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Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

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ility Repo
Fiscal 201
Best Buy

Co. Inc.

table of contents


CEO Letter

Company Overview and Approach

Scope of Operations

Our Approach

Corporate Governance, Compliance and Ethics

Corporate Responsibility and Value Creation

Engaging Stakeholders

Connecting with Employees

Connecting with Customers

Connecting with Communities

Connecting with our Exclusive Brands Suppliers

Environmental Sustainability and

the Consumer Electronics Value Chain

Awards and Recognition

For more information about Best Buys social and environmental programs,
policies, performance and past reports, go to the sustainability section on Please check back frequently as this site will be updated
throughout the year.
To contact Best Buy with questions, concerns or feedback on this
report or any of the programs contained within, please email

Metric Prole and GRI Index


from the ceo

Heres what we know:

1 We learn from challenge and change.

Brian Dunn
Chief Executive Ofcer

At Best Buy, we hold a set of values very close to our hearts. They are not a bunch of
inspirational ideas written on a poster because they sound good. Instead they are the
result of taking a hard look at ourselves and trying our best to articulate what it is about us
that really denes what we ARE and what is TRUE about us on our best days.
energy and the environment, two topics that represent huge
challenges and also huge opportunities for human beings.
Were not just learning; were taking action, too. Were investing

2 We show respect, humility and integrity.

even more aggressively in our recycling efforts, in making our

3 We have fun while being the best.

protect our planet.

4 We unleash the power of our people.

At Best Buy, we believe technology makes the world smaller,

buildings energy-efcient, and a host of other initiatives that help

collapsing distance, shortening learning curves and dissolving

Every one of these values captures an essential element in the
Best Buy makeup, but the last one is especially signicant. For
me, unleashing the power of our people captures the core idea
that has always driven Best Buy, and, in my opinion, every great
human organization: that a group of ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when they work together. In fact,
its the only way anything extraordinary ever happens.
We at Best Buy also believe that technology holds the power to
make the world more connected and, in a word, better. But only if
it is created to serve people and the things they care about. Thats
why People and Power are the two dominant themes of this, our
fth Sustainability report.

how we treat our own people, and we work hard to provide real
opportunities for them. And, as the preeminent retailer of technology aware that everything we sell quite literally requires power
were also learning as much and as vigorously as we can about

Connected World, made possible by technology. I believe weve

only scratched the surface of the positive, transformational
power of technology to serve human beings not only to connect us, entertain us and make us more productive, but also to
help us solve the daunting sustainability challenges we face.
I am extremely optimistic about the future. Its my nature. But this
optimism isnt just my genetic set-point; it comes from my objective observation that once people understand a set of challenges,
they are capable of creating solutions that eventually surpass
anything we can imagine. I cant wait to see what the future holds,
and I am proud that Best Buy has an opportunity to help shape
it in the most positive way. This report is evidence of our sincere
desire to focus the power of Best Buys people to do just that.

2010 Sustainability Report

We are a company of, by and for people. We take very seriously

barriers to access and understanding. In short, we believe in a

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Company Overview and Approach

Sustainability for Best Buy means placing a focus on people,
technology and the power needed in the connected world.

Our Belief
Our employees are core to our customer-centric
business model and we feel a responsibility to
empower them.

Our Impact
Best Buy has received awards and recognition as a result
of its employee engagement, training and employee-driven
community relations programs.


The relationships we build with our customers

allow us to deliver sustainable, innovative

Sustainable innovation both our own and those of our

vendors has led to more products that help consumers
stay connected.

Our store employees and customers are part

of communities that we support through
donations and local volunteer efforts.

Store teams have volunteered over 124,000 hours in

their communities. This year, Best Buy will give nearly
$7.5 million through Community Grants, Tag Team Awards
and store donations.

No one is more connected in this world than our

teens. We can help them make a difference.

We fund programs to give teens a voice. For example,

the @15 Exchange lets teens choose how to invest
$1 million in their communities.

Technology & Power

We care about human rights across our value chain.

Our vendors and manufacturing partners share our

values and work together with us to make a difference.

Our Belief

Our Impact

As a leader in our industry we engage in

discussions with stakeholders across the
landscape of sustainability.

Improving energy efciency in our operations

and in our customers use of the products we
sell is vital to success in the connected world.
E-waste is a problem for our customers and
for the planet.

We can be a leader in new, innovative, sustainable


We continue to converse with stakeholders including the

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Alliance to
Save Energy, Ceres, Business for Social Responsibility,
and the Sustainability Consortium, among others.
We set goals for our own operational carbon footprint and we work with customers every day to help
them make more sustainable choices.
We operate the most comprehensive recycling
program in retail. In scal 2010, we helped to prevent
more than 140 million pounds of appliances and electronics from ending up in landlls around the world.
We have set a goal to collect 1 billion pounds.
We are experimenting with resource-saving technologies
including smart grid, electric transportation and renewable
energy sources that help address global challenges such as
climate change.




Best Buy employees

care deeply about working for a sustainable
company and want to
know how Best Buy is
helping to protect the
planet and support

Best Buys customers

want to feel good about
purchasing products
from a company that
values the environment,
is socially responsible,
participates in their
community and works
to protect their privacy.

Investors are interested in how Best Buys social and environmental

strategies manage risk,
fuel enterprise growth
and improve nancial

company values



NGOs seek specic,

transparent information regarding Best Buy
programs, policies and
performance, and how
they may affect social
and environmental

In addition to these
primary audiences we
hope the information
captured in this report
will be of interest to
many other stakeholders including government organizations,
academics, vendor
partners and those who
live in the communities
where we operate.

Have fun while

being the best

Show respect,
humility and integrity
Learn from challenge
and change
Unleash the power
of our people

To view Best Buys Code of Business Ethics for employees please go to

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

The primary audiences for this report include:

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Fiscal 2010
Social /

Corporate and Best Buy

Childrens Foundation
Philanthropic Donations
$25.2 million in scal 2010 and over
$145 million since scal 2006.
Please see page 3239 for more information
about our philanthropic program.

Overall customer satisfaction
score (scale of 0100)
82.8 points a 2.3 percentage point
increase over scal 2009.
Please see page 2631 for more about
how we listen to customers.



CO2e emissions in our U.S.

store operations
51.6 pounds per square foot
a 14.8 percent reduction over our
2005 baseline.
Please see pages 4659 to learn about our
energy and carbon reduction goals.


pounds per
square foot

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Average Factory Audit Balanced

Scorecard results
82% a 5 percentage point
improvement over scal 2009.
To learn more about our supplier standards and
factory audit program, please see pages 4045.

Retention rate: Percent of employees
who maintain employment with Best Buy
for at least one year
75% a 6% percentage point improvement over
scal 2009.
Please see pages 1425 for more information on
employee engagement.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Scope of Operations
Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) is a publicly traded global
retailer of technology and entertainment products and services. With operations in the United
States, Canada, Europe, China, Mexico and
Turkey, the Best Buy family of brands and partnerships collectively generates more than $49 billion
in annual revenue and includes brands such as
Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, Audio Visions, The
Carphone Warehouse, Future Shop, Geek Squad,
Five Star, Magnolia Audio Video, Napster, Pacic
Sales and The Phone House. The Carphone Warehouse and The Phone House businesses are
a collaborative venture between Best Buy Co.,
Inc. and the Carphone Warehouse Group, PLC.
Approximately 180,000 employees apply their
talents to bring the benets of our brands to life
for customers through retail locations, multiple
call centers, web sites, in-home solutions, product
delivery and community activities.

nancial results
Revenue (in millions)










Operating Income Rate





Community partnership is central to the way we

do business at Best Buy. In scal 2010, we donated
$25.2 million to improve the communities where
our employees and customers live and work.






Diluted Earnings Per Share

(in dollars)








Best Buys scal 2010 Annual Report is available at




Best Buys 2010 scal year ran from March 1st, 2009
to February 27, 2010.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report


stores 4,027
employees 176,596

USA ...... 1,069

Canada ........ 64

Total number of stores and employees at close of scal 2010

Mexico .............. 5
USA ................ 74
Canada .............4

USA ................ 35
USA ................... 6
USA ....................8


Spain.................. 447
France ................ 318

Portugal............. 153
Sweden ................ 115

China ................ 6


Stores doing business as The Carphone Warehouse and The Phone House
are part of our Best Buy Europe business, which is jointly owned with
The Carphone Warehouse.

Turkey ............... 1
China .......... 158















full-time part-time


Netherlands.... 186


Canada ..... 144




Kingdom ........... 812

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Our Approach

Goals and Aspirations

Best Buy has dened three aspirations for Corporate Responsi-

Since our last report


Best Buy welcomed our new CEO, Brian J. Dunn on June 24, 2009.
Like his predecessor Brad Anderson, Brian is a long time veteran

 To be a global champion for human ingenuity and opportunity

of Best Buy, having started on the sales oor more than 25 years

 To be an advocate for consumers in the world of technology

ago. Brian is passionate about Best Buys role in preserving our

 To be scally, environmentally and socially accountable for our

planet and connecting with the people that make Best Buy a success. He has made it clear that corporate responsibility will continue to be a major priority for the company under his leadership.

brands and business operations worldwide

These aspirations have guided us during one of the most
challenging business years of our 40-year history. To bring these

Best Buy continued to expand globally in scal 2010. Near the

aspirations to life, we have researched our efforts relative to

end of scal 2009, we opened our rst store in Mexico, and in

other companies in our industries, both consumer electronics and

late scal 2010, we opened our rst store in Turkey. Since then,

retail, as well as companies known for best practices in sustainability.

we have also opened an additional four stores in Mexico and

continued our European expansion with the opening of our rst
Best Buy branded store in the United Kingdom on April 30, 2010.

Strategy: Making Connections

As we look at the world today, we are optimistic. More and more,
we are observing how technology impacts the way people are
connecting. In many areas of the world, there is a TV in every
room, a personal computer in every home, and a smart phone in
every pocket. The home has become the ofce, and ofces are
connected worldwide. People are connecting to each other and
to knowledge and opportunity. They receive health, weather and
nancial information that helps them take care of themselves,
their families and their businesses. Information about almost

Fiscal 2009 : Mexico

everything is becoming more and more accessible.

Fiscal 2010 : Turkey

Fiscal 2011 : United Kingdom

Best B


We support the communities where we do business through:

tions that are no longer considered discretionary some are a

 Local community grants, store donations and sponsoring

part of peoples daily lives. It also means that with more technology use comes greater energy consumption, and this has an
impact on our planet. Sustainability for Best Buy is about placing
a priority on people, technology and the power to drive it in this
connected world.
As a technology retailer, we play a key leadership role in the
connected world. It is clear to us that our people and their unique

events that serve a variety of causes identied by our local

employees, globally

 Volunteerism, with more than 21,000 employees participating

and nearly $2.5 million distributed to non-prot organizations
in communities across the world

 Our United Way program and disaster relief through our global
partnerships with the Red Cross and Mercy Corps

connection with customers and their communities are critical to

our success. And, because everything we sell requires power to

We have an extensive and collaborative process to ensure good

deliver value, we need to focus on energy what we consume in

labor practices for workers in our supply chain through our

our operations, in our supply chain and what our customers will

vendor/supplier agreements, third party manufacturing audit

consume while using our solutions.

process and our training and remediation efforts. In 2009, we

joined the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP), a
coalition of industry partners and NGOs aimed at increasing the
effectiveness and efciency of the audit process and remediation
across the industry.

Our employees are core to our customer-centric business model.
We engage our employees by offering great benets and opportunities and encouraging a diverse working experience. We also
involve our employees in our sustainability efforts we want to
know their ideas for creating positive change. For example, based
on feedback and ideas from our employees we now have recycling
solutions in nearly every break room in our U.S. retail stores.
The relationship we build with our customers allows us to deliver
sustainable, innovative solutions that meet their needs. Part of this
is providing our customers with information and education in our

Best Bu
y: China

stores and online that will enable them to make more sustainable
choices. Our partnership with the EPA through the ENERGY STAR
program is a good example of this. In scal 2010, over the lifetime of
the ENERGY STAR products, we will help our customers:

 Realize utility bill savings of $91 million

 Save 796 kWh of electricity
 Reduce carbon emissions by 1.6 billion pounds


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

What this means for Best Buy is that we sell products and solu-


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Technology & Power

Sharpening Our Strategy

We are working to reduce our carbon foot-

We believe the most effective sustainability strategies are those

print across our operations. We reached

tied to a companys overall business strategies. We determined

our original goal an 8 percent reduction

this past year that we need a clearer view of the areas where Best

per U.S. retail square foot three years

Buy can make the most meaningful impact and a plan for driving

in advance of the 2012 target date.

results. To guide us in developing this plan, we are working with

Of course, we dont plan to stop there. We are currently in the

process of developing a new goal. To do this, we are evaluating
our measurement capability across all brands and regions. We
believe we can have an even greater impact through improved
store design, fuel reductions, implementation of an improved
Environmental Management System, and employee awareness
and training. We intend to explore and leverage renewable energy
and carbon offsets/renewable energy credits as well.
We plan to expand our recycling
and technology trade-in programs

an industry-leading company, Business for Social Responsibility

(BSR). In collaboration with BSR, we are in the process of analyzing our business practices. Starting with an internal assessment,
we are talking with many of our companys leaders about how
their business units intersect with sustainability opportunities.
We are also looking at external trends through research and
interviews with key stakeholders.
Once we have a clear view of the current state, we can then prioritize the sustainability efforts that align best with our business
strategies and the needs of our external stakeholders.

in the U.S. and around the globe.

We are excited about this work. We believe it will help us drive

In our rst year, we recycled

greater economic, social and environmental benet. The sus-

or refurbished over 1.4 million

tainability strategies we develop through this assessment are

customer units in the U.S. While we see this as a great achievement,

intended to inuence our corporate responsibility work for the

we know there are many more products still ending up in landlls.

next 35 years.

Land lled electronics cannot be harvested for precious metals,

component parts and commodities that can be reused in the supply

Other Important Areas

chain. This ends up requiring more energy to mine and manufacture

We continue to develop policies, such as our climate change

those components, as well as using more resources across the

and paper procurement policies, to ensure our business practices

value chain. We are currently evaluating how we close the loop in

align with our corporate responsibility aspirations. Industry

our value chain, using recycled content in our own products and/or

initiatives are also an area where we can learn and provide

across the industry.

leadership. Our current relationships include Ceres, Business

for Social Responsibility, Boston College Center for Corporate
We were the rst to hold an

Citizenship, the Sustainability Consortium, the Alliance to Save

ENERGY STAR 3.0 rating for

Energy, Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP),

our entire line of Insignia LCD TVs.

and the GSCP.

We will continue to seek out and endorse new and emerging

technologies that help our customers live more sustainable lives,

Looking forward, we intend to use what we learn from our

including electric vehicles and home automation controls that

partnerships to focus our efforts, build on what we know is work-

help customers better understand and improve their

ing and ensure we are making an impact. In this report, you will

consumption habits.

see the culmination of our efforts to date and how we use the
reporting process to evaluate progress, set new goals and hold
ourselves accountable. We believe that through our efforts we
can help foster Best Buys ambitions to be a sustainable company.


