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Excellent teaching of Ashtakvargas by Dr. Mehta jee ....

Dear sir, i have ashtav

arga points more in 3rd house then 9th house.... My 9th house and 12th house ash
takvarga points are the same but i'm living in australia for the past 3years, if
3rd house points are more u said one will take short travels but i have taken l
ong travel from india to austalia...?
My friend who is residing in America for 6 years has 26 points in 12th house and
27 points in 4th house. How's this happen? It's not correct. How? His details a
re 3rd September 1985, Time:16:12, Kathmandu.?

sir, c.s. patel ji has give different point like 1house should have minimum 25 2
nd house should have 22. patel sahab has give different points then 28 points av should we consider that. or 28 points. i have read c.s patel sir's art
icle on saptrashis site.?
Dear Sir, why lagna points are not added to ashtakvarga. Adding them can complet
ely change the results. Kindly show some light?

Wow!!blown away with knowledge Sir ?? so actually 9th is next lagna and next bir
th and all houses from that next incarnation..yes it makes perfect sense ! And 9
th from 9th is the second next incarnation?.. Must be. So it is like a wheel..a
merry go round of continuous gain and loss...this why liberation must be the goa get out of the madness ???

Sir if we have more points in 6 and 8 house...i feel that person will conquer hi
s enemies,diseases and debts...its better to have more points in 3,6,8,12 than o
ther houses?