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Master Count de Leon



Master Count de Leon

C opyright 2015

Fascination is a fascinating subject. We are

enthralled by those few individuals who seem to
exert an irresistible influence on those about them.
Indeed, that is what the word itself means. Derived
from the Latin fascio the word means to charm or
to bewitch. People feel bewitched by such a per
son and willingly do as they ask without question
ing why they are being so compliant.
The quality of fascination is not a corollary of
good looks or beauty. Indeed, anyone who has
met film or pop stars with dazzling good looks
will tell you what disappointing and uninteresting
people they usually turn out to be. I have met
famous beautiful women only to find myself trying
to suppress my yawns after a short time in their

company. Their so-called beauty cannot com

pensate for their lack of innate charm.
The glitz and glamour is strictly for the camera
man. They live for the camera. They are only film
stars because some director or producer could see
their potential for looking good on camera. But it
is all a sham: meet these people and you are in for
a big let down.
I can tell you right here and now that off camera
the personal charisma of most film and pop stars is
So if you aspire to fascinate you have no need to
fear being at a disadvantage because you dont have
the right looks.
You already have this power, dormant within, a
power more valuable than looks or money!
Adolph Hitler was one of the most fascinating
men of the twentieth century. Many will find him
a difficult subject to either admire or to learn from.
But learn from him we must.
For this man, before becoming the most powerful
in Europe, had once been a complete nobody. How
could someone nobody noticed, hopelessly selfconscious and awkward, laughed at by women,
become a person idolized by almost everyone who
knew him?
Even in the death throes of the Third Reich, when
all was lost, those closest to Hitler remained utterly
besotted and were ready to die for him.

The example of Hitler is truly extraordinary. Yet

those two other great mass murderers of the twen
tieth century, Stalin and Mao - who incidentally
spilt more blood than Hitler ever did, they killing
their own kind while he killed aliens, although
hardly defensible - had no comparable charisma.
Looking at film footage of Stalins speeches one is
completely baffled: he was devoid of personality,
spoke without conviction; was utterly boring and
monotonous. (One is at a loss to see how he became
so powerful. But he began as a gangster who shot
and bludgeoned his way to the top. You dont need
charisma when youre holding a pistol!)
Compare this to a famous footage of the Nazi
leader. He advances to the podium, the audience
quietens, yet he doesnt utter a word. He stands there,
hardly moving for a whole three minutes before uttering
a word.
The tension is palpable. Watching it you feel
nervous because how can a speaker stand before
thousands and not speak?
I find these moments of silence electrifying. For,
as anyone who has stood before an audience will tell
you, not to speak is tantamount to death itself.
There are people who have experienced terrifying
physical dangers; tough iron-like men surviving
unimaginable ordeals - and yet who would rather
die than face an audience and hold them by the
power of their presence rather than their speech.

There is something wired into the human psyche

that stipulates that to speak to any gathering of
people one must do so immediately and confidently
or risk psychological annihilation on the spot.
Yet Hitler stood unperturbed. He glanced at his
notes, looked up and around. The time seems an
eternity. You could hear a pin drop. The tension is
unbearable and yet thrilling.
When he did speak it was in a quiet conversa
tional tone which of course was entirely calculated.
For he knew his audience longed for the hysterical
hectoring which characterized his speeches.
Contrast this stunning mastery of his audience
with the awkward young man who could barely
struggle with one-to-one conversation, let alone
address tens of thousands.
What effected this staggering transformation?
Even H itlers last bodyguard, who suffered ter
ribly at the hands of the Soviets later, years after
wards said he would go through it all again, for he
so loved the man.
What power did Hitler command to receive this
type of undying devotion?
I cite him as he is the most stunning example of
this power in action. This is not a course in how to
become a demagogue or a great dictator.
The sensible reader will see the point I am try
ing to make. If the reader lacks confidence, feels
inadequate, feels ignored - none of these difficult

feelings can stop him or herfrom becoming a fascinating

It is known that Hitler practised his speeches in
front of mirrors. It is also common knowledge that
he was an occultist. He was obsessed with astrology,
numbers, prophecy, ritual, reincarnation, and
mesmerism - the whole works.
For all I know the ritual I am about to give
you may be the same - or at least similar - to what
Hitler used. I know that my lodge has possessed
this for generations and have a continental origin.
I am convinced that we are dealing with the same
This is not a once-only ritual. It has to be
repeated twice a week for three months. I will
explain it before discussing its complications.
You need a mirror and a candle. The colour of the
candle is not important but avoid red. Black is my
preference, but you make your own choice. The
candle is to be the only illumination in the room.
Remove all clothing and before the mirror raise
your hands high over your head and sway
rhythmically left to right as you speak your first
name 99 times. At the 99th time tense yourself,
clenching fists, speak firmly and with conviction:

Extinguish candle by snuffing it out with a cover

ing of any kind. Dont blow it out; you can use the
same candle every time.
The complications are as follows. You will only
resolve them by practice and experiment before
performing the ritual properly.
You may not have a whole length mirror. If not,
dont worry, but you must still do without clothes.
The rhythmic swaying is all very well if you are fit
and well, but if you are of advanced age balanced
posture may not be something you can take for
granted. So you need to exercise care. (If you are 90
and performing this ritual, bully for you! Its never
too late for anything. Better to succeed late than
never. And remember - every act of magick gives
you life. Think not of how long you have lived, but
how much longer you can. Dont accept boundaries
set by others.)
The biggest problem is how does one remember
exactly 99 times? Repeating our name continuously
it is easy to get confused. You may end up saying it
98 or 101.
But it has to be 99. That is the tradition as I have
received it.
One way to get around this is to get several sheets
of large paper, writing your name nine times on each.
It is easy to keep track of nine on a single page. Your
name should be spaced out, because if written too
closely you may confuse or forget the numbering.

With nine sheets of paper you will have your

name down 81 times. You need only two more
sheets and you are home and dry.
You may devise some other way; it doesnt matter
which, whatever is right for you.
After three months you will notice a stunning
change. You will actually/^/ your power. No longer
will you remain unnoticed and be taken for
granted. For once people will look to you to take
the initiative. And take it you will.
Now if you end up starting some cult or political
movement I am not to blame! This information is
for those who want more than self-confidence; for
people who want to possess the X-factor.
This is privileged information and I know that
Finbarr has restricted distribution to its mailing
list of knowledge seekers. This is not for the masses.
Dont count yourself as one of the masses. The fact
that you have purchased this is proof of that.
Power to you.

The Spoken Power

Publisher James Frnbarr mrises -

To receive T h e spoken
Power please send 9.99
($22.99 USA) to:
Finbarr International (BC),
Folkestone, Kent CT20 2QQ>
England (address complete).

For almost a quarter of a century I have had this secret in my file.

It was an elderly Harold Jolet from Detroit who gave it to me,
feeling it was safe in my hands. The problem was that he both
wanted me to publish it - and he didnt!
If was given to him by a man in the 1930s. Some 20 years earlier
this man had used it when he witnessed two cars colliding before
his very eyes. Because of the Spoken Power, both drivers
emerged unhurt, their vehicles miraculously unscathed!
Mr Jolet believed this power could help anyone who respected
i t His worry was that because it was originally kept secret, in the
wrong hands it could be misused.
Hence his concern and my dilemma.
The Spoken Power consist of an 11-word sentence, in
English, which releases awesome energy.
It can be spoken anywhere, any time. But only when needed!
Mr Jolet has since passed on, so the moral responsibility for
publishing the Spoken Power became solely mine.
He recalled the time when lightning struck his neighbours
home, it catching fire. He spoke the ll-%oord formula and the fire
stopped. Miraculously there was no damage to the building!
Another time he ran to the scene of a car crash. The drivers nose
was gushing blood. Mr Jolet spoke the miracle sentence and the
bleeding stopped immediately. The driver was dumbfounded! Worst
of all - in another incident involving a car - Mr Jolet wound up
upside down after careering across a highway. After speaking the
Power his car immediately turned iiself the right way up ... and he
emerged without a scratch!
Over time, he revealed the secret to others - those he felt he could
trust - to give them divine protection.
This is not a magickal formula in the usual sense: the Spoken
Power releases the divine creative energy o f the universe.
A woman who received the secret from Mr Jolet - but who wishes
not to be named - used it for her failing marriage. Her husband
was about to walk out when she spoke the Power. He changed
his mind right there and then. Another time, her daughter was
struck down by a mysterious illness. After speaking the Power, she
made an immediate recovery! This same woman used the
Spoken Power at the race track. She won a bundle!
Why does it work? Who knows? Mr Jolet explained to me what
allegedly happened at the Creation. A different picture of God
emerged! This I explain in the booklet.
Mr Jolet did not want this to be treated lightly. The Spoken
Power is not for amusement.
Precisely because it is so simply some people may faU to respea it. No
previous experience - mystical or spiritual -is needed for the
Spoken Power to work. All you need to know is in this booklet.
Can a miraculous divinepotver be immediately at hand when you most
need it? Such a question many would ask. Now you can know; now
Only Finbarr would publish this. And even I have hesitated for
almost a quarter of a century before doing so.
You do not have to belong to any secret society to possess true
spiritual power - although this secret was originally known only
to initiates. It is the spiritual gift of a lifetime.
In addition to the Spoken Power, there is a section in this booklet
entitled Banishing Relationship Problems: how to end once and
for ally difficulties you may have with others, be it a relative, lover,
friend or colleague.


