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The word called cancer is a lie

You might not believe this but cancer is not a disease; it is a business.

Cancer has become widespread; it has affected the old, young, baby and everyone.

Sharing this wonderful post will expose many of the hidden hands of the worlds manipulators and annoy them.
Do you know that the book World Without Cancer has up till now been prevented from being translated into many
world languages?
Know this: there is no disease called cancer. Cancer consists of only a deficiency of vitamin B17. It is nothing else.
Avoid chemotherapy, surgery and or taking medicines with strong side effects.
You would recall that in the past, quite a large number of seamen lost their life to a named disease (scurvy); a disease that
took the life of numerous people as well. And a number of people got an enormous income from it. Afterwards, it was
discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C. That means it wasnt a disease (illness).
Cancer is also just like that! The colonizing world and the enemies of humanity established the cancer industry and made it
into a business. from which they earn billions in income.
The cancer industry flourished after world war II. To fight cancer, all these delays, details and enormous expenditures are
not needed. They only go to line the pockets of colonizers, especially since the cure for the condition was found long ago.
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That Causes Heart Attacks
The prevention and cure of cancer will be obtained simply through the following strategies:
Those who have cancer should first try to know what cancer is. Do not panic! You should investigate the condition.
Nowadays does anyone die of an illness called scurvy? No. Because it gets cured.
Since cancer is only a deficiency of vitamin B17, eating 15 to 20 pieces of apricot stone/nucleus (fruit stone) everyday is
Eat wheat bud (wheat sprouts). Wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine. It is a rich source of liquid oxygen and
the strongest anti-cancer matter named laetrile. This matter is present in the fruit stone of apple and is the extracted form
of vitamin B17 (Amygdalin).
The American medicinal industry has started implementing the law forbidding laetrile production. This medicine is being
manufactured in Mexico and gets smuggled into USA.

Dr. Harold W. Manner, in a book named Death of Cancer has stated that the success of cancer treatment with laetrile
is as high as above 90%.
Sources of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)
The foods containing vitamin B17 include the following:
-The fruit stone or grain(seed) of fruits. This contains the highest amount of vitamin B17 in nature. This includes fruit
stone of apple, apricot, peach, pear, and prune (dried plum).
-Common beans, corns(grains), which include bean, lentil sprout (lentil bud) Lima (Lima beans) and pea.
-Kernels: Bitter Almond (Richest source of vitamin B-17 in nature) and Indian almond.
-Mulberries: almost all mulberries such as black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.
-Seeds (Grains): sesame and linseed (seed of linen/flax seed).
-Groats of oats, barley, brown rice, groats of block wheat, linseed, millet and rye.
This vitamin is found in grains and fruit stones of apricot, brewers yeast, rough rice (paddy) and sweetmeat pumpkin.
List of Anti-Cancer Foods
Apricots (kernels/seeds)
seeds from other fruits like apples, cherries, peaches, prunes, plums,
Lima beans
Fava beans


Macadamia nuts
Bean sprouts
All are the highest sources of absorbable vitamin B17.
Ingesting dishwashing liquids (used in the kitchen) and hand
washing liquid (used in the restroom) bis the main cancer causing
factor so your eating of them should be restricted.

All berries

You will surely say that we do not eat them!

However, you daily wash your hands with hand washing liquid and wash your plates with dishwashing liquid.
The liquid is absorbed and will not leave the plate with washing. When cooking or eating food, the soap in the plate or dish
gets attached to the hot food and so we end up eating the dishwashing liquid with our food. Even if you rinse the plate
hundreds of times, that will be of no use.
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But the solution is to pour half of the dishwashing liquid and hand
washing liquid and top it up with vinegar.
It is as simple as that.
Do not eat blood cancer causing agents and also save your family
from this danger.
Similarly, seriously desist from washing vegetables with even a
few drops of dishwashing liquid because irrespective of how much
you would rinse them, the chemicals would have already entered
the tissues of the vegetable and will not get rinsed away.
Instead, soak fruits and vegetables with salt and then rinse with
water. And to keep them fresh, add vinegar.