Compliance & Ethical Standards

Board of Directors

our relationships with employees, consumers, vendors and com-

The Best Buy Board of Directors is committed to a highly effec-

munities are not merely a series of transactions, but instead an

tive corporate governance structure that reects the interests of

ongoing partnership. Our Chief Compliance Ofcer monitors and

our shareholders, customers and employees. To ensure a diversity

addresses enterprise risks in the areas of law and public policy, in-

of perspectives, the Board seeks a balance of internal experience

cluding corporate governance, anti-corruption, customer privacy,

and independent expertise. This combination of perspectives is

environmental regulation and product safety, among others. Our

also in line with our corporate culture, which is a cornerstone of

Chief Ethics Ofcer guides and develops business standards and

our legacy and a key competitive advantage.

practices that comply with the law.

To help us deliver on our promise of business integrity, Best Buy

goes beyond what is required, or even expected, to assure that

The Board has established standards consistent with the

Both our Chief Ethics Ofcer and our Chief Compliance Ofcer

requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

are key members of our corporate responsibility governance

and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) corporate governance

structure. They are connected with business leaders across

rules. The Board is primarily made up of independent directors,

the enterprise. Both regularly meet with Board Committees to

and the roles of Chief Executive Ofcer (CEO) and Chairman of

discuss areas of concern to our corporate compliance and culture.

the Board are separate. Our CEO focuses on the development

They are active in shaping ethical, compliant business practices in

and execution of company strategies and is responsible for the

every country in which we operate.

ongoing leadership and performance of our company, and the

Chairman of the Board is focused on Board oversight, strategic
planning and mentoring company ofcers. In addition, our Board
has appointed a Lead Independent Director. This director is
responsible for leading executive sessions of the independent
directors, serving as a liaison on their behalf. The Board has
established that three of its committees the Audit Committee,
Compensation and Human Resources Committee, and Nominating, Corporate Governance and Public Policy Committee be
comprised entirely of independent directors. These actions all
support our belief that sound corporate governance is a critical
component of a successful corporate responsibility program.

Best Buys corporate responsibility governance structure includes

the Boards Nominating, Corporate Governance and Public Policy
Committee, who receive quarterly updates. It is further supported
by a cross-functional committee of leaders who oversee our programs and initiatives including Environmental Affairs, Community
Relations, Human Resources, Legal, Ethics, and Transportation,
among others. This group serves to drive integration, set goals and
measure results. In recent years we have also made several investments in our organizational structure to support our corporate
responsibility goals, including two dedicated personnel Senior
Director, Corporate Responsibility and Senior Manager, Corporate
Responsibility. These individuals work across the enterprise on
stakeholder engagement, sustainability strategy, communication,
reporting and measurement.

Join the Conversation: Ethics At Best Buy

In scal 2010, we launched a website to help our employees learn about ethics and
what showing respect, humility and integrity looks like in our day-to-day activities.
In addition to serving as a reporting hotline for ethical concerns, the new
website includes:
 A connection to our Chief Ethics Ofcers award-winning blog,
 A Tell Us About The Good Stuff feature that celebrates employees living Best Buys values
The site is designed to engage Best Buy employees in an ongoing conversation around business ethics.
However, in the spirit of complete transparency, it is freely accessible on the Internet for our customers,
competitors and vendor partners and will soon be translated into eight languages.

To see how we are using social media to redene the world of business ethics, join the conversation

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Corporate Governance,
Compliance & Ethics


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Corporate Responsibility & Value Creation

Corporate responsibility efforts are part of a smart business strategy to grow revenue and reduce costs. The table below outlines how
some of the sustainability programs we have in place directly benet the organization according to the criteria often used to evaluate
a company: growth, return on investment and risk management.


return on investment

risk management

How our Corporate Responsibility

initiatives help grow revenue

How our Corporate Responsibility

initiatives help grow our operating and
cash ow margins

How our Corporate Responsibility

initiatives help reduce our risk for
potential costs

 Our Womens Leadership Forum (WOLF @

 Our energy efcient buildings reduce store

 We proactively lead legislation surrounding

Best Buy) identies ways to attract and

retain female shoppers, potentially
increasing sales.
 Many people who use our recycling and

trade-in programs are new to Best Buy,

which we believe may result in long-term
incremental trafc and sales.
 Items brought in for trade-in are refurbished

and resold through alternate channels.

 We have increased our focus on ENERGY

operating expenses.
 We use less packaging for select Exclusive

Brands, resulting in lower costs for materials

and more efcient shipping and transportation.
 By improving transportation routing and

scheduling, we have decreased logistics

expenses and carbon emissions.
 Reducing our operational waste and expanding

our recycling program has resulted in less

trash hauling expenses.

STAR qualied products which often have

higher price points and margins.

environmental standards such as e-waste

recycling and LEED certication.
 Addressing risks in the areas of customer

privacy, product safety and sustainability

have directly contributed to reductions
in legal and regulatory costs and improved
brand management.
 Our Social and Environmental Responsibility

team in China is addressing risks in our

Exclusive Brands supply chain.
 By joining the Global Social Compliance

Programme, we seek to gain efciencies in

our supply chain and factory audit program
while also lowering our supply chain risks.

Engaging Stakeholders

This past year, we formed a formal Stakeholder Advisory Board

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is both formal and

of social responsibility investment companies, environmentalists

informal. Informally, we interact with our employees and custom-

and human rights representatives from leading NGOs. Through a

ers every day in our stores, online and over the telephone. You will

dialogue that includes leaders from across Best Buy, we ask for

see in this reports employee, customer and community sections,

insight and ideas and share challenges, opportunities and success-

how we bring this communication to life.

es. This effort has just begun, but we expect to gain a great deal of

through our relationship with Ceres. The Advisory Board consists

value through these conversations as we continue

to mature in our sustainability practices.


Sustainability Strategy &

Development Organizations

World Economic Forum

U.S. Green Building Council:

Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED)

An independent, international not-for-profit organization committed to improving

Developed by the U.S. Green Building
the state of the world by engaging leaders
Council (USGBC), LEED provides building
A membership-based research organizain partnerships to shape global, regional
owners and operators a concise frametion committed to helping business leverand industry agendas.
work for identifying and implementing
age its social, economic, and human assets
practical and measurable green building
to ensure its success and create a just and Environmental Organizations:
design, construction, operations and maintesustainable world.
Climate Leaders
nance solutions. LEED is an internationally
recognized green building certication
Business Civic Leadership Center
(U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
that works with companies to develop
system, providing third-party vericacomprehensive
tion that a building or community was
The worlds largest business federation
designed and built using strategies aimed
serving as a resource and voice for busitheir
at improving performance across all the
nesses and their social and philanthropic
metrics that matter most: energy savings,
of their greenhouse gas emissions based
water efciency, CO2 emissions reduction,
Business for Social Responsibility
on a quality management system, setting
improved indoor environmental quality,
aggressive reduction goals, and annually
and stewardship of resources and sensitivA leader in corporate responsibility.
reporting their progress to EPA. Through
ity to their impacts.
Leverages their network of over 250
member companies to develop sustainable program participation, companies create a
credible record of their accomplishments
business strategies and solutions.
Social Change Organizations
and receive EPA recognition as corporate
Magic Johnson Enterprises
environmental leaders.
Magic Johnson Enterprises, formed in
A national network of investors, environ
1987, serves as a catalyst for community
mental organizations and other public
and economic empowerment by making
Through the ENERGY STAR program,
interest groups. Works with companies
available high-quality entertainment,
the EPA and DOE have partnered with
and investors to address sustainability
products and services that answer the
thousands of organizations across the
challenges impacting the planet and its
demands of ethnically diverse urban comresidential, commercial and industrial secpeople.
munities. Through investment, partnership
tors to increase the sales of energy efand consultation, Magic Johnson
Global Social Compliance
cient products bearing the ENERGY STAR
Programme (GSCP)
Enterprises has a portfolio of companies
label, raise energy efciency standards for
A business-driven program for companies new home construction and existing home that strategically work together to reinforce the organizations focus on serving
wanting to harmonize existing efforts in
renovations, and improve the efciency
emerging, multicultural communities.
order to deliver a shared, consistent, global of commercial and industrial facilities
approach for continuous improvement of
through strategic energy management
working conditions in global supply chains. practices. or
Youth Venture
Boston College Center for
Corporate Citizenship

Smart Way
Sustainability Consortium

An independent organization of diverse

global participants working together
to build a scientic foundation to drive
innovation and improve consumer
product sustainability through all
stages of the product life cycle.

An EPA program to improve the environmental performance and fuel efciency of

the U.S. freight sector (truck & rail) through
the use of a voluntary market incentive
system, that encourages retailers/end
users to choose trucking and/or rail
companies that are environmental leaders
in their respective industry segments.

Youth Venture is a global movement of

young change makers. Youth Venture
inspires and invests in teams of young
people to start their own sustainable
social ventures and connects them to a
powerful global network. Collectively,
these young change makers are redening
the youth years as a time of initiative and
positive change.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Best Buy is a member of or collaborates with the following organizations (partial list):

Retail Leadership Forum (RLF)

Learns from the Geek Squad
In January 2010, the RLF met with leaders and employees at Geek Squad
City, one of our computer repair facilities in Louisville, Kentucky. The goal
was to gain insights through observation and dialogue with Geek Squad
employees. The sessions ended up enabling RLF leaders to decrease
computer repair time and overall turn time at stores in their own markets,
which positively impacted customer experience at those stores. The
RLF also helped launch a cross-functional training program between
top-performing Geek Squad agents at Geek Squad City to further identify
efciencies that could be scaled across the enterprise.


WaterCooler Users!

In 2009, the McMurry Center for Professional Excellence

awarded Best Buys virtual Watercooler top honors in the
Social Media Internal Social Networks category. The site
won for its ability to change the way Best Buy does business.
Congratulations to all of the 10,000 Best Buy employees
every week that have contributed to more than 1.3 million
posts in less than two years.



Best Buy is actively pursuing a set of

global employee engagement best
practices. Best Buy China received the
Best Model of Human Resources and
Most Popular Employer awards from
51job, Inc., a leading provider of human
resource services in China.



at a glance

U.S. Employee
Retention Rate

Global Employee
Engagement Survey
Score (out of 5)



a 6% percentage point
increase over FY 2009

a .05 point reduction

compared to FY 2009

Number of Training
Certifications Earned on
our Online Employee
Training Site


Connecting With Employees
Employee engagement is not just a corporate clich at Best Buy. Our employees are the main
connection between our company and our customers. Their creative and innovative minds have
sparked many of the programs we have in place to carry out our corporate responsibility mission
including programs in the areas of community involvement, environmental sustainability and social
change. They truly are our most valuable asset. To support and encourage them to be their best, we
are focused on connecting all 180,000 Best Buy employees worldwide to each other, to management and to knowledge and opportunity that helps them excel at their jobs and in their lives.
In this section, you will discover the many ways we are helping employees get connected.

Employee Engagement Challenges



looking forward

Maintaining high employee

engagement scores during
challenging economic times
and the implementation of
a new store labor model.

Initiated leadership
involvement in setting an
action plan which included
CEO check-in.

Created a task force to explore

opportunities to increase
employee engagement at U.S.
retail locations.

Continue to engage leaders to

own the employee survey results
and create meaningful actions.

Providing competitive benets

to full and part-time employees.

Placed rewards in employees

hands sooner in the year.

Paid bonuses to eligible U.S.

employees mid-year. Spent
$12M on Blue Crew Bucks, a
bonus program for store-level
employees including part-time.

Look for new opportunities to

enhance benets and compensation
programs across the enterprise.

Encouraging eligible employees

to save for retirement.

Founding member of
Financially Fit Minnesota, a
group of employers committed
to educating employees
about personal nance.

Starting in January 2010, all new

Best Buy U.S. employees are
auto-enrolled in the 401(k)
Retirement Savings Plan after
one year of service.

Explore opportunities to create

additional wealth-building
incentives for part-time employees.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report




Connecting Employees to Each Other

The benets of connecting employees to each other go beyond
just the sharing of information. Employees can, and often do,
provide support for each other, spread positive messages, and
collaborate to develop innovative ideas. The following are some
of the programs we have recently implemented to help employees connect with each other:

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce strengthens
our companys pool of knowledge
and talent and allows us to provide
our customers with top-notch
customer experiences. In
developing a diverse workforce, it
is important to us that all of our
employees feel welcome and valued. Thats why we are working to
further develop and maintain an inclusive environment where
employees can feel free to be themselves, develop their talents
and grow with the company. In fact, we ask Can you be you? and
encourage conversations about how the individual can really be
themselves and feel like they belong to a great company that
values them.
Employee Business Networks
(EBNs) are one way we encourage an
inclusive environment. EBN groups
are based on an interest in and
support for a common dimension of
diversity such as age, race, gender
or sexual orientation.
We believe our EBNs help reduce turnover, aid in the development
of leadership skills and bring insights to the business from a
diverse perspective. In the U.S., we have 11 EBNs and over
100 EBN chapters in our corporate ofces and in our retail eld
organization thousands of employees are involved in these

EBNs have played a signicant role in launching

The EBN and FIN programs
are the necessary catalyst for
turning conversation and good
intentions into tactical action.
- Adrian Dallara, District HR Manager

business relationship and partnerships with such organizations as The Gay and Lesbian Center for Pride, the
African American Research Library, and Women in
Distress. These long lasting relationships have a positive
impact on our market, our community, as well as our
employee experience.

Kirk Harris, Operations Supervisor



Latino Employee


When I started at Best Buy, I heard


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual

and Transgender
(GLBT) Employee





The Wisdom
of Experience



Best Buy

Asian Employee



Focus on Abilities,
Not Disabilities

Black Employee

the phrase bring your whole self to

work. Until I joined the Corporate
Pride EBN and began immersing
myself in diversity work, I never really
knew what that phrase meant. Now
that phrase has come to life for me. My
boss and work team know that I have a
partner and they support the fact that I
co-chair the Corporate Pride group.
They understand how important the
work is to me. Overall, I feel lucky to be
at Best Buy and able to be my true self
every day.

Corey Smith, Sr. Manager, Human Resources

The Asian Employee Network is an

extension of who I am as an employee
and as an individual. Its another tool
that allows me to be a part of the
change I want to see.


Jackie Le, Space Management Analyst

Female & Minority Group

membership employees



Best Buy U.S., Magnolia & Pacific Sales

Percent of female & minority group employees


In scal 2010, Best Buy added another opportunity for employees

to come together around a common interest, called Focused
Involvement Networks (FINs). Two FINs launched in 2009: the
Families at Work Network and Facing Autism in a Caring Environ-






ment. With the addition of these groups, even more employees

have a forum to share ideas and learn through the exchange of
common experiences.





Other important ways we encourage diversity and

inclusion include:










 Running our Afrmative Action Program, which affects our

retention, development, outreach and recruitment efforts.


