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Adieu Seniors!

Director s
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that team Nirmaan of
VJTI is coming up with the new edition of the official chronicle of
VJTI. The literal meaning of the word nirmaan is creation, and
this official chronicle of VJTI provides a platform to the students
of VJTI to showcase their literary creations.

Dr. O.G. Kakde

Through these literary creations they can express their concerns

about social, economic, and political issues that our society is facing of which they are an integral part. And many a times propose
solutions too. Not only the students but also the faculty at VJTI
contribute to this magazine.
I therefore congratulate team Nirmaan 16 who has worked arduously throughout the academic year to bring this edition of the magazine. I hope that it will help in
creating a place for the brand VJTI in the
literary world also.

The literal
meaning of the word
nirmaan is creation,
and this official chronicle
of VJTI provides a platform
to the students of VJTI to
showcase their literary


t is very pleasurable to write an Editorial

of any magazine or the preface of any book. It,
by default, becomes necessary for the writer of
editorial or preface to have mastery over the form
of literature written inside it. But to be frank, this
wouldnt be absolutely true in my case. You may refer to it as a lack of self belief, but I consider it a
polite acceptance!

thoughts, which is just as harmful to the growth of

nation. To be more precise, economic prosperity is
directly linked with ideological one.
For the existence of a happy and secure society, prosperity of modern, secular, liberal and progressive
thoughts are essential. This journey from poverty to
prosperity is very crucial for sustainable progress of
any community.

Nevertheless, I declare that I am just a true admirer

and sincere servant of literature, regardless of lan- Definitely, this is not a one night change, its a gradual process. But after the conguage and any other constraints.
sistent and well oriented efforts,
I feel very a sense of fulfillment in
the change is possible. A change
reading, writing and appreciating
in thinking, change in behavliterature. Due to such a deep afa happy and secure
ior, change in life style are the
fection and its unselfish worship,
society, prosperity
ultimate results of this journey
I think, I am fortunate to present
from poverty to prosperity. And
this editorial for Nirmaan 16, as
of modern, secular,
of course, the bridge joining this
the General Secretary.
two contrast situations is made
liberal and progresup of superior material: vision
Nirmaan, being an official newssive thoughts are
and ambition, balanced by the
letter of VJTI -a premiere technopillars like literature, culture, pollogical institute of Maharashtra,
ity and art.
provides a strong platform to the
students of institute to showcase
The successful completion of this
their literary and artistic skills. It also covers all the
year round activities and events organized by var- journey has the potential to root out nation-wide
ious technical, cultural committees of college. We challenges like corruption, unemployment, illiterapresent the five major sections of Nirmaan -English, cy, intolerance; not immediately, but definitely!
Marathi & Hindi, Technical, Graphics and Event
reporting. As always, this years Nirmaan is based on I hope, that you will enjoy reading Nirmaan16. We
a particularly relevant theme. An innovative theme- have put in our sincere efforts. The choice to appreBridging the gap: Poverty to Prosperity. This ciate them or criticize them is totally in your hand!
theme has various aspects related to it. The terms Meanwhile, have fun delving into the thoughts, crepoverty and prosperity are not included just in eco- ations and life of our VJTIans.
nomic sense, they are
used in ideological manner as well. In our society, Happy Reading !
along with economic poverty, there exists poverty of
Akshay Ashok Raskar
General Secretary, Nirmaan16.




The Editor speaks | K



CS Lewis has profoundly quoted, Literature

adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It
enriches the necessary competencies that daily
life requires and provides; and in this respect, it
irrigates the deserts that our lives have already

This years theme of moving from Poverty to

Prosperity has reflected the nations mood at
large. The theme can have many interpretations
and each one will present us different facet of
human endeavour. I interpret is as moving from
intellectual poverty to affluence of knowledge.

The importance of literature in making our mundane life interesting is immense. It adds spice to
life, making it resonate with an

And only way to achieve this is literature which

is thought provoking and enlightening. Nirmaan
has aimed to do this for last three decades and
our journey continues.


At Nirmaan, sincere motive of ours has been to

let the engineers of tomorrow have a platform for
expressing their literary brilliance. I have seen
an astounding literary genius in contributions
received from fellow VJTIans. Each and every
article received over the span of year has had a
very distinctive and opinionated voice speaking
through it, covering range of topics. Nirmaan,
has yet again proved to be literary hub of VJTI.
I conclude by stating that Nirmaan has always
had a special place in heart of each and every
VJTIan. Over the years it has recieved, warmth
and affection of VJTIans and I sincerely hope it
continues to inspire and give platform for expressing the literary talent of VJTIans in its journey ahead.
Have a great time reading!
Ketan Thakare
Jt General Secretary


Ketan Thakare
Dharan Shah
Samiksha Shende
Nikhita Raghunath
Aditya Ghate

page 13


- Poems -

To My No More Dear, Internet Addiction

I am writing this to only you and none,

You ruined my life the way you wanted,
Pretending my fortune was all shunted.
When I lie by a tree,
Telling you that we are done!
With stress and lag in my mind.
You promised me fun n frolic,
Closing my eyes,
But left me tagged net-a-holic.
back to the glorious days,
I blindly trusted you,
of bygone era, I go.
As you were to make me through,
How blissful and serene,
Everyone at home blames me now,
Finding myself,
Life is now just an ill astray.
on a lush green carpet.
So that I wouldnt find you there
tasting the air around me,
Because you are the one who broke the vow.
Id walk around the fields,
Family, friends, money all you took away,
and rest on the hay.
Why dont you die or hide somewhere,
And do a flute, down along the bay.
Id be the controller and youd be
Opening my eyes,
the controlled,
I find myself back.
Nobody in this cyclone, I wish, after me shall
back to the present,
be enrolled.
So wicked are you, so fierce is your power,
But I think, Id be better in the good old days!
Could not wash out all my pain even in
a busty shower
Chirag Shetty Now, watch out as I drain all the pain,
Thousands come to you for youre a
wishing well,
Dont make them realize its a scam and land
Mankind succumbs to the wrath of corruption, them in hell.
And all it leads to is disruption.
Wishing to see you never again!
Though this world, full of innocent faced wily
Ketki Y. Baisane
Never knows where corruption may affect
their kind.
Fixing the book
From ancient times, the rich cling to their
Days of the Great Depression,
And the commoners keep paying bribes.
Brought with them recession.
Wake up! Every heart has a true, clean human
The Wall Street slipped,
And values dipped.
The only way is to keenly think and decide.
Explore more, compete more, but dont be
The economy sunk,
CORRUPT anymore!
And dollars shrunk.
One ray of hope leads to a million more,
Finances were lost,
So open your eyes and see the heaven in the
High was the cost.
Earths core.

Some years it took,

For fixing the book.

Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first

Her hands held me close when the tears would
Rudraksh Sharma (TY Production) start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that she
would take care of it all.

Back To the Good Old Days!

The stock market fell,

Aditya Ghate It did not go well.
page 14

Shes Gone!

In the middle of the night,

I awoke with fright,
A scary dream, had my heart torn,
I saw in the dream, Shes gone!
Unable to sleep,
Thoughts marching so deep,
It went on till dawn,
Everything cried, Shes gone!
Awakened by, the first sun ray,
Rang her up, to see if shes okay,
The phone kept ringing, I kept calling on,
My heart said, Is she really gone?
Unable to cope, with thoughts in my mind,
I took the first train, for the truth to unwind,
People around, seemed moaning upon,
My soul started crying, what if shes gone!
With each step closer, the heartbeats rose,
The wind cried foul, as if it knows,
Everything felt dull, even the green lawn,
My mind kept saying, She cant be gone!
There I was, at her front door,
Stepping in, looked at the kitchen floor,
She laid down, with the knife bent on,
Blood everywhere, glasses shattered on,
Broke down in tears, I cant carry on,
How can I live when, Shes gone!
Chinmay Patil (BTech Computer)

Her Hands
Her hands held me gently from the day I took
my first breath.

Her hands were there to brush my hair, or

straighten a wayward bow.
Her hands were often there to comfort the
hurts that didnt always show.
Her hands helped hold the stars in place, and
encouraged me to reach.
Her hands would clap and cheer and praise
when I captured them at length.
Her hands would also push me, though not
down or in harms way.
Her hands would punctuate the words, just do
what I say.
Her hands sometimes had to discipline, to help
bend this young tree.
Her hands would shape and mold me into all
she knew I could be.
Her hands are now twisting with age and years
of work,
Her hand now needs my gentle touch to rub
away the hurt.
Her hands are more beautiful than anything
can be.
Her hands are the reason I am me.

I ask thou teacher,
Because I have a doubt.
After years of studying math,
Im unaware what its all about.
The numbers flying high,
Creating chaos in my head.
Exams I write with confidence,
But the results leave me dead.
Theres integration and differentiation,
page 15


Chinmay Patil (TY BTech Computers)

They call it calculus.

I become insomniac,
As their functions nonplus.

Woman of Today

Triangles, circles and conics,

Shapes they dont remain.
After trying hard to understand,
They are still a pain.

The same two feet, two hands, I possess,

But now my heart is filled with confidence,
I brought to the world a new hope ray,
Yes I am, I am the woman of today.

Sudoku in newspapers to solve,

I always found a way.
But then came matrices
And blew my mind away.
Math is very scoring,
You always tell me.
But I get dejected,
And Ill never be free.

I walk down the streets alone without fear,

I handle consequences without a tear,
But I still bow down before Him and pray,
Yes I am, I am the woman of today.
My ability today has got me a seat,
I proudly stand on my own two feet,
My fight has got me back my say,
Suketu N Dave Yes I am, I am the woman of today.

Thanks for the Time

There was a time so lonely and dark,
I was lost like a toddler in the park.
No friends, no fun, no hopes for the future,
In life I was unable to achieve any stature.
I thought I was useless, by heart and name,
Just then in my life as a spark you came.
I didnt realise how and when it happened,
Like a flash of starlight when everything blackened.
I was crazy for you, clearly obsessed,
Cupids were impressed, me they blessed.
Your smile, your voice, all made me crazy,
Girl, you are the one, joyous, jolly and daisy.
Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat,
I love you so much, I always want to meet.
You may not know, how deeply I love you,
One day, for sure, Ill be knelt to woo.
I may not be good, definitely not the best,
But you filled my heart with love, life and zest.
You made me smile, you poured in care,
You taught me things, of which I was unaware.
You are the one; Ill forget you never,
So thanks for the time, Best Girl Ever!

page 16

I am a nasty stone to the bad,

But I am the strength of the sad,
Left behind is that life of dismay,
Yes I am, I am the woman of today.
I am seen in Kiran Bedi the fighter,
Also in Shobha De the effective writer,
My strength in todays world holds a say,
Yes I am, I am the woman of today.

What an Amazing Night!

Surpassing all expectations, came this big
All smiles, all joy, no frowns, no sighs,
Hearts full of joy and faces shining bright,
What an amazing night!
We unleashed the craziness within,
All on a high, without any vodka or gin,
You are still feeling it, am I not right?
What an amazing night!!
Dancing like theres no tomorrow,
Going on and on, knowing next wont be a
good morrow,
We never could be satisfied quite

What an amazing night!

All it took was that amazing day,
A lot of things in my heart but nothing to say,
I had my life laid in front of me,
For all that time we have a god within, I could
Yash Goyal (SY B.Tech Comps)

- Essays Human Voice and Singing

Humans are fortunate to sing songs or merely
hum melodies. Our voice is an exceptional boon
given to us by god which enables us to sing in
a variety of ways unlike other animals on earth.
Thus for singing, voice is the most important
thing to be taken care of.

In India, singing is a passion found in every house. Be it the songs rendered by the legendary Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar etc.,
or the current sensations like Shreya Ghoshal,
Sunidhi Chauhan, Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh, Honey Singh, etc., people listen to and sing them
with great pleasure. The very first step to singing is listening to compositions and then trying
to replicate the melody using our voice. But it
is a fact that not everyone can sing all types
of songs. This is because we all have a unique
voice which identifies us. Hence, we face difficulties in imitating other singers due to a difference in tonal qualities.

