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Department of Management Studies
Part - A
1. Define Project Management
2. What is Project Management
3. Write any four phases of Project Management
4. What is project Selection Method
5. What is project formulation
6. Who is Project Manager
7. Explain Project Manager Selection
8. Explain Project Teams
9. Explain the constraints of Project Management
10. Explain the scope of Project Management
11. What are the goals of Project Management
12. Explain Project Management Life Cycle
13. What are the phases of Project Life Cycle?
14. What are the responsibilities of Project Manager?
15. Explain Project Implementation Phase.
16. What is the importance of Decision Making in Project Management?
17. What do you mean by sensitivity Analysis?
18. How to build effective project teams?
19. Explain Project Execution.
20. Explain Project Planning and design.
Part - B

What is Project Management? Explain the role of Project Management?

What are the goals of Project Management?
Explain Project Selection Methods in detail.
Who is a Project Manager and explain the types of Project Managers?
Describe Project Portfolio process
Explain the role and responsibilities of a Project Manager in detail.
Who are Project Managers and what are the responsibilities of project manager explain
Project formulation.
8. Explain Project Management Life Cycle and the various phases in a Project Life Cycle.
9. Explain the concept of Project Teams in detail.
10. Explain in detail the various steps involved in project formulation.
Part - A
1. What is Planning Process?
2. What are the steps involved in planning process?
3. What the various types of Plans?
4. Explain Conceptual Plan
5. What is a Plan Document?
6. What are the stages involved in Planning Process?
7. What is Work Breakdown Structure?
8. What is a Multidisciplinary Team?
9. Who serves on Project Teams?
10. How do Project Teams work?
11. What is a Project Budget?
12. Explain Cost Estimate
13. Explain Cost estimation models
14. What is budget uncertainty?
15. What is Risk Management?
16. What do you mean by Plan Integration?
17. Explain the concept of Work Breakdown Structure
18. Explain the steps to prepare you Project Budget?
19. Explain the types of Cost Estimation
20. What are the various cost estimation models?
Part B
1. Explain the concept of Planning Process.
2. Describe Work Breakdown structure with suitable figures.
3. Explain the role of multidisciplinary teams
4. How do you budget the project and what are the methods of project budgeting?
5. Explain cost of estimating and improvement.
6. Describe budget uncertainty and Risk Management
7. What is Risk Management and explain the principles of risk management?
8. What is Project Budget and what are the steps involved in preparing your Project Budget
9. What is cost estimation and explain the methods involved in cost estimation
10. Explain budget uncertainty and its characteristics
Part - A
1. What is PERT?
2. Explain the concept of PERT
3. What is CPM?
4. What are the steps in CPM?
5. Explain the concept of CPM
6. What is Scheduling?
7. Explain Scheduling Operations
8. What is Project Uncertainty?
9. What is Simulation?
10. Explain Simulation concept?
11. What is Gantt chart?
12. Why use Gantt Charts?
13. What is expediting?
14. What is Resource Loading?
15. What is resource leveling?
16. What is Critical Chain?
17. Write Goldratts Critical Chain
18. What is Risk Management?
19. What are Linear and Parallel activities?
20. What is Field Expediting and Desk Expediting?
Part - B
1. Describe about PERT
2. Differentiate CPM & PERT
3. Explain the concept of Project Uncertainty
4. Explain the concept and role of Simulation
5. Describe Gantt chart
6. Explain expediting a project
7. What are Resource Loading and Leveling
8. Explain allocation of Scarce Resources
9. Describe Goldratts Critical Chain
10. Explain about CPM and the Implementation approach for CPM
Part - A
1. Explain the Plan Monitor Control Cycle
2. What is Data collecting?
3. What do you mean by Data Reporting?
4. What is Project control?
5. What is evaluation
6. Explain Project evaluation
7. Explain Auditing and Termination
8. What is the Objective of Project Control?
9. Why is Project Control Important?
10. What is a Control System?
11. Explain Project Audit
12. What are the common reasons for Project termination?
13. What are the different types of Project Termination?
14. What are the critical factors for a Project Success?
15. Explain Primary and Secondary Data?
16. What is Qualitative and Quantitative Data
17. What is meant by Net Project Value?
18. Explain the steps involved in Project Evaluation.
19. What are various types of Audits?
20. How do you design a Project control system?
Part - B
1. Explain the concept of Plan Monitor Control Cycle.
2. Describe Data coding and Reporting
3. Explain Project Control and Objectives of Project control
4. Explain clearly about Project Evaluation
5. Illustrate about Project Auditing and Termination
6. How do you design the control system
7. Define and explain Data Collection and the different types of Data
8. Define Project Evaluation and the steps involved in Project Evaluation
9. Explain the various methods of Project termination in detail.
10. Explain Project Audits and the various methods of Audits in detail
Part - A
1. What is Organisation Structure?
2. What are the four basic elements of Organisation Structure?
3. What is Organisation Design?
4. What is conflict?
5. What the consequences of conflict?
6. What the ways to resolve conflict?
7. What are the types of Organization Structure?
8. What is a Matrix Structure?
9. What is a Divisional Organization?
10. What are the characteristics of a Formal Organization?
11. What is an Informal Organization?
12. Differential between a Formal and Informal Organization.
13. Explain the reasons for an Informal Organization
14. What is a hierarchical system?
15. Explain Organization Design Process
16. List the types of Project Organizations.
17. What is a Formal Organization Structure?
18. What are the key elements in Organization Design?
19. What is meant by Departmentalization?
20. Explain Chain of Command.
Part - B
1. Define Formal Organization. Explain the structure of formal Organization
2. Why Organization Structure is more important.
3. Explain the types of Project Organization
4. What is conflict and explain the origin and consequences of conflict
5. How do you manage conflict Illustrate
6. What is Organizational Design and what are the elements of Organizational Design
7. Explain conflict and the various methods of resolving conflict
8. Explain the role of perception in conflict
9. Explain the elements of Organization Design in detail.
10. Explain the team methods of resolving conflict