 Working with employees to develop local immersion

experiences, such as visiting multicultural landmarks






 Educating employees on diversity issues through a catalog

of ready-to-use online courses

Percent of female employees

For more information about diversity and inclusion at Best Buy,

go to





Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Teenage Employees
Focused on


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

WOLF @ Best Buy and Innovation:

Reward Zone for Schools
The Womens Leadership Forum team in Wisconsin (code name Stella!) set a goal
to engage more female customers, by developing a twist on a successful store
program. The idea was to allow customers to donate their Reward Zone Program
points to the school of their choice. Schools could use those donated points to
buy products that meet their technology needs. The donation program was
expanded to all stores in the Midwest. By fall 2009, Best Buy customers had
provided $40,870 in Reward Zone certicates to schools. One school even cashed
in their certicates and spent more, leading to a $415,000 sale.

From Anywhere
To help employees stay
connected, we launched an

The Reward Zone for Schools program has had a huge impact with our
customers and in our community, explained Kristin Houle, product process
manager, Store #1052 (Stevens Point, Wisconsin). Once customers learn they
can support their schools with Reward Zone points, we are immediately set
apart from the competition and become top of mind. And once weve built that
relationship with the schools, Best Buy and Best Buy for Business can be the
source for all their technology needs, from appliances to family and consumer
education - even smart boards for every classroom.

internet-accessible version
of our eGO Human Resources
Support Center site. Now
employees can get information about their pay and

This innovative new program has been adopted by many stores across the U.S.
We continue to work with WOLF @ Best Buy to integrate the Reward Zone
program with business customers.

benets, policies and more

whenever and wherever
they want it.

To learn more about Reward Zone for Schools, please see the
following video on YouTube:

Why is there a
Best Buys virtual Watercooler is
another way we help connect our
geographically diverse workforce. Watercooler is an online
forum for Best Buy employees to
engage in discussions pertinent
to their business and of interest
to their community.

 As an installer (car electronics), Ive gained a majority of the knowledge I know about vehicles from
other installers who reply to my posts. Its a great way to establish a relationship with other installers
in the company. TECH, AUTO MECP BASIC, Location 673
 I check out the forums for department specic topics. They can actually be quite helpful. There is
usually someone in your position that can answer a business related question you have quickly.
SPEC, SWAT, Location 549
 There is a great amount of helpful information on Watercooler. Topics like get it off your chest
also help us deal with the stress that we all have, helping us keep that smile on our face as we help
customers. SALES OPERATOR, Location 678


The Womens Leadership Forum (WOLF @ Best Buy) is an

employee and consumer network that focuses on driving
female market share and advancing womens leadership within
the company.
WOLF @ Best Buy recently launched a Talent Readiness
Program that will enable over 170 women from the U.S. retail
eld and corporate ofces to participate in a one-year leadership
development experience. Beyond the U.S., we are in the process
of expanding our Womens Leadership Forum to involve employees in Canada and Mexico.
Visit for more information and inspiring stories
or connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.

Employee Councils and Forums

Engaging our employees in their own development and helping
them write Best Buys growth story is an important part of our
culture. Our Retail Leadership Forum (RLF) is designed to
positively impact local growth and innovation in the short-term,
while building successful leaders in the long-term. The forum
includes all eight of our U.S. territories. As of December 2009,
80 percent of RLF members and qualifying alumni experienced a
positive role change (from single to multi-unit role or promotion)
or achieved mastery in their current role.


d Liz Ha

ddart an

ary Sto
aders M

st Buy le

Wolf @ B

WOLF @ Best Buys goals include:

recent results

Create opportunities and structure for our

people, especially our female employees, to
maximize their leadership development.

 49 networks exist in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

 Combined teams of women from retail stores and our corporate ofce meet weekly to review

business metrics and work on projects focused on strengthening the business.

 The annual conference provides opportunities to learn more about our business, our customers

and develop personal and professional skills.

 Over 100 WOLF @ Best Buy members across the U.S. participated in the White House Project:

Go Run Training and Day at the Capital workshops.

Engage our female customers by delivering
experiences and services that appeal to them.

We collaborated with our female customers to improve our Appliances business in the southeastern
U.S. by making changes such as adding a consultation desk and a kids corner. We saw positive
business results as negative comp sales were reversed.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Womens Leadership Forum


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

HEROes Support Program

Leveraging Web 2.0 and Social Networking

To encourage the exchange of knowledge

Best Buy encourages employees to participate and share insights

between employees in the U.S., China,

through numerous internal social media platforms, including our

Mexico and Turkey, we implemented the

company discussion forums, virtual town halls, online polls, Brians

HEROes Support Program (HERO stands

Whiteboard (our CEOs blog) and interactive news site. Employees

for Half-year Enterprise Retail Operations).

also discuss and network externally on sites such as Facebook,

The program was designed to help employees

Twitter and LinkedIn. We have a social media policy for employees

share knowledge that helps to further

who participate in these sites, based on three simple principles:

integrate our global operations.

Be smart, be human, be respectful.

In 2009, eight Best Buy U.S.-based employees

We gather employee insights through these channels to create

providing Geek Squad services traveled to

a comprehensive employee landscape for the company: a

China, Mexico and Turkey. Future versions

snapshot of what our employees think, feel and understand. This

of HEROes may take on different work in

employee landscape is then used as critical input to strategies

different countries or could involve

and projects, measurement for tactics and tools, and an ongoing

non-U.S. employees.

pulse-check for company leaders.

Green Council
In June 2009, we founded Green Council. The Council is made up
of 16 U.S. employees who have committed to learning more about
Best Buys sustainability programs and to sharing information
with their peers. Its a voluntary role and all employees are eligible
to apply for the Council. This scal year, the Council focused on
recycling, energy management in our stores, and Earth Day 2010.
They also shared best practices to improve efciency and
customer experience.

Connecting Employees to Management

Corporate communications is no longer a highly controlled,
one-way process. And dialogue is no longer just a two-way
exercise; it is an all-way network, as employees can also get
information from each other. At its heart, the concept of dialogue
is simple: talk, listen, and respond. But within a company especially a large company like Best Buy with a global, distributed
workforce it can be incredibly complicated and difcult. When
we open up a conversation, we have to follow through by listening
aand responding to the input, even if it challenges our current way
of thinking.
The value of dialogue, however, is worth the effort. When we invite
employees to take part in communication and give them a voice in
tthe company, we believe we are creating a highly engaged
workforce that understands, shares, gets involved and cares.
Here are some of the programs weve implemented to help
employees and management connect.


ouncil m

Green C


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

U.S. Employee Rates of

Retention & Turnover












Enterprise Turnover2


1 Retention represents the percent of employees who remained

with Best Buy for the entire fiscal year
2 Turnover represents the total number of people who ended
employment with Best Buy within the fiscal year divided by
the total number of employees

Annually, Best Buy measures employee
engagement across the Enterprise using the
Viewpoint survey. The survey results are shared
with managers to help them understand what we
are doing well and if any areas need improvement. Action plans created based on survey results are focused
on enhancing the employee experience.
We also use an Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) survey,
administered bi-annually to our U.S retail stores. Modeled after
the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), the ESI measures
employee satisfaction and commitment. It provides signicant
insights into 17 different dimensions of the workplace environment.
These insights give us direction on how to improve the workplace
experience, and subsequently increase employee satisfaction and
loyalty. Additionally, we can use the results to identify important
links between the employee and customer experience.
We are able to achieve a more robust view of the overall employee
experience using both surveys. Each brings a different, yet
complementary set of key insights.

Recognition at Five Star

Imagine you are a general manager at one of our
158 Five Star Appliance stores in China, and you are
feeling good about your stores recent nancial
performance: revenue was up substantially and gross
margin was well ahead of budget. You wonder if the
hard work and commitment of you and your employees
will be recognized. Then the phone rings. On the other
end is Joseph Cheng, President of Operations, Nicolas
Wang, President of Retail, and Moe Amirie, Vice
President of Business Operations! They are calling
to personally congratulate and thank you for your
outstanding work. Talk about recognition.
Each Monday, Joseph, Nicolas and Moe gather in
a room at the Five Star headquarters that has
several touch-screen TVs that display the previous
weeks nancial performance. They are able to tap
on lines to drill down to store specic information,
open a map of the city where the stores are
located and even click on an icon to see a photo
of the actual store. Through this technology,
company leaders feel more closely linked to
the brick & mortar locations and to the top
performing employees that power the companys
success, and they have the opportunity to
recognize and encourage their efforts.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

We believe our employees can further develop their
leadership skills by engaging in civic-minded activities.
Our new BLUEgrassroots Captains program involved
67 general managers, district managers and other eld leaders
who volunteered to inform and engage their peers on public policy
issues impacting the company. Our BLUEgrassroots Captains
connect their local stores with elected ofcials, participating in
more than 120 meetings with members of Congress in July 2009
alone. Nearly 1,000 employees connected with more than 400 local,
state and federal elected ofcials at various events, store grand
openings, press conferences or town hall meetings in scal 2010.
For more, visit

Fiscal 2010

Cool facts
 We awarded over $304,000 in prizes to employees for
completing training courses on the Learning Lounge
 Employees completed 1.2 million hours worth of training on
the Learning Lounge
 Employees completed 2,700,000 courses on the Learning Lounge

Learning Lounge


In 2009, the Learning Lounge

won the Stevie Award for
Best Training Website from
the American Business


Innovations in Rewards:

It is important that we help connect employees to the resources

requesting that those options be used to fund a reward for

they need to serve customers well. But we also want them to learn

extraordinary performance from employees who were not eligible

and grow for their own sake to foster creativity, innovative

to receive stock options as part of the Companys Long-Term

thinking and leadership skills. Here are some of the programs we

Incentive Plan. Because of his generosity, nearly 2,000 employees

have implemented to help employees connect to knowledge

received grants totaling approximately $7 million in restricted

and opportunities for growth.

shares in scal 2010. When Brad retired in June 2009, the Brad

Career and Life Planning

Anderson Legacy Stock Award Program was created as a way to

Employees that dream big are an asset to our company.

Dreaming big means they havent lost their sense of creativity
and imagination two characteristics central to innovation. To
encourage our employees to think beyond their day-to-day lives,
Best Buy launched a website called The site
has tools for self-reection, planning, commitment, inspiration
and support for developing a career and life plan that makes
them happy.

Legacy Program Honors Former CEOs Giving

While he was CEO, Brad Anderson declined to receive stock options,

honor his contributions, his values-based leadership and his

commitment to Best Buy and its employees. The program awards
options to purchase stock each year to deserving employees
worldwide. Two thousand employees across our company were
honored with the rst-annual Brad Anderson Legacy Stock Award
in 2009. To listen to the stories of some of the recipients, visit:

Gift of Time Policy

Developed though the passion and commitment

of our U.S. employees, the Gift of Time policy
provides the opportunity to help employees
who are unable to work due to a personal
Our employees provide extraordinary service to our customers
and we reward them for their contribution in return. Because
every individual is motivated in a different way, we offer a wide
variety of programs and opportunities. At Best Buy, rewards are
designed to:

 Attract, motivate and retain the right talent to achieve our

strategic objectives and long-term growth plans.

 Offer a competitive, exible mix of rewards that reect

employee preferences.

 Pay for performance by providing a strong relationship

between the rewards received and the performance of the
company, team and individual employee.
Globally, we focus on four reward components for employees:
compensation, benets, learning and development, and work
environment. While our rewards philosophy and strategic
compensation programs are managed centrally, many of our
health, paid-time-off and retirement programs are tailored to
meet the needs and preferences of employees based on their
particular location.
Overall, we maintained our company match to the 401(k) plan and
offered salary increases (totaling more than $20 million) in a year
when many organizations did not.

issue, serious illness, injury or caring for an

immediate family member who has a serious
illness or injury. Employees can donate a
combined maximum of four weeks of their own
accrued vacation time to an employee who has exhausted his or
her paid time-off benets.
Achievers Program

We offer our employees the chance to be recognized as the

best of the best for their job performance through our Achievers
program. This program helps reinforce that meeting customers
needs and teamwork are key aspects of company success.
Top performers enjoy a trip, prizes and also get early information
about the latest and greatest products and services from our
vendor partners. Employees in the U.S. and Canada currently
participate in the program. We hope to develop it into an
enterprise-wide recognition platform.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Connecting Employees to
Knowledge and Opportunity


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Our certication programs require employees to complete

training and testing on topics related to their job on a regular
basis. We have found that certication positively impacts our
Customer Satisfaction scores. Over 272,000 certications have
been completed since the program launched in May 2009. In
addition to certifying employees, we also require extensive
training on our customer service process and how to engage
customers in creating solutions that work for them.

Day-to-day Training and Skill Development


Employees can be recognized for their unique contributions

to the growth of the company each year through the Chairmans
Award, named in honor of Best Buy founder, Richard Schulze.
The Chairmans Award honors employees who are dedicated
to fueling Best Buys growth through innovation or through
efciency and effectiveness. Each year up to $1 million is
awarded to multiple projects. In scal 2010, 135 employees
received recognition and cash awards for their contributions.

Because people learn in many different ways, we deliver in-person

training to our employees, in addition to the online options we
offer. Examples of face-to-face training include new employee
training and orientation, monthly weekend training sessions in
our stores, and all-store meetings several times a year. Each day,
our store managers are expected to hold a chalk talk with the
team working that day to review customer feedback, store
performance and recognize employees for outstanding work.
As our business has expanded into other countries, our
training materials on information protection, diversity and other
values-based topics are translated into multiple languages and
presented in a way that is respectful of the culture.

Learning Lounge

Beyond our own training program, Best Buy U.S. supports its

We deliver training to our diverse and geographically-dispersed

full-time employees who are interested in pursuing educational

employees using a platform called the Learning Lounge

opportunities outside the company. From helping employees earn

( The Learning Lounge includes

a high school diploma to pursuing a PhD, our Tuition Assistance

multiple training tools, including documents, videos, elearnings

program is designed to build on our goal of becoming a world-

or audio les that employees can download to an MP3 player.

class organization.

The Learning Lounge is accessible anywhere theres an internet

connection, so our people can learn where they like, when
they like and they are paid for their time. Approximately
70 percent of the content is provided by our vendor partners,
making the site very cost-effective and the best source of
up-to-date information about the technology products and
services we offer.


Before the Boycott:



Average hours
of training
per year/per

Riding the Bus

Number of employees
in the Tuition
Assistance program

To celebrate Black History month, Best Buy

partnered with the National Civil Rights
Museum to develop an eLearning program for
middle school students. The program, called
Before the Boycott Riding the Bus, teaches
students about legalized segregation and the
events that led to the modern Civil Rights
Movement. The program covers Rosa Parks
heroic stand on December 1, 1955, when she
refused to give her seat up to a white man,
among other signicant events. After completing seven stops in a simulated bus trip, the
students will have assembled a story to
submit to their school newspaper. A teachers
guide is also available. To experience the
Before the Boycott Riding the Bus
eLearning, go to







As our company grows, we plan to expand our employee

engagement strategies and programs. The goal: to keep
employees connected, not only in the U.S., but also where we
operate internationally. Employee surveys, diversity and inclusion
programs, training and leadership development are all examples
of programs that can be expanded. Ultimately, we believe that
connecting employees to each other, to management and to
knowledge and opportunity will drive growth and innovation
here at Best Buy.



Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

& Education


Martin Luther
King Center gets
active with

Military forum


of improving the average shipping time of 30 days to a military address. From

Since 2008, the Martin Luther King

Multi-Service Center and Best Buy
store #231 in Indianapolis, Indiana,
have partnered to provide youth with
a diverse set of opportunities. This
past year, the partnership established
the Wii Fitness Center, featuring 10
Nintendo Wii consoles and 10 Insignia
37-inch televisions. The program has
already earned an endorsement from
the Indiana Department of Health
and is targeted to expand its appeal
beyond youth to the senior community,
further delivering digitally-connected
health benets.

that partnership, and working with the U.S. Post Ofce, Best Buy implemented

The youth that use this facility live

a new process in June of 2009 that provided faster shipping 7 to 14 days

in areas where technology like this is

not available, said John May,
General Manager, Store 231. We
feel good about being able to support
the Center and helping them improve
the lives of others with technology
thats fun and easy to use.

shipping time

Over the last couple of years, Best Buy has expanded

the assortment of products we have available to ship
to military personnel. While we were pleased with our
increased ability to meet these particular customers
needs, we found there were issues with the amount of time
it took to ship the items overseas. Shipping can be difcult
in war zones where there are added security processes. Our
.com team partnered with our Military Employee Business
Network and the Transportation team to research best practices, with a goal

and better tracking. Customer feedback the rst month was extremely
positive, and our .com Customer Satisfaction scores spiked 14 points. Our plan
for future enhancements includes implementing a process to provide pre-paid
labels, free shipping and appropriate customs documents for any items that
may need to be returned due to damage, defects, or in the event that an
incorrect item was shipped.

Connecting with
communities in
El Paso
Best Buy store #1470 in El Paso, Texas, created a program in
partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation and
the local University Medical Center to combat the high child fatality
rate in the area due to inadequate car seat restraints. The stores
Geek Squad agents became certied to do the inspections and to
date, they have helped inspect over 200 car seats.
Not only are these employees helping to solve a serious
community safety issue, they also helped build customer
trust and loyalty by showing that Best Buy employees
genuinely care about their community.


Overall Customer
Satisfaction Score
(maximum of 100)

Number of
Privacy Breaches

Number of Customer
Questions Answered


over 23,800

(a 2.3 percentage point
increase over last year)

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

at a glance


Connecting with Customers

In the connected world, customers are communicating with us in ways we could have never
imagined before. And we are listening. We are measuring their satisfaction across every channel
in our stores, on our web sites, through call centers and in-home services, and social media spaces
like Facebook and Twitter. We are open to connecting with our customers in whatever way they
choose to interact with us.
Even more importantly, we must be able to help them with the questions, concerns and issues
they tell us are important to them. Our customer care goal is to keep connections strong between
Best Buy and our customers by investing in programs that increase our ability to listen and to respond
creatively and effectively. In this section, you will learn how we are connecting our customers to
solutions that address their individual needs.

Customer Care Challenges




looking forward

Consumers expect to have instant

access to accurate, reliable
information about our products
and services. They also want to
have their questions answered
and their opinions heard.

We used both our .com site

and innovative web 2.0 tools,
to share information and
interact with customers at
their convenience.

Innovative venues like

Twelpforce and IdeaX allowed
us to connect with thousands of
customers 24/7.

We will continually seek timely

and convenient ways to engage
customers to share information
and gather their opinions.

A vast number of international,

national, and state security and
privacy laws and regulations exist,
presenting Best Buy with widely
divergent, and in some cases
conicting, obligations.

We developed an Enterprise
Privacy Group (EPG) to adopt
a set of policies, programs,
and training to govern privacy
decisions and interactions
with customers.

We did not experience any

substantiated privacy breaches.
We maintained E.U. Safe Harbor
certication. And we continue
to place a focus on responsible
use of new technologies.

We will continue to evolve a global

approach and generate additional
opportunities for employee


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In the U.S., we rely on a customer satisfaction
survey to help us assess areas where we excel
and areas where we can do better. We revise
the survey each year based on input from
consumer focus groups and employees. Each
of our Best Buy stores and our .com team can
also customize their surveys to better understand what local

Best Buy U.S. Retail

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

customers want. Survey results are posted on our Intranet for

employees to consider as they develop and rene their strategic

overall customer satisfaction

plans and address opportunities to improve performance.


In scal 2010, one of the more dramatic shifts in our survey scores




was in the Problem Resolutions category. While we believe the

lower score is due, in part, to a shift in our survey methodology, we
are happy to report that the total number of people stating that

store atmosphere

there was a problem with their shopping experience decreased


sharply this past scal year.






Best Purchaser



Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

overall satisfaction


product descriptions











ordering process





site performance


problem resolution







customer service desk





transaction costs

















TwelpForce and IdeaX

Best Buy further embraced the social networking

Our customer care call centers are focused on meeting customers

space with two new tools to support customers

needs, using the full talent of the Enterprise Customer Care

and provide another format for them to voice

team. They continually monitor the overall health of the customer

their opinions and share ideas with us.

experience, showing strong performance in meeting those needs

Twelpforce is the name of Best Buys customer

in scal 2010:

Customer satisfaction improved by 4.16 percentage points

over scal 2009 to a score of 70.1.

Customers reported that we resolved 74.6 percent of all

questions or issues, an improvement of 3.4 percentage points
from the previous year.

Customers also gave our customer care employees high marks,

especially in the areas of understanding their needs and level
of knowledge.

service forum via Twitter. Customers can send us

tweets with questions about the products they
are interested in. Best Buy employees from our
Enterprise Customer Care team, Blue Shirts and
Geek Squad are able to provide expertise and support
whenever customers might be seeking assistance. They respond
to Twelpforce posts as soon as possible usually within 30
minutes. Twelpforce users have directed over 45,000 online clicks
to As of January 2010, Twelpforce membership is just
shy of 2,400 employees, and 16,000 people have bookmarked and
follow Twelpforce on Twitter.
In 2009, we launched IdeaX
(, an online
forum for Best Buy customers
to share and discuss ideas. Customers are encouraged to share
new ways to solve problems and improve their experience with


our website, products, services and store policies. There is also

a feature where site users can comment on others ideas and vote
on which ideas they think are best. IdeaX has become a great
opportunity for our company to nd out what is important to our

Womens Leadership Forum:

Consumer Innovation Program

customers. We fully expect ideas that have strong support from

this online community will impact our business going forward.

Through our Womens Leadership Forum (WOLF @ Best Buy),

Best Buy has the opportunity to engage our female customers by

Protecting Privacy

inviting them to help us deliver better technology and shopping

Privacy is one of the most important issues to customers today.

experiences. WOLF invites female employees and consumers to

Emerging technology and communication tools such as social

participate in innovation teams that work together to enhance

media, online behavioral advertising and mobile marketing give

overall store design and product assortment. In addition to sharing

us new ways of serving our customers and communicating with

their unique perspectives, this experience provides an opportu-

our employees. These same tools also create complex privacy

nity for these young girls and women to broaden their personal

issues that require transparent and creative solutions to meet

and professional networks and sharpen their leadership skills.

evolving privacy concerns. At Best Buy, we address these needs

Through a 90-day innovation process, these groups have helped

improve several specic areas of our stores, including Appliances,

by balancing policy with transparency and our customers and

employees desire for information with their privacy needs.

Services, Home Theater, Gaming and Mobile Phones. As a result

As a leading retailer, we continuously update our policies, monitor

of their recommendations, adjustments have been made to store

our processes and systems, and incorporate up-to-date security

spaces and more accessories have been added, making these

measures to ensure we address employee and customer concerns

areas more appealing and easier to shop. More than 1,500 female

and emerging issues related to protecting data.

consumers in 10 cities across the U.S. and the U.K. have helped
Best Buy become a more female-friendly experience.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Best Buy U.S. Customer Care Call Centers

Customer Satisfaction Survey Highlights


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Hint Helper and Customer Privacy

During the scal 2009 Holiday season, Best Buy promoted the Hint Helper. Customers selected gifts they wanted
and then sent a link to their friends. By signing up, during their visits to Web sites across the Internet, they would
receive online banner ads containing the gifts selected by their friends. The friend had to agree to have their online
behavior tracked in order to serve up the ads which would be customized with their name and their friends gift ideas.
Best Buy took a proactive, transparent stance to ensure users understood what information would be collected and
ir privacy.
used and how they were able to control their

Our Enterprise Privacy Group operates with the following values

to build and maintain positive, constructive relationships with
customers and employees and to help us make informed decisions:

Proactively identify opportunities to create customer value

through robust privacy practices

Understand, respect and respond to the privacy concerns

and expectations of our customers and employees

Understand, respect and ensure compliance with the laws

of the communities in which we do business

Partner with internal business teams to enable their goals

while ensuring privacy is an integral part of the solution

Empower employees to take responsibility for protecting

the personal information of each other and our customers

Monthly audits by a third party to determine the efcacy

of our M-rated carding program. In scal 2010, Best Buys
compliance in preventing underage gamers from purchasing
M-rated games was 83.3 percent
When it comes to video games, there are often two main criticisms:
1) the violence depicted in some games is seen as inappropriate,
and 2) the sedentary nature of playing video games in general

In scal 2010, Best Buy continued to perform as an industry

may contribute to rising rates of obesity. These concerns can be

leader in establishing and deploying best practices for protecting

elevated when we consider the potential impact these issues

customer privacy. Working with the Retail Industry Leaders

could have on our youth. Best Buy is taking steps to address both

Association, Best Buy formed the Privacy Leaders Council to

issues through education in our stores and at

understand and advocate for improved retail industry practices

gaming. We also provide opportunities for families to experience

for addressing privacy concerns. Best Buy also continued its long

games before purchasing them. Our policies have helped us

relationship with the Center for Information Policy Leadership

continue to build credibility, trust, loyalty and a deeper relation-

to further thought leadership in understanding and addressing

ship with a critical customer segment families with youth.

global privacy concerns.

In scal 2010, we updated our approach regarding the advertising

Family Gaming at Best Buy

of M-rated video games. Historically we have not advertised

In scal 2010, we continued our commitment to support the

M-rated video games, either on TV or in our stores, but several

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), an independent

factors caused us to reconsider this line of thinking. We ultimately

nonprot group that provides standardized ratings for video

chose to advertise a single M-rated video game in scal 2010. This

games. We have numerous practices in place to help parents and

is why: First, mature games are among the top selling video games

youth make informed decisions about the games in our stores.

and we want to be sure our adult customers are aware that Best Buy

Our practices include:

offers some of these games. We also note that there is a difference

Producing a holiday buyers guide which was heavily focused

between mature video games with mature themes and M-rated

on family games

Age verication (also called carding) for M-rated (Mature) games

including an online age-verication process at checkout

games that contain graphic and gratuitous violence. Finally, when

choosing to advertise a mature video game, we have and will
continue to approach it with heightened sensitivity, not showing
scenes of violence nor positioning the game for the teen market.


Best Buy was able to help hundreds of thousands of consumers

embrace the conversion from analog to digital television
broadcasting last year. We partnered with government agencies

Every day, Best Buy hopes to listen to and learn from our custom-

and nonprot organizations and leveraged the knowledge of

ers. This is an integral activity within our business that is aligned

our U.S. store employees to help consumers make the transition

with our company values and mission. When our employees and our

to digital service. Our dedicated phone line, DTV website and

customers work together, the resulting insights and innovation

in-store workshops were just some of the resources we provided.

allow us to have a positive impact on many connected lives.

The value of these efforts was broadly recognized:

To further this work, we are developing a globally-focused

The National Telecommunications and

Information Administrations (NTIA)

consumer insights team that will enable Best Buy to do even

more with deeper information about customers needs and
preferences. At the same time our Enterprise Privacy Group is

partnership with Best Buy helped millions of

focused on their goal to ensure that customer and employee

Americans convert to digital broadcast televi-

privacy is protected across the enterprise and is actively

sion reception. Your involvement was essential

and control with respect to their customer information.

to the programs success including helping

In the U.S., we support the U.S. Federal Communications

to prevent the most vulnerable over-the-air

Commission (FCC) national broadband plan and will leverage our

television viewers from losing a key connection

developing new ways to give customers greater transparency

knowledge and resources to help provide underserved and small

business customers with better connections that enhance their

to the world. Our work together enabled our

lives. We also plan to continue our process of learning from our

nation to make a smooth and effective conver-

customers and communities to nd out what they want and

sion to digital broadcast television.

need to lead connected, sustainable and responsible lives.

Lawrence E. Strickling, Assistant Secretary

for Communications and Information,
U.S. Department of Commerce

Enhancing customer experience through language

In 2009, we offered employees the opportunity to learn another language to better serve our customers.
Employees around the world have embraced the opportunity saying:

Offering this to employees is a great benet for us, but more importantly, the customer.
Many of my stores have a signicant percentage of Spanish-speaking customers and employees, so to be able (even
just a little) to have dialogue in their native language allows me to show respect.
I help two to three customers a day that I would not have been able to help before starting the program.
Best Buy U.S. employees can also communicate with customers through on-the-spot, over-the-phone translations in
our stores. Stores across the country have reported that this service has helped customers feel more welcomed.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Digital TV Conversion


Letter excerpt from


On behalf of Bridging staff, volunteers, board members and especially our

clients, we extend a sincere thank you for your generous donation of 235 hours
by 80 Best Buy volunteers in 2009. Your gifts of time and talent allow Bridging
to continue providing families in need with quality furniture and household
items. More than 5,000 families benet from Bridging each year. Thats 17,000
people half of them children whose lives were improved by the commitment and dedication of your team members. Your teams worked hard loading
and unloading trucks, inspecting and folding sheets, assembling donated
furniture and working directly with families.
In 22 years, Bridging has helped change the lives of more than 52,000 families.
The objective of Bridgings Volunteer Program is to continue to serve families
from our community by leveraging community resources, including volunteer
time and talents. Thanks again!
Best wishes,

Diana Dalsin
Volunteer Manager

Joe McKinley
Volunteer Coordinator

Fran Heitzmann
Bridging Founder



Fiscal 2010

of Employee

of Volunteer

$25.2 million



Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

at a glance


Connecting with Communities

There are many ways to support a community through donations, volunteering our time, and
providing other resources. Our strategy is based on our companys value of unleashing the power of
our people. We have chosen to utilize the strengths of two well-informed groups our employees
and young people to help make decisions about where our resources can make the most difference.
We are focused on connecting these two groups with their communities because we think they best
understand their local communities needs. We also see this is an opportunity for growth and leadership
for both our employees and for teens, who make up a large part of our customer-base and workforce,
and who will drive technology consumption in the coming years.
In this section, you will see how we are working to connect employees and youth to their communities.

Community Challenges



looking forward

Teens around the world often feel

disconnected and undervalued.

Our social change program,

@15, recognizes the value
of teens by giving them a
platform to voice their
opinions and by supporting
their development.

Over 175,000 teens have

become members of
where they have an opportunity
to help allocate funds to
organizations that improve the
lives of teens.

@15 will continue to invest in

academic research that provides
insights into ways we can best
support teens.

Fewer girls gravitate toward

careers in technology.

