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Case Report for Outbreak Investigation

The university infirmary is flooded with students seeking medical treatment regarding the
outbreak of disease. The following information was collected from each student that was tested.
Sue went into the infirmary with extreme lethargy, a headache that never goes away, and a
temperature of 100.6. She believes all this is due to her lack of sleep. As Sue is tested in the
infirmary, it turns out she has Meningitis. Her roommate is the next person to go into the
infirmary complaining of feeling extremely run down and she has a slight fever of 99.7. Jill also
has Meningitis. Maria lives down the hall from Sue and Jill, she feels run down, has a fever of
103, and she constantly eats after Jill and Sue which gave her Meningitis. Sues lab partner,
Marco, has extreme fatigue, a killer headache, and cold-like symptoms. He also has Meningitis.
Meningitis can go away on its own if its a mild case but it can be life threatening. Some
medications would be antibiotics, steroids, and Penicillin antibiotic.
Wanda is another student at the college who has to go to the infirmary for not feeling
well. Her symptoms include swollen neck glands, sore throat, and her boyfriend has the same
symptoms. Wanda is in the same sorority as Sue giving her some as the same symptoms as
Meningitis but when Wanda gets her results back, she has Herpes. Alvin has the same symptoms
as Wanda, headache and sore throat. These are the same symptoms as his neighbor Marco
leading the infirmary to think he has Meningitis but he has Herpes. Certain medications can be
used to reduce pain for treatment.
Anthony is the school reporter and he has a dry cough, fever of 100, and he is more tired
than usual, his muscles ache, and he has very bad sinuses. After the infirmary gets his test results,
it turns out he has the Flu. Arnie is friends with Anthony, his symptoms include a cough and

Kamryn Marcengill2

runny nose and a fever of 100.5. Arnie has the Flu too. Treating the flu can be done in many
ways from self-care to medications. Self-care is bed rest and throat lozenge while medication
would be cough medicine, Nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs, and Antiviral drugs.
Maggie lives on the same floor as Jill and Sue and has the same chemistry class as them.
Maggies symptoms include scratchy throat, heavy head, and she cant regulate her temperature.
She went to the infirmary to get tested to see what she had and it turns out she has strep throat.
Strep throat can be treat with penicillins. Oral antibiotics are important to reduce complications
and symptoms.
Sue has a concentration of 100 meaning that she started all the spreading of disease. The
precautions students could take at the campus would be to wash their hands, stop sharing food
and drink with each other, cover their cough, and disinfect the dorms after their infections go
away so they dont pick it up again.