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Different Coloured Houses Hit BBS Dance Floor

By: Amanda Mark

On Tuesday, November 1 2016, BBS held its first competition as part of the event of
the Festival of Colours which was Moves. It was held in the hall and started at 4:00pm.
The different houses which were orange, purple, grey, and pink performed their own dances
and competed against each other.
The theme for the cheer dance was Bandung Smart City. Each house should have
a minimum of 8 members to participate and were given no more than five minutes to
perform the cheer dances for the three judges to see. The order of the presentation went as
following: Purple, Grey, Orange, and Pink.
A lead dancer from the orange house, Michaela Candy Nadya said, This year may
have been quite a challenge for me, due to the fact that I had no experience of being a
leader. However, despite of all the problems weve faced as a team and the countless
disagreements between the members throughout the practices, I can say that I am truly
proud of this team and their efforts.
The different houses were all given time to practice every assembly time for 30
minutes. Not only that they were given time to practice, but they were also assigned to
different rooms.
One of the leaders of the Grey house, Josephine Ivana Khoe also shared her
thoughts of being a leader. She said, To me, being the dance leader was quite challenging.
You are expected to make sure that everyone is in the same direction and mindset as you
are. Yes, there are few obstacles that came through, however, the rest of the team and I had
lots of fun during our practices.
BBS Bandung had always celebrated The Festival of Colours every school year and
had always been filling it with many activities. This year, BBS Bandung was not only
focused on the competition between the houses, but also competitions between other
schools, such as the Battle of the Brains and Battle of the Bands. We hope to see more of
these unique and incredible performances and activities held by BBS Bandung in the
following years.