate to embrace the world, will be more dedicated to
beautify the world, the beauty of this great free world. Everything compassionate sigh and
remorse, all rigid, nothing, lazy retreat and closed and conservative, all ignorant arrogant and
reckless behavior, all plausible ridiculous insincerely, all disputes and tasteless contend duel, all
short-sighted short-sighted and narrow view of delusions, all will become the enemy of our
progress. Therefore, we have no reason to refuse them against the most dangerous enemies and
rivals the most stubborn. Moreover, we have always believed that the future is bright, promising.
Wealthy will fight poverty, prosperity will overcome the crisis, the development will overcome
stagnation, peace will prevail over war, competition will prevail over confrontation, secular
democracy and freedom will prevail over prejudice and ignorance and backwardness of
imprisonment, civilized rationality will prevail over reckless and ignorant biased, Fusion will
share overcome selfishness and greed, bigotry and warm compatible to overcome extreme
vulgarity. Businesses around the world are the main source of the world's wealth, is the main
material wealth creation, gold wealth come from various businesses in the modern industrialized
being. Modern enterprise and trillions employees are the main signs and body strong productivity
industrialized society. In other words, modernization of industrial enterprises is plump world and
human society, the most extensive soil cultivation wealth. To gain wealth, first in the production of
these basic social unit among nuclei seeding, rooting, budding, flowering, fruiting. The science
and technology is also trillion businesses survival and development of the important elements of
the core software, must not be overlooked, lightly. People often say that natural science and
technology, Olympic sports event, the Vienna New Year's Concert is the most widely humanity
without borders beyond commonly accepted and favored thing, why? Because these focus
represents the common aspiration of all mankind and the national psychology, regardless of
language, color, religion, culture, ethnicity, national wealth, status, education, etc., is the essence
of human nature most objective manifestation and expression. Natural language expression, gene
expression, cell expression.
The history of mankind to accept the inevitable assimilation, alienation process, absorbing each
intake to accept the conversion, especially the rapid development of natural society, highly
developed industrial intelligent wisdom highly intelligent society, mankind will be more affluent
and wisdom, and thus also for greater democracy, freedom, human rights, and may become the
first choice. Sometimes the truth just like belated spring birds in all seasons before coming back to
life, sometimes like a crumbling flowers, only in the fall will gently falling. No one believes such
a concept: mathematical physics equations are very strict in nature and sometimes harsh, but there
will still be infinite solutions. In the field of human social sciences, such as a more natural beauty,
the answer is infinite, tends to infinity. Newton's three laws, Maxwell's theory, shimmering
theorem, in particular political, economic, cultural, religious, ethnic and other sensitive issues
especially inextricably disputed issues that we might want to determine the outcome of the duel, or
by war. These uncommon in humans throughout history. Flowers in full bloom, and from time to
time some weeds and withered vine growing, more beautiful and splendid boundless wilderness,
and never will pale and withered flowers. So nature, human society, is it not so? ? Could it be that
there is only positron nature only what? Is the universe with only a sun-drenched earth creatures?
Is human history always flowers blooming in the spring, fall and winter cold and gone over and
over Yukino it? ? I think, no. Is a sign of the existence of human society, the contradictions and
struggles essential. The debate is so natural sciences, social sciences as well. Fantasy a silent
natural world, and that is naive and brain damage, mental retardation.
Newton's words: I do not know in others it seems, is what kind of person I am. But in my own
opinion, I'm just like a child playing in a seaside. To find more smooth than a pebble or more
unusual than the unusual piece of shell from time to time for complacency, and for showing the
truth in the vast ocean in front of me, but totally not found. Remark loneliness. '' The only

sustainable competitive advantage over competitors from the ability to innovate ---- renowned
management consultant James Morse. Netherlands this picturesque country where celebrity Jade.
Van Gogh, Descartes, Spinoza, and so on. "Free people rarely thought to death; his wisdom,
meditation is not dead, but students contemplation." This is Spinoza's famous classic. Van Gogh's
landscape paintings, "wheat", etc., to the world of beauty and nurtured. For the good name of the
country of the Netherlands gardens add to the unlimited variegation. Able to come in here again
tulip blossom season, a taste of the natural beauty of the Netherlands, the cultural beauty, very
mixed feelings. "BOC-off" Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai ----- tulips famous poem Ode Quotes
"Lanling wine tulips, Yu Wan Sheng amber light.
But Briefly on, I do not know what is foreign. "Add to the fun as a dinner party
The flowers rational cognition and human wisdom of modern industrial civilization across the
globe are competing bloom, especially in front of businesses, international 500 companies,
European companies, Latin American countries, Arab, Middle East, Japan, Russia, China, South
Korea, etc. countless other companies. Products rich poly, merchants gathered million industry
booming orders without a break. Of course, also include other industries, social sciences, natural
sciences, such as adding and muster momentum. R & D and innovation competition is becoming
stronger foundation for development and a steady stream of original and dynamic machine tool
latecomer strong pillar of modern industrial society and modern human intelligence civilization.
We always believe that with the progress of the times, new products and new technologies will
continue to create new innovations developed thriving, flowers, colorful. It will be open in each
block splendid places in the world, every country, every city seat, every seat town, every village,
every inch of land, so that all mankind the great achievements of science and technology sharing
and happiness.
Ideal heaven, bright world. Gurus saying loud and warm very shocked lungs. I have mixed
feelings, the imagination and to. Gentlemen, ladies, ladies and gentlemen providers in this
wonderful time, filled with visitors, guests copolymer, business leaders, technology leaders
rejoiced, coincides with a grand dinner, I am comfort to him, a small token of voice, and my
personal Yours sincere gratitude and good wishes.
Good night.