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151. The undeclared war in Korea most closely resembled the situation of
A. The Spanish-American War
B. The Vietnam War
C. World War I
D. World War II

152. Alin ang di-karaniwang anyo ng pandiwang HINTAY KA?

A. Tay
B. Tayka
C. Intay
D. Teka

153. Below is the poem written by Edgar Lee Masters in 1915:

What Happened to Tom Merritt?

At first I suspected something

She acted so calm and absent-minded.
And one day I heard the back door shut,
As I entered the front, and I saw him slink
Back of the smoke house into the lot,
And across the field.
And I meant to kill him on sight.
But that day, walking near Fourth Bridge,
Without a stick or a stone at hand,
All of a sudden I saw him standing,
Scared to death, holding his rabbits,
And all l could say was, Don't, Don't, Don't,
As he aimed and fired at my heart.
Who is the speaker of this poem?
A. Tom Merritt
B. Merritt's wife
C. God
D. The sheriff

154. A car dealer is offering a rebate of Php7,500.00 on any new-car purchase. If the purchase price
of a car is Php200,000.00 more than it was last year, what is the rate of discount offered by the

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A. 10%
B. not enough information is given
C. 7.5%
D. 13.3%
E. 14.2%

155. Which of the following internal forces interrupt the external forces of erosion?
I. Forces that cause volcanoes
II. Forces that cause ocean trenchers
III. Forces that create mountains

A. I, II and III
B. I and III
C. II and III
D. I and II

156. Of the following, which is imposed a final tax of ten percent (10%)?
A. PCSO and lotto winnings
B. Books, literary works and musical compositions
C. Currency bank deposit
D. Royalties

157. What is meant by the expression TO GET BLOOD OUT OF A STONE in these sentences?
"Geraldo has owed me fifty thousand pesos for over a year now. Ive asked him for it on several
occasions, but its like trying to get blood out of a stone."
A. Something is impossible.
B. Someone refuses to cooperate.
C. Someone is willing to give what is asked.
D. Someone wants revenge.
158. Four mangoes cost P29.00. At that price what will 2 dozen mangoes cost?
A. Php217.50
B. Php188.50
C. Php348.50
D. Php870.00
E. none of these
159. Which kingdom should STREPTOCOCCUS be classified?
A. Protista
B. Plantae
C. Fungi
D. Monera


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160. Which of the following should you expect to be true about the rate of cellular respiration for a
group of students who are the same age, height, and weight?
A. Athletes would tend to have higher rates of cellular respiration than non-athletes.
B. Africans would have a higher rate of cellular respiration than Asians.
C. Boys would have a higher rate of cellular respiration than girls.
D. Non-athletes would have higher rates of cellular respiration than athletes.
161. Without the process of meiosis, we can infer that offspring from sexual reproduction would
A. have a high degree of genetic variety.
B. have twice the assigned number of chromosomes.
C. be identical.
D. have a number of mutations.

162. You buy a new refrigerator for Php12,800.00 and make a down payment of Php2,500.00. If you
finance the remainder at 8% annually for three years, how much will you actually pay for the
A. Php12,190.00
B. Php10,300.00
C. none of these
D. Php12,772.00
E. Php15,272.00
163. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang aral na ibinibigay ng epikong Muslim na INDARAPATRA AT
A. Pagmamahal
B. Katapangan
C. Katapatan,
D. Pagtanaw ng utang-na-loob

164. Which of the following facts support the Big Bang theory's explanation of the creation of the
A. The universe does not expand nor contract.
B. The universe seldoms expand.
C. The universe will have background radiation.
D. The universe has no beginning nor end.

165. Which are the next three terms in the progression 1/125, -1/25, 1/5 . . . 7 terms?
A. -2, 6, -26
B. -3, 7, -27
C. -4, 8, -28
D. -1, 5, -25
E. none of these


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166. What correction should be made to this sentence? "First-borns often pattern their behavior
after they're parents and other adults."
A. Replace their with they're
B. Change pattern to patterned
C. Replace they're to their
D. No correction is necessary
167. The poem below is entitled Suburban Prophecy which is written by Howard Nemerov.
On Saturday, the power-mowers' whine
Begins the morning. Over this neighbourhood
Rises the keening, petulant voice, begin
Green oily teeth to chatter and munch the cud.