'Mvstic Mind Power is one of a Kind ... Ive collected so many Dooks n 9 years and this is the best - WM (Reno, NV)


The bedrock of Carl Nagels writings! it was his first, and for many his best!
Based on his own true story. He was a failure, a nobody.
At school he was buliied and snubbed for being
different'. He wasnt interested in the usual boys
things, football, etc. He was intrigued by the strange
and the unusua! and ioved books. And this was a time
when it was unforgivable to be fat'.
So his schooldays were a miserable time.
Adolescence and young adulthood were hardly
better. Shy. introverted, he remained ignored and
made tun of. He devoured books on the mystic and the
unusual, but for all their promises of success it never
seemed to happen for him.
He was hooked on 'self-help' books, but the problem
was that they weren't helping him.
Then he decided to take stock of everything, trying
to figure out where he had gone wrong. This led to his
realization of what he caiis Mystic Mind Power, a new
synthesis of ideas.
This is not fantasy or fiction. The pain of his bad
experiences and the stigma of failure were real enough.
And there must be manv more like him.
He found mat - yes - the mind acts like an irresistible
magnet on circumstances. The thing is to get this
irresistible power to work in one's favour, rather than
against as is so often the case.
The first day he put his findings to the test he
received an unexpected gift from his father. Later the
same day he was given an opportunity to make some
money, late' - and this is hair-raising - he was saved
from certain death when two cars collided (Mystic Mind
Power froze' him on the spot: a second or two later
would have meant disaster!}.
Then he used Mystic Mind Power in a goid-searchrng
expedition with two others, He tuned into the Power to
be lea to the right spot.
What followed was a perfect example of the weird
and wonderful way Mystic Mind Power works. At first
it seemed he was misled - still no gold - but an
unexpected encounter with a stranger, which he took
as a favourable omen - had the unexpected effect of
leading to a thrilling find.
Once in motion the forces of Mystic Mind Power
conspire to make events fail in one's favour.
After we first published Mystic Mind Power he
revealed that he had used it for the purpose of us
publishing it! It was his first book and he had it
accepted immediately! Truly Mystic Mind Power was
working for him and it would be the first of many books
published by Finbarr and others.
Painfully shy with the opposite sex, that all changed
with Mvstic Mind Power.
And still it was only the beginning, for many more
exciting changes were afoot!
You can now experience alt the things you want,

instead of those that you don't want!

if there is only one book on mmd power that you
should own let it be this one! Each page brings forth
joy and comfort as you gradually realize your irresistible
potential to achieve and succeed!
Through continuous application of Mystic Mind
Power money problems can be eradicated, bi-is always
paid on time, debts wiped out!
Money flows continuously through the magnetic pull
of Mystic Mind Power!
it can start working for you the very moment you
receive this book!
You can influence any person to think favourably of
you. You can make them attracted to you through the
magnetic pull of Mystic Mind Power!
Results will be immediately apparent!
Remember this book is the work of a man who had
previously failed time and again until he had at last
understood the wondrous power of magnetic
He went from inadequacy and failure to success,
happiness and riches at a single stroke!
Anyone can do the same!
Discover the powers of Magnetic Telepathy: you can
project any thought to another and they will receive it!
You can also know what others are thinking!
You can protect yourse'f from something the author
calls psychic attack. Yes, he believes in this. When
others envy or hoid a grudge against you, he says, this
acts as a kind of psychic attack'. Like it or not, this
negative mental energy' projected in your direction can
infiltrate your own persona! aura. The consequence of
this is that for no apparent reason you fee! undermined
or your best laid plans keep going wrong.
You can stop such 'psychic attacks at a stroke!
Whatever holds you back, Mystic Mind Power can
You can also explore the wonders of the spirit world!
Your mind is a doorway to endless possibilities!
There is positively no danger in communicating with
sprits in the next world. It is impossible to come to any
harm, for Mystic Mind Power automatically prohibits
any negativity with its impenetrable positive force!
You can meet spirits, converse with them, receive
important information - both in the dream state and
wide awake! And you wifi feel wonderful after the
There is no death, only changes in consciousness.
Mr Nagel also explains how you can leave your physical
body at will, again in complete safety. Leave it, explore
other dimensions, and return enriched by the
Just as there is no such thing as death', he also
believes that there is no such thing as only human iife
in this universe. ET is there, he says, and can be
telepathicaily communicated with!
He details his own experience of extraterrestrial

19.99 UK; $39.99 USA. Send to: Finbarr (BC), Folkestone CT20 2QQ, UK

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