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YUMI 2011-2016 Lance http://www.pendrivelinux.

com (covered under GNU GPL License)

- see YUMI-Copying
Background of YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Integrator):
YUMI is an easy to use tool created using NSIS. YUMI's purpose is to help automa
te the creation of a bootable USB Flash Drive that can be used to boot multiple
Linux based distributions (one at a time).
The end result should be a bootable USB Flash drive that will get you up and run
ning with your chosen Live Distributions, all without having to do the research
and perform the steps by hand.
How YUMI Works:
YUMI utilizes a Syslinux MBR to make the chosen drive bootable. Distributions ar
e extracted using 7zip to the multiboot folder on the USB device, and a custom s
yslinux.cfg file along with distro independant configuration files are used to b
oot each distribution. Grub4DOS grub.exe may also be used to boot ISO files dire
Credits, Resources, and Third Party Tools used:
* Remnants of Cedric Tissieres's Tazusb.exe for Slitaz (slitaz@objectif-securite
.ch) may reside in the YUMI script, as it was derived from UUI, which was inspir
ed by Tazusb.exe.
* Created with NSIS Installer Contributors (needed t
o compile the YUMI.nsi script)
* Syslinux H. Peter Anvin (unmodified binary used)
* grub.exe Grub4DOS the Gna! people + Chenall
-chenall/ (unmodified binary used) : Official Grub4DOS:
* 7-Zip is Igor Pavlovis (unmodified binaries were used)
* Fat32format.exe Tom Thornhill Ridgecorp Consultants http://www.ridgecrop.demon (unmodified binary used)
* Firadisk.img Panot Joonkhiaw Karyonix (unmodified bina
ry used)
* dd.exe John Newbigin (unmodified binary used)
* mke2fs Matt <> (unmodified binary used)
* Tuffy Font Thatcher Ulrich (unmodified binary used)
Additional information for YUMI can be found HERE:
10/03/16 Version Switch back to 7-Zip 9.20.
09/14/16 Version Fix menu entries for boot repair, and elementary OS. U
pgrade to 7-Zip 16.02.
08/17/16 Version Add support for Arch Bang, Skywave Linux, and Cyborg L
07/07/16 Version Add support for Android-x86. Fix broken Manjaro entry.
Update credits and sources.
07/01/16 Version Fix Eset, avira, and Dr.Web menu entries which became
broken in build
06/28/16 Version Update to support Cub Linux. Fix broken WifiSlax entry
. Switch to use alternate method for old Ubuntu derivitives with conflicting sys
linux gfxboot.
06/01/16 Version Fixed bug: calculating remaining space on USB drive. S
witch back to using vesamenu for sub-menu config files. Remove unused Prompt 0 f
rom config. Re-enable Ubuntu gfxboot.
04/14/16 Version Update to support Linux Kid X, Linux Lite, Subgraph OS

, and Calculate Linux Desktop. Re-enable entry for Offline NT Password and Regis
try Editor.
04/06/16 Version Added support for WattOS, update SLAX option, update l
inks, disable feature to close all open explorer windows when format option is s
elected. Update Fat32Format.
12/28/15 Version Add GRUB (partition 4) option. Update to support Xioap
an, Windows 10, Bitdefender Rescue CD options. Update DBan option.
10/28/15 Version Remove distributions that are no longer being develope
d. Fix broken links.
06/17/15 Version Update to support newer GRML 2014-11, CentOS 7, Clonez
illa 2.4.2-10, and Ultimate Edition 4.
05/14/15 Version Update links.
03/18/15 Version Add support for Tahrpup 6.0, Debian Live 7.8.0, and Op
enSuSe 3.2.
01/20/15 Version Fix broken 64bit option for 2015_01_13 Parted Magic en
01/15/15 Version Update to support 2015_01_13 Parted Magic.
01/13/15 Version Remove Acronis True Image entry (Use Try Unlisted ISO
GRUB for Acronis). Updated links.
10/30/14 Version Enable checkbox option to forcefully Show All ISO File
10/29/14 Version Update to support Linpus Lite, mintyMac, and ESET SysR
escue Live. Fix AntiX boot issue.
09/19/14 Version Switch to use Syslinux 6.0.3 to address ERR: Couldn't
read the first sector issues.
09/11/14 Version Add Dr.Web LiveDisk. Fix broken System Rescue CD, and
HDT option. Update Ubuntu download options.
08/14/14 Version Fix Windows Vista/7/8 and Hiren's options.
07/31/14 Version Switch to use NEW Syslinux version 6.02.
07/29/14 Version Update to support Peach OSI
05/29/14 Version Update Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian Download Links. Remo
ve Backtrack - superseded by Kali.
04/29/14 Version Update to support CAINE and Puppy Arcade.
04/17/14 Version Update to support Tails 0.23 and Rescatux 0.30.2 (must
manually extract and use Rescatux.iso from the ISO). Correct OpenSuse links.
03/18/14 Version Update to support newer version of Offline Windows Pas
sword & Registry Editor, LuninuX OS, Pear Linux, and Konboot 2.3 Pro.
02/20/14 Version Fixed Linux Mint 16 Live Installer Crash!
01/30/14 Version Added support for JustBrowsing, Mythbuntu, Bugtraq II,
and older pmagic_2013_05_01.iso.
01/10/14 Version Added support for Fedora 20, LXLE Desktop. Fixed sour
ce compilation bug.
12/11/13 Version Re-enabled Dr.Web, Trinity, and RIP Linux. Support Ele
mentary 32 bit.
12/09/13 Version Added Acronis True Image, Sparky Linux, and SolydX
12/06/13 Version Add option for Paid version of Kon-Boot. Added Manjaro
12/04/13 Version Correct ISO Name for Desinfect. Correct OpenSUSE ISO
copy failed when using Windows XP. Add support for Rescatux ISO (can't use sg2d
11/24/13 Version Modify chain.c32 to address Insane Primary (MBR) parti
tion error. Correct Kaspersky Rescue Disk (Antivirus Scanner) syslinux directory
coping issue on Win XP
11/22/13 Version Added OpenSUSE. Corrected Desinfec't misspelling.
11/20/13 Version Add Desinfec't 2013 (German Antivirus). Fix broken old
er Parted Magic menu entries.
11/13/13 Version Add WifiSlax. Thanks to Geminis Demon for helping fin
ish the entry!
11/12/13 Version Added provision to ensure menu.32 exists. Fixed Falcon
4 and Hiren menu creation.

11/11/13 Version Added Persistent Option for Ubuntu and some Derivative
s. Fix Kon-Boot free entry. Switch to AutoDetect Size of ISO.
11/08/13 Version Add Liberte Linux. Fixed a menu scrolling bug (vesamen
u.c32 incompatible with boot.msg?) that occurred with distros like Puppy and KNO
11/07/13 Version Add support for TAILS, and Ultimate Boot CD
11/05/13 Version Quick fix to support older versions of Knoppix
11/04/13 Version Beta release of YUMI version 2