Geek Squad Summer Academy

(GSSA), while open to either
gender, tends to focus on
helping girls realize their
potential and the opportunities that exist for careers in
the technology eld.

In scal 2010, GSSA expanded

to 22 courses in which
approximately 80% of the
participants were female.

GSSA will seek partners that

can help the program expand
and reach more girls and teens.
One partnership currently being
developed is with the Girls Scouts
of America.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Donations & Other

Community Investments
(in millions)








Here are some highlights of @15 programs that engage, support

and empower teens:







Direct Cash
Best Buy
Cash Donation

At the core of Best Buys @15 program is, a free online

community built with teens, for teens. The website is where teens
can voice their opinion on issues, participate in polls or nominate
their school. In addition, a variety of @15 nonprot partnerships
and programs are featured on the site, each designed to engage







and mobilize the more than 175,000 teen members.

@15 Exchange






Best Buy has put the philanthropic power of @15 directly into the
hands of teens. Teens can earn points on for responding
to surveys, posting a blog entry and more. Quarterly teens can

We are proud that Best Buys nancial gifts to the communities

allocate points theyve earned to nonprots that support teens.

we serve are 1.5 percent of our pre-tax earnings. Overall earnings

The percentage of points allocated determines the portion that

were down during the scal year and that was reected in our

we donate to the featured charities each quarter. In scal 2010

reduced budget of $25.2 million in scal year 2010.

members directed $1 million of Best Buys philanthropic budget to

Connecting Teens and their Communities

16 nonprot organizations.
Nonprots featured in the @15 Exchange in scal 2010 included

Teens have always been a focus at Best Buy. They inuence our

organizations such as Do Something, PACER Centers Teens

company as consumers, as current and future employees and

Against Bullying, Ashokas Youth Venture, Global Citizens Corps

as contributors to the communities where we do business. They

and Genesys Works.

are early adopters, highly informed and heavy users of todays

connected-world technologies. Their expertise and input is vital

Teach@15 Awards

to ensure that our organization continues to grow and thrive.

Starting in scal 2010 students could nominate their schools to

win gift cards for technology upgrades. Teens vote to select three

Fiscal 2010 marked the second year of @15, Best Buys community

winning schools every 15 days. First place winners receive a

giving program directed by and toward teens. Teen voices and

$1,500 gift card, second place winners receive a $1,000 gift card

perspectives are at the heart of @15s mission to recognize,

and third place winners receive a $500 gift card. In the rst year

understand and fuel their power to contribute and connect to our

of the program 40 schools received awards totaling $43,500.

world. Best Buy has received an abundance of positive feedback

on @15 and requests for partnership from other corporations,
nonprots, government agencies and academics. This high level
of interest reafrms the @15 mission and indicates the core
message of @15 is resonating with the community.

U.S. Teach @15 Awards

Number of Awards

Total Dollar Amount of Awards

40 =$43,500


U.S. @15 Scholarships








Number of

Dollar Amount
of Scholarships


@ 15 Scholarship

Students in grades 912 may apply for a $1,000 scholarship for

post-secondary study based on their grades, community
involvement and/or work history. In scal 2010, 1,000 scholarships
were awarded totaling $1 million. Since its inception in 1999, more
than $17.5 million in scholarship dollars have been awarded to
more than 13,000 eligible students.
@15 Community Impact Challenge

This program seeks teens that are ready to change their community through their own sustainable social ventures.
Each team is provided with coaching in grassroots marketing
as they compete for ve $5,000 grants and ve $1,500 grants.
Their peers, @15 members, vote for the ones they believe are most
deserving of grants. A total of 15 nalists are selected based on
the potential for community impact and long-term sustainability.

Teen Voice Report

To deepen our knowledge of teens, including how to support and
benet from teen strengths, @15 worked with Search Institute,
a national leader in adolescent research, to create a groundbreaking report, Teen Voice 2009: The Untapped Strengths of
15-Year-Olds. The report, based on a national study of more than
1,750 U.S. 15-year-olds, explores the motivations, opportunities
and relationships needed to set and keep these teens on a
positive course at a critical time in life. The report informs and
supports Best Buys efforts to engage teens through @15. A
follow-up study is currently underway.
The complete Teen Voice 2009 report may be viewed and
downloaded at

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report



Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Geek Squad Summer Academy (GSSA)

Best Buys Womens Leadership Forum (WOLF @
Best Buy) developed a program that inspires a
younger generation to get involved rsthand with
technology and science-based career paths.
Through interactive classes and activities, the
Geek Squad Summer Academy (GSSA) was formed
to demystify the ins and outs of PCs, Apple Macs,
routers, digital music and more for young people
ages 9 to 18. The class curriculum is developed and
taught by volunteer Geek Squad agents. In addition
to benetting kids, the GSSA has created a new
career path opportunity for our own employees
and GSSA has successfully driven brand awareness
and increased market share in communities where
academies are conducted.
The programs popularity has driven us to expand it. Thirty
academies are planned for scal 2011, including new classes
in London, England. Geek Squad agents plan to train 2.7 million

Fiscal 2010 GSSA performance:

 22 academies held across the U.S.
 Approximately 2,000 teens participated
 Courses in English, Spanish & American
Sign Language
 Unleashes the power of our people:
600 employee volunteers from Geek Squad
& Best Buy stores
84 percent of employees agree or strongly agree
that they are more engaged in their own job after
volunteering for GSSA
76 percent of employees agree or strongly agree that
participation in GSSA positively affected their
ability to better serve customers

members of Girl Scouts of America and their troop leaders in

scal 2011.
In the spirit of making training available to participants everywhere, we plan to offer GSSA online for teens, parents and the
general public soon.

Best Buy Canadas Teen Focus

In scal 2010, Best Buy Canada and Future
Shop gave nearly $2.1 million (CAD) in
monetary donations to nonprot organizations. This was in addition to contributions to
the United Way and other local in-store
donations from employees.


Best Buy Canada made great strides with its community program

through the Best Buy for Kids giving program. As the umbrella

at the store level this year. Each store received $2,000 (CAD)

program for all of Best Buy Canadas community involvement,

to support their community involvement efforts; they gave to

Best Buy for Kids includes Best Buys two signature programs

schools, youth sport teams and other nonprot organizations.

the Best in Class Fund and Tech-it Away.

Many stores enthusiastically shared their stories and photos

 The Best in Class Fund is a community investment program

whose goal is to support schools across Canada and to inspire
and advance learning through the integration of technology in
the classroom. This year, 15 schools received a $20,000 (CAD)

across the organization through internal employee websites.

And in the true spirit of partnership, many stores enhanced their
community involvement program by volunteering for the
organizations that received donations.

technology grant.

 Tech-it Away is a
unique program
designed to make it

Future Generations Creating Innite Possibilities


easy for schools to

Canadas Future Shop continued its decade-long commitment to


recycle consumer

ssupporting students and education in Canada. Since its inception,

electronics. This

Future Shop has awarded 522 post-secondary scholarships

year, Best Buy

((valued at over $4,000 (CAD) each), 10 Tech Labs (valued at

Canada partnered

$50,000 (CAD) each) to deliver cutting edge programs to students

with schools to host

iin grades 1012, and over 600 computers to nonprot partners.

e-waste drives, helping

Future Shop believes one of the best investments it can make is

students collect unneeded electronic items from the commu-

providing tools to students and teachers to help reduce the

nity. Each participating school received a $10,000 (CAD)

digital and economic divide for disadvantaged youth.

technology grant from Best Buy. The school that brought in

the most electronics received an additional $2,000 (CAD)
from Best Buy to fund a student-led environmental project.
This year, Best Buy partnered with eight schools in Vancouver
and Toronto over two Tech-it Away event days, donating
over $85,000 (CAD) and collecting nearly 165,000 pounds
of e-waste from the community for safe recycling.
Best Buy Canada is a strong supporter of Big Brothers and
Big Sisters of Canada (BBBS), a national partner since 2002.
Donations were made to BBBS In-School Mentoring program
(at the national level) and individual partner agencies located
in communities near Best Buy stores were each given a laptop,,
software and Geek Squad services to further support their
In-School Mentoring programs.

Another program, the Future Generation Tech Lab program provides

funds for technology products to under-resourced schools. Five
schools were awarded grants for labs valued at $50,000 (CAD) each.
Additionally, Future Shop entered into its tenth year of partnering
with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, which opens doors for
thousands of young Canadians so they can create their own
innite possibilities.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Best Buy Canada continued to help kids reach their full potential


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Volunteering = Tag Team Awards

U.S. employees who choose to volunteer are asked to track their
hours, and, after 40 hours of volunteerism, are eligible to receive

Carphone Warehouse Gets Connected with Teens

a Tag Team Award which provides a cash donation to the

The Carphone Warehouse (CPW) supports teens through

nonprot with which they volunteer. Best Buy employees logged

Get Connected (, a charity that offers support

more than 125,000 volunteer hours in scal 2010, which trans-

for young people in distress. Through phone, email or live web

lated to 2,328 Tag Team Awards totaling more than $2.5 million.

chat, young people are able to talk through next steps when faced
with difcult circumstances. CPW raises funds for the organization, providing overhead costs, including training, facilities,
equipment, and IT and marketing support. Additionally, employees
may earn extra vacation time based on the volunteer hours they

& Tag Team Awards

dedicate to stafng the Get Connected hotline.


Connecting Our Employees

with Communities

Dollar Amount
of Tag Team Awards

Best Buy encourages employees to be actively involved in

improving the communities where they live and work. Local giving




community involvement) and the Retail Marketing Tool (branded


Number of


To assist them, we provide a number of tools, including the

intranet-based Community Planning Portal (resources for

Number of
Volunteer Hours



needs and volunteer their time with organizations they believe

make the most impact.



takes many forms, but the goal is to promote leadership and

growth in employees by encouraging them to identify community





resources for stores). Employees can use these tools to customize the support they give based on the needs of their community.







Number of Tag
Team Awards


In scal 2010, local communities were further supported through

The U.S. Community Grants program is a local grant initiative

nearly $500,000 in store giving and $3.5 million in non-cash

that empowers U.S. teams to decide how Best Buy Childrens


Foundation funds are used in their local area. U.S. retail

employees at all levels are invited to participate to ensure that
the organizations receiving grants are helping to meet their
communities most pressing needs.

International Communities
Best Buys involvement in the community takes many forms. As
we open stores around the world, it is common for new store teams
to select community initiatives that address local needs. In Mexico,

The Community Grants program objectives are to:

for example, the Mundo E store chose to make a donation to a

 Encourage strategic partnerships with nonprot organizations

local library, whereas the Best Buy China team chose to contrib-

that empower teens to excel in school, engage in their

communities and develop leadership skills

 Support comprehensive local business growth plans with

resources to fund nonprots

 Inspire brand and customer loyalty by strengthening


 Engage employees in local decision making to impact skill

development, retention and morale

ute funding for the building of a retirement home for victims of a

recent earthquake. Best Buy Turkey launched a program where
employees visit high schools, repair technology lab equipment
and teach effective use of technology equipment. Continuing the
theme of providing educational support, employees of Best Buy
Turkey also helped a childrens care center, while Chinas Five Star
employees established the RMB 2M Scholarship, which provides
monetary support for 100 students from Sichuan earthquake
stricken areas who planned to enter college in 2009 and 2010.

U.S. Community


of Grants

Best Buy is invested in the communities we serve, by encouraging

employees and local teens to seek connections with their
communities. We see a future where Best Buy brands continue




Dollar Amount
of Grants

to partner with community groups to educate and create

opportunities for growth.
Moving into scal 2011, Best Buy will work to further rene the


@15 programs to better engage youth, demonstrate their positive

impact on society and develop young people as leaders in using

technology to drive social change. To support these goals, well

look to create ways for our employee to participate and support





@15 locally, collaborate with a select group of non-prots that

engage teens directly and integrate @15 with other youth focused
initiatives currently being developed at Best Buy.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

U.S. Community Grants



Percent of
Factories Audited

Average Balanced
Scorecard Results



* 100% of non-U.S.

a 5 percentage point
improvement over
scal 2009 results

Percent Change in
Total Number of
Supplier Code of
Conduct Violations

43% decrease
compared to scal 2009

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

at a glance

Connecting with our Exclusive Brands Suppliers
Best Buys commitment to people extends beyond our employees, customers and the communities
where we operate. We also care deeply about the people in our supply chain those who work at
the factories that manufacture and assemble our Exclusive Brands products, which includes Insignia,
Dynex, Init, Rocketsh and Geek Squad brands. Developing an ethical global supply chain can be
challenging and to that end, our code of conduct and factory audit program aim to ensure that our
expectations for worker rights are clearly articulated, communicated and actualized.
Adherence to our policies is also good for business. By improving working conditions, we believe workers
will be more engaged, turnover will be reduced and there will be a reduction in occurrences of walk-outs,
strikes and strife that could potentially lead to a decrease in product quality and overall productivity.
We are approaching these goals with a strategic focus on making connections. We are connecting
directly with third-party manufacturers to communicate our policies. We are connecting internally to
continually improve our audit process, and we are making connections with other global retailers to
improve efciencies.

Supply Chain Challenges




looking forward

Labor shortages can make current

challenges with child labor and
working hours more difcult.

Provide training to factory

management on methods to
address labor shortages, such
as increasing wages/benets
and improving working

Increased training and

collaboration are some of the
factors that lead to a decrease
in the percentage of audits
that identied child labor and
working hour issues.

Encourage continuous improvement

of working and living conditions and
employee benets.

Fiscal 2010 was another difcult

year for the global economy.
Many factories around the world
struggled with the decrease in
orders and were forced to lay off
workers, or in some cases, go out
of business.

Best Buy carefully selects and

builds deeper relationships
with suppliers to reduce our
risk during challenging times.

No factories manufacturing
our Exclusive Brand products
closed during scal 2010.

Continue our practices in this

area, by placing importance on
long-term relationships with
strategic suppliers.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Our audit program includes ve specic phases that are focused
on driving continuous improvement and ensuring a vendor base
that has the management systems, capacity and willingness to
partner with Best Buy to meet our Supplier Code of Conduct. The
ve phases include:
Factory selection

An initial screening is conducted before Best Buy

will source from a factory. In the last three scal
years, over 40 factories did not become Best Buy
suppliers based on the initial review.
Monitoring program

Each year we audit every non-U.S. factory in our

Exclusive Brands supply chain at least once. Those
identied as higher risk are audited more frequently.
Training and capacity building

Best Buy believes working with factories to

improve management systems and building capac-

High-level Overview
of Factory Audit Program

ity is a more effective method of raising working

conditions than punitive measures that result in
production disruptions and worker layoffs.

In last years Corporate Responsibility report, we discussed our

Public reporting and accountability

Exclusive Brands factory audit program in detail, including the

Beginning with our rst corporate responsibility

social, environmental and security components, and how we set

report in 2006, Best Buy has annually reported

clear expectations for our manufacturing partners. We further

non-compliance ndings. Each year we look for ways

clarify our program through factory management training and

to provide additional transparency so that our stakeholders have

providing a detailed overview of our implementation guidelines

condence in our ability to manage risk and improve the working

prior to placing an initial order. The overall intent of the program is

conditions where Exclusive Brand products are manufactured.

to not only to identify areas of non-compliance, but to determine

the root cause of potential violations and help factories build the
capacity to eliminate future non-compliance. We dedicate time
and resources to identifying opportunities and threats to continual improvement, including conducting a gap analysis between

Continuous learning and improvement

Our program includes building relationships, fostering

capacity building and encouraging the adoption of
best practices.

the factories current practices and best practices and then

For more information about our factory audit program, please see

developing action plans to address any gaps. The data we collect

our scal 2009 Corporate Responsibility report.

is used to make sourcing decisions.