In older times, people in India used to
sing Dhrupad which is a Hindustani classical music form which required clarity and modulation
of voice. Gradually, the development of Khayal
and semi-classical forms like Dadra, Thumri, Tarana, Tappa, Bhajan, Bhavgeet, Natyageet, etc.
came to its peak. Today, is the age of Bollywood,
western and fusion music. Thus, over course of
time, the concept of preserving voice quality

has been reduced to some extent. Many years

ago, Prof B. R. Deodhar, a disciple of Pt. Vishnu
Digambar Paluskar, and the founder of Indian
School of Music, Mumbai, went to England to
study voice culture and was able to preserve his
voice so well that in his old age, people reported
of hearing him sound like a young man. He tried
spreading his knowledge among musicians of
those days, but was criticized for altering the
traditional ways. For the next 50 years, Indian
singing was on the same page. After around
50 years, Pt. Rajendra Manerikar, a voice scientist and a disciple of renowned singer Pt. Ram
Marathe, went to study voice under the tutelage of Dr. Breverin Locklidge, mesmerised by
his singing. He has been spreading knowledge
about voice and singing since then, all over India.
After talking about the history of Indian singing, lets move on to the human voice.
Our voice is produced by the virtue of our vocal
chords and air. It also has an anatomy like we
have, and is characterised by three properties
viz. pitch, timbre and identity. Out of these,
pitch and timbre are generalised concepts, but,
identity of voice is something very distinct. Biologically, voice is produced by the vibration of
vocal chords under some specific pressure applied by our throat muscles when air taken in
while breathing, passes through them. Naturally, male and female voices are different in terms
of pitch. Females and males have high and low
pitched voices, respectively. The timbre of voice
is the property contributing to fuller sound and
clarity. It is due to the timbre that one produces
a pure sound and not noise. The third property,
identity, is the most important one. Yet, on a
very large scale it is neglected.

In the initial stages of singing, we try to
sound like singers we listen to. They are totally
different from us as the identity factor comes
into picture. Thus, we are not able to imitate
them for a long time as our voice is engineered
for a different sound. Singers use falsetto, vibrato and other voice modulations at their own
ease to enrich their singing. So, each singer has
a distinct voice and comfort zone. When we try
page 17


to replicate them or go beyond our range and

strength of voice, we gradually deteriorate our
voice. It results in husk and blow becoming predominant. Hence, the next question. How can
we sing beautifully for a long time? The answer
to this question lies in knowing the identity of
ones voice. Next step is to use the voice effectively and efficiently to sing. For this, after
knowing the voice fully, the singer must focus
on his/her voice palette. Voice palette is a new
term coined by voice culture experts which
means the entire mouth. For producing desired
sound we may have to throw our voice, enforce
it or even change its pitch and timbre unnaturally. But with effective use of voice palette one
can do this easily. With sufficient breath of air
taken in, mouth opened to the required extent
and tongue kept in its right position we create
a natural resonator in our mouth which can be

Even the breath taken by mouth instead
of nose lubricates the throats and acts as a natural coolant which is soothing. This resonator
is just like the resonator hollow found in string
instruments like guitar, sitar, tanpura, veena,
mandolin etc. Now once this resonator is ready,
we can use it to produce sound of syllables,
vowels, consonants and both upper and lower
registers of musical notes. With steady and step
by step increment in difficulty of compositions
to be practised, one can increase the range of
voice and its resonance to such a level that a
microphone is not required for amplification.
This process is basically done to bring the voice
from the rear end of mouth to the frontal resonating region.

Also, with practice using the voice palette at full extent, one can sing any kind of song
with ease. Thus, voice when used efficiently,
enables us to sing in a variety of ways without
harming our throat.
On a concluding note, it is indeed a fact that efficient use of voice not only makes it more effective but also preserves its quality for a long

The Loss
It was in the fall. The last leaves were fast falling
off their branches. Dusk was upon the countryside. No. 5, Beagle Street was dark, except for a
few electric bulbs which outlined the texture of
the old wooden panelling. Her feet staggered
across the cold stone floor. The stairs creaked
although she climbed lithely. In her gnarled
hands she held two opened envelopes. One
dirty and soiled. Another white as snow. The
post had arrived only a few moments ago. How
long had she waited for a letter! Months of expectation -or was it a year?
She finally reached her the top of the staircase
and pushed open the old oak door that led to
her room. It was hardly a room. More a shrine.
The southern facing wall was covered in a neat
yet vast collage of rectangular frames, all depicting happier times. In the center was the
largest frame. A young boy was smiling out of
it. Blue eyes, tousled hair and wearing a stubborn look - yes James was exactly that. Stubborn. Wont to have his way.
It had happened all so suddenly. That Malcolm
boy was to blame. His name was written all
over it. He put all those ideas into little James
head. Going into the army. Serving ones country. A matter of pride. Pshaw! What blistering
garbage! Look what had come of it. The headlines in the morning paper had it written all over
-Bombing in Vietnam -43 dead in unexpected
suicide bombing. She cast aside the other
letter, the one with the official seal imprinted
on it. Turning her attention to the first, she perused it once again. It was surprisingly brief, but
it caused a greater pain.
Dear Mum,

Hope alls well. Im great here. Food at the base is

much better. Weve had training for the last two
weeks. Malcolm and I have been split into different squads though. Jerry was hurt in last weeks
gunfire. nothing serious, but he was in shock. So
they sent him home. Our team will be leaving
Omkar Prakash Joshi the base today. That means no more cricket or

page 18

peaceful dinners. But Ill be home in some. Well

go to Nanas and spend a month there. The blue
lake, the spring blossoms... Itll be a good change.
Wow, I really cant wait for these months to pass.
Gotta go now.
Bye. Love ya.
Tears flowed afresh. She opened her mouth to
let a cry. But a stifling, choking sound was all
she could manage. From below a voice cried
out, Ma? You okay?. The silence was followed
by the sound of footsteps and many dangerous
creaks. The door burst open and Angela Johnson entered. The smell of baked pie filled the
room. But it didnt change anything.
What is it, Ma?, she asked, her tone betraying the unperturbed look on her face. There
was certainly a note of dread in her voice. Mrs.
Amelia Johnson held out the dirty sheet to her
daughter. Blue eyes darted across the paper. A
sorrowful sigh escaped her lips. More tears. Together they cried out their hearts. After a while
she straightened her back, Ma, dinners ready.
Youve got to eat.
Half an hour later, the dishes contents had not
diminished. The two stared vacantly at the fireplace. The son had gone. Now, the night was
Errol Fernandes, TYBTech IT

Young India, Resurgent India

Everything ends. It has to. But, we neednt despair. Subsequently, something better comes
with it. A new beginning is as inevitable as the
end preceding it. Today, I speak about a new
India, the Young India. We stand on the brink
of change. After 68 years of independence,
an entire generation of Midnights Children
has passed away. However, a new generation
has matured. The future shines through them.
The time warrants a new perspective on prob-

lems and tribulations of the Indian youth, the

perspective of my generation. The subject I
express my views on today might be generic, even clichd; but it needs to be addressed
nevertheless. About 430 million Indians fall in
the age group of 15 to 34 years. Certainly, India is young. It shall rise to 464 million by 2020.
With 64% of its population being students and
young working class adults, India will become
the youngest country in the world by 2020. This
could add a significant 2% to the GDP growth
rate of the Indian economy. These numbers
seem to work in Indias favour if it can wield
this massive body of human talent. However,
it seems the youth doesnt feel so fortunate.
Heres why - there comes a time in the life of every Indian youth when fear engulfs them. They
face an identity crisis; a fear of drowning their
individuality in the sea of the other 430 million
young Indians who are just like them. Some
even have things laid out and opportunities reserved for them. At this point they see a way
out; a chance to travel to a faraway lands with
far less people and many more opportunities
and a level playing field. They jump at the idea
and migrate, oblivious to their duties towards
their country. In the process, India loses a vital
human resource. Up until a few years back, this
was a major crisis in India and other developing
countries. It was called Human Capital Flight
or Brain Drain. However, the tide is slowly
shifting. The developing countries act as magnets for foreign companies. These companies
now see countries like India as goldmines of human resources.. The subsidence of Brain Drain
is majorly due to the enlightenment of the Indian youth. Today, the Indian youth responds to
rational thinking than blind-faith. They believe
in making their own rules. They have decided
to abandon the so called natural order to foray
into politics. With steel nerves, they are proving
their mettle in doing the needful. Their lack of
experience is made up for by the level of zeal
they exhibit. They do not mind getting their
hands dirty to mould the nation. They are finally
being the change they want to see in the world.
Its high time, India wakes up to its mammoth
page 19


potential. Time is ripe for the Indian youth to ting into the bus all I hoped was that the wishes
step into the vanguard and lead the nation to of those little girls should never go unheard.
world supremacy.
Isha Pongde (SYBtech Computer)
Himanshu V. Kohli

An Extraordinarily Ordinary Day

Drained and hungry, after quite a routine, I was
at the bus stop, with the sun overhead, waiting
for my bus to arrive. It had been fifteen minutes
since I was waiting. I know it doesnt sound like
a long time but when you have an angry mind
and a hungry stomach, believe me, its quite
some time. With every passing minute I was
growing all the more impatient, cribbing about
the sun, the bus, the people and life itself. I was
on the verge of erupting when I heard these
innocent and naughty laughs from across the
street. I looked around and saw two little girls
in rags across the street on the footpath, playing with two broken dolls. What was so captivating in their voices that I couldnt resist? The
little girls played innocently, giving life to those
toys, like any kid would do. They seemed so
engrossed. They tickled each other, laughed
together, jumped and hopped around. Neither
the suns heat nor the passing crowd seemed
to bother them. All they cared about was having a good time. That was when I got the answer to my question. It wasnt the laughter but
the hidden tinge of happiness that struck me.
There I was on the street, tired and complaining after a day in an air conditioned place and
on the other side were those two little girls facing lifes problems with a smile. They were happy even though they were poor, had no shelter from the sun, their dolls were broken and
clothes tethered. Truly, happiness is immaterial. Those girls wore torn frocks yet they were
princesses with shimmering tiaras of happiness
and joy. They had the power to turn my frown
and impatience into a warm smile. Happiness indeed is contagious. It is not a state of mind but
a state of the soul. Forgetting my complaints,
I watched them play until my bus arrived. Getpage 20

Give Your Heart Away

35 years ago many patients used
to buy blood because of shortage of voluntary
donors. Today, nearly all the blood used across
India is received as replacement blood from relatives and as altruistic donations. If attitudes
can change to this extent for blood donation,
future could be just as bright for organ donation that could save thousands of lives.
More than half a million Indians are estimated to be in dire need of organ transplants.
Yet, less than a thousand transplants are performed each year. The rest usually die waiting
for an organ as there arent enough donors.
Poor awareness is one of the biggest hurdles.
While thousands sign a consent form to become donors, neither the donors information
nor the donor cards, nor advanced directives is
available to doctors when procurement decisions have to be made.
Some doctors still dont understand
concept of brain death despite the law being in
force since 95. Many believe that the patient is
alive if the heart is still beating and disagree for
organ donation. Even the police are unaware of
this. Maintained registry of donors by the government, NGOs and social media can help increase the awareness. Take the recent example
of a heart transplant in Chennai, where entire
city cleared the roads so that the heart could
be transported, to save a girl. Even after brain
death, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, small intestines and lungs have a good chance of a successful transplant. After a cardiac death, corneas, heart valves, skin, bone and tissues can
be donated.
Facts about organ donation:
1. Organs are used to save lives by replacing diseased organs with healthy ones.

2. At least 7 lives can be saved by organs harvested from 1 donor.

3. Some organs are not suitable for transplant
even on consent.
4. They can be donated only in cases of brain
death, while tissues in case of cardiac death.
13 Aug is celebrated as Organ Donation Day
to spread awareness. It is necessary to spread
awareness so that with the help and collective
efforts of the government, NGOs, donors and
patients relatives, we can save many lives. So
spread awareness about organ donation and
enjoy the satisfaction of saving someones life!
Aditi Damle (SY Btech, Electrical)
20 Be positive in all aspects of life.
(compiled from holy book of Swami Samarth)

The evident sunrise I was waiting for

Im seeing myself ghastly wandering rudderless, on the seashore completely lonely. The
sky was getting redder, the stars were getting
brighter as if they were drinking the luminous
sky and showing up. Just then my feet felt the
tickle of the waves. I thought, at last these
struggling waves covered so much distance to
reach me. All my footprints vanished. The newer ones formed were also vanishing.
The tide was high. I felt as if all my hopes, my
aspirations, my wishes, my zest were dissolving and the waves taking them away, never
to return. Helplessly I looked around. My gaze
fell on the setting, dwindling Sun. Centimeter
by centimeter it was drowning in the same sea
that seized all I had. We shared the same feeling
but with a major difference. The Sun was bright,
spreading the glorious glare it still had whereas
me, totally dull and spreading insipidity around
me. This vivid difference struck in me an instant
awe. Now I knew where I was wrong.
The urge to know more pulled me back, at the

same spot next morning. The dawn was so serene but sunrise yet to begin. I was still feeling
colors around me. The waves were again approaching me, may be they had to return what
they took from me.
I noticed the bright red blurred spot at the horizon getting even brighter and clearer. I watched
the ornate sky and waited till the initial red spot
turned into a full mighty circle. I could feel as
if the Sun god was telling me that, everyday is
a new life. Everyone rises and sets but even if
anyone sets, his presence and glare should remain.
I knew what I was now and I knew what I was
for now. Suddenly my ears felt a sweet chirping
of a bird interrupting my thoughts, telling me
to rise and start my day anew. I woke up realizing it was a dream which left a strong impact
on me. I looked out of the window fully ecstatic seeing the Sun just rising. I felt lucky to have
experienced two beautiful sunrises in a single
day. I thanked the Sun god for bringing me back
on right track which had no more diversions in
Karthika Kamath, SY BTech Electronics

