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INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

INFINITY Astrological Magazine

Smiljana Gavrani Professional Astrologer ISAR C.A.P.

July/August 2016 free edition

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Happy Summer Solstice 2016 , June 20th, 2016

(11:34:07pm GMT-picture for whole world)

The Sun came at

0 Cancer, and
we can see it in
Venus! It will
make trine with
RNeptune (it will
aspect)-so, this
could be time for
Miracles, Pleasure... After the Full Moon at 29 Sagittarius, now it's time to
relax and to clear away all that no longer serves us... Open Your Heart for New
Life! The first New Moon during summer solstice is very powerful, it is at 13
Cancer, very close to the biggest star Sirius Open Your Heart For Something

Light & Love,


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

48th ANNUAL CONFERENCE (9th-11th September 2016) BUILDING


The AAs 48th Annual Conference Building Bridges and Expanding Our
Horizons takes place 9th 11th September 2016 at Wyboston Lakes near
Cambridge, UK

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016


Victor Olliver - Forecasting versus personal opinion (9-10)

Smiljana Gavrani Scorpio as a Re-Start infinity (11-13)
Smiljana Gavrani River of Dreams... (14-21)
Theodore Naicker - Keep it Simple Series: The Sun as Vocation (22- 25)
Le Ann Eros & Psyche (26-29)
Peter Stockinger - They do not compel William Lilly, Astral
Determinism and Free Will (30-36)
7. Alex Trenoweth - The Growing Pains of Harry Potter (38-41)
8. Alex Trenoweth - Pupils born between 1 September 2004 and 31 August
2005 will be gearing up to start secondary school in September (42-45)
9. Marguerite dar Boggia -Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador (46-49)
10. Eric Meyers About Mars (50-52)
11. Armand Diaz - Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness: Part 4,
The Modern Worldview (53-56)
12. Alan Annan - Keith Richards & Jimmy Page: mutually in tune? (57-62)
14. Rod Chang - Remain or Leave, UK referendum 2016 analysis (71-89)
15. Stefanie James - Life on Mars Referendums and Retrograde (90-92)

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Forecasting versus personal opinion

Author: Victor Olliver
The editor of The Astrological Journal introduces us to its
July-August 2016 issue - one of its big themes is the
headache of making astrological predictions
In my editors letter in the July-August issue of The Astrological
Journal I describe forecasting as one of the headaches of
astrology. This may seem an odd word to use. After all, isnt
astrology all about prediction? I had in mind two pieces published
in this issue, both on the US Presidential Election. One (Peter
Stockinger) approaches the topic using the traditional technique of
the solar ingress chart for Washington. The other (Sue Kientz)
uses the latest asteroids and planetoids discovered in the Kuiper
belt, the trans-Neptunians, to deliver a devastating critique of Donald Trumps chances of making the
White House. How objective were they? And does it matter?
The questions I ask take us back to the headache of astrology. How can we trust an astrologer not to
allow a personal opinion to dictate their interpretation of a chart? Before I commissioned Sue and
Peter I did not Google their politics. I just knew that both of them are first-class astrologers. Doubtless
they have personal views - Sues opinion of Trump comes through loud and clear in her essay (not a
billet-doux, shall we say). Peters personal view is not at all visible in his piece though he makes a
forecast. Does this make his analysis more reliable than Sues? My roundabout answer goes something
like this: what moved me to publish their work was not the presence or absence of opinion or even a
bias but each authors informed dedication to methodology.
We could go a little deeper and say that no aspect, eclipse, transit, progression or whatever should be
interpreted in absolute, literal terms. Each brings a spectrum of possibilities ranged from negative to
positive within a framework of meaning. If Venus squares Jupiter, we may see immense fun and selfindulgence - or a bust liver. How we choose to interpret a chart is layered with many factors in
deciding outcomes. If the chart does not speak to us literally, what else do we have that pushes us
towards a conclusion i.e. a forecast?
In recent days I have been reading many astrological analyses of the US Election via Facebook and
Twitter - and have been disappointed by occasional and obvious partiality if not rank prejudice. The
problem is not the lack of knowledge on display but the readiness to pollute learning with irrelevance
(so far as the horoscope is concerned). We all hold political views but the more we make these evident
in our astrology the more we gag the chart. I find it odd that anyone would think it a good idea to use
the horoscope as an elaborate expression of personal perspective. The next ludicrous step is the
implication that Im right because its cosmically ordained. Some psychological distance from the
subject of analysis is required to allow the astrology to say something in its own terms. The decision to
establish that distance is the astrologers.
Is it then a matter of pretending to be objective for credibility? Not at all. As I say, we all have
opinions. What we think of any number of things tends to be visceral, emotional, cultural - always
personal. So, a bias cannot be erased out of existence. I think the analogy of the jury is useful here. It

INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

is perfectly possible to consider a matter while suspending ones reflexive thoughts. Astrology after all
is about an accumulation of chart detail, rather as a jury must sift through a pile of often contradictory
evidence, weighing up one thing against another to meet (or not) a standard of proof. Its not just that
the outcome may be more reliable; its that some impersonal process has been seen to be at work
beyond prejudice.
Astrology fundamentally should be disinterested, but not mechanistic or indifferent.
I believe that Peter and Sue reached a level of disinterest - no matter how their analyses read: much
impersonal rigour was evident in both works. Curiously they reached more-or-less the same
conclusion (though everything depends on who ends up as presidential nominees) by very different
routes. And thats another funny thing about astrology - a great many stargazing roads take you to the
same destination. How can this be? Dunno.
The other big topic in this issue is the death of Jonathan Cainer. If the name means nothing to you, he
was one of the UKs leading media astrologers. His Daily Mail column alone reached over 12 million
people a day. And he had countless followers in other countries - including China and Japan as well as
Canada and Australia. Its assumed by many in the world of serious astrology that the Sun-sign
version is a glib misrepresentation of our noble practice - banal if not total rubbish. Cainers fans
would beg to differ. His approach was not to spoon-feed readers a diet of pre-digested prediction but
to employ metaphor to encourage them to reflect on his meaning by their own understanding. In this
way, forecasting became a starting point for personal reflection in the light of certain trends, not a
script for mindless reaction to the promptings of a bossy guru. Cainer made quite a fortune from his
columns - he found a new way to sell astrology to the masses. And in so doing, indirectly helped a
great many serious astrologers keep busy with interested clients.
Theres much else in this issue but you can check out our Contents page here Perrys piece on AstroPsychology
redefines the purpose predictive astrology while Andrew Ifandis explores the chart of Swedish film
director Ingmar Bergman. And dont miss Philip Graves fascinating history of astrology magazines
from the 18th and early 19th centuries.
The Astrological Journal is available to members of the Astrological Association - heres the
details: you can buy individual copies email
Or you can buy the digital edition now in any currency:

Victor Olliver is the editor of The Astrological Journal, published by the Astrological Association.
He is also media officer of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. Based in the UK,
he trained to be a barrister before becoming a magazine feature writer, and then an editor on a number
of publications including magazines, newspapers and electronic media. He has two awards from the
Periodical Publishers Association for his celebrity and travel journalism. He graduated with a
distinction diploma in natal and mundane astrology from the Mayo School in 2012. Victor is also the
author of the annual Lifesurfing series of astrological forecasting books.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Scorpio as a Re-Start - Infinity

Author: Smiljana Gavrani
Although Zodiac starts with the
sign of Aries, the greatest potential
is found within the eighth sign, the
sign of Scorpio, where death
happens, which eventually is not
the end, for the conception also
happens in this sign, and it brings
the new life, and this is that circle,
that sideways eight, infinity...
Within Scorpio there is the
possibility of transformation, the
possibility to "bury" old patterns we
inherited in the river called
genetics, and to then have Re-Start
or Re-Birth, which is the subject of
the July issue of Refresh Your Life e-Magazine (famous Serbian on-line magazine where this article
is going to be publish in July 2016).