Best Buy provides a lot of training for its suppliers. In 2009, several of our employees attended two training
sessions on CSR by Best Buy. Best Buy also coordinated third-party training for factory management and employees.
Overall, Best Buy provides more training than any of our other clients.

Social and Environmental Manager, Exclusive Brands Supplier


A lesson we have learned in ethical sourcing is that to drive

compliance with our standards and systemically improve
the living and working conditions at factories, our auditing
program needs to go beyond simple monitoring. To that end,
our program includes several aspects that help us achieve
and sustain a high-performing factory base, such as:
Analyzing factory capabilities and
willingness to collaborate

In addition to monitoring compliance with our code, we spend

time examining a factorys ability to meet our standards over
the long term. We also investigate how willing factories are to

Fiscal 2010 Performance

Compliance with our Code of Conduct
improved in scal 2010. Overall there was
a 43 percent drop in the total number of
violations discovered compared to scal
2009. In addition, the number of critical
violations, those that directly infringe on the
rights of workers or have an immediate, detrimental impact on the environment, dropped
signicantly from 62 cases in scal 2009 to
just 20 in scal 2010. Some of the reasons we
feel performance improved include:

collaborate and implement recommended improvements to

our approach 100% of potential new factories received

their facilities.

a pre-screen and pre-training to meet our Code of Conduct. By

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Building a High Performance

Factory Base

conducting this work prior to placing orders, we believe we eliminated

Management systems

One of the most critical attributes of a high-performing factory

is a strong management system. Ensuring that policies, procedures, training and clarity of roles and responsibilities are in place
signicantly improves the chances that the factory will remain
compliant. In fact, inadequate management systems constitute
a high percentage of the violations of our Code of Conduct, as
opposed to actual labor or environmental violations.

low-performing factories before they entered our vendor base.

results Nine of 94 new factories failed the pre-screen. Seven

of those were eliminated after being identied as high risk. The
other two were trained and corrective actions were implemented
so they passed the second pre-contract audit.

our approach Sought to eliminate C and D performing

factories (We use a balanced scorecard with grade levels of A, B, C
and D to compare the performance of a factory. See our 2009
Corporate Responsibility report for more information on our

results In scal 2010, all C

Employee hotline

balanced scorecard grading.)

Providing an open channel of communication with consistent

and D level factories were either removed from our vendor base

access is critical, as a result we have instituted a hotline which

or they improved their performance to A or B.

encourages factory workers to report worker rights violations.

Best Buy investigates every call to make sure, when necessary,
corrective actions are put in place.
Shadow and validation audits

In addition to auditing our factories, we also audit our third-party

partners who conduct the factory audits on our behalf. We do this

our approach As described in our scal 2009 report,

we placed an increased focus on 21 strategically important
factories that were deemed at a higher-risk of failing to comply
with our standards.

results The additional trainings

and collaboration these factories received has improved

balanced scorecard results from 67 percent in scal 2009
to 83 percent in scal 2010.

by observing their audits, and sometimes conducting a separate

audit to compare our ndings with those of the third party. This
helps ensure that the initial audit methodology is effective and
applied consistently everywhere.


drop in violations


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Escalation Process
In Fiscal 2010, the Exclusive Brands and Sourcing teams developed
an escalation process that allows Best Buy to more effectively
address critical violations when they occur. We believe the
escalation process, which includes senior factory management

Best Buy joins the Global Social

Compliance Programme
In scal 2010, Best Buy joined the Global Social Compliance
Programme (GSCP), a business-driven coalition of companies
whose vision is to harmonize existing supply chain standards.
GSCP members, with the assistance of multiple stakeholders, are
transparently developing a set of reference tools and processes
that provide a common interpretation of working and environmental requirements. Today, factories spend much of their time
preparing for audits that are inconsistent and often conicting,
which potentially takes time and resources away from improving working conditions. This proves to be inefcient for both

and inuential leaders from the Exclusive Brands team, provides

another opportunity to communicate our standards, guidelines
and expectations. The process focuses on several key areas:

 Quickly identifying corrective actions

 Ensuring factory management is aware of the non-compliance
and is committed to resolving the situation

 Exploring ways to improve factory management systems

for the long term

 Increasing decision making speed to more quickly improve

working conditions

the manufacturer and the buying companies and does little to

drive improvement. By joining the GSCP, we are seeking to align
our factory audit program with a shared, global and sustainable
approach. By doing so, we will ultimately be able to share factory
audit data which will then allow a shift in time and resources to
remediation, capacity building and trainings that will improve

In scal 2010, our Exclusive Brands factory audit program

working conditions, lower costs and improve efciency in the

results improved markedly compared to scal 2009. We are

supply chain.

taking several steps in scal 2011 to continue that trend,

 Lower complexity and costs

Benets for
Best Buy

beginning with the process of harmonizing with the GSCP code

and audit methodology. We hope to pilot the updated program

 Better use of limited resources

with a select number of factories next year. As we adopt the

 Increase focus on remediation and

GSCP, we will also increase our focus on the environmental

capacity building
 More effective risk management

impact of the supply chain. We plan to explore connections

with nonprots, NGOs, academics and others to help us with
our goals and augment our internal capabilities.

 Clarity and consistency in worker

Benets for

standards and environmental

 Fewer audits with a focus on

building capacity
 Time and resources to reinvest in

improving working conditions as well

as production quality and safety
 Clear understanding of their rights

Benets for

 Improvement of working conditions

 Opportunity to monitor and challenge

their employers
 Ability to raise questions directly

with purchasing companies

Finally, as more of our manufacturing occurs outside of China,

we intend to incorporate a more informed and formalized
global approach, one that objectively compares audit results
for factories in different countries by layering in country-level
risk analysis.


Key Performance Indicators





Percent of primary
Exclusive Brands
suppliers that have
undergone human
rights audits

Factory Audits:



Number of factories



& abuse




Number of
full factory audits

Health & safety




Forced labor







Number of
terminated factories


Potential new
factories rejected
based on initial audit


Wage &





Factory Audits:
Balanced Scorecard Results



Right to freely
seek association



Working hours



% Receiving
an A rating




Child labor 2

% Receiving
a B rating







% Receiving
a C rating


% Receiving
a D rating

1 Factory audit results reect the performance of factories that manufactured

Exclusive Brands product within each scal year. Factory audit performance reects
comprehensive audit results only and does not include follow-up audits ndings.




2 For scal 2010 results, working hours or safety violations impacting legal juvenile

workers (ages 1618) have been reclassied under working hours or health and safety.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Exclusive Brands
Factory Audits


Recycler of the Year

The Best Buy U.S. corporate campus
received the 2009 Recycler of the
Year Award from the Recycling
Association of Minnesota for our
efforts creating a recycling and
composting program in the
restrooms and cafeteria.
Best Buy U.S. Volume of
Corporate Campus Composting


107 tons

108 tons

Green IT

interests in addressing climate change. Best Buy is an innovator

Best Buys IT continued to reduce

in offering our customers products and services that enable

energy consumption and improve

them to live more sustainably. At the same time, Best Buy is

methods for quantifying energy

Best Buys commitment to sustainability aligns with global

savings. We added more virtual servers

addressing our own carbon footprint resulting in a positive

in scal 2010 and while our store count

impact on the economic, environmental and societal well-being

and business grew, our physical server

growth remained nearly at. Working
with Xcel Energy, we are testing the
impact of raising the temperature
slightly in our data centers to further
reduce our energy use.
In the future, we will look for ways to
consolidate our data centers within
the global scope of our operations
improving how we track and measure
their energy use. We plan to invest in a
centralized, ultrasonic humidication
model to replace our current system,
which not only will save energy but
is estimated to pay back on the
investment in one year or less. We
will continue to focus on measuring
the power used per square foot of
equipment, to nd areas where we
can improve efciency.

of the planet.
For our complete Climate Change Policy, go to:


Pounds of Electronics
Collected for Reuse
or Recycling (for U.S.
Best Buy stores only)

Pounds of Appliances
Collected for Reuse
or Recycling (for U.S.
Best Buy stores only)

Carbon Emissions
Reduction over 2005
Baseline (for U.S.
Best Buy stores only)

74 million

66 million

metric tonnes

Percent of U.S. Best

Buy Stores Built in
FY10 that are LEED
Certified or Pursuing
LEED Certification


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

at a glance

& power

Environmental Sustainability and

the Consumer Electronics Value Chain

As we work to discover new and innovative ways to engage in the connected world and, at the same
time, lessen our impact on the environment, we are faced with some challenges. Product life cycles
are shortening, which generates incremental e-waste, and total energy consumed by consumer
electronics is growing.

All along the technology value chain, people and power play an important role. Best Buy is working
diligently to understand the environmental impact along the entire value chain and to nd opportunities
to gain efciency by reducing energy use, materials and waste where possible.
Our strategy for making improvements is all about connections. For consumers, our goal is to be
with them every step of the way. We can help them choose energy-efcient products, teach them
to use products wisely, and make it easier for them to reuse or recycle responsibly. We are also
making connections that help us reduce the carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle of a product,
including its manufacturing, transportation, consumer use and recycling. This chapter outlines many
of the ways we are addressing these environmental challenges along each step of the consumer
electronics value chain.

Environmental Sustainability Challenges




looking forward

Potential risks and implications

resulting from climate change

Further rene our Energy

Management System
revise processes and
standards, enhance
communication and training,
and clearly reiterate roles
and responsibilities. Help
our customers choose more
energy-efcient products.

We believe we can continue to

reduce our energy consumption
and carbon emissions in ways
that deliver value to our
shareholders, customers, and

Continue to engage in the public

policy dialogue and monitor new
environmental legislation in order
to proactively mitigate risk and
identify opportunities for growth.

Helping employees understand

their environmental impact
at work

Develop and share online

reports about recycling
volume, energy management
and energy use with

The total electrical energy used

was at compared to calendar
2008 despite a 5.02% increase
in retail square feet.

Continue education and

communication about recycling
processes and energy management.
Expand and share our energy
management strategies and tools
across our enterprise.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Product Design

Based on these results, the Insignia design team set a goal of

As new consumer electronic products are developed and

ogy by the end of scal 2012. The change should result in reduced

adopted, the percentage of household energy use devoted to

energy consumption overall, but also require smaller packaging

those devices is also increasing. While many products are being

(due to thinner screens) resulting in more efcient shipping. LED-

designed to use energy more efciently than ever, including

LCD televisions are also attractive to Exclusive Brands because

our Exclusive Brands, people are using technology at an ever-

fewer hazardous materials are required to manufacture televi-

accelerating rate. Our challenge is to create and sell products

sions lit by LED versus CCFL (cold cathode uorescent light).

shifting the design of all Insignia televisions to LED-LCD technol-

that consumers demand, but also minimize the resources those

products consume. In some cases technology can even be part

Product Safety

of the solution to address environmental challenges. We have

Our product safety program is driven by two objectives:

found that we can reduce the environmental impact of our

proactively address safety concerns and always take care of the

products through improved product and package design.

customer. We have many checks and balances in place to help

meet our objectives. Once an Exclusive Brands product has been

Smarter Television Design

selected to be a part of our assortment, Best Buys safety team

Consumer demand for large screen televisions continued to

enlists a nationally recognized testing lab to provide an assess-

climb in scal 2010, due in part to falling prices and the growing

ment of the standards the product must meet. This information is

availability of High Denition (Hi-Def) programming. Large

routed to the supplier, who is then obligated to complete and pass

screen televisions can potentially consume more fabrication

all testing before the item is placed on the shelf. Once a product is

resources and energy to operate than smaller units. Our

in production, a third-party contractor conducts a safety audit

Exclusive Brands engineers sought technologies that would help

program. Corrective action is taken if there are audit ndings.

diminish this potential increase in environmental impact.

We continue to monitor our products safety performance after
In 2009, Insignia was the rst consumer electronics brand to

they reach the market. We track call center logs, and if potential

bring 19- and 22-inch LED-LCD televisions to store shelves. Both

safety hazards are found, we take swift action to protect our

sets featured sleek, slim screens (less than 1.5 inches thick) and

customers. If we identify reliability and quality patterns, we notify

were more energy efcient than the ENERGY STAR standard.

our suppliers in order to determine necessary modications.

While several other manufacturers have utilized LED technology

for larger television sets, the two new models from Insignia

To stay on top of regulatory issues and trends that impact our

utilized an edge-lit LED-LCD variation on the technology that

product safety program, we maintain membership in and engage

delivered the thin factor, while lighting the screen more ef-

industry coalitions such as the Retail Industry Leaders Association

ciently using fewer LED bulbs. These features translated to 40

(RILA), the International Product Health and Safety Organization

percent less energy consumption in the Insignia brand televisions

(IPHSO) and the National Retail Federation (NRF). These

as compared with standard LCD televisions 1.

organizations have dedicated committees for advancing product

1 According to the new ENERGY STAR 4.0 standard, which went into effect May 1, 2010

safety through which we have gained insight into best practices.

Best Buy joined the

Sustainability Consortium...
to further our understanding of product sustainability. Through this organization, we are
involved in developing consumer product life-cycle research and global measurement and
reporting standards. The Sustainability Consortium is an independent group of scientists and
engineers from leading academic research institutions around the world who engage with
other leading researchers from the NGO, Government, and Industrial sectors to build a scientic
foundation that drives innovation to improve consumer product sustainability. Members of the
Consortium work to develop sustainability measurement and reporting standards across all sectors,
to identify what data should be collected, how to collect it, and how it should be reported
for different areas of environmental and social impact.


One area where we can reduce environmental impact is through

PVC content in cables that connect products to other products
and power sources. Product managers are evaluating all options
for manufacturing environmentally friendly cables without
sacricing performance or quality. In addition, Exclusive Brands
engineers are working on increasing the number of wireless
connectivity options to reduce the need for cables, including
wireless home theater products.


ging b

We expect our Exclusive Brands product suppliers


to conduct business in a way that demonstrates

respect for the environment and aligns with our

Advances in Sustainable Packaging Practices

sustainability goals. Beyond being aware of potential

Best Buy seeks to establish best practices around our end-

environmental issues and sharing in the commitment

to-end packaging design and manufacturing process. While new,

to conserve natural resources, we request that suppliers take steps

energy efcient technologies, such as LED, were utilized for

to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Furthermore,

products themselves, Best Buy met with the designers, printers

suppliers are expected to comply with local environmental laws

and manufacturers of packaging for Exclusive Brands products

and regulations. Other best practices we encourage our Exclusive

to develop designs which required less plastic or no plastic, were

Brands suppliers to practice include:

smaller in size and used recycled materials, non-solvent coatings

and organic inks wherever possible.