The Lily
One day, this vivid lily was dazzling at the
rhythm of the breeze, smiling at the slight touch
of the sun light, shining bright with the slender
green stem under the blanket of her leaves. It
sure was a happy day for her as she was standing right next to Him. Him, the handsome rose
that she had been looking at with the look with
which the stars look at the moon every night,
ever since she bloomed. She smiled in her own
self and hid her face into her petals every time
the breeze would tease her and push her in his
arms. And he would wrap her inside his warm,
secure arms close enough so as to never let go.
He was the kind that doesnt use words to reveal
his love, the kind that doesnt involve things to
be said, the kind that never needs a medium to
express. A silent lover, if you may. But she had
page 21


always read those unwritten syllables, the unshared feelings, those unspoken words. Even
the time stood still just to experience love, until
a man came in wearing a tuxedo, with a bottle
of wine in his hand and a blue tiffany box in his
pocket. Hey! May I have the most gorgeous
one of your lilies? Its kind of a big day! Going to
propose to my girl! , he said with the brightest
smile, and she loves lilies. The florist smiled
back at him saying This one looks radiant today! I think it will be perfect for you! Saying
that, he advanced towards our happy couple
with enthusiasm. The rose broke into pieces on
seeing him come, the lily took a deep breath
and held his arms as tight as she could. Both of
them had seen this coming their way but little
did they know that a couple of moments is all
theyll get just to be with the each other. The
florist took his sharp glazing cutter in one hand
and the lily on the other. The rose tried to hold
on to her, to just get a fraction of second more
with her, but fate had decided differently. The
florist took her away cutting the same slender
stem that once was shining, left the rose alive
namesake but dying on the inside. While leaving
she told him that the time spent however little
was equal to a lifetime for her, he dropped his
shoulders and couldnt even whisper. He somehow grabbed himself together and told her that
hell be fine, asked her to smile as for her, there
was a lot coming in line. It was the purpose of
their lives that came in between their love, to
make someone elses love story, their own they
had to give up. The lily was given away for 2$
in return, the breeze was watching this all from
afar and all it did was learn. That love is beyond
time and space, that it is illogical and cannot be
understood. Then it observed the rose standing
uptight and smiling again. The breeze couldnt
help but ask him how can he still be so strong?
The rose then told him how while leaving she
whispered in his ears, Promise that youll be
the flower that a guy will one day give to his
girl and add to the total amount of Love in the

Bhoomi Thakkar
page 22

Surviving the Odds

VJTI has a legacy of over 125 years. Its an institution which prides itself in propriety and discipline. So its a really cool thing if you get into it.
When you finally do, the next thing that should
be a cause of your worry is how you get to it.
Travelling by train can be so strenuous! Thats
when you envy hostelites. But they have a lot
of things to put up with; so trust me, you dont
want to go there. One of the many interesting
facts about Mumbai locals is that the men are
more decent than the women. No offence intended. Dont upset them or else you will be
kicked out. I really didnt know that there are
two Matungas. A piece of advice to the Western line commuters, Dont get into a Virar fast
local no matter how tempting it is. Marathi is
proudly the first language of VJTI. So, make a
mental note to learn it, or at least have a better
understanding of it, so that you dont look like a
fool smiling at every person who speaks to you
in Marathi and go uh huh all the time.
Your first day of college can be very dreadful as you have to start all over again right from
adapting to the new environment, to making
new friends. It can be very intimidating when
your class mostly consists of ex- IIT aspirants.
I can still see the hurt on their faces for not
getting into IIT. So VJTI is kind of a consolation-prize as it is the second best but you see,
theres more to VJTI than just the basic facts.
Youre usually called a nerd if you go to VJTI and
thats self explanatory.
It is a misconception that nerds arent
interesting and their ideas of fun are usually
not that great. False notions about engineering college are that there are more than 75%
guys. This is no more the case- its not the 70s.
Another misconception is that people do engineering out of family pressure or for the honor
thing, but there are some who genuinely do it
because they want to do it.
VJTI breaks all the stereotypes you might have
for a nerd. So what if they complete their assignments on the same day itself and get them?

Thats called sincerity. From really cool robot

making workshops that SRA brings to you, to
aero VJTIs aircraft, from Technovanzas innovative lecture series to Pratibimbs cultural seminars, there are a lot of things that one can explore. You are spoilt for choice.
There are times when you are frustrated
and question your decision. You feel like you
are the only one who is working hard. You feel
left out but you are not alone in this. There are
people coming to VJTI from all over India, for
some, its their dream college. Gadvala gulachi
chav kaay so dont be the donkey. Surviving
in such a competitive environment is indeed difficult. Determination is what keeps you going
on. Our days at VJTI are numbered but its these
memories that will stay with us forever so make
the most of it while youve got a chance.
Nidhi Rathod, SY BTech Computers

Going Home
On one hand, my mind is happy as I am going
home but on the other hand, I am feeling very
sad that I have to leave my present hostel room.
Some people may think this is silly but honestly,
the environment around my hostel, especially
around my room, was the best one - with beautiful trees all around and birds melodious voices enlightening my morning and evening. I wish
I had the same room for 4 yrs. In such a polluted
city, I had never thought I would ever get such
a nice place to live. But thanks to VJTI, this has
become possible.

home. Sometimes late night games like Truth

or Dare, Dumb Sheraz made us overjoyed.
Lively discussions involving Bollywood, Hollywood, politics and cricket were our source of
enthusiasm and fun.
Calling everyone by nicknames, which suited their personality, became customary; now
these names have replaced our actual names!
So if any friend calls me by my actual name, I
feel a tad bit uneasy. It makes me question if
our friendship has lessened. Here I also experienced the ups and downs of marks and the pressure of assignments, clearly donkeys work.
I think all engineering students are united by
their hatred towards assignments. I would also
miss fighting with roommates on certain issues
where I felt that I was always correct (actually I was). But we would care about each other
whenever anyone of us became sick. Here we
are our only parents no one is here to control
us about our studies, food or to take care of us.
But I never felt homesick because all of us cared
for each other.
I get deeply saddened and nostalgic when I remember that from next year, we wont be in
our lovely B block. It would have been a great
joy for me if I would have got to stay here for
the next 3 years.
But they say that change is the only constant,
so lets face change. And lets hope that the
change is good.
Satyam Avhad, T.Y. BTech, Mechanical

Being here has been a very joyful experience

for me. This place inspired me to write and
share my joy and loneliness. Whenever I felt dismal, the big trees were my friends. The tennis
court, in the front, became our cricket ground.
The mango trees gave us a chance to relive our
childhood mischief by plucking mangoes when
no one was around and dashing away when the
watchman came. Cracking jokes and gossiping
with friends made us forget the appalling quality of the mess food, which wasnt as good as
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Hindi &



The Editor speaks | A



Hindi &

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The Editor speaks | R

Research is seeing what everyone else has seen,
but thinking what no one else has thought.
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Nirmaan has always been a platform for those
who imagine and think differently. The technical
section of Nirmaan16 has endeavored to bring
forth such innovative ideas, to give an insight of
whats being happening in the technical field,
recent technologies
& engineering




We have brought a compendium of research papers and articles from various branches, exhibits
at technovanza, projects from different societies
(SRA, SAE etc.) VJTIians have always sought to
help the society through their technical knowledge and innovative thinking.
We have success stories of such students from
VJTI who participated in national and international technical competitions and have contributed to
the development in technical arenas through their
research work.
Editing the technical papers was a great and
fulfilling experience. We hope our readers would
enjoy as they go through the technical section of
Nirmaan16 and hopefully they would also get
some motivation to venture in this vast field of
research and innovation.
Finally we would like to express our gratitude
to all those who have helped us in some or the
other way and made our task easy through positive response and full co-ordination.


Ruchita Surve
Chief Editor, Technical Section


Nitesh Jaiswal
Rupal Jindal
Navin Tripathi
Janit Mani

page 53


- Tech clubs VJTI Racing

VJTI Racing, a non-profit organization is a group
of undergraduate students having passion for
engineering & determined to prove their prowess in the field of automobile through dedication & innovation. Since its inception in 2008,
VJTI Racing has won many accolades for its 128
years old alma mater.
The objective of the club is to simulate real-world engineering design projects and their
related challenges. The students from the club
form a team and participate in competitions
where each team is competing to have its design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious
The students have to design, engineer, build,
test, promote and compete with a vehicle within the limits of the rules. Each teams goal is to
design and build a single-seat vehicle whose
structure contains the driver. The vehicle is to
be a prototype for a reliable, maintainable, ergonomic, and economic production vehicle.
The vehicle should aspire to market-leading
performance in terms of speed, handling, ride,
and ruggedness. The performance of the team
is evaluated through various events as per the
Recent Activities
Eco-Kart 2015 - Electric Go-kart
Overall 2nd in India.
Safest Kart Award.
Best Marketing Scope Award.
Most Synchronized Team Award.

Climb & Dynamic Performance.

2nd Prize in Static Design & Sales Presentation.
Baja SAE India 2016 - All-Terrain Vehicle
Overall 35th rank in India.
ESVC 2016 - Electric Solar Vehicle
Overall 9th rank in India.
Best Acceleration Award
The club is now looking forward to participate
in SAE-Baja India 2017.

Aero VJTI is currently the yougest technical
club of VJTI being estabilished in the year 2008.
Since its estabilishment not a year has passed
wherein Aero VJTI has not wowed the crowds
, both national as well as international. A thirst
for perfection motivates us to design aircrafts
to its fullest capability. Designs are characterized by innovation, theoretical and practical optimization, expert validations. For this we use
detailed software analysis, experimental data,
practical tests, and cutting edge technologies
for precision construction. Crossing over domains of IC Engine aircrafts and into the new
age Electric Motor Propelled Aircrafts, has
made huge advances. It is only apt to say the
club lives up to its creed Born to Fly.
In a chronological order:
Team Golden Eagles Participated in SAE Aero
Design West 2011- Regular Class, The first attempt by the club resulted in a 5th Rank Globally in Design Report and a 21st Overall Rank.

2012 saw two participations , Team Golden Eagles participated in the Regular Class SAE Aero
Design West and ranked 21st overall. The secBaja South Africa 2015 - All-Terrain vehicle
ond participation in Advanced Class resulted in
1st Rank among all international teams.
1st Prize in Acceleration, Maneuverability, Hill a 1st rank globally for oral presentation and a
page 54

6th rank overall.

Society of Robotics and Automation, SRA

One of the aircraft made during 2012 remains

the most iconic aircraft till date . Brahmastra
The Society of Robotics and Automation (SRA)
is a huge attraction at all displays held by Aero
VJTI Collegiate Club under the Department of
Mechanical Engineering is a platform in the institute to establish a full course in the disciplines
With AIAA DBF being rated as the most chalof robotics design and control for beginners
lenging competition in the RC Aircraft domain,
with no formal background in the field. The stuthe club set its eyes to DBF with its first particdent members are introduced to basics in the
ipation in 2014 which resulted in a 32nd Design
initial process though hands-on workshops and
Report Rank as well as 48th rank overall. This
mentorship programs, proceeding in a gradual
was the clubs first attempt in a competition
manner to facilitate the members to contribute
which required the use of electric motors rathto design and control of good competitive roer than IC engines.
bots along with enabling them to innovate with
In 2015, Aero VJTI decide to participate in Futechnology to build products that can facilitate
ture Flight Design for its challenging problem
towards the betterment of society.
statement. The fly off was held at Turkey and
VJTI established SRA Collegiate Club in 2008,
the aircraft made by Team Vayuputras was able
under which Robocon VJTI Team is formed to
to outperform international military institutes
represent VJTI in the annual international level
and secure a 3rd Rank overall. The club was also
Asia-Pacific competition ABU Robocon, every
ranked 5th in its Design Report.
year. Along with this we also represent VJTI in
many National level competitions conducted by
In 2016, using the experience obtained in 2014,
National Instruments, Texas Instruments and
Team Vayuputras took the AIAA DBF challenge
many other colleges.
once again and secured 2nd Rank in Design ReThe members also participate in constructing
port. This was a first by any Indian team in AIAA
various application-based projects throughout
the year with the primary objective of innovation in the field of technology. It is the only soApart from Competitions, Aero VJTIs local presciety that boasts students from different discience has also increased over the years. From
plines like mechanical, electrical and computers
the annual Aquila Workshop which taught students to build simple flight capable RC aircrafts
Overview of our work
to mentoring and helping set-up Aero clubs in
Enhance our subject domain knowledge by
other colleges. Aero VJTI also started offering
practical designing, testing and analysis of Roworkshops to schools with the first workshop
bots using softwares.
held at Don Bosco Matunga.
Build and analyze the mathematical model to
validate the control dynamics of a robotic sysThis year Aero VJTI opened an RC Aircraft Worktem.
shop for the general public. The workshop
Design and test a stand-alone control system
named Jetstrike was an initiative by second
to validate the fundamental principles of techyear students who modified and scaled down
the popular F22 Raptor into a RC scale Aircraft.
Exposure to the existing and developing techThe workshop was a grand success. So yeah,
nologies used to build robots all over the world.
we have always passed with flying colors!
Spreading knowledge and developing interest among fellow students.

page 55


Conducting workshops and seminars for the

students and a summer mentorship program
for the first year students.
Prepare economically efficient projects which
help the society.
Promoting Robotics in INDIA.
Representing VJTI and India in internationally
acclaimed competitions, consequently improving our countrys stature globally.
Few achievement over the years:
Year 2012:

A proposal idea for a Green Share Taxi
meter by SRA members won the award of the
Best Idea at Ideate A national level business
plan competition held at Techfest, IIT-Bombay.
Year 2013:

SRA represented VJTI in the Asia-Pacific
ABU Robocon National leg and ranked 4th in
the country amongst 70 other participating institutes from all over the country. The Robots
design won the prestigious award for the Most
Aesthetic Robot for its agility and consistency.

