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Witchdoctor and the Man

Fourth generation Witch Doctor Finds Jesus

City under the sea

Pat Holliday, Ph.D.

Ancient Demonic Pagan Gods are Worshiped by African Wizards

The Witch Doctor and the Man - Fourth

Generational Witch Doctor-Finds Jesus.

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Former African Witch Doctor, Bishop Samuel Vagalas
Kanco’s testimony concerning his spiritual journey out of
deep-family witchcraft will send cold shivers down your spine. This usual testimony concerns his years being a
m/ebooks.php wizard and trained in the City Under the Sea. “That’s right
I lived under the sea with devils for twelve years!” He

Bishop Kanco says, “I know that many will not believe this testimony concerning the mystical
City Under the Sea. The city does spiritually exist. I know, because I spiritually, personally spent
twelve years under the sea. This is my testimony of residing with the demon gods under the sea.
The city under the sea is not a hidden place from many people of Africa.”

The Bishop goes on to portray, “It is impossible for me to describe to you the splendor of this
awesome place. Physically you won’t see it but spiritually you can see it. However, I have never
seen a city on this earth more beautiful than this mysterious underwater metropolis. There were
giant futuristic crystal skyscrapers and brilliant lazar lights bedazzling the currents of the sea. It
was a spellbinding place, beyond words; it reminds you of a spiritual Disney World. The streets
were made of gold — not real gold but something that appeared like gold. There is nothing in the
world that could compare to this enchanting place, such a stunning, majestic, and ravishing
habitation. It was apocalyptical, fairyland.


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The city that I lived in for twelve years is located near the coast of Ghana. This spiritual city is
highly organized. I have stood before the throne of Satan. . . The sorcery world is real and highly
organized . . . The Bible reveals that the spirits dwelling under the sea do exist in (Rev. 13).

It is an exhilarating experience to see how Jesus supernaturally called him out of his family’s
generational witchcraft and gave him the commission “to go and tell My people what I have
done for you."

Bishop Kanco’s dramatic conversion was similar to an Apostle Paul’s spiritual born again
experience. He says, “It was like a powerful spiritual force that hit me in the face when I was
pushed through the church door by the invisible hand of Jesus. I wanted to turn and run away but
I could not because the invisible hand had a firm hold on the back of my pants. I felt a strange
atmosphere in the building. I had never felt anything like it in my life. Finally, the invisible hand
pushed me down in the last pew of the church . . .

“They were singing and praising God with joy. Their songs were piercing through my cold heart,
“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, There’s Just Something About That Name . . .” My fingernails tightly
clenched were digging ridges into the palms of my hands. Sweat was pouring out of my skin.

“We hate them,” the demons growled. “Remember how much you hate them too . . . Don’t
listen to those stupid Christians”


My testimony concerns the Lord's mercy, grace and deliverance from being a powerful wizard. It
is also a confirmation that there is no sin that His blood cannot wash away to make a person's
spirit as white as snow My story is one of hope for the billions of people who wish to be free
from the snares of the Devil. Jesus can free those who are entrapped by idolatry and from family
witchcraft ties. My family's religion is based on a mixture of the worship of idols and ancestors.
They were worshipers of idols such as gods of sun, moon, earth, and trees, monkeys, snakes, etc.
These were the only gods that we knew. Today, Jesus has saved my entire family!

Excepts- The Witch Doctor and the Man Finds Jesus, Dr. Pat Holliday, Ph.D. 1
When Jesus rescued me out of the clutches of Satan, I had been a wizard for twelve years.
Even so, God had other plans for my life. He chose me, supernaturally saved, delivered me. He
trained and called me and wants to use my background to reveal to His church the mysteries of
His majestic authority over Satan's schemes and the powers of darkness. Jesus wants to deliver
His people. 1

Bishop Kanco is from Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

E-Book available on CD. For $10.00 on PDF format.
The author, Pat Holliday, Ph.D. can also be reached at Miracle Outreach Ministries
9257 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32257, (904) 733-8318

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• Charles Williams wrote in Witchcraft, “It is cold, it is hungry, it is violent, it is illusory. The
warm blood and intercourse at the Sabbat do not satisfy it. It wants something more … it
wants souls.”
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Witch Doctor and the Man

Samuel Vagalas Kanco, with Pat Holliday, Ph.D.

A fourth generation witch doctors receives Jesus. He gives important information to church about
how to defeat Satan! Revival is raging in Ghana West Africa because he taught ministers to pray
and how to engage in spiritual warfare! Astonishing!

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