Plastic Reduction

Waste disposal and treatment

Non-hazardous waste is collected, segregated and

disposed of appropriately, and hazardous waste is

In 2009, Exclusive Brands began shifting away from clear plastic

collected and treated in accordance with applicable laws

blister pack containers and clamshell packages toward easy-to-

and regulations.

open, recyclable boxes for several product categories. The

packaging team also made a concerted effort to reduce packaging size when possible. These transitions resulted in lower fossil

Material and energy consumption

fuel consumption and shipping resources as more products could

be packed into fewer shipping boxes for transportation. Total
packaging reductions for scal 2010 included over 125 tons of
PVC and other plastics.
Many Exclusive Brand products shipped in scal 2010 met these
new criteria. We are currently in the process of reducing our inventory of older, less environmentally friendly packaging in stores,
so that consumers nd only newer, environmentally conscious
options on our shelves. This includes phasing out PVC packaging
for all Rocketsh and Dynex home theater, audio and computer
cable assortments.

Best Buy Exclusive Brands

Factories monitor their use of materials and energies

and take steps to minimize their consumption.
Environmentally friendly production

Factories are encouraged to adopt and implement an

environmentally friendly production methodology to
minimize negative impacts.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

PVC Reduction


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Best Buys Green Campus

In scal 2010, our Facilities team converted approximately
1.4 acres of manicured landscaping at our Richeld, Minnesota
headquarters into native prairie grass and plants. Native
plants reduce the need for water, fertilizer, and the gasoline
required to operate maintenance equipment in those areas.
In addition, we partnered with our onsite caf and catering
service to launch a variety of sustainability initiatives. They
included introducing a farmers market to the Best Buy campus
and creating a small garden plot on campus that they use to
grow some of the food they serve in our campus cafeteria.

We have already

achieved our goal

to reach an 8%
carbon emissions
reduction by 2012.


We continued our partnership with the Coalition for Responsible

Transportation (CRT), working with member companies to
proactively minimize diesel-related emissions and improve

sustainability practices in U.S. ports. As a member, we participate

in a collaborative dialogue with policy makers at the federal, state
and local levels to ensure that our industrys perspective is part of
the solution for port-related legislative and regulatory processes.

Building a More Fuel Efcient Geek Squad Fleet

In scal 2010, we experienced a slight reduction in miles traveled
by our Geek Squad in-home services team, which we attribute to


a more effective routing system. We are also testing the use of

A major component of our business is moving products around

whether we are shipping products from our suppliers to our

fully electric vehicles and replaced many of our full-size cargo

vans with smaller, more fuel efcient vehicles.

stores or from our stores to our customers. We also consume

In scal 2011, we intend to invest in cargo vans that have smaller

fossil fuels through services like Geek Squad, whose agents

engines and to monitor technology solutions that may be able to

travel to businesses and homes. We consistently look for ways to

help us measure our eet usage more effectively.

improve efciency in this area of our business to reduce energy

use and costs.

Retail Operations

Best Buy is a SmartWay Partner

Best Buy has partnered with SmartWay since 2007 to help us

reduce the environmental impact of transportation in our
operations. SmartWay is an initiative of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) that helps transportation carriers and
shippers improve their efciency. In scal 2009, we set a goal
to have 100 percent of our long haul carriers in the SmartWay
program and in scal 2010, we achieved that goal.
We further leveraged SmartWay to develop partnerships with
suppliers and third party shippers to reduce the number of miles
traveled with an empty truck. In scal 2010, we were honored

In our U.S. operations, Best Buy became a partner in the U.S.

EPAs Climate Leaders program. Climate Leaders is an industrygovernment partnership that works with companies to develop
comprehensive climate change strategies. Partner companies
complete a corporate-wide inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions based on a quality management system, set aggressive reduction goals and voluntarily submit annual reports to the
EPA. We have already achieved our goal to reach an 8 percent
carbon emissions reduction (per U.S. retail square foot over
2005 baseline) by 2012, and are working to establish a new goal
to continue this trend.

by the EPA for excellence in this area, receiving the SmartWay

Excellence Award 2009 in the Shipper category.

No Idling Policy
We set an internal goal to expand the no idling policy that we
instituted in scal 2009 from all U.S. retail stores to all of our
U.S. distribution centers. While we were not able to meet our
goal, we made progress and plan to continue working on making

EPA is pleased to have Best Buy as a partner

in EPAs Climate Leaders program. Best Buy clearly

understands that industry leaders must also lead in
the ght against climate change.

Gina McCarthy, U.S. EPA Assistant Administrator

for Air & Radiation

this policy feasible in each of our locations.

We achieved our goal by training U.S. employees in each store
to understand energy management through communication,
education and reporting. With a focus on eliminating waste, our
stores have learned they can impact and control their energy use.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Coalition for Responsible Transportation


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

We further take a leadership role through our active

In July 2009, three stores in Texas (Atascocita, Waxahachie and

membership with the following organizations:

New Braunfels) were the rst to earn ofcial LEED certication

Alliance to Save Energy

under the Volume Certication program, a U.S. Green Building

The Alliance to Save Energy is a non-prot coalition of business,

Council initiative in which store prototypes are pre-certied.

government, environmental and consumer leaders. The organiza-

In scal 2010, 36 of our new stores in the U.S. were designed and

tion supports energy efciency as a cost-effective energy

built according to LEEDs pre-certied plans and specications.

resource under existing market conditions. It advocates energy-

Seven of these stores are currently under review by the U.S.

efciency policies that minimize costs to society and individual

Green Building Council (USGBC), and all the rest will be submitted

consumers, and that lessen greenhouse gas emissions and their

for review in calendar 2010. On August 12, 2009, Best Buy was

impact on the global climate.

approved for additional LEED credits to increase its pre-certied

Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy

level to 35 points the Gold level. Moving forward, Best Buy will

(BICEP) BICEPs members believe that climate change will

impact all sectors of the economy and that various business
perspectives are needed to provide a full spectrum of viewpoints

continue to monitor, evaluate and introduce improvements

to our building program, striving towards even more energy
efcient Best Buy stores.

for solving the climate and energy challenges facing America.

BICEPs goal is to work directly with key allies in the business
community and with members of Congress to pass meaningful
energy and climate change legislation that is consistent with our
core principles.

High Performance Buildings

elmont, Il
mball & B

Another way we are reducing our carbon footprint is through

our High Performance Building program. This program is focused
on developing our stores into positive shopping and working
environments for our customers and employees. A few key
elements include:
Skylights and dimmable lighting

Skylights introduce abundant natural light, and allow us to turn

off articial light when adequate daylight is entering the space.
Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints,
varnishes, and cleaning supplies

We specify nishes that meet or exceed VOC limit

recommendations to help provide good indoor air quality for
employees and customers.
Water efficient fixtures

Best Buy species low-ow urinal and toilet ush valves and
metered faucets in all of our U.S. stores restrooms.



New JJers


The Volume Certication program provides

companies with the tools to integrate LEED into
their standard practices. As one of the countrys most
recognized retailers, Best Buy has the opportunity
to educate hundreds of thousands of customers who
visit their stores each year about high-performance,
energy-efcient, healthy green buildings.

Doug Gatlin, Vice President, Market Development,

U.S. Green Building Council

Best Buy uses the LEED rating system to measure the success
of our High Performance Building program.

FY11 projection





Energy saved due to conservation & efciency improvements

over 2005 baseline (in millions)

224 kWh

176.3 kWh

109.6 kWh

48.0 kWh

33.6 kWh

CO2e reduced over 2005 baseline (in metric tonnes)






Direct CO2e emissions by weight (per sq. ft.)

49.8 lbs

51.6 lbs

54.2 lbs

57.9 lbs

58.6 lbs


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Product Use
More and more consumers are demanding products that are
energy efcient. We are working to meet this demand by stocking
our shelves with the latest and greatest in technology thats good
for our planet.

Powering Down Technology Not in Use

Best Buy researched ways to save energy by evaluating how
consumers connect their electronics to power sources. For
example, even when technology isnt being used, it can consume
phantom power, whereby trickles of energy are needlessly
consumed when devices are idle or turned off. Three energy
saving surge protector/power bars were introduced in 2009,
including two for personal computers and one for home theaters,
to help solve the problem. Each model incorporates master/
master-controlled outlet circuitry, which means that a user can
plug their primary component, such as a personal computer or
television, into a master outlet. When the primary component is
powered off or goes to sleep, power is automatically shut off to
all other devices plugged into the master-controlled outlets, such
as printers, monitors, external hard drives, Blu-ray/DVD players,
and audio-visual receivers. The feature helps consumers regulate
their energy consumption seamlessly by powering off electronics
that are not being used at the moment.

Energy Star and Exclusive Brands

Best Buys Exclusive Brands offers
consumers a wide variety of choices that
help them reduce energy consumption
during product use. One example is our
focus on increasing the total number of
ENERGY STAR qualied televisions we
offer. This effort was rewarded when 100 percent of Insignia LCD
televisions on Best Buy shelves met the ENERGY STAR TV
standards in scal 2010.
In addition, all digital photo frames from Insignia and Dynex were
ENERGY STAR compliant; the only brand of such frames sold in
Best Buy stores whose full line met this standard in calendar
year 2009.

Focusing on

energy efciency
at Audio Visions

Its not often that energy efciency is associated

with home theater systems costing in excess of six
gures, but thats exactly the way these systems are
approached by Audio Visions, Best Buys high-end
consumer electronics brand. In an effort to meet the
evolving demands of consumers and to satisfy new
regulation, our employees have created innovative
ways to increase energy efciency in residential
buildings. As a result, staff members have become
LEED certied and have created a full complement
of environmentally friendly services now integrated
into our installation process, including:
Occupancy and vacancy sensors
Master switches to turn off all lighting,
electronics, HVAC, etc.
Security systems that notify home owner
when windows are open
Home energy management monitors
and dimming lights to 80 percent
Intelligent electronics to fully power off
equipment when not in use.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report


Connecting with Utility Companies

Consumer electronics continue to emerge as a means for people

to connect not only with family and friends but also with entertainment, music, movies, news, information and so much more. As
technology products shift from discretionary items to necessities,

qualified products sold

the energy required to power all of these products has grown

substantially. Many consumers are seeking ways they can reduce
their own energy consumption, and many of them are looking to
Best Buy to provide information and solutions.
To meet this emerging expectation, Best Buy has connected with
utility companies around the U.S. to educate consumers and
provide energy-efcient products and solutions. To facilitate
these relationships, Best Buy recently hosted a summit with over
100 utility companies. According to the president of D&R
International, David Steiner, D&R, through its work with the U.S.

Total energy savings

Department of Energys ENERGY STAR program, appreciates

Best Buys leadership in pushing ENERGY STAR through higher
qualied product performance and expectations, more active
consumer engagement about energy efciency, and closer
industry collaborations. Best Buy has been an exemplary partner
that has raised the stakes for other program partners.

Consumer utility
bill savings 2

Through our partnership with utility companies, such as Pacic

Gas and Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE), we
are working to help customers lower their energy usage, save
money and reduce their impact on the environment. Like Best Buy,
many utility companies are interested in helping their customers
reduce their energy usage; in fact, they are even willing to
incentivize those customers through rebates when they purchase

Reduced carbon
(pounds of CO2) 3

ENERGY STAR qualied products. Utility companies view Best

Buy as an ideal partner given our direct interaction with consumers. Ultimately, our intent is to help make energy-efcient
products more affordable for consumers so together we can
reduce the environmental impact of appliances and consumer
According to Helen Burt, senior vice president and chief customer


ofcer of PG&E, This program allows us to broaden the reach of

Equivalent cars
removed from
the road 4

products that add value to our customers by ensuring access to

the next generation of energy-efcient electronics. Last year,
northern and central California residents saved more than three
megawatts and 40 gigawatt-hours of electricity, equivalent to


powering over 5,500 homes for one year, by purchasing more

Calculation used to determine reductions in energy requirements provided by the
U.S. EPA and savings represent the difference over the life of the product between
the average energy use of non-ENERGY STAR qualied products and the average
energy use of ENERGY STAR qualied products.
Energy costs based on 11.27 cents per kWh.
CO2 output amount based on 1.54 pounds of CO2 per kWh.
Based on emissions totals of 12,037 pounds CO2 /car/year.

energy-efcient electronics. Best Buy achieved 40 percent of this

total by incorporating the programs energy efciency specications


Electric Vehicles

suppliers to meet the programs energy efciency specications.

Pike Research reported in 2010 that by 2016, 466 million electric

SCE continually searches for new ways to effectively educate

customers about how they can save energy, money and the
environment, says Erwin Furukawa, vice president of SCEs

vehicles will be sold worldwide. Best Buy believes in the future

of these products and began implementing plans to test the sales
of electric vehicles in September 2007, beginning with Segway

Customer Programs and Services. Our partnership with Best Buy

allows us to tell the energy efciency story and bring solutions
directly to the consumer, right in the store where they are making
purchase decisions.
Best Buy and SCE are also working together to address the needs
of low-income customers through the California Alternative
Rates for Energy (CARE) and Family Electric Rates Assurance
(FERA) programs offered in our stores. This collaboration with
SCE is an entirely new way for Best Buy associates to engage
with customers, and we have successfully enrolled dozens of
Southern Californians in these programs this year. CARE provides
income-qualied customers a 20 percent discount on their
electric bills. FERA is a volume discount program where families
who would normally be charged one rate for their electric

scooters in Oregon and Northern California stores. In June 2009,

service are charged at a different, lower rate. Both programs

Best Buy began selling electric bicycles, scooters and motor-

contain educational elements to ensure customers understand

cycles in select stores in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and

the importance of conservation and energy efciency.

Portland markets. We even offer an electric car along with

electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles at our rst European

Home Energy Management

When it comes to sustainability solutions, energy-efcient

products are just the rst step. As a trusted source for the latest
in technology, Best Buy is well positioned to take a leadership role
in the emerging markets of home energy audits and surveys,
home energy management devices and alternative/renewable
energy sources, such as solar and wind. These categories provide
consumers with the benet of saving money by reducing energy
usage or minimizing their environmental footprint by reducing the
use of carbon based energy sources and in many cases both
benets can be achieved. Through the connection that Best Buy
employees have with customers, we also see an opportunity to
help them understand the advantages of sustainability and
energy efciency solutions. All of this makes us excited about
what the future holds for these emerging categories.

Best Buy branded store located in the U.K.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

into the private label televisions it manufactures and asking its


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Recycling - U.S.

Volume of Electronics
recycled or reused
(in millions of pounds)

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Recycling is an area where Best Buy believes we can make a large
impact. Our goal is simply to connect customers and employees
with easy options for recycling and reducing waste. As a result of
our efforts, we have diverted 1.4 million units, or nearly 140 million
pounds, from the waste stream and recovered raw materials that


Volume of Appliances
recycled or reused

will reduce the energy required to mine for those raw materials.

(in millions of pounds)

In scal 2010, we expanded our recycling program by adding an

everyday in-store recycling option across the U.S., creating the



most convenient and comprehensive solution for customers to

Volume of
recycled (in millions of pounds)

dispose of their appliances and electronics. With this recycling

program in place, we have set an aggressive goal of recycling
1 billion pounds of consumer products. We expect to meet this
goal in ve to six years.


