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I, own, lease, or have lawful possession and the right to exercise authority over the vehicle mentioned above.
This limited power of attorney and mechanic lien terminates upon full payment for the repairs of the vehicle. If for any reason
you cancel the repairs, you will be responsible for paying $100.00 for the appraisal, $150.00 for labor and reassembly fees,
storage fees $75.00 inside / $65.00 outside storage per day, from the day the vehicle entered our facility, 10% re-stocking fee
and any freight charges on the parts. Be aware that on some occasions, reassembly of the vehicle may not be possible due to
the nature of the damages. . If no insurance company is involved, you must make a deposit. We will not commence working
on your vehicle until the deposit has been paid and arrangements for payments have been made. (The deposit must cover
minimum the parts and supplies from the estimated price). All estimates are good for 30 days only. Once we notified that
your car is ready, you must pick it up and pay in full within 72 hours or storage charges will accrue
I authorize Acevedos Collision Body & Paint located on 1107 S. Aurora St. Stockton Ca. 95206 with licenses # 283113 to
endorse any checks made for paying repairs for the vehicle. We accept Cash, all major credit and debit cads, Insurance,
Business, Cashier Checks, Money orders. No personal or third party checks are accepted. A ID will be required when paying
with a check.
Checks made payable to: Acevedos Collision Body & Paint and sent to 45 N. Gertrude Avenue Stockton Ca. 95215.
Important Notice: Any checks received by a claimant for repairs completed must be turned over to Acevedos Collision Body &
Paint immediately. Any attempt to withhold payment after signing this document will result in legal liability. There is a 20.00
fee for any returned checks & you have 24 hours to make payment to us by cash or cashiers check only. I recognize that a
mechanics lien will be placed if it is not paid in full and beyond, I agree to pay reasonable attorney fees and court costs if legal
action is necessary to execute this contract. Verbal agreements and oral contracts are generally valid and legally binding as
long as they are reasonable, equitable, and conscionable and made in good faith.
If upon closer inspection, we find that additional repairs are necessary, we will contact you or your insurance company for
authorization to make such additional repairs. I acknowledge that subcontractors hired by Acevedos Collision Body & Paint, or
at another facility may provide portions of the repairs. I authorize all sublet repairs that Acevedos Collision Body & Paint in
its sole discretion may deem necessary. I grant Acevedos Collision Body & Paint & employees permission to operate the
vehicle on any road for any purpose in addition to releasing the business all from liability for loss or damage articles left in
vehicles in case of fire, theft, or other cause beyond the control of Acevedos Collision Body & Paint. In any claim, the
customers insurance policy will be primary. Acevedos Collision Body & Paint is not responsible for delays caused by the
unavailability of parts, or delays in shipments by the supplier or transporter, or insurance delays, therefore does not guarantee
delivery dates &is not responsible for any rental car related expenses.
Repairs of the vehicle to be made with parts made by an entity that is not the manufacturer of the vehicle (which may be
called imitation crash parts, non-original equipment manufacturer parts, quality replacement parts (QRP), or (aftermarket
parts) or salvage parts. Which may be called like, kind, and quality (LKQ), or by some other designation may place in
violation of the terms of a lease agreement or finance agreement concerning the vehicle. The Customer acknowledges that
allowing repairs of the vehicle to be made with other than new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts may adversely
affect the value of the vehicle. Metalwork: Acevedos Collision, Body & Paint provides a limited warranty against defective
workmanship including welding and the application of materials utilized in making collision repairs to industry standards
against cracking, flaking, pitting, or other non-excluded deterioration. Acevedos collision body & paint, in its sole discretion,
shall repair or replace and repaint any warranted metalwork. Painting, stripes, and decals: Acevedos Collision Body & Paint
provides a limited warranty on priming and paintwork against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing and excessive loss of
pigmentation and/or adhesion of decorative stripes and decals. Excluded are defects, which are caused by extreme
environmental conditions. Acevedos collision body & paint, in its sole discretion, shall re-prime, repaint, or re-decal the
warranted section or sections of the vehicle. The painting, stripes and decal warranty is only valid when the paint and/or
decals were applied over original factory finishes that were free of defect.
Old parts will be discarded unless otherwise specified.
Every sale of goods that are governed by the provisions of this chapter, on an as is or with all faults basis, made in
compliance with the provisions of this chapter, shall constitute a waiver by the buyer of the implied warranty of
merchantability and, where applicable, of the implied warranty of fitness.
We recommend the following procedures in caring for your new automotive refinish.
New Auto Paint Care Recommendations for the First 30 Days
*If washing the vehicle, only wash by hand with cool water and a very mild car wash solution using a soft cloth or sponge.
*Always use clean fresh water. *Wash your vehicle in the shade
*Do not use a commercial car wash. Stiff brushes or sponges could mar the finish and damage the surface.
*Do not "dry wipe" your vehicle. Dry wiping can scratch the finish.
*Do not drive on gravel roads. Chipping the finish is easily done in the first 30 days.
*Avoid parking under trees and utility lines, which are likely to attract birds. Bird droppings have a high acid content and will
damage a freshly painted surface. In addition, tree sap can mar or spot a freshly painted surface.
*Do not spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, or windshield solvent on the new finish. Do not scrape ice or snow
from the newly painted surface.
Do not wax or polish the vehicle. This will allow the finish to dry and harden completely.

I hereby authorize the dismantling and repairs of the vehicle, as referenced in this contract, and I understand all of the above.

Authorization, Terms, and Agreements