SRA members were also a part of developing a project of the BRNS (Board of Research
in Nuclear Science) in collaboration with VJTI
on Simulation of a Nuclear Power Plant.
Year 2014:

The National Lunar Rover Challenge,
held in IIT-Madras, was competition supervised
and judged by scientists at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). SRA ranked 4th in
the country in this competition

The Grid Warriors Competition, the most
esteemed platform for competing line-following robots in the, ranked the SRA Team Robot
1st all over the country at Techfest, IIT-Bombay.

ABU Robocon 2014, held in Pune with
India as the host country for the year 2014, witnessed the SRA Team Jugaad as the First Runners Up in the national leg of the competition,
surpassing 88 other reputed institutes giving
VJTI the opportunity to represent India on
the International platform of the competition,
page 56

which will be held in Pune in August 2014.

then speak out the communicated message.

Year 2015:

SRA members have worked on a project featuring in many newspaper articles. It is
an AAC wearable device for helping people suffering from ALS (e.g. Stephen Hawking), LNS,
Cerebral palsy and similar paralytic disorders to
communicate with the rest of the world.

EKLAVYA 2015- Summer projects done
by first-year students, mentored under SRA:

Eye-controlled wheel Chair - A normal
Virtual Piano (One of the Eklavya projwheel chair was motorized and it could be con- ect) in Information Technology Category : A piatrolled with the eye movements.
no can be projected on any surface and played.
It was achieved using image processing.

1)POV(Persistence of vision): Draws various

pattern from a led array.
2)Smart Pen: Allows you to write anywhere,
even in air.
3)Braille Tutor: A refreshable braille display.
4)Biped Bot: Two footed robot which can walk
and kick.
5)Traffic Density: Dynamic traffic signal control
by measuring traffic density.
6)Virtual Piano: Play your piano anywhere.
7)Bus Monitoring : An android app which tells
the estimated time arrival and crowd in a bus.
8)Smart Pendrive: Pendrive to Pendrive data
transfer without a PC or a laptop.
9)Self Balancing and Stair Climbing robot: Two
wheeled self balancing robot.
10)RC car: Radio controlled car which can be
controlled over skype.
Two Teams from SRA had participated in Texas Instruments innovation challenge which
reached the semi-finals. The projects are listed
below :

Wrist-watch multimeter - A product
sized approximately of a wristwatch which had
all the functions of a multimeter and also had
the added feature of an oscilloscope. Youtube

Communication for vocal and hearing
challenged people - A compact glove design
which had a lcd screen on it and also connected
via bluetooth to a phone. One could communicate from the glove to the phone, which would

Many members participated in hackathons like

Credit Suisse , medical hackathon by CAMTech,
Makers Asylum hackathon. Two teams which
had participated in Makers Asylum won the
hackathon as winners and runner-up.
Three teams from SRA had participated in a
competition NIyantra 2015 conducted by National Instruments. The three projects were
among the top 20 projects of India among over
750 projects and one of the project stood as the
winner of the competition. The teams were given National Instruments hardware: MyRio and
the entire code was written in LabView. The
projects are listed below:

Biped Exoskeleton: The project aims at
aiding the people who are unable to walk and
amputees. It also had added features like pulse
monitoring, ECG, and streaming live video of
the leg movements to the doctor. The project
also won at various college competitions.

Task Learning Robot: The project aimed
at making robot learn a complex task and then
carry it out as many times as possible. The learning was done using encoders and vision. The
main focus was made on making the learning
task simplified.

Scavenger, an outdoor cleaning robot:
This project was the winner of the competition.
A robot was made which was designed to clean
a particular area selected on Google maps along
with obstacle avoidance.

Zee 24taas : Two SRA projects were selected as the Young Innovator Winners in the
Information Technology and Medical category.
They were felicitated by Chief Minister of Maharashtra Dr. Devendra Fadnavis and Dr.Anil Ka-

kodkar, an eminent nuclear scientist.

Recently, a CNC machine was set up in SRA and

is regularly used for making parts of projects.
We hope to soar even higher in the coming year

Prodology by PESA VJTI having legacy of 56
years, has been the platform for young talents
to showcase their innovative ideas. Prodology
conducts multitudinous competitions, industrial visits, guest lectures by eminent personalities
and interactive workshops to nourish technical
as well as managerial skills and unleash the potential within individuals. Through this, qualities
like leadership, team work, self expression
and visionary thinking are inculcated. In Prodology, Production Engineers aim to create engineers for
tomorrows better and safe
This year, on 4th and 5th March, Prodology16
was conducted in the Production department
highlighting the theme By Production For Production Of Production. The panelists, eminent
speakers were all from Production engineering background which proved to be the great
resource for students to clarify their doubts
about career.
Case Study competition was a mega event under Prodology16 wherein real time industrial
scenarios were to be solved by participants and
best team was chosen by the veteran. Technical
Paper Presentation is always prime attraction
every year here. 25 teams participated from all
over Maharashatra in the competition. Group
Discussion, CAD wars were other commendable technical events. Apart from this, Mechanics, Rubiks Cube, Treasurehunt, Quiz were othpage 57


er fun events for the students.

Alumni meet on the evening of 5th March in Mechanical Seminar Hall was unprecedented. 50
production alumni were present for the meet.
Students made it an interactive session by engaging every person in the room in the activities. Words of alumni were indeed motivational
for the students. Musical concert by the second
year students of Production Engineering was
praised by everyone.

- Technical Papers -

& experience.There must be a comprehensive

strategy available to understand lean manufacturing inclusive of operational performance.
The proposed research will be modelling and
ranking of lean manufacturing variables, which
will benefit the practitioners for successful implementation of lean. Research in the area of
modelling of lean practices or barriers with ISM
method and ranking of the same is not done
yet. The research will contributed by comparing
the results of two different interpretive methods.

Experimental Investigations and Computer Simulation of Gas entrapment and

Blowhole Formation in Metal Casting

Integrating Lean Practices and Barriers

to Develop Strategy and its Implications Research Scholar : Atul N. Meshram
Supervisors: Dr. D. N. Raut, Dr. S. K. Mahajan
on Performance
Research Scholar: Anup Chaple
Supervisor: Dr B.E. Narkhede
Lean has been recognized as one of the key
approaches in enhancing the productivity and
hence the competitiveness of an organization.
Lean production concept born on the Japanese
manufacturing shop floor & promoted through
the success of Toyota Motors.Lean manufacturing is a multi-dimensional approach that
encompasses a wide variety of management
practices.Today lean production is a well-established management concept in many manufacturing organizations.Lean accepted as a
new paradigm that eliminates the waste in any
form, anywhere & at any time.A successful lean
implementation will result in various operational and economical improvements.Automobile
industries leading the way with success stories,
others are adopting lean.Lean received much
attention in recent time by industries and researchers.Research reveals many failures in
lean implementations.For finding failure reasons, managers still rely on judgment, intuition

page 58

Casting is a process which always faces a problem with one or the other defect. Many researchers are still working on different parameters of
casting process to get defect free casting. The
majority of the defects occur in the casting are
due to mold parameters, filling and during solidification. This leads gas to get accumulated
in the molten metal causing gas porosity in the
casting. The gas entrapped in the casting during
filling causes blowholes during solidification.
This is an attempt to control the casting parameters through experimental design, modeling &
simulation to get casting without porosity defect. When molten metal is poured into a sand
mould containing cores, the gas evolved from
cores gets entrapped into the molten metal. If
the gas pressure in the mold is more than the
metallostatic pressure of the molten metal, the
gas gets entrapped. The gas is due to moisture
content in the sand & improper venting.
The study is to identify & control the parameters
affecting formation of gas entrapment which
result into gas porosity defects like blowholes.
To study the effect of Bifilms and dissolved hy-

drogen in formation of porosity during solidification. To model & predict formation of porosity defects in sand casting by simulation and
validating it through experimentation.

Thermal Design and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis of Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger
Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering May 29-31,
2013, COEP, Pune, Maharashtra
India Paper ID ICAME2013- S5/P8

The present work mainly focuses on designing
a shell and tube heat exchanger as a condenser
(one side fluid condensing and other side fluid in
single-phase). Thermal design is done by KERN
method for calculation of heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop. Bell-Delaware method
is used in this paper to compute the shell side
heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop.
Thermal design is also done by CHEM- CAD (CC
THERM) software (6.5.0). The results are compared with analytical method, CHEM-CAD (CC
THERM) software (6.5.0) for smooth tube
and corrugated tube heat exchanger. The
analysis of 3-D smooth and corrugated tube by
CFD (Ansys fluent 12.0) software is done. The
variations of the fluid temperature and total
pressure drop along tube length are shown. It
is proved that the corrugated tube gives higher
heat transfer rate and it reduces heat transfer
length, so that number of corrugated tubes required is less compared to smooth tubes.

Shell-and-tube exchangers have main four

components: a bundle, a shell (with nozzles)
enclosing the bundle, a stationary channel
with nozzles, and the return head or its
equivalent, U-tubes. Tubes are arranged within a circular area and rolled or welded into tube
sheets. Shell-side baffles are positioned at intervals along the tubes to control flow, to act as
tube supports, and to minimize vibration. Their
function is to maximize the heat transfer rates
within the allowable pressure drop. Meeting
these conditions is not always possible in a given shell diameter. When it exceeds the same,
the shell diameter or tube pitch or both can be
increased. In that case, divided flow or the use
of two or more units in parallel is adapted.
Shell and tube heat exchanger is widely used
in many industrial power generation plants
as well as chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industries. In thermal design , the heat
exchanger is sized, which means that all the
principal construction parameters such as shell
type and diameter, number of tubes, tube OD
and thickness, tube length, tube pitch, number
of tube passes, baffle spacing and cut are determined [1] .The LMTD method is used to design
the shell and tube heat exchanger. The shell
and tube exchanger
can be reasonably easily cleaned and those
components which are most subjected to failure-gaskets and tubes-can be easily replaced.