Fear absence of Love within

The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is exalted
in this sign, at 11 Scorpio, which is depiction of
freedom, originality, high speed, every excellent
astrologer, and the very God of Heavens. Uranus
represents the present moment, and to live "here
and now" is the greatest task of every person.
Uranus lets go, neither thinking what will happen
tomorrow (future) nor what happened yesterday
(past). Uranus is "man awaken"! Napoleon is said
to have been the author of the famous sentence:
"Do not wake up China, for when she wakes she
will move the world, and I would add China is
long awaken, and it "vibrates" at 11 Scorpio. This
country develops at enormous speed, and our
refusal to see the Truth is due to fear, for the sign
of Scorpio carries within our fears, and fears are the absence of Love within. Love is by no means the
easy thing, it is the skill that requires lifelong mastering, and people enter relationships because of
fear, and that is the way wrong choices are being made. We attract what we present in the moment,
neither better nor worse than what is our reflection.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The secret of the underworld - 3 and 7 Scorpio
We can start with a new life only if we are cleansed. I
love to say bury your old self, in order to be
borne as a new self... It means to be emotionally
light, for in the sign of Scorpio the Moon and the
Venus (subconscious planets, which represent the
emotional part of ourselves) are debilitated. The
Moon (life) is in fall at 3 Scorpio, while the Venus
(love, relationships) is in exile. When I say
emotionally light, I mean to clean the Heart of all
emotions. Emotions (Moon) are only memories, and
memories are not ours to hold, these are our ancestors
who "vibrate" within and who may experience the
change, liberation through us. The Moon (Soul)
contains all women in our genetics and there are
many things there, the pain, wounds, and there things
need to be "cleansed". Every time we "grow" here
and now, all our grandmothers, grand-grandmothers
"grow" as well, and finally our mother grows too, for
Moon is primarily mother. The death is definitely not
the end, for they continue to live through us, and we
are the only ones who can bring them a change,
because we bring ourselves a change. At the same spot where the life is the weakest, at 3 Scorpio
Pluto (death, but also regeneration) is the strongest! It is ok to wonder how is that at the same spot in
Zodiac, at 3 Scorpio, life and death touch? The answer is simple, life and death are the same, they
"vibrate" at the same spot, and when we accept that, all our fears related to death vanish. For an
average person, death is the eternal darkness, not known path, and finally the fear... St. Petka lives at
this spot, that wonder woman... At 3 Scorpio there is a powerful spot, here lives the god of the
underworld, Hades, here is also the myth of Persephone, here lives the secret of the underworld, and
the underworld is the world of inner energy potential. To "descend" into the underworld, means to
"dive" deep into oneself and to start transformation. Here the girl became woman, through the
mentioned myth of Persephone. Many techniques may be of help here astrology, homeopathy,
kundalini yoga, etc. Midpoint between the Pluto's (Death god) exaltation and Uranus' (Heavens god)
exaltation is at 7 Scorpio, and that place is called "the battlefield" in astrology. Here the Mind
(heavens, consciousness) and the Body (Earth's core, the unconscious) merge in one point and
conciliate all opposites. Body and Mind need to be in balance, and that is our challenge And
between the Body (lower chakras Mars, Venus and Sun) and the Mind (upper chakras Mercury,
Jupiter and Saturn) in the centre, there is the Heart (Anahata) and we always need to start from the
Heart, from our Soul. Things must be brought to order here first.

The cleaning of the soul (21 and 15 Scorpio)

There is no Soul that does not carry pain, for we are mostly made of water, and water is our Moon, so
firstly we need to learn to trust and to open to confidence, intimacy. The Heart may be cleansed
through homeopathy, which "lives" at 21 Scorpio, at the same spot as the fixed star Unukalhai from
the constellation of Serpens, and it tells that each one of us has a snake within, but it is important to


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

master that snake within, or it would master us. "Like cures like" is the main principle of homeopathy,
and it is all-telling. Every person carries healing ability, we are all magicians, wizards. Energy worker
should never use his abilities for either good or bad, he just needs to circle the energy, and that is
enough The Universe is there to guide us, and it is up to us to learn to accept that all that is
happening is for our benefit. And finally, the sign of Scorpio also contains so-called "Avatar degree",
that is at 15 Scorpio. More precisely, each 15 of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)
is so-called "Avatar degree" and it represents the "buffer zone" between the East and the West, from
the point of view of mundane astrology, and from the personal point of view it is the place where
seemingly incompatible things connect! Here, the life is not easy, here is our challenge, here might
hurt, there is death and loss here, but here things "break", and only the "braking" brings the change.
Every "Avatar degree" is in semi-square (aspect of 45) with 0 of every cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer,
Libra and Capricorn) which symbolize the start of seasons and four directions (Aries - spring and
East, Cancer - summer and North, Libra - autumn and West, Capricorn - winter and South) and that is
why these spots in Zodiac are very important.

Each end is always a new beginning -29 Scoprio to 0 Sagittarius

In traditional astrology, the first house (the
birth) is ruled by Saturn, but it also rules the
eighth house, the house of death. On the other
hand, in modern astrology, the first house is
ruled by Mars, and Mars also rules the eighth
house. Mars is our first energy centre, the first
chakra, and together with seventh energy
centre (Saturn chakra) it creates the ring
around the central, Moon chakra (Anahate).
Saturn (consequence) in present incarnation is
former Mars (action). The main task of Marschakra is - the fear, while the main task of
Saturn-chakra is get rest! At the same time,
present Mars is future Saturn. Every action
here and now is already the future life, and
already we may change things, here and now
we change the past, but also create the future
at the same time. So, does the death really exist? Is death the end? No, certainly not, for at 29
Scorpio, at the very end of this sign, there is the end of the end, the end of darkness, and there comes
0 Sagittarius, which is the beginning of our Future Self, our Future life. From the sign of Sagittarius,
more correctly from the 9th house of horoscope, the so-called Heavenly houses start, and here we can
see what emotions coloured our mother in the moment she found out she had been pregnant with us.
Only the absence of the mother's fear, worry (Saturn)might bring the peaceful and happy Us!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

River of Dreams
Author: Smiljana Gavrani


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Everybody carries inside not only the story of his own life, but also of many other lives that are
unconsciously interlaced. Draconic horoscope is the type of horoscope that gives the secret picture of
the Soul, describing the connections with people (and regions) we know from previous lives, and
implying that our feelings are not absolutely ours In other words, it speaks of our Soul's memories.
We all have somebody (or something) that we love, with whom we are "connected", who we feel and in
whom we recognize something ours


When on October 16, 2013, Sinia Rai (an famous Seriban who was followed his dreams) started his
project "Active Holiday he was only inadvertently following his dreams. In his chart, Sinia has
very prominent Uranus (being original, brave; freedom) at the Ascendant as the ruler of his 5th house
(creation). People with Uranus at Ascendant are usually pioneers in their profession, they are twenty
steps in front of their time, they are "crazy", brave, very fast, open to everything that is new, different.
On the other side, this is not the easy way, but all that is more challenging in life brings greater
happiness later. The very position of angular houses (Asc, Desc, IC, MC) across 0 of cardinal signs
speaks of the fact that Sinia revives so-called "Avatar degrees" (15 of fixed signs) through his
horoscope, so his purpose is to start something during his life that will have effect on masses. Avatar
degrees in astrology indicate that the fate of these people is not an easy one, and that Sinia is a kind of
agent in connecting only seemingly disparate opposites. It takes "crazy bravery" for Avatar degrees
because they speak of a strong, unconscious need for transformation, for "breaking" the old forms we
inherited in the river bed called genetics. From the point of view of my years-long research, these
degrees also relate to practicing Kundalni Yoga, which is also the part of his life, a part he is in love
with. Avatar degrees are in semi-square (aspect of 45) with 0 of every cardinal sign (Aries. Cancer,
Libra, Capricorn), that tell of the beginning of the four seasons. When the Sun comes to 0 Aries the


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

spring begins, when it reaches 0 Cancer the summer begins, at 0 Libra the autumn begins, and
when the Sun reaches 0 Capricorn the winter begins.

Ceres the goddess of Nature

Venus (essential signifier of nature, but also the ruler of Sinia's South Node the life before the last)
is in the 3rd house (our words, all we say, write, our Mind), in Sagittarius (expansion, broadening of
knowledge), and in conjunction with asteroid Ceres. Ceres is Goddess, Mother of the nature, patron of
grains and grain fields, and that archetype is what Sinia carries in his Soul as a memory that he
inadvertently follows during this incarnation. All those who ever have had a chance to see what Sinia
does could immediately see his endless love of nature and his promoting it through activities within
the project Active Holiday.

The point where everything ceases and everything begins!

