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IEEE COPYRIGHT FORM To cnsur uniformity of estment among ll onribtors, other forms may ot be subsite for this oem, nor mayan wording of he for be changed, Ts fxm intended fr original tral submited to the TEEE ard mst aecompany any such mail oreo be piabe by the IEEE. Pl re he fr «arf and Keep a copy Tr Souris, ‘TITLE OF PAPERIARTICLE/REPORT/PRESENTATIONSPEECH INCLUDING ALL CONTENT IN ANY FORM, FORMAT; OR MEDIA (hereinafter, “Effect of PV Array Emulator on Power Qual of PY Inverter Compared to a Real PV Array") COMPLETE LIST OF AUTHORS: ‘Al Algaddafi, Neil Brown, Rupert Gammon, Saud A Atuwayi IEEE PUBLICATION TITLE (Journal, Magazine, Conference, Book): 2015 31d International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC) Copyright Tran: The undersigned hereby santo the nts of let ad Electrons Engines, norporated (he “IEEE” al igh unde coppiet that my exist and tothe above Work, any revised or expanded drvative works submited tothe IEE by he undead basen the Work, ad any esate wrtn, aio nd/r visual presenatons or othe eaneenents aecomparyng the Work. The undersigned herby Warans that the Works oginal and tat hele i he ‘tor of the Wonk, cote xan he Work Ineorporaes et PSs, figures, da eter mati rom he works fetes the signed as Obie as necessary pemisions See reverse side for Retained Rights nd other Term and Conditions, Author Responsibilities ‘The IEE dsributes is echnical pubiatons throughout the word an wants ensue thatthe tr smi ois publican is propery aval to he ‘sadeship of thse publetons, Authors ms ers tht their rk routs th equrement 5 adi secon 8.2.1 ofthe IEE: PSP Opertions Maa, ‘nciadng provisions coverng originality, auersip, author espoesibiiies and ar miscondus. More information on IEEE's publishing plies maybe found at pwn os ouch publictionsnsoolsandglicsnvindx hl Authors are ndvied epi o EEE PSPB Operations Manual ston 821 .B12-"his the responsibly of te authors, nthe IEEE to detrmine Whee isos of te mater equ tho ror onset fee parties andi $0.10 obtain" Authors are also advised of IEEE PSPE Operas Manual scien & 11, "Samet nd opnins given wrk published by the IEE athe expression ofthe authors General Terms ‘+The undersigned presents at hese ss the per nd authority o make ad eves his assignment +The undersigned gress to indemnity and hold harmless the IEEE fram any damage o expense tht may rnin the event ofa beach of ay ofthe vara et fh above. the event he above wrk ino cc nd publihed ty the IEEE ors wthawn bythe autor) before dept by the IEEE the reine fepsiht wantr shal coma ul abd youd an all ters ebocbng the Work hme the IEE wil e deste +} Fey ort Waal tamer shad oon of be hon os gn seabrnd pat eis. oY r— oll o2] \ wy “Aflior Authorized Agent for Joint Authors Date t N Awe ‘ : a ‘This wiley that all authors ofthe Work re US. goverment employes and prepare the Work ona subj hin the scope ohio is. As such ‘he Work iol sbjet a US. copyright protstin a a ‘Authorized Sgmalare Date (Authors wh are US. goverment employees should aso sgn signature line 1) above to euble the IEEE to lai and pratt its copyright in station Jurisitions) ‘Crown Copyright Certification (where applicable) ‘Thi ley that authors ofthe Work are employes of the British o Brtsh Commonwealth Govemment and prepared the Work in connection withthe ofl tes. As sock the skis sujet to Crown Copyright ands nt assigned othe IEEE as erin the fist enenceof he Copaig Tere Sesion ove. The undersigned acknowledges, however, ht the IEEE has he igh to publish, dstibte and ep the Work ial forms snd medi, o. “ured Signore Dae