CFD is a science that can be helpful for studying fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions etc. b y solving mathematical equations
with the help of numerical analysis. It is equally
helpful in designing a heat exchanger system
from scratch as well as in troubleshooting/
optimization by suggesting design modifications. CFD employs a very simple principle of resolving the entire system in small cells or grids
KeywordShell and tube heat exchanger, and applying governing equations on these
Heat transfer coefficient, Pressure drop, CFD, discrete elements to find numerical solutions
regarding pressure distribution, temperature
Smooth tube, corrugated tube.
gradients, flow parameters, etc. in a shorter
time at a lower cost because of reduced reIntroduction
page 59


quired experimental work.

accuracy and economic benefit; when IoT is

augmented with sensors and actuators, the
Internet of Things in Supply Chain
Management: Applications and Chal- technology becomes an instance of the more
general class of cyber physical systems, which
also encompasses technologies such as smart
grids, smart homes, intelligent transportation
and smart cities. Each thing is uniquely identifiGIRISH KULKARNI
able through its embedded computing system
but is able to interoperate within the existing
Internet infrastructure. [1] The next wave in
The Internet of Things (IoT) is among the prethe era of computing will be outside the realm
eminent challenges of the 2010s. A technically
of the traditional desktop. In the Internet of
complex concept, the IoT brings regulatory,
Things (IoT) paradigm, many of the objects
process, and relationship challenges to evthat surround us will be on the network in one
ery aspect of a business. And, above all, as
form or another. Radio Frequency
an emergent technology with competing standards and platforms, the IoT is still a risky investIdentification (RFID) and sensor network techment to many companies. True to form, many
nologies will rise to meet this new challenge, in
companies have focused their IoT strategy
which information and communication systems
on how the technology can cut costs and
are invisibly embedded in the environment
improve efficiency. A simple Internet search for
around us. This result in the generation of enorIoT and supply chain yields numerous artimous amounts of data which have to be stored
cles about how the IoT can help a company do
processed and presented in a seamless, effithings faster or with fewer personnel. And, yes,
cient, and easily interpretable form. This modthe IoT can certainly do these things. But it can
el will consist of services that are commodities
also be a transformative force in a supply chain,
and delivered in a manner similar to traditional
opening new possibilities not only for improved
commodities. Cloud computing can provide the
efficiency but for greater differentiation and invirtual infrastructure for such utility computing
novation as well. This paper encompasses the
which integrates monitoring devices, 2 storage
various benefits that are unfolded by the utilidevices, analytics tools, visualization platforms
zation of internet of things in supply chain manand client delivery. The cost based model that
agement and challenges.
Cloud computing offers will enable end-to-end
service provisioning for businesses and users to
Keywords- IoT; SC; RFID
access applications on demand from anywhere.
Smart connectivity with existing networks and
context-aware computation using network
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of
resources is an indispensable part of IoT. With
physical objectsdevices, vehicles, buildings
the growing presence of Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE
and other items embedded with electronics,
wireless Internet access, the evolution toward
software, sensors, and network connectiviubiquitous information and communication
tythat enables these objects to collect and
networks is already evident. However, for
exchange data. The Internet of Things allows
the Internet of Things vision to successfully
objects to be sensed and controlled remotely
emerge, the computing paradigm will need to
across existing network infrastructure, creatgo beyond traditional mobile computing sceing opportunities for more direct integranarios that use smart phones and portables,
tion of the physical world into computer based
and evolve into connecting everyday existing
systems, and resulting in improved efficiency,
objects and embedding intelligence into our enpage 60

vironment. For technology to disappear from

the consciousness of the user, the Internet of
Things demands: (1) a shared understanding of
the situation of its users and their appliances,
(2) software architectures and pervasive communication networks to process and convey the
contextual information to where it is relevant,
and (3) the analytics tools in the Internet of
Things that aim for autonomous and smart behaviour. With these three fundamental grounds
in place, smart connectivity and context-aware
computation can be accomplished. [3]
The definition of a supply chain seems to be
more common across authors than the definition of supply chain management (Cooper
and Ellram
1993; La Londe and Masters 1994; Lambert,
Stock, and Ellram 1998). La Londe and Masters
proposed that a supply chain is a set of firms
that pass
materials forward. Normally, several independent firms are involved in manufacturing a
product and placing it in the hands of the end
user in a supply chainraw material and component producers, product assemblers, wholesalers, retailer merchants and transportation
companies are all members of a supply chain
(La Londe and Masters 1994). By the same token, Lambert, Stock, and Ellram define
a supply chain as the alignment of firms that
brings products or services to market. Note
that these concepts of supply chain include the
consumer as part of the supply chain.
Another definition notes a supply chain is the
network of organizations that are involved,
through upstream and downstream linkages, in
the different processes and activities that produce value in the form of products and services
delivered to the ultimate consumer (Christopher 1992). In other words, a supply chain consists of multiple firms, both upstream (i.e., supply) and downstream (i.e., distribution), and
the ultimate consumer.
Given these definitions, for the purposes of this
paper, a supply chain is defined as a set of three

or more entities (organizations or individuals)

directly involved in the upstream and downstream flows of products, services, finances,
and/or information
from a source to a customer. [4]
The interactions, technologies, and processes within a supply chain can be difficult to navigate. Traditional supply chain management
techniques focused on one path through that
forest, relying on controls to minimize variation. However, with some level of variation
being inevitable, managers need the ability to
react to uncontrollable variation. The IoT offers
the ability to see and react to that variation, effectively opening up new paths to supply chain
Efficiency: The ability of IoT to make visible
previously unseen information about a supply
chain allows for greater efficiency than process
controls alone. IoT solutions with this goal are
typically found within the walls, making a
particular plant or facility run more efficiently.
Differentiation: By expanding within-the- walls
IoT applications to include suppliers and distributors in an end-to-end supply chain, companies can transform push-driven order systems
to pull-driven ones. These applications can have
the same efficiency gains as within-the-walls applications, but they can also improve customer
experience, providing for greater differentiation.
Innovation: Pervasive IoT applications that integrate customers and the end-to-end supply
chain into a single product ecosystem open the
pos- sibility of new, innovative business models. Among the most interesting of these new
business models are those that transform the
supply chain from a
cost burden to one that can generate revenue
There is no magic bullet or single answer for
IoT applications. However, the transformations
that the IoT can bring do open up the possibility
for new improvements and allow companies to
page 61


find new paths to supply chain management. portant topics for investigations in the field
of cryogenics engineering. The inherent advanPerformance Investigations of Single tages of this system include attainment of low
Stage Stirling Type Pulse Tube Cryocool- temperature in a short duration of time and
er with Inertance Tube using CFD simu- absence of moving parts in the low temperature region, along with simplicity and enhanced
reliability. Pulse tube cryocoolers have several
applications such as cooling of infrared sensors,
Proceedings of the Fortieth National Conference night vision equipment, cryopumping etc.
on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power
December 12-14, 2013, NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pulse tube cryocooler units operate as
Pradesh, India
closed systems where no mass is exPaper ID FMFP2013 76
changed between the cryocooler and its enBHAVIN SHAH
The present work reports about the performance evaluation and parametric studies of a
Single Stage Stirling Type Inertance Tube Pulse
Tube Cryocooler, using the CFD package FLUENT. Parametric studies are conducted with
different ranges of frequencies and pressures.
These results are analyzed to predict the performance of PTC, and thereby arrive at optimum operating parameters. A novel approach
is used by replacing the compressor with a UDF.
The variation of thermo-physical properties of
working medium with temperature is taken
into account using a separate UDF. Appreciable
agreement is found between CFD simulations
and experimental data. Significant multi-dimensional flow effects are observed at the vicinity
of component-to- component junctions.

vironment. In order to accurately predict and

improve the performance of the PTC system,
a reasonably thorough understanding of the
complicated thermo-fluidic process in the system is required. The recent availability of powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that is capable of rigorously modelling
the transient and multidimensional flow, along
with heat transfer processes in complex geometries, provides a good opportunity for analysis of PTC s. It demands for considerable
amount of time and cost for the experimental
investigations to evaluate the optimum parameters of PTC. On the other hand, developing a
specialized computer code for such analysis is
equally complex. Thus, numerical simulation using CFD software is a suitable option.

Banjare, 2009 has reported the use of FLUENT

for modelling the PTC, and showed that the
performance of ITPTC is superior compared to
an Orifice-PTC, for same geometrical and operating parameters. Simulations are also performed on G-M type DIPTC to find the optimum
valve openings. Cha,
2004 has reported for 2 models of ITPTC sysKeywords: CFD Simulation, Inertance Tube tems, operating under a variety of thermal
Pulse Tube Cryocooler, User Defined Functions boundary conditions. The simulation results
(UDF), Frequency Optimization, Pressure Opti- show that one- dimensional modelling of PTC
is appropriate only when all the components of
the PTC have very large aspect ratios (i.e. L/D
>>1). Ghiaasiaan et al., 2011
In the recent past, the pulse tube cryocooler
(PTC) system has become one of the most im- studied the effects of boundary layer on miniapage 62

turization of the pulse tube cryocoolers. The results indicate that the predicted boundary layer
loss increases as the boundary layer thickness
increases relative to the pulse tube diameter.
Ashwin, 2010 has reported for performance
evaluation and parametric studies of an ITPTC
using CFD for different aspect ratios. The wall
thickness of components and the local thermal
non-equilibrium of the gas and the matrix for
modelling of porous zones is taken into consideration in these investigations.

co-relations which have made substantial impact on latest research. The present work deals
with a comprehensive review of various theories related to bubble formation mechanism.
The basic dynamics behind the processes of
bubble inception and growth over a heated
surface are elaborated. The effects of various
thermo-physical parameters like degree of required superheat, metastability, critical radius, frequency, asymptotic growth and surface
conditions are also discussed in details.

Review of theories on bubble formation

in boiling phenomenon
Development of a Numerical Code for
Comparison of Different Theories of
Subcooled Flow Boiling CHF in Vertical
Round Tubes

A comprehensive study of bubble inception and
growth over a heated surface has been done.
The concepts related to degree of required superheat, metastability, critical radius, frequenSupervisor: D.K.Chandraker A. Dasgupta,
cy, asymptotic growth and effect of surface
Bhabha Atomic Research Center
conditions have been explained.Experiment on
single bubble growth has been studied and latAbstract
est developed co-relations by various researchCritical heat flux (CHF) is one of the vital
ers have been discussed. These theories form
considerations in the design and analysis of
the basis for understanding boiling phenomePressurized Water Reactors (PWRs). The phenon. Keywords: Review of bubble formation,
nomenon of subcooled flow boiling, which
boiling phenomenon.
occurs predominantly in a PWR, offers enhancement of heat transfer mechanism.
The physical interpretation of the mechanism
The phenomenon of bubble formation is highof CHF phenomenon has given rise to various
ly complex in nature, which demands for thorphenomenological models in recent past. Howough understanding of various physical asever, desired accuracy levels are not achieved
pects involved. Different researchers towards
over the entire subcooled flow boiling regime.
the development of diversified theories of forThe present work deals with the comparison
mation and growth of
of prime theories developed independently
towards the prediction of bubble diameter and
have contributed vapour bubbles,
CHF. Different forces acting on the bubbles
along with rigorous experimental investigenerated in vertical round tubes with axially
gations in support of the same. The studuniform heat flux are analyzed. A dedicated nuies have revealed empirical as well as derived
page 63


merical code, to predict the CHF, is developed which takes into account the effect of
convective shear on the wall-attached bubbly
layer. The model is validated with the CHF lookup table by Groeneveld et al. [10], and is found
to have acceptable accuracy. Further, effect
of force equilibrium and the bubble diameter to
predict the CHF is presented in detail. It could
be concluded from the present study that the
drag force dominates over other forces particularly in case of high mass flux, and accordingly considerable variation is observed in bubble
diameter. This ultimately results in substantial
deviation in CHF predictions.
Subcooled flow, Pressurized Water Reactors,
wall attached bubbly layer, bubble diameter.
Critical Heat Flux (CHF) represents the limit
of safe operating conditions of a system for a
component employing boiling heat transfer
under constant heat flux boiling condition. The
subject of critical heat flux has received considerable attention over the past several decades.
Loss of liquid contact with the heating surface
at CHF leads to a significant reduction in the
heat transfer rate. The complication of a CHF
problem for forced convection boiling is caused
by the large number of variable factors and the
variety of two-phase flows. There is general
agreement that the mechanisms leading to CHF
depends on the flow quality. At high qualities,
the flow is annular and CHF is caused by dryout
of the liquid film on the heated surface. It is

are developed to analyze and calculate the CHF

and its contributing factors [1]. One of the most
widely accepted theories, by Lee and Mudawar
[2] and Katto [3], deals with dryout of the liquid sublayer underneath vapour clots flowing
along the wall. Another major contribution,
by Hebel [4] and Weisman and Pei [5], deals
with bubble coalescence in the bubbly layer
brought about by inadequate vapour removal
rate at the edge of the bubbly layer. Out of
these, bubble coalescence theory is reported
to be more promising with appreciable accuracy [1]. Weismans theory assumes that a bubbly
layer builds up along the channel until it fills
the region near the wall, and the thickness of
the layer is maximum at CHF. However, it
deals with unknown functional relationships
to account for the two phase turbulent radial
velocity fluctuations, which are determined

More recently Kwon and Chang [6] have reported a mechanistic CHF model for wide range of
subcooled and low quality flow boiling. A
concept of single wall-attached bubbles layer
is introduced which replaces the bubbly layer
in the previous models, composed of multiple bubbles in thickness. It is assumed that
a single layer of bubbles compactly attached
on the wall plays an effective physical barrier
to the heat transfer. Further, critical wall-void
fraction is claimed to be a function of thermodynamic exit quality, rather than a constant, as
assumed by previous researchers. An algorithm
is presented in [6] for calculation of CHF by using Levys correlation for departure bubble diameter [7] and the profile-fit method reported
generally agreed that such dryout can be pre- by Lahey [8] is used for the calculation of exit
dicted by appropriate modeling of vaporiza- quality and void fraction. The objective of the
tion, in addition to entrainment from, and drop- present work is to develop an approach which
let deposition on, the annular liquid film.
would compare the theoretical predictions
with the experimental results for different
In a PWR, hypothetical transient conditions theories reported in literature.
generally lead to critical heat fluxes in the
subcooled or low-quality regime. Over decades,
many researchers have made significant contributions towards the same .Various theories
page 64