Sinia's horoscope carries great spiritual potential Sun (daily light, knowledge of Self) is at 2
Scorpio, close to the Pluto's exaltation degree (transformation), but also close to the degree of Moon's
fall (emotions), so one of his tasks is to make himself "emotionally lighter" during this life, clear of
"bad" emotions. Emotions are just memories, and memories are not ours, those are our ancestors
within us, and it is a river with many things within, and there things should be "cleaned" The


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

position of progressive Ascendant (it moves 1 during 1 year)in the moment when project "Active
Holiday" was initiated is interesting it is the mentioned 2 Scorpio! This was the clear sign of the
Universe! This is the spot in the Zodiac where everything old ceases! His natal Sun (Light) is
revived, and the creation was born in 2013!

Mercury (Mind) is at the beginning of the Burning Way (Via Combusta), that covers the space
between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio. Here, it is the story of the magic powers of Egyptian goddess Isis,
who knew the secrets of the underworld and revived the dead (remember the myth of reviving her
dead husband). In real life, this might mean the great need for mastering spiritual techniques in order
to heal oneself first, and then everybody around. Mercury has a challenging aspect with Saturn at the
star from the constellation of Cetus (Whale the monster), that also carries spiritual potential.
Here there is the change after the long time spent in the "cellar of one own's internal universe". While
being in the "belly of the whale", one has a chance to realize his mistakes and after that comprehension
of deeply unconscious contents one can honestly ask the Creator within (the personal God) to open the
door, and point to the Light. After that, it is up to everybody to go to the world and share the
knowledge Sinia is doing just this, through events and people he work with at "Active Holiday.
I must add that the Sun (the knowledge of Self) is also on the Burning Way, so it is obvious that
Plutonic part of Zodiac is accented here. It takes courage to go to the underworld, because only a few
managed to return from there. It takes wisdom to go "down" there, to master the powerful knowledge
and to return "up" here, to the Earth, to share that knowledge This is always the double-edged
sword, because the world of energies carries the trap within.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Promotion of the healthy life is evident from Sinia's stellium (three planets) in Virgo (Mars, Pluto and
Jupiter). This stellium in Virgo in 12th house (silence) is supported by Neptune (spirituality) in good
aspect, so accenting meditation and all other techniques that contain it is definitely something that
strongly marks the project "Active Holiday.
The Moon (night light, subconscious) is at 0 Capricorn, very challenging spot in Zodiac, because it is
automatically included into "Avatar degrees. The Moon describes all people we meet in life, and
these are the people Sinia comes in contact with through his projects.

The Southern Triangle

Let me now go back to the notion of draconic horoscope that I have mentioned before. We are being
born and come to the planet Earth just to revive the memories of our souls and to finish the unfinished
business from previous incarnations. When "Active Holiday" was founded, Ascendant - the body of
this project - was at the very mystical fixed star ATRIA (21 Sagittarius), from the constellation of
Triangulum Australis (the Southern Triangle).
Specificity of this star is that it represents a kind of secret, invisible connecting and associating, mainly
on positive basis. It has being related to architecture and masons. It implies secret societies, coded
messages, illuminations, Holy Grail. In Draconic horoscope, there is Sinia's Moon at 21 Sagittarius,
clearly indicating that "Active Holiday is something he carries as a memory of his Soul from the
previous life, and in this incarnation he just inadvertently followed his memories, his river
(genetics) The following year will be an interesting period, when Sinia's progressive Sun and
progressive Ceres (nature) come at 21 Sagittarius and when the whole story of the Southern Triangle


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

come to life. Possible are projects involving visits to places that contain secrets, coded messages, great
knowledge, for in the end "Active Holiday" was founded because of the Southern Triangle and now
is the time for the story to start!

The next interesting thing is the position of the draconic Sun. It is at 23 Libra! On the day Sinia
started with "Active Holiday", the transit Sun was at 23 Libra! Isn't this more than clear message that
the Universe always takes care of everything?! Sinia did not consult the astrologer then, he just
followed his heart There is a very generous fixed star SPICA from the constellation of Virgo at this
spot, and its nature is Mars and Venus. This star speaks of the gifts that fall from the Skies, if Mars
and Venus are in harmony. In the chart of "Active Holiday", rulers of Mars and Venus, Mercury from
Scorpio and Jupiter from Cancer create the Grand Water Trine with the Moon in Pisces, so it is certain
that the Universe has prepared the award. Every grand trine is a potential talent. I also wish to add that
this star was assigned its Mars-Venus nature by Ptolemy, which speaks volumes, since this is the
natural axis of Zodiac (Aries-Libra).


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The Earth looks for the Moon, the Moon looks for the Earth
Draconic horoscope is one very intimate horoscope of every one of us. It is essentially the lunar
horoscope, the horoscope of our etheric being A person carries within the picture of memories of all
earthly events, so the primary representation is a geocentric natal chart. Still, he has an aura around
him. As the Moon revolves around the Earth, the man has an etheric body enveloping him, so every
one of us has a horoscope of that etheric body, and it is draconic horoscope. Draconic Zodiac
represents our memory of everything from before this life the Moon is the field of death, the end of
life and all souls are there, for all souls go and reside in etheric space. And if we talk about a
relationship, one should consider that he is one being, while the Earth is one and the Moon is the
other we are physical-etheric beings. That is exactly the secret of life the Earth looks for the Moon,
and the Moon looks for the Earth in order to revive their unity!
Whenever there is the combination of natal (Earth) and Draconic (Moon) hiriscopes of two persons,
two bodies, two entities they certainly know each other from previous lives It is possible that the
energy is not dense enough for materialization, but the recognition is there either negative or
positive Every harmonic aspect between draconic and geocentric (natal) horoscope presents the
channel from which the person easily receives messages Especially important are conjunctions of
natal planet of one person with draconic planet of another person, for it is depiction of direct merging
of two parts of Existence!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

It is important to assess in each relationship what is the main thread (main aspect), i.e. the main
channel through which the relationship is manifested, and that is usually represented by 1-2 aspects,
which give or take away the energy in the relationship.
Smiljana Gavrani- Kikinda, Serbia
Smiljana is the editor of INFINITY Astrological Magazine. She
obtained her astrological education at the Institute for Astrological
Research and Education Johannes Kepler in Belgrade, where
she graduated in October 2010, defending her thesis in Mundane
Astrology European Union In Varietate Concordia (united in
diversity) and obtained the status of a graduated Astrologer
Researcher. In February 2011, she met requirements to work as an
Astrologer Consultant and in March of the same year, she became
an International Certified Professional Astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.).
Smiljana is a member of ISAR (International Society for
Astrological Research) and of the Astrological Association of
Great Britain. During the academic 2010/11 within the postgraduate level, she studied Hermetic Astrology. In addition to
consultations with the clients, Smiljana finds great inspiration in
research work, which she presents in her astrological texts. A
special emphasis input on finding significant degrees in the
Zodiac for a specific country in the area of Mundane Astrology or
a significant degree for relations between two persons in the Astrology of Relations. In her search for responses
to the question as to why something (or someone) is happening to us, Smiljana also practices Karmic Astrology,
as well as the Astrology of Archetype (fixed stars, mythology). Smiljana studied International law and Law of
International Organizations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. She interrupted her studies at
the last year (in 2006) and since then, she exclusively dedicated her life to self-study of astrology. Smiljana
writes articles for Trygon (Poland), The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR Journal, The Astrological Journal
AA UK, Skyward Newsletter of NFAA (North Florida Astrology Society).
Smiljana was a speaker at two KAPA conferences in Serbia (REGULUS IN VIRGO, November 2011 and
CHIRONS MESSAGES, November 2013). In September 2015 she was a speaker at online international
astrological conference CINASTRO 2015, Brazil . Her topic was Russia and 19 Libra. Krishnamurti Institute
of Astrology, Kolkata, India, was published Smiljanas article about Russia and 19 Libra during its conference
in January 2016. Smiljana will be a speaker at The AAs 48th Annual Conference. The AAs 48th Annual
Conference Building Bridges and Expanding Our Horizons takes place 9th 11th September 2016 at
Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge, UK. Her lecture will be: URANUS IN TAURUS 2018. During her visit to
UK, Smiljana will give a talk in the London Lodge, too (19th September, 2016).
Phone: +381 63 350227


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Keep it Simple Series: The Sun as Vocation