Monsters, crawling the carpets of the world,

Still send from underground against your blades
The roots of things battalions green and curled
And tender, that will match your blades with blades
Till the revolted throats shall strangle on.
The tickle of their dead, till straws shall break
Crankshafts like camels, and the sun go down
On dinosaurs in swamps. A night attack
Follows and by the time the Sabbath dawns
All armored beasts are eaten by their lawns.

To what does the phrase your blades in line 8 refer?

A. Lawnmowers
B. Roots
C. Carpets
D. Monsters

168. How much topsoil is needed to cover a garden 25 feet by 40 feet to a depth of 6 inches?
A. 480 ft3
B. 440 ft3
C. 500 ft3
D. 460 ft3
E. none of these
169. Which word contains the /ae/ sound?
A. Carriage
B. Cabin


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C. Caste
D. Can

170. Which will solve poverty caused by capitalism?

A. Fascism
B. Communism
C. Empirism
D. Socialism
171. Which one is the human right to dignity?
A. Political independence
B. Honor and reputation
C. Form associations
D. Social and economic reforms

172. What correction should be made to this sentence? "Buying a fire extinguisher knowing how to
use it, and placing it in a location familiar to all family members can help protect families against
A. Insert a comma after extinguisher
B. Change the spelling of families to familys
C. Change placing to place
D. Insert a comma after help

173. Which verb in the sentence is pronounced with the ending as /d/? "They laughed and joked as
they walked and played."
A. Joked
B. Laughed
C. Walked
D. Played
174. What correction should be made to this sentence? "Most State tourism departments and some
travel agencies have bed and breakfast listings."
A. Insert a comma after agencies
B. Change have to has
C. Change tourism to Tourism
D. Change State to state

175. Which theory was asserted by the Pan-German belief in the superiority of the Aryan race and
that the strength of the German culture came from a strong, healthy and rustic lineage?
A. Dependency Theory
B. Culture of Poverty Theory
C. Social Darwinist Theory
D. Theory of Capitalism

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176. The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 25 feet. If one leg is 24 feet, what is the length of the other
A. 5 ft
B. 5 ft
C. 20 ft
D. 7 ft
E. none of these
177. Where would you commit a drug dependent for him to achieve a natural, tensionless, and
anxiety-free state?
D. Bukang Liwayway Center
178. Which is the equivalent common fraction of the repeating decimal 3.242424...?
A. 107/33
B. 110/33
C. 109/33
D. 108/33
E. none of these

179. What is meant by AT SIXES AND SEVENS in this sentence? "We moved into the house last
week, but I'm afraid everything, is still at sixes and sevens."
A. The things have not been shipped.
B. In a state of confusion
C. In an orderly manner
D. The boxes are still intact

180. What is suggested in the opening line? "June 13, 1986 - they came from all over America 200,000 heroes strong, with their families."
A. The writer holds great admiration for the veterans
B. The writer was a veteran of the war
C. The writer is opposed to the Vietnam War
D. The writer is a flag-waving patriot

181. Which law of force and motion explains this occurrence, when a rocket is propelled upward by
the powerful downward discharge of exhaust gases?
A. Universal Gravitation
B. Action and Reaction
C. Applied Force
D. Inertia

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182. Tides, caused by the moon's gravity, create a frictional force that is gradually slowing down
Earth's rotation speed. One million years from now, scientist may discover that compared to today,
A. day is shorter
B. year is longer
C. day is longer
D. year is shorter
183. Which area of the brain controls feeling on the left side of a person's face?
A. The left occipital lobe
B. The left parietal lobe
C. The right parietal lobe
D. The right occipital lobe

