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IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol.

4, Issue 02, 2016 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613

Webpage Platform Development

Gaurav H. Patil1 Sagar R. Potul2 Mayuresh S. Wankhede3 Ankit Kumar H. Yadav4
Department of Computer Engineering
Affiliated to Mumbai University
Abstract The main purpose (vision) of this project is to
provide service that allows individuals, businesses, nonprofit organization to create and maintain website with help
of tools that will be provided by our web application. The
project is a content management system which is composed
of a website builder, hosting service and WYSIWYG (what
you see is what you get) editor.
Key words: Webpage Platform Development, Site Builder,
Web Application, content management system
The internettoday is the most powerful and popular
information media. What was impossible even few years
ago is now available by clicking the mouse. Both small
firms and global giants , non-profit organizations do not
forget about this form of communication with customers and
create web pages for their businesses but still it is difficult to
create a website on internet as there are few websites with
complex tools and not easy user interface and hosting
service. In this thesis, we have built a webpage platform
development which is a web content management system
that can be used to dynamically manage the content of a
simple static html website. The purpose of this project is to
have a user-friendly content administration interface that
includes most common content management system
functions appropriate for small and simple websites, so that
a novice user can manage the website content. A user having
less coding knowledge can easily add, edit and format the
websites content using the rich text editor integrated in the
simple content management system engine without having
to deal with the html and CSS code.
1) Abstract
2) Introduction
3) Statement of the problem
4) Proposed system
5) Implementation of project
6) Conclusion
The major problem today with the website builder is bad
SEO (search engine optimization) technique , high cost for
better templates and other new features, overuse of same
template by different user. Lack of security in website
development software e.g. Joomla, wordpress, Homestead.
Since there was some disadvantages of templates for
website. Many templates for website are too simple for
professional programmer, but it was too difficult for nontechnical users. In the past everyone didnt have the
knowledge of programming language thats the reason we
implement website templates to easily create their own
websites. In the existing system there are many modules and
templates but it is always missing something for the more
advanced users, some of plugging and modules for Joomla
are paid.

Research time in selecting the one that is closest to

user requirements. There are lots of templates for websites
are available in the market, but each of these products has
different features. So one needs to research each of them and
their features and select the closest one.
In the proposed system we have the provision for all those
who dont have the knowledge of any programming
languages they can represents a readily available solution to
creating quality websites. Constructing a website from a
template also can save a great deal of time. Custom sites can
take months, but template based sites can be created in days,
perhaps even hours. The more time that is spent initially in
planning a websites purpose and features, the less time the
actual site creation will take. The proposed system will
have following features.
1) Cost Effective
2) Better SEO Optimization
3) Clean & Simple User Interface
4) Followed Google Standards
5) Deep Design process for developer
6) Simple Design process for Beginners
The project will have basic & developer module for better
understanding of website
A. Basic Module
The basic version is for non-developers user who has no
knowledge about how website is designed and developed. In
this version the user just need to fill details information and
choose a template and a website will be created for the user,
B. Developer Module
Developer version is for developer user who has knowledge
modify/create/delete code and creates a website the way he
The developer version will provide some service
and tools that can help to user to maintain their website
The major of the website code (Server side) will be written
in PHP, other languages will be HTML, HTML5, CSS,
MySQL is a database server is ideal for both small and large
applications. It supports standard SQL and compiles on a
number of platforms. It is free to download and use.
XAMMP Server will be used for developing
project because it is a cross-platform, which means it works
equally well on linux, mac and windows. Since most actual
web server deployments use the same components as
xampp, it makes transitioning from a local test server to a
live server is extremely easy as well.

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Webpage Platform Development

(IJSRD/Vol. 4/Issue 02/2016/159)

Powerful and easy to use content management system which
is composed of a website builder, hosting service and
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.. It is a
major challenge for developers. However, by using tools, we
can design a simple, customizable system, with set of
validators and error handling mechanism. Frameworks can
make development process much quicker and easier for
much lower costs. All our templates also use global CSS
code and allow for easy color changes as well as font and
some layout/design modifications. A website template help
make affordable professional-looking websites available to
everyone and allows individuals, businesses, non-profit
organization to create and maintain website with help of
tools that will be provided by our web application.
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