Author: Theodore Naicker
In many cultures around the world and through
history, the Sun was a symbol of life, vitality, well
being, and health, and leadership. In the
development of astrology in the 20th century,
astrologers conceived of Sun a symbol for the
purpose or construct of personality or ego. The
way I conceive of the Sun in the context of natal
astrology, is that it encapsulates or contains the
idea that the cause or spark of our existence (the
Sun is the source of all life that we know of), it drives our living time to fruition and fulfilment of the
intent that set it in motion, so that the Sun becomes both the cause and the effect of the public
personality, of the person in the world. In this article, I would like to explore this in a very simple way:
by looking at the Sun in a chart and its associations.
Traditional astrologers will know there exists a host of techniques for determining vocation in the
literature. It is not the aim of this article to explore each of these. Traditionally, one would consider the
Sun, the Midheaven (where the Sun culminates) and its ruler, and the Doryphory, in addition to
aspects of the Moon and other techniques centred around Mercury, Venus, and the Moon.
Instead, this article is going to focus exclusively on the role the Sun plays in our intent for living, and
also in what we seek to fulfil in the world (and therefore find fulfilment in ourselves). While credit
must be given to Robert Zoller who first brought me to the tradition, I must also give a special mention
to astrologers Rod Suskin and particularly Faye Cossar for their further inspiration in this regard. All
in all, in working with clients, I have found that a proper consideration of the Sun in the chart provides
a rich tapestry for a foundational (and by no means insignificant) consideration of vocation for a
I am going to limit the considerations used here. I will only be looking at the Sun and its associations
as descriptive of vocation (not necessarily career). One consideration that I find bears out very well in
this regard is the last aspect the Sun made prior to birth, and so this consideration is included.
Biographical accounts are sourced from Wikipedia.
Example 1
Neil Armstrong (August 5, 1930 August 25, 2012) was an American astronaut and the first person
to walk on the Moon. He was also an aerospace engineer, naval aviator, test pilot, and university
Neil has a Sun on the IC, which is typical of someone who adopts a staunch approach to purpose in
their life (it is personally very serious) and yes one would presume heavily informed by his
relationship to his father (he was introduced to and found his love for flying through his father, who
took him to the Cleveland Air Races when he was 5 years old).


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The Sun is in Leo, which
traditionally is the archetypical
placement for leadership through
earned entitlement (as opposed to a
debilitated Sun which can demand
entitlement). In any case, we have
the intent to be self-possessed, to
lead, through an activity or avenue
that is taken very seriously. It is
formed in early childhood and
persists into adulthood.
The last aspect the Sun made was a
trine with the Moon. As I said, the
previous aspect of the Sun is usually
a very strong statement that feeds
into the vocational profile. In Neils case, the aspect is a trine from an angular and Sagittarius Moon
talk about literally stretching our boundaries of exploration on the Moon! Less dramatically but
equally valid, as the Moon rules the 3rd house, his fascination with outer space was fuelled by
telescope viewings which his neighbour had.
The Sun is aspected by a Gemini Mars and an Aries Uranus, and his first foray into space travel were
the series of Gemini missions in the 1960s. I take Mars-Uranus contacts to involve machinery and
technology but on a grand scale (if Mars is the car engine, Uranus is the rocket fuel and the collective
impetus of America at the time to be a pioneer in exploration).
Example 2
Tracey Emin, CBE, RA (born 3
July 1963) is an English
contemporary artist known for her
autobiographical and confessional
artwork. Emin produces work in a
drawing, painting, sculpture, film,
photography, neon text and sewn
Tracey has a Sun in Cancer in the
12th house, giving an intent retire,
to find her sense of belonging
through solitude, out of which her
self-identity would be informed and
which would propel her vocational
work. Having the Cancer Sun in the 12th would incline her to work toward feeling that a group or
community functions better as her family than the nucleus she was born into. There would be
something about her familys past that her work would be addressing or using as fuel to express. Once
she establishes this, one would expect her vocational drives to take off and that cadent Sun would be


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

quite obvious in its effects (its still cadent, so the causes for her actions may be not well understood
by others and even herself for a long time).
The last aspect prior to birth which the Sun made was a sextile to a Virgo Pluto (or traditionally, a
trine to a Scorpio Moon). Both of these archetypes carry an affinity with destruction, the taboo, and
the combative or traditionally unsavoury aspects of society and ourselves in general, so whichever
way you look at it, the peg fits. She was raped at the age of 13, and this clearly played into her drive
and expression in her work as critics view it in the context of adolescent abuse and sexual assault.
After graduating college, she suffered two abortions, the trauma of which led her to destroy all her
artwork in what she described as emotional suicide. Some of her art photos were not considered for
appropriate for public viewing (such as a photo of a pack of cigarettes her uncle was holding when he
as decapitated in a car crash). You can clearly see the significance of the last aspects of her Sun in her
vocation profile.
The closest aspect to her natal Sun is an applying sextile to a Virgo Mars, ruler of her 10th and 5th
houses, indicating the Sun intent is carried directly into her creative career with a particular focus on
the details and the typical Virgo penchant for work with a variety of media.
Example 3
Donald John Trump (born June
14, 1946) is an American
personality, author, and politician.
He is chairman of The Trump
Organization, which is
principal holding company for his
real estate ventures and other
business interests. He is also the
presumptive nominee of the
Republican Party in the 2016
presidential election.
Donald has a Gemini Sun, conjunct
the North Node (and Uranus) in the
10th house. The Sun rules his first
house, so his vocational profile has a strong intent to be self-made. The Gemini Sun trumped up
by its conjunction with the North Node (and Uranus) would indicate the shock-value of the typical
Gemini use of words and media being used in an incredibly persuasive manner, bearing upon the
public strongly as a natural politician (North Node-Sun) as well as carrying or resonant with a strong
grassroots movement in public (Uranus-Sun).
This is emphasized with the last aspect of the Sun prior to birth being a trine with the Libra Moon
from his 3rd house further emphasizing the proactive nature of communication and his involvement
with and influence through media. Having Mars on the Ascendant colours the entire chart, so that the
Libra Moons ability to anticipate what people want or need, would be used to further his own


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The closest aspect the Sun will have after birth is a Full Moon eclipse in aspect to the Sagittarius
Moon in the 4th house. One could say that he becomes known as tapping into issues to do with
horizons or borders and immigration with the people of his country (Sagittarius Moon in the 4th
house), and it is a threat to establishment (eclipse).
In this short article, I hope I have given some material for astrologers to reconsider how they look at
the Sun in natal astrology. It is my view that the Sun should be looked at both as a driver and intent
behind the force of personality in the world, but also as an indicator of the approach and desired result
of that interaction. The Sun is both the cause and desired effect of the force of personality in the world.

Theodore Naicker- London, United Kingdom

Theodore Naicker was born in Durban, South Africa in 1987. He
began studying psychological astrology in 2010. He was
introduced to the astrological tradition in 2011, and subsequently
completed Robert Zollers DMA qualification in 2012. Two
years later, Theo completed his Practicing Astrology Diploma
with Rod Suskin in South Africa. He is currently studying Vedic
astrology. He has been a professional astrologer since 2012 and
is currently based in London. He has a BSc in Petroleum
Engineering from Texas Tech University and works as a
Petroleum Reservoir Engineer in the offshore oil and gas


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Eros & Psyche

Author: Le Ann

Erotic love is associated with

Eros, and Psyche is the goddess
associated with soul. Within
the context of synastry,
analyzing connections between
these two asteroids often
provides a description of how
the individuals arouse feelings
of erotic impulses and soulful
love within each other. These
connections often describe the
nature of the erotic impulses
inspired by each other, as well
as the level of interest each
individual feels in elevating erotic impulses into the realm of soulful love.
A lack of Eros-Psyche connections may indicate a low level of interest in blending erotic impulses
with soulful love, but this is not an indication that there is a lack of sexual chemistry, in and of itself.
It simply indicates that the Eros-Psyche story is not a key factor in their synastry, and the astrologer
must look to other factors to describe the erotic story between the two individuals. Strong ErosPsyche connections often accompany a strong passion and desire for each other, especially when
accompanied by other chart factors that are typically considered in synastry analysis. A strong ErosPsyche connection often indicates soulful yearnings between two people that invite them to take their
relationship into deep emotional territory, and depending on their comfort level with intimacy, these
connections often indicate that deep emotional territory will be embraced. This comes quite easily for
some, and can be highly problematic for others, depending on the disposition and capacity of each
individual to go deep with relationships and erotic impulses, in general. This will determine if the
synastry between Eros and Psyche connections will be sustainable or intolerable for each individual.
As the myth reveals, Eros is full of passion and desire for Psyche,
indicating strong synastry connections between these two asteroids
will include considerable feelings of passion and desire. However,
strong Eros-Psyche connections may be felt as harmonious or
challenging depending upon each persons comfort level with deep
intimacy. If strong Eros-Psyche connections are shared between two
people who both embrace deep levels of intimacy, a long soulful
experience of combining erotic love and soulful yearnings may be
experienced. Strong Eros-Psyche connections tend to be shown by
tight ptolemaic aspects between each persons Eros and Psyche
asteroids, as well between ones Eros or Psyche with the others
personal planets or angles. Typically, these contacts accompany


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

feelings of passion and desire early in the relationship, but each persons capacity to sustain soulful
connection with erotic impulses will determine if strong Eros-Psyche aspects will result in positive or
negative experiences in the long term. Both hard and soft aspects feel like erotic desire and
yearning for the other, but the individuals comfort level with soulful intimacy will go a long way
towards determining if a square or opposition between ones Eros and anothers Psyche will result in
building intimacy or resisting it. A trine or sextile, for example, may lead an the individual who is
uncomfortable with feelings of passion to refrain from taking action in the relationship, even though it
is often considered a good or easy aspect.

