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This procedure specifies minimum requirements for performing inspection to

assure the clients quality requirements pertaining to Carbon Steel Pipes.

To ensure conformity of the product per the international standards and
additional clients requirement.

Document Reference
International Codes/Standards

API Line Pipes

Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated,
Welded and Seamless
ASME B36.1 Welded and Seamless wrought steel pipes
ISO 3183
High Frequency Welded Line Pipes
Saudi Aramco Specifications

API Line Pipes

Small Direct Purchase of Pipe
High Frequency Welded Line Pipe, Class B
High Frequency Welded Line Pipe, Class C

Saudi Aramco Inspection Requirements




Inspection Procedure for flanges is as follows;

1) Document Review:
a. Inspector to check the Purchase Order and its attachments i.e. ITP, Design
Drawings, client specifications, project specifications and inspection requirements
(Form 175) etc.

b. The purchase order shall clearly state the description of the pipes as well as the
client and international specification applicable.

c. Unless otherwise mentioned in the Purchase Order, Saudi Aramco Specification

01-SAMSS-035 is applicable for all API line Pipes.
d. If the material is required as per 01-SAMSS-035 then only PSL2 grade pipes are

e. Review the Material Test Certificates (MTC) for the Pipes as supplied by the
manufacturer. Following shall be taken under consideration:

MTC shall be Legible, Identifiable with the proper reference purchase order,
manufacturer, and buyer. It is recommended to ask for and review Original

MTC shall have an Identification No. (Document Control No.) and shall have a
Date of Issue

MTC shall at least conform to the requirement of EN 10204 2.2. It is

recommended that the MTC should conform to EN 10204 3.1.

MTC shall have a complete description of the pipe and shall contain the
reference standards to which it conforms.

Chemical Composition shall be checked for the material with respect to the
applicable standard/ specification i.e. API-5L, ASTM A53 etc.

For pipes conforming to API-5L the chemical composition is mentioned in

tale 2A and 2B of API-5L.

Additional requirements from applicable Saudi Aramco specifications shall be


Additional requirements for API line pipes are mentioned in section 6 of 01SAMSS-035.

Mechanical Properties of the pipes shall be checked as per the applicable

standard i.e. API-5L, ASTM A53 and the applicable Saudi Aramco Specification
i.e. 01-SAMSS-035

In API-5L the Mechanical properties are mentioned in the table 3A

and 3B of API-5L.

Additional requirements for API line pipes are given in the section 6
of 01-SAMSS-035.

2) Physical and quantity verification: Material should be physically identified

and its quantity verified before inspection. Reference document in this case shall
be the Purchase Order.
3) Visual Inspection: A complete visual inspection of the material shall be
conducted. Check for physical condition of the pipes and any visible defect/
discontinuities if present shall be highlighted.
4) Dimensional Inspection:
Dimensional inspection of the pipes shall be done with respect to the
applicable standard/ specification i.e. API-5L, ASTM A53, ASME B36.1 etc.
In API-5L the dimensional specifications are mentioned in sec. 7 and table
4,5,and 6.
Additional requirements of Saudi Aramco specifications shall be met i.e.
dimensional requirements are mentioned in section 7 of 01-SAMSS-035
5) Marking Inspection:
Marking shall be checked as per the applicable standard/ specification i.e. API5L, ASTM A53 etc.

Marking criteria is given in section 10 of API-5L for API line pipes.

A report shall be generated in standard approved format w.r.t. the activities mentioned
QC inspectors are responsible for performing the inspection.