Performance Investigations on Single been tried by researchers. The inline, U-type,

Stage Stirling Type Pulse Tube Refriger- annular and coaxial are of prime importance
amongst them. Different phase shifting mechaator with Inline Configuration
Pulse Tube Refrigerator (PTR) has become
highly popular due to its inherent advantages
like absence of moving parts at the cold end,
reduced vibrations and high reliability. Different configurations possible in PTR are inline, U
type, co-axial and annular. Also, different phase
shifting mechanisms like orifice valve, double
inlet valve, Inertance tube, etc. are in practice.
The present work aims to study the performance of a single stage Stirling type pulse
tube refrigerator with inline configuration, developed in Cryogenic laboratory at IIT Bombay.
The focus of experimentation is on the investigation with regards to the no load temperature
and refrigeration load at higher temperatures.
Orientation of the cold tip plays a vital role
from cryocooler performance point of view.
This phenomenon is experimentally verified in
the present work. The effect of change in configuration from integral to split is also studied.
The experimental investigations are carried out
with different charging pressures. The operating frequency and the compressor input power
are maintained constant for comparison purpose.
Key words: Pulse Tube, Regenerator, Orientation, Integral, Split
The development of pulse tube refrigerator
(PTR) has gained significance in recent years
because of its inherent advantages like absence
of moving parts at the cold end, which leads
to simplicity in construction, low manufacturing cost, reduced mechanical vibrations at the
cold end, which ultimately offers high reliability.
Different configurations for the quest of attaining minimum cold end temperature have

nisms are also in practice. Orifice valve, double inlet valves and Inertance tube are a few
to mention [1-5]. An extensive study of performance comparison for single stage split type
PTR with Inline and U type configurations using Inertance tube is presented elsewhere [6].
These experimental investigations are carried
out to analyse the effect of change in different
geometric as well as operational parameters.
The objective of the present work is to compare the performance of a single stage Stirling
type inline PTR for Integral and Split configurations. The effect of orientation of the cold end
for both integral as well as split configurations
is also analysed. The performance is compared
in terms of no load temperature achieved and
refrigeration load that could be applied.

Performance Comparison of Stirling-Type Single-Stage Pulse Tube Refrigerators of Inline and U Configurations
Pulse Tube Refrigerators (PTR) have become
highly popular due to their inherent advan- tages like absence of moving parts at the cold
end, reduced vibration, high reliability, light
weight, and simple construction. There are various configurations possible in PTRs like inline,
U-type, coaxial, and annular. Also, different
phase-shifting mechanisms like orifice valve,
double-inlet valve, inertance tube, etc. are in
The present work aims to study and compare
the performance of an inline and a U-type configuration of a single-stage, Stirling-type PTR
developed in our laboratory, keeping the same
dimensions for the pulse tube and the regenerpage 65


ator in both. The inline configuration reached

a minimum temperature of 48.2K, while the
PTR with the U-type configuration with the
same pulse tube and regenerator dimensions
reached about 70K. The U-type configuration
has been further studied to understand its performance dependence on the connecting tube
diameter and length. Additional investigations
were carried out to study and compare the performance of these inline and U-type configurations for different operating parameters
like charge pressure, frequency of operation,
etc. and design parameters like length of inertance tube. The compari- sons have been
made with respect to cooldown time, minimum
temperature reached, and cooling power.
The Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) of tactical Stirling and commercial GM cryo- coolers is generally too short for use in providing
continuous cryogenic cooling for IR sensors in
space satellites. To meet this need, special
space-rated Stirling and Pulse Tube Refrigerators (PTR) have been developed based on
long-life flexure-supported linear compressors that offer continuous operation for 5 to 10
years. PTRs have the advantage of no moving
parts at the cold end, which leads to simplicity
in construction, lowered manufacturing cost,
reduced mechanical vibration at the cold end,
and thus ultimately to high reliability.
Different configurations of PTRs for attaining
minimum cold end temperatures have been
tried by various researchers. The inline, U-type,
annular, and coaxial are of prime importance
amongst them. Different phase shifting
mechanisms have also been applied to
these configurations. Orifice valve, double inlet
valves, and inertance tube are a few to mention
In the inline configuration, the flow losses
are minimum, as there is no curved path for
the flow of the working medium; hence, this
configuration is often preferred where high
perform- ance is desired. But, the limitation of
this configuration is that the cold end is located
page 66

in the middle of the assembly, which makes it

difficult to access. Also, the length of the unit
becomes quite large; in other words, it requires
more space. On the other hand, the U-type configuration is compact in size and allows easy access to the cold tip of the PTR. But, at the same
time, the performance of this configuration is
hampered by the addition of the U-bend.
The objective of the present work is to compare the performance of single-stage Stirlingtype PTRs in both inline and U-type configurations by keeping the geometrical parameters
of the regenerator and pulse tube the same in
both cases. These units have been developed
in our laboratory. The inline unit has been developed for the liquefaction of Nitrogen, and
it uses a linear-motor driven opposed-piston
compressor [6]. It has also been modified
into a U-type configuration. The performance,
in terms of minimum cold end temperature
achieved and refrigeration load that could be
applied, has been compared for the two configurations for various operating parameters
like charge pressure, frequency of operation,

Experimental Investigations on 20 K
Two-Stage Pulse Tube Cryocooler
with Inline Configuration
Multistaging in a Stirling-type Pulse Tube Refrigerator (PTR) is employed to reach the
temperature range of 20 K and below. Various
configurations of two-stage PTRs can be used,
where the former stage provides precooling
for the next stage. There are several candidate
two- stage configurations, each with advantages and limitations. These include: inline,

U type, coaxial, and combinations of these. In

addition to the above, the configuration can be
of integral or split type, depending if the compressor is directly attached to the pulse tube
assembly or is remote.
The present work describes experimental
investigations carried out on an integralconfiguration Stirling-type two-stage PTR with
inline pulse tubes for both stages. This pulse
tube configuration is thermodynamically advantageous as it involves the least dead space
and flow resistance. Inertance tubes are used
as the phase shift mechanism for both stages. The second- stage alone has an added double-inlet valve along with the inertance tube.
A linear compressor is used to provide the PV
power to the PTR and is maintained at 350 W.
The investigations are carried out for different
operating conditions.
The development of low temperature cryocoolers has been initiated to fulfill the need
for low temperatures in several space missions.
These requirements include the cooling of electronic devices such as infrared sensors, or the
precooling of Joule-Thomson refrigerators.
Under the given constraints on the cryocoolers
for space applications in terms of reliability,
lifetime, and generated vibration, pulse tube
cryocoolers with no moving parts at the cold
end are an attractive technology to satisfy the
Multistaging is used to achieve such low levels of temperatures, where the former stage
serves as a precooling stage for the next one.
The two stages can be coupled in two different ways. The gas-coupled design contains
the same gas in both the stages with the same
pressure and the same frequency. On the other hand, a thermally-coupled design can have
two different gases, different pressures and frequencies, and different compressors for each
stage. Yang and Thummes [1] have reported a
minimum temperature of 20.02 K for the input
power of 200 W using a Leybold Polar SC7 compressor. The design is of the gas-coupled type.

Nguyen et al. [2] have developed a thermally-coupled design. The minimum temperature
reported is 20 K at the second stage with 600
W input power, while Yan et al [3] reported a
minimum temperature of 14.2 K with 400 W
input power. Thummes et al [4] have reported a minimum temperature of 13.7 K in their
recent work for a thermally coupled design.
However, the compressor employed is of 10
kW class and uses 4.6 kW to reach the no load
temperature. In addition, the second stage
regenerator is filled with lead spheres of 100
micron size. Recently, Yang et al [5] have reported a minimum temperature of 12.96 K at
the second stage with thermally coupled stages. A power of 200 W is given to both the stages
with two separate compressors. The second
stage regenerator consists of SS screens of #
400 and 500 mesh along with a certain height
of lead- coated SS screens. This configuration is
employed with a double inlet valve only at the
second stage. The charge pressures and the
operating frequencies are also different in each
stage. It may be noted that the configurations
of the above mentioned two-stage PTRs are of
U type, while the charging pressure is around
20-22 bar.
In our laboratory at IIT Bombay, both experimental and theoretical work related to different geometrical configurations with different
phase shifting mechanisms has been carried
out. A single-stage PTR of inline configuration
with both orifice and inertance tube has been
developed [6,7]. The work has then been extended from inline to the U type configuration.
Based on a comparison of the performance
of the two configurations [8], and additional
work, it has been concluded that the inline
configuration is better than the U type;
it offers 20% higher refrigeration as compared
to the U type configuration. The flow losses
are minimum in the case of the inline configuration due to the absence of curved flow
channels and minimum dead volume. On the
other hand, for the inline configuration, the
cold end lacks accessibility, as it is located in
the middle of the assembly. This results in an
page 67


increased height of the unit, demanding more

space. The main drawback of the U type configuration is the performance deterioration
due to increased dead volume, and more importantly, it is normally a split configuration.
The coaxial configuration is compact in size,
but involves complex fabrication issues in addition to increased pressure drop. In view of this,
the present work is aimed at the development
of a two- stage PTR with inline and integral configuration focused on providing temperatures
near 20 K.
In this work, we describe our experimental
investigations on the two-stage Stirling-type
integral PTR with inline configuration using
a linear compressor. The experimental investi- gations have been carried out to analyze the
effects of various design and operating parameters like charging pressure, operating frequency, double inlet valve opening, etc. on the
minimum temperature for the configuration

Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal System: A

State-of-the-Art Literature Review
Photovoltaic/thermal solar collectors produce
both heat energy and electrical energy simultaneously. This paper presents the PV/T collector
classification, design and performance evaluation of water, air and combination of water
and/or air. Different design configurations and
performance of PV/T solar collectors are compared. The tube and sheet design is the simplest
and easiest to manufacture, though its efficiency is 2% lower, compared to other design configurations. One can state from the review that for
both air and water based PV/T solar collectors,
the efficiency of the PV/T system depends on
atmospheric temperature, glass temperature,
solar irradiation, the number of passes, etc.

page 68

This paper gives a review of the trends in development of the technology, in particular, the
advancements in recent years, and the future
work required.
Keywords Flat Plate PV/T Collector, Thermal
and Electrical Efficiency, Technology Review
Photovoltaics (PV) comprise the technology
to convert sunlight directly into electricity. The
term Photo means light and Voltaic means electricity. A photovoltaic (PV) cell, also known as
Solar Cell, is a semiconductor device that generates electricity when light falls on it. When
sunlight strikes a PV cell, the photons of the absorbed sunlight dislodge the electrons from the
atoms of the cell. The free electrons then move
through the cell, creating and filling the holes
in the cell. It is this movement of electrons and
holes that generates electric current. The physical process in which a PV cell or Solar cell converts sunlight into electricity is known as the
Photovoltaic Effect [1]. Fig.1 shows the I-V
curve, which is the output relationship between
current (I) and voltage (V) under prevailing conditions of sunlight and temperature. A PV cell
converts only a small fraction (approximately
less than 20 %) of the irradiance into electrical
energy [2]. The balance is converted into heating of the cell. As a result, cell can be expected to operate above ambient temperature. If
the temperature is increased, there is marked
reduction in the cell voltage [2]. An increase in
temperature reduces the band gap of a Semiconductor [3]. Cell voltage decreases by
approximately 2.2 mV per 0C rise in operating
temperature [2]. As per Ohms law (and the
Power = Voltage x Current), the result of reduced voltage is reduced power output [2].