In the myth, Eros falls

in love with Psyche at
first sight (with the
help of his own
arrow) but decides to
protect himself from
the wrath of his
jealous mother, so
instead of entering a
Psyche in the open for
convinces her to enter
relationship that exists
only under the strict
cloak of darkness. In
revealing his true
nature and identity to her in the early phase of their relationship. The motif of hiding ones true self
from ones lover, and entering a secret relationship of some sort, is often a part of the Eros-Psyche
story between couples, and can be felt by the individuals involved. The so-called easier aspects
may indicate an openness towards taking erotic impulses into soulful territory in the privacy of their
own relationship, but if one or both of the individuals feel fear around intimacy in general, these softer
aspects may result in less psychological tension to actually blend erotic impulses with soulful love
resulting in a stalemate. The relationship may become dull and end as a result. Those comfortable
with deep soulful, erotic love feel the softer aspects as a flowing experience where they come to a
place of erotic love and soulful union without feeling an inner sense of great challenge that often
accompanies the harder aspects. They may have challenges indeed, but they will most likely not
recognize them as insurmountable and will instead experience a lower sense of urgency that allows an
erotic soul union to grow in its own time. Even if challenges exist, a sense of openness and patience
flows within the couple who share softer aspects, as they may blend erotic love and soul with less
resistance than the mythic Psyche and Eros experience in journey towards enduring love.
With the traditional harder aspects, it is common that each individual feels an inner challenge on a
core level for deep intimacy when they are together, and if one of the individuals feel that the other is


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

not being authentic or open, they will significantly challenge their partner to reveal deeper aspects of
themselves, which could result in a degree of resistance from their partner. Again, depending on their
level of comfort with intimacy in general, one of them may hide aspects of themselves from the other
in an attempt to maintain their erotic union while keeping their deepest self safely stowed away out of
touch. With strong Eros-Psyche connections in synastry, ones ability to navigate deep emotional
waters in general will determine whether or not they feel the need to protect and shield themself from
deep soul intimacy. Depending on the psychological maturity of each individual involved, the more
difficult Eros-Psyche aspects can result in one individual desperately yearning for intimate
connection on a soulful level while their partner feels more safe and in control remaining in the realm
of erotic love only.
Individuals who feel high degrees of comfort with soulful intimacy will feel the harder aspects as an
urgent invitation to dive deep into feelings of raw intimacy in order to unite on a soulful level. The
Eros-Psyche myth eventually expresses this level of intimacy, but only after an ultimatum for a soulful
relationship and commitment is demanded and worked for. Any feelings of resistance that an
individual may harbor will feel intensified under strong Eros-Psyche connections, and depending on
their level of openness the deeply transformative erotic potential and soulful union that a strong ErosPsyche connection offers may be denied, just as Eros denies Psyche in the early stages of their
relationship. These connections demand deep inner work as a couple, but those who naturally seek
deep levels of intimacy will enjoy the hard aspects much more than those who fear, or simply do not
value, uniting erotic love with soul. Those who run from serious relationships altogether will feel very
challenged by strong Eros-Psyche connections. Look to the house placement and planetary aspects
within the synastry of the two charts to find where these relationship dynamics are most strongly felt
by each individual.
In the context of the myth, we see the compulsion to combine
erotic impulses with soulful union in Psyche (soul) when she
finds herself deeply yearning for Eros after he runs away from the
deep connection that Psyche yearns for. Just as the myth
illustrates, many couples with strong Eros-Psyche connections
will mirror this situation to varying degrees, and one of them may
feel like running away. Sometimes both individuals may feel
their desire to unite erotic impulses with soulful love is wrought
with challenges, and similar to the myth itself, the more the
couple feels comfortable with acts of courage and authentic truth
in relationship, the more successful they will feel navigating
strong Eros-Psyche connections. These connections in synastry
are powerful indicators that the couple has come together to face
the challenge of taking erotic chemistry into the deep waters of
soulful love.
Regardless of the aspects themselves, strong ptolemaic connections indicate an erotic chemistry
between the two that will be strongly felt within both. A sense of urgency may be felt more strongly
with hard aspects, which is mirrored in the myth when Psyche begins to obsess over knowing her
lovers true identity and she finally confronts the sleeping Eros with an oil lamp and a knife. The light
of Psyches lamp illuminates the illusion between them, and forces truth to enter the relationship.
Again, with softer aspects and an individual desire to merge at deep levels, a couple will feel like the
illumination of illusions is a soulfully fulfilling experience and will enjoy hard aspects between Eros


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

and Psyche. Others who resist such intensity and depth will feel much more tortured with a strong
Eros-Psyche connection, and may find themselves obsessing to either reveal or maintain the illusions
of erotic impulse without soulful union, depending on their disposition towards soulful union, in
general. In the myth, Psyche is compelled to see the truth in her love, and upon seeing the real Eros
she falls more deeply in love than ever before. However, Eros feels betrayed and his need to remain
safely hidden in the cloak of illusion is no longer an option. The honeymoon is over, so to speak, and
the oil from the lamp actually burns his shoulder as if to burn his very soul. The vulnerability of the
situation is just too much for him to bear, and he runs away from the now pregnant Psyche. The motif
of one partner yearning for a relationship that is exceptionally transparent and deeply real, while the
other resists deep levels of vulnerable depth, often accompanies strong Eros-Psyche connections
between individuals who struggle with blending purely erotic impulses with the depths of soulful
Looking more deeply into this crucial turning point between Psyche and Eros, it is important that we
do not overlook the fact that Psyche not only carried a lamp, but she carried a knife, as well. It is an
important clue in the myth towards another possible influence in strong Eros-Psyche connections.
Even though Psyche didnt use the knife, it points to the idea that she was prepared to see the truth
about her lover, whether the truth be safe or dangerous, whether it be pleasant or disastrous, she was
no longer willing to love an illusion. Strong Eros-Psyche connections indicate the ability to sustain
feelings of love between two individuals depends upon their capacity to cut through the illusions that
often accompany the early phases of erotic love and romance. The knife may symbolize Psyches
willingness to cut all ties if the erotic connection between her and Eros fails to go deep enough to
quench the souls yearning for deeper union with another. When consulting a client about the
challenges of Eros-Psyche connections they feel in synastry, Psyches knife is a symbolic reminder
that the clients capacity and willingness to cut through the illusion of idealized love is key to blending
erotic chemistry with a soulful union, if a deeper truth in the relationship is to be experienced. Again,
depending upon the individuals involved and their capacity to enjoy deep emotional territory, strong
Eros-Psyche connections may be pleasurable for some, and highly problematic for others. Although
the erotic impulses and soulful union these connections offer may not appeal to everyone, those who
are willing to swim in deeply erotic, soulful waters will find these connections in synastry significantly
satisifying and profoundly transformative.
Le Ann- Fresno, California (USA)
LeAnn is an astrologer and clinical hypnotherapist in California, USA.
In addition to an astrological counseling practice, she is a member of the
International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), and an
apprentice in Steven Forrests Apprenticeship Program. She has also
studied at Kepler College, and at Mark Jones Pluto School integrating
an evolutionary and therapeutic approach to astrological counseling.
LeAnn has a BA in literature and liberal studies, a Masters degree in
Teaching and Educational Administration, and is currently a doctoral
candidate studying Depth Psychology and psychotherapeutic techniques
at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Santa Barbara, California. Her main
areas of astrological interest at the moment are family dynamics,
ancestral patterns, and soul centered astrology.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

