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with key customers, we continue to align our

geographical footprint, significantly increase our

interaction with
their advanced
teams and
leverage our
capabilities to
engage with new
industry players.
The bottom line,
Magna is wellpositioned to
support future
Jim Tobin, Magnas Chief Marketing Officer
mobility, said

Innovating the Car of the Future

Swamy Kotagiri presented that Magna is preparing
for the future by helping create it and we are
leveraging our advantage in several areas. We are
using our holistic view of the vehicle to provide
OEMs full system solutions which has increased
our cross-group interaction even more. Although
we pride ourselves on being innovative internally,
we also know that great thinking can come from the
outside, so we have adopted an open innovation
mentality with start-ups, entrepreneurs, universities,

Our engineering community is over 10,000 strong in

product engineering and several thousand more in
our manufacturing divisions to help commercialize
market-relevant technologies. And the pipeline of
innovation continues to be replenished. For example,
last year Magna added 289 patents that were
granted with several hundred more that were filed.
Many of Magnas
product areas will
have technology
changes, some
more significant
than others,
however, in
almost every
case, we have a
strong level of
expertise and
competence. I am Swamy Kotagiri, Magnas Chief
Technology Officer
confident that our
product portfolio
positions us well
for the Car of the Future, said Swamy.
We have a deep understanding of the global
megatrends, we know the drivers behind those
trends; legislative/regulatory, active safety/
autonomous driving and comfort/convenience, and
we align our innovations into four pillars; Lighter,
Smarter, Safer and Cleaner. This helps ensure we
have a robust product roadmap.

Brief videos showcased a few of Magnas exciting new products and technologies and
a some of our innovation experts were on hand to answer questions. From left to right:
Don Walker; Matt Cook Sr Product Engineer, CIP Components E10H, Magna Seating;
Sandro Morandini Vice President, Platform Director PowerShift 6DCT250, GETRAG
Magna Powertrain; Jeff Gary General Manager, Magna Electronics Holly division; John
Ingram Manager Product and Process Development, Magna Exteriors; Jessica Kelly
Plant Manager, Magna Electronics Holly division; and Swamy Kotagiri.

2015 Year-End Financial Results

The following chart summarizes
Magnas financial results
for the year ended
December 31, 2015.

(US dollars, billions)




$2.651 $2.605

(US dollars, billions)



* before income taxes 2015


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