Design of Cooling System for Photovol- the same year, oil prices shot up fourfold caustaic Panel for Increasing Its Electrical Ef- ing a severe energy crisis all over the world.
Thus, the year 1973 is considered as the year of
Photovoltaic solar cell generates electricity
by receiving solar irradiance. The temperature of photovoltaic modules increases when
it absorbs solar radiation, causing a decrease in
efficiency. This undesirable effect can be partially avoided by applying a heat recovery unit with
fluid circulation with the photovoltaic module.
Such unit is called photovoltaic/thermal collector (PV/T) or hybrid (PV/T). The objective of the
present work is to design a system for cooling
the solar cell in order to increase its electrical
efficiency and also to extract the heat energy. A
hybrid solar system which generates both electricity and heat energy simultaneously is studied. This hybrid system consists of PV cells attached to an absorber plate with fins attached
at the other side of the absorber surface. Simulation model for single pass, single duct solar
collector with fins is prepared and performance
curves are obtained. Performance with seven
different gases analysed for maximum heat
transfer, minimum mass flow rate & minimum
number of fins. Hydrogen is found to be the
most suitable option with the present. For hydrogen, the system requires a mass flow rate
of 0.00275 kg/s, which is the least amongst all.
Theoretical number of fins required in this case
is found out to be 3.46.
Keywords: Flat Plate PV/T Collector, Solar Irradiance, Electrical Efficiency, Electrical Power
Meticulous efforts of research work can be observed to be focused across the world towards
the analysis and practical implementation of solar energy, due to the concern of global crisis on
oil and gas prices. The year 1973 brought an end
to the era of secure & cheap oil. In October of

first oil shock. In the same decade, one more

oil shock jolted the world in 1979. By the end
of 1980, the price of crude oil stood at 19 times
what it had been just 10 years earlier [1]. The energy consumption in the world, particularly in
the industrialized countries, has been growing
at an alarming rate [2]. Moreover, the pollution
hazard arising out of fossil fuel burning has become quite significant in recent years. About
86 % of the worlds energy supply comes from
the fossil fuels [2]. According to Deffeyes [3], oil
has already started to its peak. This process will
push energy prices higher, until sustainable
sources replace dependency on fossil fuels as
major source of energy [4].
The sustainable energy such as solar energy
in the form of solar radiation has been identified as one of the promising source of energy
to replace the dependency on other energy resources. The global need for energy savings requires the usage of renewable sources in many
applications. One of the renewable sources of
energy is the photovoltaic solar energy (PV) [5].
As revealed by Hoffmann [6], the photovoltaic
(PV) solar market has shown an impressive 33 %
growth per year since 1997 till date. PV Cell is a
semiconductor device that generates electricity when light falls on it [7]. A PV cell converts
only a small fraction (approximately less than
20 %) of the irradiance into electrical energy [7].
The balance is converted into heating of the
cell. As a result, cell can be expected to operate
above ambient temperature. If the temperature is increased, there is marked reduction
in the cell voltage. Cell voltage decreases by
approximately 2.2 mV per 0C rise in operating
temperature [7].
Ebrahim Ali [8], in an experiment, investigated
single pass solar air heater with photovoltaic cell with compound parabolic collector
(CPC) and fins as shown in the Fig. 1. He discovered that the electrical power of the collector increases with the radiation intensity. Goh
li Jin [9, 10] concluded that the solar collector
page 69


can be changed to double pass collector to improve its performance. Sopian [11] designed
and tested double pass photovoltaic thermal
solar collector.
He found that because of the turbulence, the
heat transfer coefficient increases, which improves performance of the system. Othman
[12] designed a double-pass photovoltaic-thermal solar air heater. In this system the fins are
introduced in the second channel flow passage,
parallel to the length of the collector, as shown
in Fig. 2. The fins on the back of the photovoltaic panel increase the heat transfer with
the air and enhance the efficiency of the system. The double pass PV/T solar air collector
with fins and compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) gives very good electrical and thermal energy output [13]. But, the low thermal
conductivity of air results in poor heat transfer
between the panel and the flowing air. Hence,
the air heater efficiency is low. So, in this study,
the comparative study is done to improve the
electrical output of the PV system, by passing
different gases over a finned, single duct & single pass solar collector, the design of which is
simple as compared to double pass system.

Mathematical Modelling, Simulation

and Comparative Study of Seven Gases
for a Single Pass, Single Duct PVT System
Solar cell produces electricity when it receives
solar energy. With the increase in module temperature panel electrical efficiency decreases.
This undesirable effect can be partially avoided by applying a cooling unit with fluid circulation around the PV module. Such unit is called
photovoltaic/thermal collector (PV/T) or hybrid
(PV/T). The objective of the present work is to

page 70

design a heat extracting system for the solar cell

in order to increase its power output, electrical
efficiency and decrease its specific power output. also to extract the heat energy. A hybrid
solar system which generates both electricity
and heat energy simultaneously is studied. This
hybrid system consists of PV cells attached to an
absorber plate with fins attached at the other
side of the absorber surface. Simulation model
for single pass, single duct solar collector with
fins is prepared and performance curves
are obtained. Performance with seven different gases analyzed for maximum heat transfer,
minimum specific power, minimum mass flow
rate & minimum number of fins and maximum
electrical efficiency. Hydrogen is found to be
the most suitable option with the present. For
hydrogen, the system requires a mass flow rate
of 0.00275 kg/s, which is the least amongst
all, Theoretical number of fins required in this
case is found out to be 3.46. Electrical efficiency
32.54 % which is maximum of all other gases,
specific power output 3.073x10-3 m2/W, which
is the least amongst all for n = 4.
Keywords Flat Plate PV/T Collector, Solar Irradiance, Electrical Efficiency, Electrical Power.
Photovoltaics (PV) comprises the technology to convert sunlight directly into electricity. The term Photo means light and Voltaic
means electricity. A photovoltaic (PV) cell, also
known as Solar Cell, is a semiconductor device
that generates electricity when light falls on it.
When sunlight strikes a PV cell, the photons of
the absorbed sunlight dislodge the electrons
from the atoms of the cell. The free electrons
then move

produce between 1 and 1.5 W [2] at a voltage

of 0.5 to 0.6 V under standard test conditions,
which are 1. An irradiance of 1KW/m2, standard
reference AM1.5 spectrum. 2. A cell temperature of 25 C.
A PV cell converts only a small fraction (approximately less than 20 %) of the irradiance into
electrical energy [1]. The balance is converted
into heating of the cell. As a result, cell can be
expected to operate above ambient temperature. If the temperature is increased, there is
marked reduction in the cell voltage. Cell voltage decreases by approximately 2.2 mV per 0C
rise in operating temperature [1].
In order to increase the electrical efficiency of
the PV module, Othman [3] designed a double-pass photovoltaic-thermal solar air heater.
In this system the fins are introduced in the second channel flow passage, parallel to the length
of the collector, as shown in Fig. 1. The fins
on the back of the photovoltaic panel increase
the heat transfer with the air and enhance the
efficiency of the system. The double pass PV/T
solar air collector with fins and compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) gives very good electrical and thermal energy output [4]. But, the
low thermal conductivity of air results in poor
heat transfer between the panel and the flowing air. Hence, the air heater efficiency is low.
So, in this study, the comparative study is done
to improve the electrical output of the PV system, by passing different gases over a finned,
single duct & single pass solar collector, the design of which is simple as compared to double
pass system.

through the cell, creating and filling the holes

in the cell. It is this movement of electrons and
holes that generates electric
current. The
Physical process in which a PV cell or Solar cell
converts sunlight into electricity is known as
the Photovoltaic Effect [1]. A single PV cell will
page 71


The Editor speaks | H

It is rightly said by Wade Boggs:
A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of
positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a
catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.
Events help break the monotomy of everyday life. The various College groups organise a variety of activities. This keeps minds refreshed
and balances academic pursuits.
College life must
encompass all



from academic events to extra curriculars; and

not forgetting events to give back to society.
This section has made a laconic covering of all the
events that took place at the institute. Technical,
Sports, Cultural, Social; all of them are here, for
you to review the fun times of the year gone by.
This year has indeed been eventful and enjoyable
for VJTIs students due to the plethora of events
that have taken place throughout the year. The
students who have tired relentlessly to organise all
these events certainly deserve an applause. They
have helped make these events a grand success.
Last but not the least, I would like to extend a big
thank you to Aishwarya Chavan, Rudraksha Sharma, Milay Haria, Akshay Raskar , Shubham Anmulwar and all those who have given their help
and inputs in this section.
Harsh Gehani
Chief Editor, Event Reporting Section


page 72

arsh gehani

Harsh Gehani
Aishwarya Chavan

page 73




Taking Technology to Society

The Social Fest of VJTI

Over the years VJTI has established itself as a

premier technical institute and this quest of the
students of this institute to nurture their creativity and innovation has been the very brainchild for the starting of Technovanza. This year
was the 16th year of our technical annual fest
which was held from 26th to 28th of December,2015.
With the motto Taking Technology to Society,
the festival focuses primarily on using technology for the betterment of the society, bringing
out the talent in students and infusing lots of
fun into exciting events, lecture series, competitions and exhibitions. Being put up solely by
the students, it is not only the demonstration
of the brilliant minds here but also displays the
managerial skills of the students in organizing
and managing such an event at such a massive
Through the exhibitions held on the three days
of the festival, participants can display their
ideas and models they have developed and also
educate visitors about new advances in technology. The competitions held during the event attracts participants from across the country with
the largest crowd attractions being Robowars
and VJTI Robotics Challenge. Other widely
participated events being Fast and Furious in
which people race mini models of racing cars
running on internal combustion engines and
Monster Arena in which participants have to
create a manually or automatically controlled
robot that can overcome all obstacles of an arena. Lectures by eminent personalities like Mr.
Harsha Bhogle, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Dilip Chhabria, Mr. Bikash Sinha to name a few were also a
part of this years event.
Thus as always this years Technovanza also was
to be a major crowd puller and we hope that
this event continues to maintain its motto and
remain an integral part of VJTIs student life.

The annual cultural festival of VJTI, Pratibimb,

has been a huge success over the past few years.
Pratibimb is a host to a plethora of fun filled activities that infuse a spirit of exhilaration even
in the most serene mind. It gives a platform to
young students to dynamically showcase their
dormant talents & gives them an opportunity to let their creativity soar. The Social Group
VJTI Social Group is a students body which
helps to organize and manage a wide variety
of educational, cultural, philanthropic and fun
activities. This group offers students amazing
opportunities to showcase their true potentials
and provides a big platform to bring out their
dormant talents. This body plays an important
role in shaping a students persona and helps
him grow holistically. Here the leadership skills
of a student are polished and one emerges a
better, smarter and a more confident person.
Pratibimb committee organizes a range of
events, open workshops, competitions and social drives all throughout the year with active
participation of students and the able guidance
of teachers. For more than 25 years, The Social
group has made life in VJTI a more interesting
and enthralling experience.
Following are the social events organized by
Pratibimb this year:

page 74

The value of life is not in its duration, but in its
donation. You are not important because of
how long you live; you are important because
of how effective you live.
This year it all started with a Raddi (Useless
items and junk) collection drive Kushi on 13th
of September. The drive covered all nearby localities of VJTI College. The proceedings were
donated to an NGO working for the welfare of
underprivileged children.
Contributing to the success of previous event
Pratibimb committee organized another Raddi
collection drive KUSHI-2 to contribute socially towards the society.


Get Set Clean drive a cleanup drive was hosted
by Pratibimb in association with VJTI Alumni
Association, at Dadar Chowpatty it was a huge
success! Around 40 gunny bags full of wet and
dry waste from the shore was accumulated.
There was that passion in what the students
did out there to spread awareness about the
importance of cleanliness in society!
Awaaz was the social cause event in order to
create awareness amongst the society regarding the issues faced by our citizens through a
street play.
Along with Awaaz, Pratibimb organized a flash
mob on enlightening us about The misuse of
gadgets in todays world. This event was organized in Raghuleela mall, Vashi.
Over 12,500 footfalls were recorded at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute(VJTI) annual
festival, Pratibimb a cultural extravaganza powered by Times of India held between December
22nd and 24th, the festival kicked off with intercollege as well as inter-departmental competitions fighting it out at various song, dramatics
and dance contests. All events were judged by
various dignitaries.
On 2nd day of the fest the campus was buzzing
with events such as mono-acting and singing.
Some of the popular events were solo and duet
dance, the instrumental music contest, fresh
face, Symphony and many more. Even Aditi
Singh Sharma along with her band performed
on various famous tracks.
The flagship event, Mumbais Got Talent which
comprised of various competitions provided a
platform for all to showcase their skills in dancing, singing, standup comedy etc. This event
had a variety of acts on display. Mumbais got
talent was a major crowd puller.
Thus this year Pratibimb on a very high note by
achieving all it aimed for!!!


One journey, One mission, One Dream!