They do not compel William Lilly, Astral

Determinism and Free Will
Author: Peter Stockinger
William Lillys portrait, now housed in the Ashmolean
Museum, shows him standing by a window, holding
pen and paper. The sheet of paper has the words Etatis
45 written on it, indicating Lillys age at the time of the
painting. It also contains a blank horary chart with the
words non cogunt (they do not compel) written in its
centre, which, of course, refers to the stars. The picture
was painted in 1646 and later given to Ashmole,
probably in 1652.
Shortly after the painting was finished, in 1647, Lilly
published Christian Astrology. The books frontispiece,
which is based on Lillys portrait, again shows amongst
other things a square chart with the words non cogunt
written on it. It therefore has to be seen as the motto for
Lillys Introduction, as he fondly called his book, but
also for his view of judicial astrology itself.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Some of Lillys more outspoken but most likely not so well educated contemporaries were much in
favour of astral determinism; they believed in an unchangeable fate which could be predicted by the
stars. We only need to take a look at the front cover of Elias Ashmoles translation of Fasciculus
Chemicus. In the middle of the page, we see a statue of Ashmole, whose head is hidden behind his
birth chart. Reason for this is that he published his translation under the anagrammatic pseudonym
James Hassole. What is important for us here is that the words Astra regunt homines (the stars rule
men) are written in the centre of the nativity, which stands in stark contrast to Lilly.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

It is a well-known fact amongst historians of astrology that the astrologers belief in astral
determinism brought them into endless conflicts with the clergy, who, in turn condemned judicial
astrology as a whole. Most famously, it was Thomas Aquinas, who believed that astral causation,
rather than leading to determinism, necessarily has to be followed by free will. Albertus Magnus and
Roger Bacon argued along similar lines. In her Arabic Influences on Early Modern Occult Philosophy,
Liana Saif quotes Bacon, who writes:
Ptolemy also and Aristotle, Avicenna, Messehalac, Hali, and Albumazar [] do not maintain that
there is an absolute necessity in things below due to the influence of the heavens, because free will is
not subject to the things of nature. 1
It would be easy to think now that Lillys motto (non cogunt), as well as the choice of title for his
magnum opus, Christian Astrology, was only lip service he paid to avoid censorship and endless
criticism. But this is not the case at all, as will become clear. To understand Lillys motivation, we
have to keep in mind that he was a Neoplatonist. He firmly believed in the Anima Mundi and was
familiar with the work of the Italian humanist philosopher and priest Marsilio Ficino. Ficino translated
all of Plato's dialogues into Latin. He also wrote numerous commentaries, but his most important and
systematic work was Platonic Theology. Nowadays, astrologers, hermeticists and magicians are also
particularly interested in Ficinos Three Books on Life, wherein Ficino provides a theoretical
framework for and also practical examples of astrological magic. Lilly gives a beautiful statement in
his Annus Tenebrosus, showing his deep fondness of Ficinos philosophy:
And Ficinus, that excellent learned Priest, saith [] many accidents are signified or foreseen by the
Stars, which are not done in Heaven. And again [] many things are foretold by means of the
Heavenly bodies, as it were by signe, not by causes []. 2
Neither does Lilly offer a justification, nor does he provide a detailed explanation for the prominent
placement of his non cogunt. The potential student has to read between the lines to work out what
Lillys thoughts on the subject were, but what he basically tells us is this. Determinism can be found in
the nature of the individual and in the events caused by their reaction to circumstances. Lilly also
thinks that such situations can be avoided and thus changed by the individual. So, the apparent predestiny of life only lies within the character of each person. If they would only be willing to put in
some effort, than pre-destiny could be, at least, flexible. All of this shows that, in Lillys view, astral
determinism and free will were not mutually exclusive.
The Greeks already suggested a similar concept, as Dorian Greenbaum shows in her book about the
Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology. She shows how heimarmene (fate) and pronoia (providence) are
connected. She writes that:
[] Though all is contained in fate (in that fate itself is a container), not everything conforms to
fate [] Pronoia, in fact can supersede heimarmene []3 . Greenbaum goes into great detail,
explaining that fate is included in providence and comes to the conclusion, that: Tertiary providence
[] operates within heimarmene (which includes planets and stars), but allows some choice. 4


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

(The three Moirai, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos)

Embracing this philosophy, Lilly shows that he is adhering to the hermetic as well as Neoplatonic
notion of betterment through work on the self, leading to increased spiritual awareness. In Lillys
view, fate does not have to be inevitable and can be negotiated which, of course, would have a deep
impact on both his astrological method as it would on his magical operations. For him, fate exists
solely within the nature of the individual human being, and the apparent fixity of a chart becomes
wholly fluid and malleable, conditional only on the exertion of effort by the individual.
It has already been mentioned that Lilly doesnt explicitly reveal his views in any of his writings, but
if we look closely at his Letter to the Student in Astrology, we can read between the lines:
[] Beware of pride and self-conceit, and remember how that long ago, no irrationall Creature dared
offend Man, the Microcosm; but did faithfully serve and obey him, so long as he was master of his
own Reason and Passions, or until he subjected his Will to the unreasonable part. But alas! When
iniquity abounded, and man gave the reins to his own affection, and deferred reason, then every Beast,
Creature and outward harmful thing, became rebellious and unserviceable to his command. Stand fast,
oh man! to your God, and assured principles, then consider your own nobleness, how all things
created, both present and to come, were for your sake created; no for your sake God became Man: you
are that Creature, who being conversant with Christ, lives and reigns above the heavens, and sits above
all power and authority. How many pre-eminences, advantages has God bestowed on you? you range
above the heavens by contemplation, conceive the motion and magnitude of the stars; you talk with
Angels, yes with God himself; [] 5 [Emphasis mine]


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

There were some astrologers though, who did not veil their philosophical views so darkly. One of
them was Robert Burton, who published his Anatomy of Melancholy in1621. The reader will note that
this was 26 years before William Lilly published his Christian Astrology. Burtons book was widely
read and we can assume that Lilly had read it, too. Burton writes about the subject:
Natural causes are either primary and universal, or secondary and more particular. Primary causes are
the heavens, planets, stars, &c., by their influence (as our astrologers hold) producing this and such
like effects. I will not here stand to discuss obiter, whether stars be causes, or signs; or to apologise for
judical astrology. If either Sextus Empericus, Picus Mirandula, Sextus ab Heminga, Pererius, Erastus,
Chambers, &c., have so far prevailed with any man, that he will attribute no virtue at all to the
heavens, or to sun, or moon, more than he doth to their signs at an innkeeper's post, or tradesman's
shop, or generally condemn all such astrological aphorisms approved by experience: I refer him to
Bellantius, Pirovanus, Marascallerus, Goclenius, Sir Christopher Heidon, &c. If thou shalt ask me
what I think, I must answer, nam et doctis hisce erroribus versatus sum, (for I am conversant with
these learned errors,) they do incline, but not compel; no necessity at all: agunt non cogunt: and so
gently incline, that a wise man may resist them; sapiens dominabitur astris: they rule us, but God rules
them. All this (methinks) Joh. de Indagine hath comprised in brief, Quaeris a me quantum in nobis
operantur astra? &c. Wilt thou know how far the stars work upon us? I say they do but incline, and
that so gently, that if we will be ruled by reason, they have no power over us; but if we follow our own
nature, and be led by sense, they do as much in us as in brute beasts, and we are no better. So that, I
hope, I may justly conclude with Cajetan, Coelum est vehiculum divinae virtutis, &c., that the heaven
is God's instrument, by mediation of which he governs and disposeth these elementary bodies; or a
great book, whose letters are the stars, (as one calls it,) wherein are written many strange things for
such as can read, or an excellent harp, made by an eminent workman, on which, he that can but play,
will make most admirable music. But to the purpose. 6 [Emphasis mine]
Below is shown the title page of the 1638 edition of Burtons Anatomy of Melancholy, which Lilly
could have read.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