Volume of Pallets/Wood
recycled or reused 2

When we launched the rst nationwide retail consumer

(in millions of pounds)

electronics recycling take back program, the response we

received from consumers illustrated the huge unmet need for


a place to easily and responsibly recycle old electronics.

Volume of Plastic
recycled 3

Program highlights:

(in millions of pounds)

Recycled 74 million pounds of consumer electronics and

66 million pounds of appliances. Our recycling efforts signicantly reduced the amount of electronic waste that ended up
in landlls and also served to retire old, inefcient appliances,
reducing energy demand in many communities.


Volume of Metal
recycled 1 (in millions of pounds)


Received extremely positive customer feedback.

Brought new customers to our stores.
In addition to the in-store take back program in which we accept


products such as TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, and

other small electrics for recycling most for free, with a few


restrictions, Best Buys U.S. stores offer more recycling and reuse
options than any other retailer:

Recycling - Canada

U.S. Best Buy stores have free kiosks, just inside the door, for
Volume of Electronics
recycled or reused
(in millions of pounds)


Volume of
recycled (in millions of pounds)

people to drop off inkjet cartridges, rechargeable batteries,

CDs/DVDs and gift cards.

Generally, well remove an old TV or appliance from a customers

home for free when a replacement Best Buy product is delivered
or installed by Geek Squad or Best Buy Home Delivery.

Without a purchase, for a minimal fee, Best Buy will remove up

to two TVs or appliances from a persons home for recycling.

Our Best Buy Trade-in program allows customers to trade their

1 Metal recycling is from project and store material only, does not include metal recycled
through the appliance recycling programs.
2 Pallet recycling only includes the material that was recycled, does not include repartee/reuse units.
3 Plastic recycling is from store and distribution center recycling programs, does not include
plastic recycled through CE recycling programs.

used products for a Best Buy gift card worth the value of the item.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Recycling Partners
To ensure all products collected for recycling through Best Buy
are handled responsibly, we partner directly with qualied and
respected recycling companies. Our recycling partners must
uphold Best Buys publicly stated recycling standards and align
with industry best practices. See the appendix for details.

Supporting E-cycling Public Policy

In September 2009, Best Buy hosted U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
(D-Minnesota) and members of Minnesotas electronics recycling
industry at a Best Buy store to support federal e-waste legislation.
The Electronic Device Recycling Research and Development Act,
sponsored by Senator Klobuchar, is the rst step in bringing
together manufacturers, retailers, recyclers and research institutes
to nd solutions to the challenges of e-waste. The legislation would:
Create competitively-awarded grants for universities,
government labs, and private industry to research and
develop demonstration projects for recycling, reuse, refurbishment and life-cycle analysis
Call for a study by the National Academy of Science to
look at barriers and opportunities to increase electronic
device recycling and reduce the use of hazardous materials
in electronic products
Direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make
grants available for curriculum development for engineering
students and professionals in electronics manufacturing, design,
refurbishing and recycling industries

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar with Geek Squad agents

Technology continues to advance,

but our ways of disposing of electronic
equipment havent kept up. We need a
national solution to ensure that all
unwanted electronics are discarded
in a safe and responsible manner.
I commend Best Buy for its leadership

This year, we doubled the activity of our existing online trade-in

option and added a new trade-in option at all U.S. stores.
Customers who bring select electronics (previously bought att
Best Buy) to the Geek Squad Precinct can receive a Best Buy
gift card for the value of the product based on a Geek Squad
agent assessment. The online trade-in program can be used
even if the product was not purchased at Best Buy. In scal 2011,
most stores will be enabled to accept qualied products thatt
were not purchased at Best Buy, with some exclusions.
Visit for details.

in helping consumers recycle

Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator (D-Minnesota)


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Recycling in Employee Break Rooms

We set a goal for scal 2010 to provide a comprehensive recycling
solution for our U.S. retail stores. While many stores already
recycle cardboard and paper, as of January 2010, nearly all U.S.
retail stores now have a break room recycling option. Not only are
we helping the environment, but we have also reduced our trash
hauling expenses. In fact, we reduced the volume of trash that
would typically go to a landll by approximately 70 percent.
Note: Recycled waste includes cardboard, paper, plastic, wood,
metal, gift cards, etc.
In the U.K., The Carphone Warehouse achieved outstanding
results with their zero-waste initiative at their logistics center in
Wednesbury, which includes a repair center and a warehouse.
Partnering with The Green House, an environmental management
company, CPW set goals to increase sustainability, reduce costs,
improve efciency and controls in order to achieve zero waste
going to landlls. In the last quarter of scal 2010 (December
2009 February 2010), The Carphone Warehouse recycled as

Five Star Appliance recycled over

units of electronics and
appliances in calendar 2009.

much waste as it generated!

MyMobile Recycling
The Carphone Warehouse provides consumers the option
to recycle their mobile phone handsets through the MyMobile
recycling program. For every handset recycled, we donate
10 (approximately $15 USD) that is split equally between
The Carphone Warehouse Foundation and Get Connected
(, a nonprot organization that helps young
people get free, condential help. The Carphone Warehouse
Foundation also provides small grants to charities nominated
by employees.

Tech-It Away
Both Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada made great strides
in 2009 in the environment and community. Across Canada,
electronic recycling increased 40 percent over the previous scal
year. This was largely due to successful initiatives like Tech-It
Away and the introduction of electronics return to retail pilot
programs in select Canadian markets. Best Buy and Future Shop
brands will continue to expand their electronics recycling
programs during scal 2011.
In addition to electronics recycling, Best Buy Canada continues to
increase its cardboard and paper recycling efforts and recycled
over 10 million pounds of cardboard and paper last year.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report


In Canada, our Best Buy store employees helped schools collect

nearly 165,000 pounds of e-waste from the community during
two Tech-it Away recycling drives in 2009. By partnering with
high schools in the Vancouver and Toronto areas, Best Buy helped
teens promote the recycling drive in their communities and Best
Buy employees assisted with the collection at each high school.
Each school received $10,000 (CAD) in new technology from Best
Buy for their environmental efforts, and the school that collected
the most e-waste received an additional $2,000 (CAD) donation

Our carbon reduction work has led to the discovery of untapped

to their environmental club.

opportunities that have the potential to deliver benets many

years into the future. Our goal is to develop a cohesive program
that spans our operations internationally. This includes expanding our High Performance Building program, improving our
recycling programs, and exploring reuse/resale markets.

We plan to make more connections by partnering with our

customers, suppliers, government and other external organiza-

We will look for ways to expand our assortment of sustainability

tions to nd new and innovative ways to lessen our impact on the

solutions that meet customers needs and expectations through

environment throughout the product lifecycle. Best Buy will

our own Exclusive Brands product lines and from our vendor

support the development of guidelines and standards that are

partners. We will seek products that consume less energy, use

good for consumers, the environment and for our economic

less toxic material and are constructed of recycled and recyclable

sustainability by participating in partnerships and coalitions and

material. And we hope to further expand our highly successful

engaging in public policy discourse.

recycling and reuse program both in the U.S. and in some of our
international operations to make it even more convenient for
consumers to dispose of old electronics in a responsible manner.
For further information about our policies and activities, please


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Awards and Recognition

As our corporate responsibility program continues to evolve, we have been fortunate to be recognized
for our efforts along the way. Over the course of scal 2010, we received numerous awards and
appeared on several Best of lists, including Ethispheres list of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies.
While we greatly appreciate being recognized for our sustainability efforts, what is truly important to
us is the progress we are making to drive sustainability practices into our core business functions
and throughout the organization.

awards & recognition


2009 Worlds Most Ethical Companies


Most Admired Companies (37th overall/2nd among Specialty Retailers)


2009 Best Employer Five Star Appliance

China Human Resources Commission

Best Model of Human Resources & Most Popular Employer Best Buy China

51job, Inc.

2009 Smart Way Excellence in Shipping

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

2009 ENERGY STAR Excellence in Appliance and Electronics Retailing Best Buy U.S.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Highest in Customer Satisfaction among the Largest Appliance Retailers Best Buy U.S.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Corporate Campus recognized as an ENERGY STAR building (6th year in a row)

J.D. Power and Associates

2009 Recycler of the Year Award Best Buy U.S. Corporate Campus

Recycling Association of Minnesota

100% Corporate Equality Index Score (6th year in a row)

Human Rights Campaign

Detroit LatIN Group 2009 Annual Partners

Detroit Hispanic Development Center

2010 Diversity Leader Awards

Diversity Journal

BRAG Corporate Award

Black Retail Action Group

23rd Best Training Organization in the World (out of over 10,000 companies ranked)

Training Magazine

Stevie Award for Best Training Website Learning Lounge

American Business Association

Social Media Internal Social Networks Watercooler

E2E Communication Awards

2009 Corporate Grassroots Innovation Award Geek Squad Tech Tax repeal

Public Affairs Council

Best Public Education Campaign: Out With the Rabbit Ears The DTV Transition

Minnesota Public Relations Society of America

is Coming! And for Best Buys contact with the FCC

We are glad to see recognition for Best Buys efforts in the sustainability spaces.
This is an example of a company focusing their efforts on initiatives that are relevant
to their business and where they can, in fact, make a difference.
Dr. Charles Fombrun, Founder and Chairman, Reputation Institute, Inc.


Best Buy is at the beginning of our journey to learn how to best measure our social and environmental
performance. We currently use a suite of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) metrics that we believe are
some of the most critical for our business and industry. However, we are still working to identify the
best possible key performance indicators specic to our business so that we can more accurately
measure the impact of our efforts. We anticipate the assessment we are currently conducting with
Business for Social Responsibility is a signicant step in this direction.
We have added several new GRI key performance indicators to this years report. The new
GRI metrics for scal 2010 include:
Economic 2

Implications for the organizations activities due to climate change

Labor 3

Benets provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees

Social 5

Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying

Social 6

Total value of contributions and in-kind donations to political parties, politicians and related institutions

In addition, we continue to seek opportunities to include performance data from Best Buy operations
outside the U.S., including operations in Canada, China, Europe and Mexico. While we are making
progress in enterprise measurement, it represents one of our greatest opportunities as we strive to
meet one of our sustainability aspirations, to be environmentally, social and nancially accountable
for our brands and business operations worldwide.

to be environmentally, social and nancially

accountable for our brands and business
operations worldwide.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

Metric Prole


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

GRI Index


Strategy and Analysis




Organizational Prole



Management Approach and

Performance Indicators




front cover








back cover





















Report Parameters

Labor Practices and Decent Work








front cover


front cover




front cover













Human Rights










Governance, Commitments,
and Engagements




















Product Responsibility


















For more information about the GRI, go to

The scal 2010 Annual Sustainability report was reviewed by our
Internal Audit team for assurance.


As a leading global retailer and corporate

Customer Privacy Policy
citizen, Best Buy believes that it is important to
Best Buys Customer Information policy applies to the collection,
work with policymakers on issues impacting our access, use, storage, transfer, disclosure, retention and destruccustomers, employees, businesses, shareholders tion of Customer Information.
and communities. More information on Best
Buys Public Policy Priorities, Political Activity
Policy, and 2009 Political Report can be found at
Ethics Policies
To ensure a positive and values-based work environment, Best

Climate & Energy Policy

Buy has policies that all employees must be aware of and follow.
Includes policies covering Conict of Interest, Foreign Corrupt

Best Buys commitment to sustainability aligns with global

Practices Act and Ant-Corruption Compliance Policy, and Gifts,

interests in addressing climate change. Best Buy is an innovator

Business Courtesies and Vendor Relations.

in offering our customers products and services that enable

them to live more sustainably. At the same time, Best Buy is
addressing our own carbon footprint resulting in a positive

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

impact on the economic, environmental and societal well-being

It is the policy of Best Buy and all of its subsidiaries and afliates,

of the planet.

wherever they may be located, to comply fully with letter and

spirit of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and all other

In our own operations, Best Buy became a member of Climate

applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws. Best Buy strictly

Leaders, set a goal to reach an 8 percent carbon footprint

prohibits all improper, unlawful or unethical payments to public

reduction by 2012 and achieved that goal in 2009. We are in the

ofcials anywhere in the world. No offer, promise or payment of

process of determining a new goal going forward. Our plans to

anything of value may be made, directly or indirectly, to or for the

reach this goal will include: improved store design, tightened

benet of any foreign ofcial that is or may appear to be related

operational controls, reduced plug loads, fuel reductions,

to obtaining, retaining or directing business or for any other

employee awareness and involvement, and renewable energy

improper advantage.

carbon offsets/renewable energy credits.


Conict of Interest

Full-Time and Part-Time Rewards

A conict of interest arises when we act in our individual

Outlines the benets provided to full-time and part-time

personal interests instead of, or at the expense of, the interests


of the Company when engaged in the Companys business

activities. Each employee is required to observe the highest
standards of business integrity. This means avoiding any activity

Gift of Time Policy

or interest that may be regarded as a possible conict with the

Best Buy was created by ordinary people accomplishing extraor-

interests of Best Buy or engaging in activities that could create

the appearance of a conict of interest.

dinary things. In support of this culture, we have a policy that

enables employees to donate their vacation time to another
employee in need of time off from work.

Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report



Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

M-Rated Video Games

Social Media Policy

At the Company level, we are actively involved in working with the

Guidelines for functioning in an electronic world are the same

ESRB. Best Buy is a member of the ESRB Retail Council (ERC).

as the values, ethics and condentiality policies employees

Best Buy stores will not sell or rent M (Mature) rated computer

are expected to live everyday, whether they are Twittering,

and video games to customers under the age of 17 without

talking with customers or chatting over the neighbors fence.

permission from a parent or guardian, and will not sell or rent

AO (Adults Only) games to customers under the age of 18.

Standards for Recyclers

No Idle Policy

Best Buy promotes responsible environmental stewardship

No trucks are allowed to idle their engines while at a Best Buy

standards regarding the reuse, refurbishment or recycling of

retail location. No Idling signs are posted in plain sight outside of

products collected through our programs and the disposal of

the dock doors at each retail location. Within Best Buys No Idle

waste generated from the recycling process.

policy the term idle refers to running a trucks engine during


by requiring all recyclers retained by Best Buy to comply with

the loading or unloading of a shipment.

Paper Procurement

Supplier Code of Conduct

These Supplier Compliance Standards are based upon Best Buys

This policy communicates our environmental goals throughout

expectation that its Suppliers, and their subcontractors, comply

the paper supply chain and states our expectations for responsible

with all applicable laws and regulations, maintain just and decent

forestry practices that promote sustainability and result in

working conditions, share Best Buys respect for the environment,

long-term social and nancial benets.

and implement sound security measures.

wps/portal/US/BBY/MI1?catalog.contentURL =/nonsecure/na/us/

Tuition Assistance Program

Best Buys Tuition Assistance Policy is designed to build on
our goal of becoming a world-class learning organization.


Best Buy Fiscal 2010 Sustainability Report

learn from challenge & change.
show respect, humility & integrity.
have fun while being the best.
unleash the power of our people.

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