As the new academic year dawned, this great
sporting spectacle of VJTI had fresh faces made
in charge to instill new vigor, new energy, trying
to revive the same passion that gushes through
the veins of every VJTIian. But along with the
fresh opportunities, came the added burden of
expectation and deliverance. But we ENTHUSIAsts were definitely not to be deterred by these
The Journey through the year had a huge contribution from every sector that the committee divided itself into, right from arranging the
events to selection of event organizers and the
Each faction here, put in the best of their efforts
with the ultimate aim of having an UNFORGETTABLE fest that would revolutionize and re-ignite the love every VJTIian has for sports.
We began the year with a football tournament
for the SYs of our college, an event that was
just the kind of beginning we needed to set the
benchmark for the events to follow. The success
of this event encouraged two more events, this
time open for all in the college, the PHOENIX
Amidst all the sporting ventures that were witness, we at Enthusia never fail to have FUN
every year and this year the MONSOON TREK
was a highlight. The reviews about the organization and management were indeed motivating, leading to renewed zest and enthusiasm
among all Enthusiasts.
Parallel to all these events, our spons team
worked relentlessly, to bring about the best
and most elite brands to sponsor this event,
which is now ranked as the 4th best in the entire country.
And after all these events, the destined day,
8th of December dawned and the Opening Ceremony was held. The response from the scintillating audience for the opening ceremony left
us all spell-bound.
Following this, the games were declared open
and the fight for BRAGGING RIGHTS began. Evpage 75


ery Department fought for pride and to bring

laurels & glory by winning the coveted Departmental Shield.
Over the course of the next fortnight, VJTI experienced one of the most magnificent fest in
its 127-year-old legacy.
We at Enthu, every year associate with a social organization in order to spread awareness
about a rising issue and contribute towards the
well being of the society. This year the RUN
FOR A CHANGE- Enthusia Marathon had Enthusia associated with YOUWECAN & Zuvius Life
Sciences to create Cancer Awareness. As usual,
we had mass participation who were thrilled to
witness both the Marathon and the awareness
The final Chapter of this Dream Journey was
THE ULTIMATE GREEN RIDE- Enthusia Cyclothon. The best was indeed reserved for the end
as over 200 participants joined us in this joyride
that was initiated to bring about awareness for
a GET FIT, GO GREEN initiative. This was followed by the Closing Ceremony where all the
champions were deservingly awarded for their
outstanding performance.
What a Journey it was Indeed! A HIGHLIGHT & a

Aamcha tan, man, dhan . fakt RANGWARDHAN were the echoes of the occasion. Powered by VJTI social group and Pratibha Industries Limited, Rangwardhan, the platform for
artistic and colourful sparks of Marathi culture
were tinged all over as the fiesta went on to
be an opulence. Commemorated from 22nd to
25th of December, it compiled various stirs of
interviews, dance, dramatics and much more.

of Maharshi Dayanand college were declared

winners for their robust dramatic skills. 23rd of
December was more gripping than the former
with competitions like debates,self-written poetries and group dance. Judge for the group
dance competition was flamboyant kathak
dancer, Ms. Manali Dev,who added glory to the
occasion. The onlookers also got a chance to
interact with the Ex-Police commissioner, Mr.
Y.C.Pawar through a talk show.
24th December took on to a crescendo with
music and one-act play, which saw the participation of 30 artists. Heroes of Asia body-building
championship were the center of attraction
that day and they enlightened everyone with
their salubrious thoughts on mind and body.

BECOME ENTREPRENEURS the Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) of VJTI strives to empower
the budding entrepreneurs with all the necessary resources to take up entrepreneurship as
a career choice. This year, E-Cell organized numerous national level events like Unicus, Consultant, Hire, SCAM, Adomania, Freakonomics
participating in which was beneficial for inculcating the business values in a tech graduate.

A National level Business model Competition;
Aimed at encouraging people all around the
world looking to fast track your business idea. A
design to emulate the process of the growth of
an idea toward a full-fledged start-up.UNICUS
takes pride on providing a 360 degree holistic
experience in three stages.Right from acknowledging that your idea has potential to drafting
Embarked with gathered muster, it was priv- a B-Model and pitching in front of an esteemed
ileged to have the guest of honour as Advo- panel of investors.
cate Ujjwal Nikkam, who also inaugurated the
event. 22nd of December was a red letter day as CONSULTANT:
the VJTI fraternity organised a street play com- A managerial problem tackling event, which
petition which saw the participation from six follows a case study structure in which participrominent colleges of Mumbai. The students pants will have to tackle various crises faced by
page 76

corporate entities and come up with most innovative and effective solutions to avert the crisis.
Over 1000 students from different colleges of
the country participated in the events. It also
conducted various workshops & seminars
throughout the year that helped to develop the
management acumen and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in students.

Alumni Sports Meet:

This event is conducted in association with Enthusia for the Alumni to come back to the college, rejoice their days in college by playing
various sports in the campus with the current
students. This year some 30 Alumni had joined
for this event and played sports like basketball,
football, cricket, table tennis etc.

E-Cell VJTI along with VJTI Alumni Association

together launched the Start-up VJTI initiative
wherein various workshops and mentoring
sessions were conducted to help the students
of VJTI college to take up the entrepreneurial
journey. Around 15 shortlisted ideas were mentored by experts in various stages. E-Cell VJTI
along with VJTI Alumni Association together
started Start-up Netcon, a 2-day Entrepreneurial and Networking fest that as conducted on
20th-21st Feb 2016 at V.J.T.I. College, Mumbai.
All the year round activities conducted by the
Entrepreneurship cell, VJTI greatly helped the
students of VJTI to gain exposure and learn various skill sets required to take a plunge into the
entrepreneurial world.

Alumni Reunion:
Alumni Reunion aims at getting the Alumni
back to the college campus and thereby providing a chance to network with new people and
meet their old friends. Like every year, the silver jubilee batch this year re-developed and inaugurated 3 modern day classrooms in the civil
Internship program:
Alumni Association invited over various Alumni
to provide internship opportunities to the students of VJTI in their company or the company
they work in. Though being the maiden program of its type, about 6 students got internship offers from 4 different companies through
the Alumni.

StartupVJTI :
Its an initiative by Alumni Association in collaboration with E-Cell, VJTI which has a singular
aim of providing a streamline procedure to stuAlumni Association in collaboration with Tech- dents having startup ideas. Various Alumni benovanza, conducted a series of Lectures and longing to the startup world have backed this
Workshops by various industrial experts and initiative by providing support through mentororganisations like Microsoft, Google etc. These ing and all the possible guidance. This initiative
lectures provided various insights about the was executed in four parts:
practical world to the students.

Activities of Alumni Association for

the year 2015-16

Cleanup Drive:
Alumni Association in collaboration with Pratibimb conducted Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan
at the Dadar Beach. The students worked for
4 continuous hours to completely clean a section of the beach. This initiative was covered
and featured by Hindustan times and got a very
good acclamation from BMC.

1. Ideation Workshop by Mr. Amit Tripathi

2. Business Development Workshop by Mr. Mahendra Ingle
3. Brainstorming session: 28 teams submitted
their startup ideas for these sessions.
Following Alumni participated and supported
students during the Brainstorming sessions:
a. Pranav Maheshwari Founder Stay Vista
page 77


b. Rohit Shintre Co-Founder Cadsol

c. Devaang Mandalia Director Highway 66 pizza kitchen pvt. Ltd.
d. Nimit Bavishi Founder Happy2refer
e. Mitesh Jain - Co-Founder Happy2refer
f. Sagar Salvi Co- Founder Ambretto
g. Tanmei Kamath Managing Partner EVOPT
We also have our alumnus Mr. Shrinivas Kunte
and his batch mates from 1990 Computers
who have been helping these startup ideas to
grow further through appropriate mentorship
on weekend sessions and also providing seed
funding if needed.

students thus providing the perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to give a kick start
to their startup journey.
Heres a glimpse of the various events held
during StartupNetCon - Pitch for a Million,
Startup Expo, UNICUS (National Level B-Plan
Competition), panel discussions, seminars, fireside chats, workshops etc.
Renowned speakers from various fields provided guidance to budding entrepreneurs, some
of the prestigious speakers being Ashish Chauhan (CEO, BSE), Arunabh Kumar (Founder TVF)
, Dr.Radakrishnan Pillai (Author, Corporate
Chanakya), King Sidharth (Rated amongst the
top 25 Young Entrepreneurs of the world in
2010), Faisal Farooqui (Founder &, Kanumury Radhesh (Country Lead
IBM Entrepreneurship Program), Abhinav Agarwal (FluidMotion) and many such eminent personalities.
The flagship event Pitch for a Million was essentially an on-spot funding opportunity for
startups based on their 10-minute pitch in front
of an investor panel. This is VJTIs first steps towards the world of entrepreneurship and networking, thus hoping to encourage thousands
of aspiring young entrepreneurs in the upcoming years.

4. Fourth and the last part Startup Networking Conference : Meet up

This initiative had an underlying idea to provide
a platform to showcase all the startups coming up in VJTI at a national level as well as to
connect them with the startup experts. It also
observed participation of startups from around
Maharashtra and other major states like Delhi,
Gujrat , Punjab etc. This two day event comprised of seminars, workshops, Startup Expo,
Panel discussions , Fireside Chats and a on the
spot funding event called Pitch for a Million.
The Alumni who belonged to the startup or the
entrepreneurship background were also invited to be a part of the seminars and workshops Debate & Literary Arts, DLA VJTI
and thereby providing them an opportunity to
give back to the college. This initiative gave a The Debate & Literary Arts (DLA) Society has
great push to the startup and the entrepreneur- been a platform for VJTIs young engineers to
showcase their talent in fields outside the techship culture in VJTI.
nical realm. We allow students to go beyond
the scope of the classroom in their exploration
of the world of literature and literary art.
Startup Networking Conference
Startup Networking Conference is an entrepreneurial and networking conference that was organized at V.J.T.I. College, Mumbai on 20th-21st
February16 with an aim to promote startup
culture in VJTI. It provided an innovative platform for start-ups from various sectors to get
in touch with thousands of potential customers
and investors, thereby facilitating networking
opportunity for startups, investors and college
page 78

ing, globalization and multilateral diplomacy.

The VJMUN Workshop conducted in 2015 saw
a record breaking participation of more than
104 students! These students then went on to
implement the knowledge learnt at our workshops and won the Best Delegation Award at
Mumbai MUN, one of the most prominent National Level MUNs in India.
The VJ MUN organized by the DLA society
completed 11 years this January 2016 ,and is now
well renowned and is recognized as a National
MUN and is now also affiliated to the UNIC (India and Bhutan). VJMUN has had participants
from as far as Aachen-Germany, BITS-Goa, Rajiv
Gandhi National University of Law-Punjab, IIT-B,
ICT Mumbai, etc.
The Debates & Literary Arts Society of VJTI
conducted an Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Elocution Competition along with the
Mumbai Port Trust. This event had nearly 50 applicants and was a huge success.
The first year quiz on Sports, Current affairs,
History, Technology. Science, Entertainment
and Geography was conducted exclusively for
the first year students in order to encourage
and foster curiosity with regard to quizzes in
students from our institute.
All these events are gaining more and more
popularity every subsequent year. These workshops and seminars imrove not only the public speaking skills but also skills such as group
communication,policy analysis,active listening,
negotiating, note taking, and technical writing
to name a few.

We at the Debate and Literary Arts Society of

VJTI conduct Model United Nations(MUN)
Workshops each year to equip our students
with all the skills integral to participating in
MUNs and to educate and train participants as
required, with regard to a range of topics such
as current events, effective communication
techniques, public speaking, civics, network-

page 79




page 80

page 81


The Editor speaks | E


Communication is everything. It is the backbone

of society and the one thing that has remainedconstant throughout the history of humanity.
When it comes to written or verbal communication, these are hindered by linguistic boundaries.
But Art has a language of its own. This form of
communication does not require words or phrases or lines, it is universal.
At VJTI, along with
the analytical and



prowess of VJTIans, we have immense artistic

talent hidden like pearls locked away in oysters.
We have brought these before you -VJTIans
have shown a knack for art; charcoal sketches,
pencilled drawings, colourful paintings have all
found their way here.
In a special way, I would like to thank the Fine
Arts group for their help in digging up most of
this artwork . And we cannot forget all the artists
who have had the courage to subject their work
to criticism and have throughtheir consent allowed us a visual feast.
The Graphics team has also been instrumental
in the design of the magazine and deserves a
special thanks. Together we hope that the flame
of artistic expression may never die out at VJTI
and that you may revel in scanning these next
few pages and delight in the joy of art.
Errol Fernandes
Chief Editor, Graphics Section



page 82

Errol Fernandes
Pradnya Patil
Archit Joshi

page 83


-Photo Art-

Anjali Wankhede
FY BTech Textile

Anjali Wankhede
FY BTech Textile

Anmol Jindal
SY BTech Production

Sailee Karad

Sailee Karad

page 84

Anmol Jindal
SY BTech Production

Anmol Jindal
SY BTech Production

page 85

- Drawings
& Sketches -

Vaibhav Sawant, 3rd Year,


courtesy:VJTI Fine Arts

courtesy: VJTI Fine Arts group

page 86

page 87






page 88


page 89





page 90

page 91



page 92


page 93




page 94

page 95




page 96



page 97

Adieu Seniors!

Every Ending has

a new Beginning.

BTech Electronics


BTech Electrical


MTech Comps

BTech Civil

MTech Env. Engg

BTech Textile

BTech Mech

BTech Prod

It takes
both sides
to build
a bridge.
Fredrik Nael