It may be of interest to compare Burtons text to what William Ramsey has to say in his Astrologia
Restaurata, published only six years after Lillys Christian Astrology, wherein Ramesey quotes from
his own Lux Veritatis published in 1651:
[..] to prove unto you by the sacred word of God that the stars are both, signs and causes." 7 He
continues: [..] astrology, or the influence of the stars has no fatality, except some contingency be
mixed therewith; for this were to deny the providence of God [] it says thus (and so forward)
supines dominabitur astris, a wise man rules the stars [] and astra regunt homines, sed regit astra
Deus, the stars rule men, but God rules the stars; not meaning when we say, Astra regunt homines, any
fatal necessity to be attributed to the influence of those heavenly bodies, nor to have power over men
farther than such men are guided only by sense as brute beasts, and not by reason, and farther that they
agunt non cogunt, they act or incline, but no wise compel; but where grace or reason supports a man,
there, or on such a man the stars have no power. 8 [Emphasis mine]

1 Liana Saif, The Arabic Influences on Early Modern Occult Philosophy, Palgrave 2015, p83, quoting Bacon,
Opus majus, I, p.262
2 William Lilly, Annus tenebrosus, or The dark year, London: printed for the Company of Stationers, and H.
Blunden at the Castle in Corn-hill, 1652, p23.
3 Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology, Brill 2015, p.30ff
4 Ibid, p.32
5 William Lilly, Christian Astrology, London: Printed by John Macock,1647, p.xxxi.
6 Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy, 1621: SUBSECT. IV.Stars a cause.
7 William Ramesey, Astrologia Restaurata, London : Printed for Robert White, 1653, p.35.
8 Ibid, p.53f.
Peter Stockinger- United Kingdom
has studied astrology in Austria and in Great Britain and has been practicing
this art for nearly 30 years. He trained as a Cosmobiologist and Modern
Astrologer in Vienna. In 1998 he moved to the United Kingdom and
continued his astrological studies there.
Studying the works of the English Master astrologers of the Renaissance and
the 17th century closely, he soon realised that these were holding the key to a
more precise form of astrology, with a strong emphasis of dealing with
concrete everyday life questions. This stands in sharp contrast to the rather
blurred, psychological approach some modern
systems have to offer. He decided to concentrate mainly on traditional natal,
electional, and horary astrology, but has recently expanded his interest, and began to experiment with predictive
techniques found within the teachings of mundane astrology. His mundane forecasts, as well as his regularly


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

updated Lunar Mansion Ephemeris and many other articles, can be found on his web log. Peter is also
particularly interested in the history of astrology and the reintegration of astrology into the magical arts.
Peter is a Master Astrologer with the Society of Astrologers, dedicated to the revival, study and practice of the
authentic philosophy, astrology and astrological techniques of medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Europe.
He has published three books, and has also written numerous articles for the Journal of the Astrological
Association of Great Britain, the Tradition Journal, and several astrological web logs. Peters latest book, a
lapidary and introduction into the use of astrological gemstones, has been published in May 2016. At the
moment he is working on a forthcoming book about the lunar mansions.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The Growing Pains of Harry Potter

Author: Alex Trenoweth

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were probably the most famous teenagers in the
world when the Harry Potter series was launched. I've just found this article lurking in my files and am
currently kicking myself for not publishing it a lot sooner. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see
astrology playing out in the life of these popular books that made magic, learning Latin and mythical
beasts a lot of fun for everyone.
Despite his popularity, Harry Potter is not a real person but a fictional character and as such would
seem to be denied of a birth chart. However, given there has been much speculation in astrological
circles about the possibility that the author of the series, J K Rowling, is an astrologer, it is just too
tempting to see what would happen if Harry Potter were to be given the Growing Pains treatment
since he really does seem to have the ultimate first Jupiter return. And as there are seven (a mystical
number and also the number of years in a Saturn square) books in the series, one for each year of his
time in secondary school, Harry is a great candidate. Primarily using the transits of Jupiter and Saturn
along with a bit of Uranus, lets have a look.
Harry was born on 31 July 1980 in Godrics Hollow, a town populated by witches and wizards.* It
is a fictional place unfortunately and therefore does not have the latitude and longitude needed for the
calculation of the chart. Although a timed chart is not necessary when examining Jupiter and Saturn, it
is not a bad thing to have. In Harry Potter-A Heros Journey by Karin Hoffman, Harrys chart has
been rectified to a time of 15:25 in the town of Ammanford in South Wales which is the nearest
muggle town according to Harry Potter lore. This data indicates that amongst his classmates, Harry
would be among the youngest in his year group which of course includes his friends Ron and
Hermione. Harrys year group has Jupiter as well as Saturn in Virgo, just out of orb for a


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

conjunctionand these planets would stay in this sign for the entire year group. This placement of
Jupiter and Saturn is notoriously difficult to please due to the fussy nature of Virgo but even the most
easy to please child would have to admit that poor Harry had it rough.
In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, we get a picture
of Harrys early life and first year at Hogwarts. The former
is not a pleasant existence. The latter, which coincides with
his first Jupiter return is decidedly better. First, let us
examine Harrys life pre Jupiter return.

Saturn is in the middle of a series of three conjunctions to

Uranus 1985. Harry is 5 years old, when an aunt whacks him
on the shins to prevent him from beating his repulsive cousin
at musical statues at a birthday party. In June 1988, at the
same cousins birthday party, the same aunt gives the cousin
a computerised robot and Harry a box of dog biscuits as
Jupiter opposes Uranus. Two years later, at another birthday
party and as transit Jupiter opposed his natal Mars, the aunts
dog chases Harry up a tree where he remains until around
midnight. For Harrys 10th birthday, just after transit Jupiter
square his natal Mars, he is given a coat hanger and a pair of his uncles old socks.
However, things begin to change for the better when just after Jupiter was conjunct to Harrys natal
Sun for the first time in May 1991: he has his first animal communication experience with boa
constrictor that thanked Harry for freeing him by magically removing the glass in front of its tank.
This begins a key clue to Harrys burgeoning personality and the theme of this scene is re-visited in
later books. A few months later, as transiting Jupiter is conjunct his natal north node, Harry begins to
receive owl posts inviting him to Hogwarts in the week before his 11th birthday. As transit Jupiter
squares his natal Uranus at the beginning of August 1991, Harry is taken shopping for his wizard
school supplies by Hagrid who had just liberated him from the closet he lived in. Being a pupil with
Jupiter in Virgo, Harry selects the very best items to ensure he would be good student.
Here's what I say about Jupiter in Virgo in my book "Growing Pains:
"Its a bit of an understatement to say that Jupiter in Virgo pupils like things to be perfect. Theyre the
kind of pupils who painstakingly choose exactly the right materials for going back to school. Their
pencils they use will not only be perfectly sharpened, but the material they are made from will also be
ecologically sound. The lead will have been researched and then chosen for its durability. They wont
let others share their crayons for fear of wearing them down unevenly or, worse, contaminating the
implements with germs. Pens must not blot and the paper they write on must not be dented or
smudged. Jupiter in Virgo pupils will drive their teachers crazy as they tidy their workspaces and
carefully organise their shelves. Theres always a long queue to wash hands before lunch and the
complaint box for the canteen is always full. Jupiter in Virgo pupils cant be pleased so its better to
give up before you even try.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

