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Wield a sword brandir, empunhar a espada

"odds and ends"- different kinds of things that are usually small and unimportant
grudge- rancor
gruesome- terrvel, grotesco, macabro, tenebroso, horripilante
grind- moer,triturar
spineless- covarde
ensnare- ludibriar
dwell(in the past)- habitar
mere- mesclar fundir combinar
slain- motro, imolado, sacrificado
shepard- pastor de ovelha
comb- vasculhar
Impart( info, power knowledge)
drenched( blood drenched) encharca, ensopado
"don't pay him no mind"
Parish- parquia
frail- frgil

Biology materials
abscond- fugir,
embezzle( funds, money, etc) desviar, sonear
out of whack- deseqiuilibrado, fora de ordem, doesn't fit well
fathom- entender compreeender
intertwining- entrelaamento, entrecruzamento
off the rack(clothes)- not tailor made
indulge- satisfazer, fazer a vontade, deixar-se levar, ser complacente
to run out of steam- to ru out of energy
frosh dorm- freshmen dorm
to go dow the tubes- to fail
sound bite- frase feita
unassailable- inatacvel, invulnervel
entangled in red tapei preso em burocracia
divvy up- separar, dividir
a river teeming with crocodiles- repleto, cheio de
hemming and hawing- to procrastinate, discuss, contemplate rather than taking action
why did this guy fling himself into the river- lanar-se, atirar-se
animals forego competitions sometimes- renunciar
stalemate- impasse, estagnao, beco-sem-sada
reciprocal altruism undergoing very strict constraints- submetido , sujeito
crummy- mesquinh, precria
tit for tat- retaliation, measure for measure, like for like
life vest- colete salva vidas
technical glitch- falha tcnica
luge forward- a sudden forward movement
here goes darwin down the drain- por gua abaixo

Ricky and Morty

really? You're gonna pull that move?
On the verge of- abeira de
you two are putting aside your bullshit and working together
what's the bfd
don't be a buzz kill
when alaxy came asking for help jerry didn't flinch
the full gravity f the situation
like getting a splinter removed
stop screwing around
you're medal's in the mail
wiper fluid
grumpy- crancky
you guys down with that
let's nt rehash that fight, reacender, reptio, reformulao
don't praise him now, he just peed on the carpet
to put a pin in stp the process
cut ypur lsses-abandon an enterprise or course of action that is clearly going to be
unprofitable or unsuccessful
I've reallly outdone myself this time
crowbar- p-de-cabra
to get all worked up about something- to bring oneself to a state of great excitment, anger os stress
Throbbing with life- pulsando/vibrando/palpitando com vidathrobbing pain- latejante
foreshadow- prenunciar prever
pleasantries- cortesias
demoted to- rebaixado
Endowment- dom, dote
internet poll- enquete, psquisa
lumpy- encarado
touted- divulgado, promovido
to dull sensations- atenuar, amortecer
devoid of any emotion- desprvido, destitud
"to the hilt"- a fundo, plenamente
penis ridge- crista
look down upn for being boys
swear off
abstain from from something
it ruffles my feathers it annoys me, disturbs me
I gotta hand it to you