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Li, Nino, Bennett, Ramos 1

Jiasheng Li, Andrew Nino, Tyler Bennett, Carlos Ramos

Mr. King
English I
15 November 2016
Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,
In the 2016 Elections, why can Donald Trump raise 28 times more debt than Hillary?
Where is the gender equality there? This can affect research in global warming and how much
money can devote to humanization. This also shows how the government is not controlling
citizens rights, not regulating debt, and President-Elect not showing any expression towards
Climate Change and calling it a Chinese Hoax. When Queen Elizabeth unified Spain through
their joint rule of Castile and Aragon, she brought many improvements to Spain, including
reducing crime and debt. When Queen Elizabeth I took the throne, she brought a period of peace
and enlightenment to England (HistoryNet). This shows that women can also help save the
world and create peace with others, just like men.
Social equality is a huge issue that is very prevalent in our society. Many people and
minority groups, such as African Americans, women, and homosexuals, are being oppressed,
even though the Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. So why
does America continue to deliberately ignore one of the documents this country was founded
upon? Furthermore, America is known as The Great Melting Pot, so, as a society, America
should strive to uphold that standard of a tolerant, peaceful country where everyone is of the
same value. America is making a bad name for itself, and that needs to change.

Li, Nino, Bennett, Ramos 2

Global warming and climate change refer to an increase in average global temperatures.
Natural events and human activities are believed to be contributing to an increase in average
global temperatures. This is caused primarily by increases in greenhouse gases such as Carbon
Dioxide (Shah). Donald Trump is reiterating his long-stated campaign pledge if elected he will
"cancel billions in global warming payments" to the United Nations, saying Wednesday the
money is better spent at home (NEW). "We will also cancel billions in global warming payments
to the United Nations, and use that money to support America's vital environmental
infrastructure and natural resources," he told supporters (NEW).
National debt is one of the issues within this country, threatening the economy by
pushing up market interest rates and demolishing business investment. High rate ratio also leads
to a slower economic growth A higher real interest rate translate smaller stock of capital
employed slower wage growth and, thus, slower growth in economy overall. (Foster). This
could lead to a much higher interest rates and higher wages. This could all be fixed by reforming
the tax code, slowing the entitlement spending along with with other spendings, and help grow
the economy as a whole. Doing this now will be more beneficial over the years. It would be more
gradual so taxes are less disruptive; therefore, doing this in the future, the debt would be more
controllable. Then there would be money to go into research to help solve climate change, more
about climate change in the next paragraph.
Climate change is one of the biggest issues that this country is facing, but why is it such a
big problem? Well, With global warming on the increase and species and their habitats on the
decrease, chances for ecosystem to adapt naturally diminishing.(Shah) Meaning that animals are
more likely to go extinct and could also ruin the food chain. Landscape and habitats are shifting

Li, Nino, Bennett, Ramos 3

causing most of the wildlife to quickly adjust to new environment. Global warming is also
causing temperatures to increase and change the patterns of precipitation. Due to the increase of
temperature and the change of precipitation patterns, are changing the growth of plants. Rising
temperatures, which impact energy used around the world are forcing many industries to move
quickly and adapt to change. Climate change is increasing the number of thunderstorms,
hurricanes, droughts, and tornadoes we get each year.
The state of social equality in America right now is an outrage. In New York
between the years of 2004 and 2012, the police conducted over 4,400,000 traffic stops. 88% of
people stopped were completely innocent. 50% of the stops were against black people, even
though African Americans only make up one quarter of the population of New York (Patel).
Furthermore, a study conducted by Stanford University this year shows that, while police
officers are more likely to stop black or hispanic drivers, those searches turn up proportionately
less illegal substances or guns than searches conducted on Asian or white drivers (Andrews). But
what can be done to end racial profiling? It is not simply something that can be changed
overnight. It will take months, even years, to fix the issue, but, with the proper enforcement and
blame assigned, racism in the police force will be stopped.
Climate change amplifies the amount of droughts, storms, and floods around the world.
Sea level rise associated with climate change could tens millions of people in low-lying areas especially in developing countries.(Climate Change) Half of the residents in the U.S live within
50 miles of the coast and millions of people are live three feet above sea level, which is putting
them in danger. Climate change is warming up the sea, which encourages proliferation of
non-native species which impact fishing industries. Climate change is causing more intense

Li, Nino, Bennett, Ramos 4

thunderstorms each year which cause more tornadoes than resulting in more deaths each year. It's
hard to predict the true impact of climate change on society but some things are clear, from
energy to water utilities the whole world will feel the long-terms impacts of climate change.
This is why all of these problems are bad for America. Social equality affects debt
because women have less rights than men, for example makes 20% less of what men do in the
U.S (aauw). That is making it harder to repay debt through taxes, plus Donald Trump is adding
more debt that Hillary will. This can affect how much money can devote to research, like climate
change. Therefore that gender equality is making everything worse for the U.S; therefore that is
why it's affecting the National debt, and Climate Change.

Li, Nino, Bennett, Ramos 5

Introduction (Group member 1) Jiasheng Li

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