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Saya akan menceritakan tentang kegiatan sehari-hari saya dalam menjalani

aktivitas sebagai mahasiswi. Setiap hari saya bangun tidur pukul 05.00 untuk sholat shubuh.
Sehabis sholat shubuh terkadang saya menyempatkan diri untuk olahraga main skipping, sit
up atau back up 15 menit sampai 20 menit. Lalu kemudian saya istirahat sambil menonton
ceramah di tv sampai pukul 07.00. Jika waktu sudah menunjukkan pukul 07.00 saya segera
mandi dan siap-siap menjalankan aktivitas saya sebagai mahasiswi. Sebelum berangkat
kuliah saya sarapan pagi terlebih dahulu, karena jarak antara rumah saya dengan kampus
dekat 15 menit sampai kampus seperti biasa saya berangkat pukul 07.45. Cukup
menguntungkan rumah saya tidak jauh dari kampus jadi tidak harus berangkat pagi-pagi dari
rumah .
Setelah sampai di kampus lalu saya bertemu dengan teman-teman saya yang sudah
sampai kampus lebih awal. Kalau dosen belum datang biasanya saya dengan teman-teman
ngobrol dan tertawa bareng karena banyak hal-hal lelucon bersama teman-teman yang bisa
membuat saya tertawa lepas, selain itu juga sering berdiskusi dan belajar bersama, tetapi jika
dosen sudah datang saya fokus belajar materi yang sudah diberikan oleh dosen. Waktu telah
menunjukkan pukul 12.00 saya dan teman-teman langsung menuju mushola untuk sholat
dzuhur. Setelah sholat dzuhur, saya dan teman-teman makan siang dan kembali masuk kelas
untuk mata kuliah selanjutnya sampai pukul 16.30. Setelah saya menghabiskan waktu untuk
kuliah dan berkumpul bersama teman-teman, lalu saya pulang dan sampai dirumah pukul
Setelah sampai rumah, istirahat 5 menit saya langsung mandi dan sholat ashar.
Sehabis sholat ashar, saya bermain dengan kucing peliharaan saya. Sekitar pukul 18.00 saya
sholat maghrib. Setelah sholat maghrib, saya membantu ibu mempersiapkan makan malam.
Kalau ibu tidak masak biasanya saya membeli makanan diluar. Pukul 19.30 saya sholat isya,
setelah itu saya mulai menyibukan diri dengan mengerjakan tugas kuliah. Setelah
mengerjakan tugas kuliah, lalu saya bercerita bersama ibu atau menonton tv, tetapi jika acara
tv tidak ada yang bagus biasanya saya main games dihp atau mendengarkan musik sampai
Itulah singkat cerita tentang kegiatan sehari-hari saya selama didalam rumah
maupun diluar rumah. Semoga cerita singkat ini bisa bermanfaat dan membawa inspirasi bagi
yang membacanya.


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I'll tell you about my daily activities through the activities as a student. Every day
i wake up at 5 a.m for dawn prayers. After dawn prayers, sometimes i take myself for
skipping exercise, sit up, and back up 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Then i take a break
while watching a talk show on tv untill 7 a.m. If the time is already showing at 7 a.m i
immediately take a bath and get ready to run my activity as a student. Before i go to school,
breakfast beforehand because the gap between my house near my campus as usual 15 minutes
untill i leave 07.45 a.m . then my home is not far from my campus so it must not leave early
away from my home.
After arriving on campus and i met up my friends who have been to campus
early. If a lecturer is yet to come i usually with friends chattingand laughing together because
a lot of things to joke with friends can make me laugh it off, it also
often discuss and study together, but if a lecturer is coming i focused material that is already
given by the lecturer. Time has shown the 12.00 a.m me and my friends go to the mosque for
midday prayer. After midday prayer, me and my friends to lunch and back in class for further
courses until 04.30 p.m . After i spend some time to go to college hangging out with friends,
and then i go home at 5 p.m.
After arriving home, rest 5 minutes i was immediately take a bath and
afternoon prayer. After afternoon prayer, i play with my pet. About 6 p.m west prayer. After
west prayer, i help my mother preparing dinner. If my mother not cook i usually buy food. At
07.30 p.m evening prayer, after that i started self had occupied with the duty of college.
After working on college duty, and then i tell the story with my mother or watch tv, but if the
tv show there is no goos i usually play games on my phone or listening music until sleepy.
Thats the short story about my daily activities during in the home and outside home.
Hopefully this short story can be beneficial and inspiration for those who read it.

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: 12131016


1. What is the cardiac cycle ?

2. What does the heart do during a heartbeat ?
3. What symptoms does a person have if there is not enough blood flow through the
heart ?
4. Why might nurses in the cardiac unit need to explain the cardiac cycle to their
patients ?
Answer :
1. Cardiac cycle is a sequence of pumping and filling going on from the start until
the finish of his heartbeat. Suffered two major heart event over a complete cardiac
cycle, diastole and systole.
2. The heart works through the mechanism of repeated and continuous progress
which is also referred to as a cardiac cycle so that visually seen or referred to as
the heartbeat. Through the mechanism of intermittent, heart berkonstraksi for
emptying the heart and relaxation in order to fill with blood. In the cycle, the heart
did a systole period is the period when contracts and empties its contents (blood),
and the period of diastole that period relaxation and blood filling of the heart.
Both porch loosen and contract simultaneously, and the two chambers also loosens
and contracts simultaneously also to do such a mechanism.
3. 1. Hard to breathe. 2. The body feels tired. 3. Swelling of the ankles
4. The cause of high mortality and disability due to emergencies is the severity,
inadequate equipment, inadequate systems and knowledge / skills in handling
emergency patients was insufficient. Knowledge of emergency countermeasures
patient holds a large portion of the success of rescue. Hence the need for increased
knowledge and coping skills pendarita emergency nurse especially those working
in the emergency room (ER).