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What is the TEAM?

The TEAM is a process by which disconnected people can form robust and
vibrant communities, discover new forms of agreement, bring disconnected extremes
(of politics or belief) back into communication, come to terms by developing common
language, and non-violently build a decentralized activism movement of hackers,
wizards, passionate dreamers, and other mutants that will eventually supersede world
governments. The TEAM is not just a single organization, but rather a coalition of
meta-organizations which all peer together. In order to join the TEAM, each
member must define their own meta-organization which is capable of linking as a
peer with the TEAMso you arent joining the TEAM, but rather defining your own
version of the TEAMthen we all join each others amazing passionate projects via an
emergent system of #guilds. The TEAM is a post-postmodern project, neither
structuralist nor poststructuralist, but an enthusiastic and courageous attempt at
create a new form of social narrative.
T.E.A.M. stands for Transliminal Earth Alliance Metanarrative. Transliminal
means crossing all boundaries; Metanarrative means a complex worldview or worldparadigm containing multiple worldviews and perspectives. So, the TEAM is an
Alliance for the Earth which crosses all boundaries and which is a self-evident
paradigm or metanarrative, discoverable by anyone with passion and commitment to
The TEAM is at the intersection of post-Occupy political activism,
technoanarchism (BitCoin, Ethereum, free and open internet, post-Facebook
development, decentralization, mesh networks), food politics (permaculture, organic
farming), peer education movements, and a revival of high-quality spiritual education
and a global network of shamans. We are building free, decentralized services,
including so far a Jobs Action Network, a Shamanic Hotline (24/7), an Academy (from
poetry to mathematics to ritual magic), and various other projects. Eventually we will
be partnering with open-source communities to develop or help spur the creation of
fully-decentralized replacements for Facebook, Telegram, and the Internet itself.
The TEAM functions based upon the Protocols. The #protocols of the TEAM
are a set of steps which allow people to form meta-organizations which all plug
together into one decentralized Metanarrative. This works exactly like the logic of
BitCoin, but within the human sociolinguistic sphere rather than in software code.
The structure of the TEAM is based on ancient alchemical principles deriving directly
from the idea of the Great Work and the creation of the Philosophers Stone. Each
TEAM member, by partaking in the #hazing #protocol which allows entry to the TEAM,
begins a process of exposing their deepest passions to the world, so that the rest of the
people in the TEAM can help them to develop and actualize their vision and dreams of
truly saving the world.
At this point in history, the TEAM is truly needed. Political and economic
machinations have polarized people into ignorant and biased perspectives, and this is
allowing basically heartless, psychopathic oligarchs to gut the Earth and steal wealth
from everyone in the world through a corrupt monetary system and wage slavery

system (modern serfdom or chattel slavery). There can be no global awakening, no

global grassroots peace movement, and no successful activism to end violence against
the Earth unless we discover new ways to agree with our enemies. And that is
exactly the problem we have already solved with the TEAM.
We are not the only cluster of the TEAM out there. Our protocols are
transcendent, discoverable, and self-describingso other people out there are
probably working on exactly the same Project, under other names and using
other terminology. However, we have yet to meet a group with protocols of
peacemaking as advanced as our own. Everyone and every group has a unique
perspective and a unique piece of the puzzle to add to the TEAMtruly, we need you
and your passion to help us build something newer and stronger. The time has come
to set aside apathy, ignorance, and hate and take up a new banner which can combat
global evil with planetary consciousness and skillful means. We are playing to win
but we arent fighting anyone.