184. Which location should have most nearly twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness
during December? A town that is located
A. halfway between the Equator and the South Pole.
B. close to the Equator.
C. close to the North Pole.
D. close to the South Pole.
185. During a recent shopping spree, Tomas and Nena bought some new accessories for their
apartment. Nena chose a crocheted throw pillow at Php24.95, and Tomas purchased a rural
landscape painting for Php135.00. How much did they actually spend if they paid 7% sales tax on
their purchases?
A. Php171.15
B. Php139.25
C. none of these
D. Php159.95
E. Php148.75
186. Dadalaw sa mga paaralan si Dr. Filemon S. Salas, ang tagapamanihala ng mga paaralang
lungsod, sa lungsod ng Pasay. Ang pangungusap ay nagagamit bilang
A. panuring
B. paksa
C. tuwirang layon
D. pamuno

187. Ang sumusunod ay isang talumpati na may pamagat na SA KABATAAN na sinulat ni Onofre
Isa sa mga salitang napag-aralan natin sa wikang Pilipino ay ang salitang NABANSOT.


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Kapang ang isang bagay daw ay dapat pang lumaki ngunit ito'y tumigil na sa paglaki, ang bagay na
ito raw ay NABANSOT. Marami raw uri ng pagkabansot ngunit ay pinakamalungkot na uri raw ay
ang pagkabansot ng isipan, ng puso at ng diwa.

Ang panahon ng kabataan ay panahon ng paglaki, ngunit ang ating paglaki ay kailangang paglaki, at
pag-unlad ng ating buong katauhan, hindi lamang ng ating sukat at timbang. Kung ga-poste man ang
ating taas at ga-pison man ang ating bigat ngunit kung ang pag-iisip naman nati'y ga-kulisap lamang
kay pangit na kabansutan. Kung tumangkad man tayong tangkad-kawayan at bumilog man tayong
bilog-tapayan, ngunit kung tayo nama'y tulad nibondyingay di mapagkatiwalaan-anong laking
kakulangan. Kung magkakatawan tayong katawangTarzanat mapatalas ang ating isipang sintalas ng
kay Rizal, ngunit kung ang ating kalooban nama'y itim na duwende ng kasamaan-anong kapinsalaan
para sa kinabukasan.
Kinabukasan, kabataan, tayo raw ang pag-asa ng Inang Bayan. Tayo raw ang maghahatid sa kanya
sa langit ng kasaganaan at karangalan o hihils sa kanya sa putik ng kahirapan at kahihiyan. Ang
panahon ng pagkilos ay ngayon, hindi bukas, hindi sa isang taon. Araw-araw ay tumutuwid tayong
palangit or bumabaluktod tayong paputik. Tamang-tama ang sabi ng ating mga ninunong kung ano
raw ang kinamihasnan ay siyang pagkakatandaan. Huwag nating akalaing makapagpapabaya tayo
ng ating pag-aaral ngayon at sa araw ng bukas ay bigla tayong magiging mga dalubhasang
magpapaunlad sa bayan. Huwag nating akalaing makapaglulublob tayo ngayon sa kalaswaaan at
kahalayan at sa mahiwagang araw ng bukas sigla tayong magiging ulirang mga magulang.

Kabataan, tunay na pag-ibig sa bayan, ang tunay na nasyonalismo, ay wala sa tamis ng pangarap
wala rin sa pagpag ng dila. Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay nasa pawis ng gawa.

Alin salita ang paulit-ulit na binabanggit ni Onofre Pagsanghan?

