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NAME : Andhika Kusuma

: Anugrah Adam Muhammad
1.) The soldiers of has just arrive from the front line and no American air strikes
the past 14 hours.


2.) The Islamic states has moved to village after village.

3.) As every hours passes The Islamic States get closer.
4.) They only just survive the surprise of ISIS attack.
5.) If the province (Anbar) falls, The Islamic States dominated all the ways in Syria to
the edges of Baghdat.

1.) Osama Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia in 1957.
2.) Osama Bin Laden studied economics and business
3.) After leaving the college in 1979, he joined the Afghan resistance
4.) After the Soviet withdrawal, bin Laden formed the al-Qaeda network which
carried out global strikes against Western interests.
5.) He was killed by US Navy SEALS In 2011 in Afghanistan.
6.) By 1993, Osama had formed a secret network known as al Qaeda (Arabic for "the
7.) By 1994, after continued advocacy of extremist jihad, the Saudi government
forced Osama to relinquish his Saudi citizenship, and confiscated his passport.
8.) Undeterred, Osama began executing his violent plans, with the goal of drawing
the United States into war.
9.) in1996, to forward his goal, al Qaeda detonated truck bombs against U.S.
10.) on May 2, 2011, President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden
was killed in a terrorist compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.