A. Nabansot
B. Bayan
C. Kabataan
D. Kung

188. In the progression 18, -12, 8 . . . which term is 512/729?

A. the 8th
B. the 6th
C. the 9th
D. the 7th
E. none of these

189. Why does a bullet when discharged into the air eventually fall to the ground? This is due to the
Law of
A. Universal Gravitation
B. Applied Force
C. Inertia

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D. Action and Reaction

190. Kilalanin ang uri ng pariralang may salungguhit. "Ang pangangalaga sa mga likas na yaman ay
tungkulin nating lahat."
A. Pangngalan
B. Pangngalang-diwa
C. Pang-ukol
D. Pawatas
191. If P75.00 is shared among three children in the ratio of 3:7:15. The size of the smaller share is
A. Php9.00
B. Php15.00
C. Php25.00
D. Php35.00
E. none of these
192. To gain the attention of the audience, the trick is __________?
A. start low, speak hurriedly
B. start high, speak loudly
C. start high, speak rapidly
D. start low, speak slowly

193. Which is the BEST WAY to write the underlined portion of this sentence? "Recently
psychologists have been researching birth order, their research suggests that personality and
intelligence are based partly on where a child ranks in the family."
A. order. Their
B. order and their
C. order, or their
D. order their
194. Anong aral ang ibinibigay ng sumusunod na salawikain? "Ang taong napapailalim, ay
naipapaibabaw rin."
A. Maaring ngayon ay hirap pagdating ng bukas ay may ginhawa rin
B. Tiyak ang pag-unlad kapag nauna ang hirap
C. Kung ano ang ibig natin ay mangyayari
D. Magtiis kung dumarating ang hirap

195. Carolina Diaz filed a petition for habeas corpus against Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Alde to recover
custody of Lina Diaz Tan alias Gracia Alde, the natural daughter of Carolina Diaz, who was a hostess.
What could be the possible action of the court on the petition filed by Carolina Diaz?
A. Her petition would be granted because she now works as a clerk in a prestigious office.
B. Her petition would be denied because she was a former hostess.


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C. Her petition would be denied because when Gracia was given to the Aldes it was tantamount to
abandonment of the child, resulting to termination of parental authority.
D. Her petition would be granted because she is the natural mother.
196. Which is the main goal of drug abuse education?
A. Arrest
B. Prevention
C. Control
D. Rehabilitation

197. Why did the register of deeds charge Lucio Cruz registration fee the instrument relative to his
A. His loan was Php30,000.00
B. His loan was Php60,000.00
C. His loan was Php50,000.00
D. His loan was Php40,000.00
198. The poem below is entitled Suburban Prophecy which is written by Howard Nemerov.
On Saturday, the power-mowers' whine
Begins the morning. Over this neighbourhood
Rises the keening, petulant voice, begin
Green oily teeth to chatter and munch the cud.

Monsters, crawling the carpets of the world,

Still send from underground against your blades
The roots of things battalions green and curled
And tender, that will match your blades with blades
Till the revolted throats shall strangle on.
The tickle of their dead, till straws shall break
Crankshafts like camels, and the sun go down
On dinosaurs in swamps. A night attack
Follows and by the time the Sabbath dawns
All armored beasts are eaten by their lawns.

The poet's use of words such as whine, voice, teeth, chatter and munch is to suggest that the powermowers are
A. very powerful
B. alive
C. like cows
D. green


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199. Which explains the reason why there are continuous and increasing human rights violations?
A. The United Nation's General Assembly approved only resolutions on human rights and the basic
freedoms which are not binding.
B. The solutions used are ineffective.
C. The United Nations as an international body is rather slow in the exercise of its powers.
D. The United Nations uses a single solution on all forms of human rights violations.

200. What is meant by LAST DITCH in this sentence? "The aged bishop was prepared to fight to the
last ditch to defend his good name."
A. One's last courage
B. One's last strategy
C. One's last hope
D. One's last defense


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151. b
152. b
153. b
154. b
155. b
156. b
157. a
158. a
159. c
160. c
161. a
162. e
163. d
164. c
165. a
166. c
167. a
168. c
169. c
170. d
171. b
172. a
173. d
174. d
175. c

Answer Key
General Education Set 8

176. d
177. d
178. a
179. b
180. a
181. c
182. a
183. c
184. b
185. a
186. a
187. a
188. a
189. a
190. a
191. a
192. b
193. b
194. a
195. d
196. b
197. c
198. a
199. a
200. d


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