As Harry approaches his first Jupiter return, he discovers he excels at Quidditch and flying and is
crowned the new seeker for the team. At the end of October 1991, within days of Jupiter reaching his
MC, Harry and Ron Weasley fight a mountain troll and rescue Hermione, cementing their friendship
(and later Hermione becomes Rons wife!). At Christmas that year, Harry has the best Christmas of his
life as he receives his fathers invisibility cloak. This demonstrates the sheer joy of the first Jupiter
return which also extends to meeting new and interesting people. In Harrys case, he meet Severus
Snape, the Defence Against Dark Arts teacher and QuirinusQuirrell who, it emerges, has been
controlled by Lord Voldermort all along.
Transiting planets can have up to three contacts to a planet and it stands to reason that the more
contacts, the more profound the effect. Thus Harrys Jupiter return is extended due to Jupiters
retrograde and forward motion and is active until well past his first detention served in the Forbidden
Forest where he meets centaurs and witnessed Voldemort sucking the blood of a unicorn. The contacts
by conjunction end just before Harrys 12th birthday when Harry is visited by Dobby, the house elf.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chronicles Harrys second year at Hogwarts which can be
marked out by Harrys transiting Jupiter, in Libra, conjoining his natal Mars. In December of this year,
as transiting Jupiter is conjunct Harrys Mars for the first time, the boy wizard discovers he can speak
Parseltongue the language of serpents and typically the mark of a dark wizard. A few weeks later,
Harry, Ron and Hermione take Polyjuice Potion which allows them to shape-shift. For the second
conjunction of these two planets, Harry receives a Valentine from the mysterious T.M. Riddle. For the
final conjunction between these two planets, around the time of Harrys 13th birthday, Harry sees
Sirius Black on Muggle television.
In the third instalment in the series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the symbolism of
transiting Jupiter conjunct Harrys Pluto and square to his Mercury in Cancer is very clear: Harry is
being targeted not by Voldemort but by Sirius Black a mass murderer who is assumed to have played a
hand in the death of Harrys parents. Further, the deeply frightening dementors who have the power to
devour human souls pursue Harry. Transiting Saturn also makes awkward aspects to these natal
planets as a werewolf and other shape shifting characters interact with Harry. There is also another
frightening side story of Buckbeak the hippogriffs impending execution. The orbit of Uranus,
representing rebellion and independence in astrology, is too big to have much of an effect of a child
except in adolescence it makes its first Ptolemaic aspect (a sextile) a couple of years following the first
Jupiter return. This aspect happens three times during this school year for Harry. Notice he is rebelling
against authority by associating with prisoners.
In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry would experience his first Saturn opposition, a tricky
time for maturing adolescents. During this time, muggle adolescents would be facing up to the
seriousness of exams and typically demonstrate a strong fear of failure. In this book Harry is unwilling
participant in the Triwizard Tournament as both Jupiter and Saturn make contacts to his natal MC. As
Jupiter squares his MC, Harry is engaged in a deadly duel with Voldemort. Later that summer, Harry
is forced to use the Patronus charm to save his cousin from dementors. The incident triggers off
disciplinary action against Harry. The dementors are just about the most frightening Saturn archetype I
have ever seen in film and are a suitable symbol of the Saturn opposition.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Here's what I say about Saturn in Virgo in "Growing Pains":
"The challenge for Virgo in Saturn pupils is tolerating us imperfect, lesser mortals. If you get within
five feet of them to offer your assistance, their little button noses twitch in anticipation of your human
odour. But they are always willing to help you improve. They will tidy your bookshelves, organise
your desk, research the best place to have dinner that night (and even make the reservation for you)
and help you get that nasty bubble gum stain off the back of your favourite pair of trousers. Hell, you
could even give them a green pen and get them onto that pile of marking. For Saturn in Virgo pupils,
the issues are about shunning mediocrity, demanding perfection but ultimately, its about controlling
their environments. When they were about seven, something came into their lives that was completely
impossible to control: they may have developed a rare, exotic bug or a parents religious conversion
threw the family into turmoil or perhaps the family packed up and moved to a different country or they
may have experienced an injury due to someone elses recklessness. The possibilities are pretty
endless, because there are so many different ways of disturbing a Saturn in Virgos immaculate pursuit
of order."
In the fifth book of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry kisses Cho Chung
under the mistletoe during a transit between a conjunction of transit Jupiter and natal Neptune. By
Valentines day, the pair suffer the humiliation of having their disastrous date reported in The
Quibbler as Saturn makes its last opposition to its natal position.
In the sixth book of the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry and his friends would be
in Sixth Form or be Juniors in the US educational system. As he has had the final Saturn opposition,
Im afraid my interests and experiences of astrology in education end here. This is because the main
brain development has already happened, the habits of a lifetime would be formed and to, me children
become less fun as they settle down for work and their futures.
The final book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows contains an epilogue set at
Kings Cross Station 19 years later. Harry and Ginny are married with three children, Ron and
Hermione are married with children and it notes that Harrys scar has not pained him since his days at
*Hoffman points out this fits in very well with the murder of his parents by Voldemort when Harry
was just over a year old: the progressed ascendant is exactly conjunct Uranus and Harry is left with a
lightning (the symbol of Jupiter/Zeus) shaped scar on his forehead. If I needed a time of birth for
Harry, I would use this time. Both Jupiter and Saturn in Libra are in semi square aspect to Uranus
when Hagrid delivers the orphaned Harry to Dumbledore so he can deliver him to his only living
relatives, the Dursleys. Jupiter sits nicely on his MC.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Pupils born between 1 September 2004 and 31

August 2005 will be gearing up to start secondary
school in September
Author: Alex Trenoweth
Studies show that pupils who are new to
secondary school experience a dip in
academic performance.
For pupils leaving their familiar primary
school, starting secondary school can be a bit
of a shock to the system, just one cause of this
Strong support networks need to be in place to
help these children cope with this process to
avoid lack of progress or even regression.
Here are just a few things new year 7s will
have to contend with:
A much bigger school building. Lots of
opportunities for getting lost
Far bigger cohort of peers. Lots of new friends and old friends feeling rejected
More teachers. And they all have a different specialism and different styles
More lessons and more opportunities to try new things
A different uniform. For boys, it might involve wearing a tie and for girls it might involve wearing
tights. Both items need some getting used to
Being the youngest in the school. Year 11s can seem pretty scary
Taking public transport to school. The potential to get lost (or distracted) increases
Homework. There will be more if it
New rulesand many are different to what they experienced in primary school
Deadlines, pressures, decisions and a need to be more organised
For children with specific needs, it can seem like they have to start all over again
For parents, it can be an anxious time as well: how will their little one cope with all these changes?


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

For teachers, learning the names of hundreds of new pupils can add a new dimension of difficulties to
an already demanding job. And thats not even adding into the equation the challenge of learning what
these pupils can do or how they learn! This unfamiliarity can contribute to the customary dip in
academic performance.
Fortunately, a little astrological knowledge can help ease this complicated process.
At some point during the academic year, these learners will experience their first Jupiter return: Jupiter
will return to the same point it was in their natal chart. And if you understand anything about Jupiter,
then you will understand why teaching year 7s can be as mad as a box of spiders.
A Jupiter return simply means a person will welcome new experiences, take to new opportunities, will
be optimistic about their future, fascinated with new belief systems and extra excited about growing
This pretty much means the transition process, from an astrological perspective, is entirely age
appropriate and these children are ready for it. It just takes a little faith on the part of the adults to help
them through it. The kids will be absolutely fine.
By the way, Jupiter returns for pupils start taking place just after the first half term of the new
academic year. This helps explain why year 7s are such angels for the first few weeks and then start
getting out of control as the academic year wears on as more and more pupils reach their Jupiter
Specific issues for this cohort
With most non-astrologers only being aware of astrology through Sun Sign columns in newspapers, it
takes a bit of a leap of faith to understand one fact about Jupiter and the transition process: the pupils,
for the most part, will all have Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Cancer. This immediately gives an
astrological signature to the entire cohort.
To be more specific, Jupiter was in Virgo until 26 September 2004 and then moved into Libra. So
children born before 26 September have Jupiter in Virgo and those born afterwards have Jupiter in
Libra. Therefore the majority of learners have Jupiter in Libra (pro tip: put pupils names in your mark
book by date of birth rather than alphabetical order)
Saturn was in Cancer from the very beginning of the academic year all the way up to 17 July 2005. So
children born from September 1 2004 up until 16 July 2005 will have Saturn in Cancer and those born
after that date will have Saturn in Leo.
Both Libra and Cancer are cardinal signs. For the most part and in the right circumstances, these
children are motivated learners, ambitious and they tend to jump on things with great interest and then
lose this interest over time. They need to be taught to pace themselves and to stick with the things they
start until the finish.
Fortunately, for children who have been allowed to develop poor habits like quitting (for whatever
reasons), the neurological developments that occur during adolescence means there is a second
opportunity to instil positive life choices for this group. And guess what?


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Because they are so willing to try new things at this moment in their lives, all it takes is a bit of
coordination between home and school to set these new habits for a lifetime.
So what do these pupils need to be taught? Jupiter in Libra pupils are fascinated with relationships of
all sorts. Putting them in pairs can be a nightmare. Placing them with someone they like and someone
they hate can produce the same problem: no work gets done! They need to learn tolerance as well as
the premise of a time and a place for everything.
These pupils also instinctively counterbalance any opinion. If you say something is probably not true,
they will give you reasons that it probably is true. Use this to your advantage to keep them engaged in
their learning.
Here are a few more astrological suggestions:
These pupils enjoy a good rowas long as they are not the ones in the middle of it. Let them observe
any one side of a debate and get them to answer the other side
Strategic pairing: it has to be done so to make your life as a teacher easier, let them draw names out of
hat rather than attempting to come across as if you were matchmaking for a future marriage
Always encourage diplomacy: these pupils have it in aces, they just need a little nudging in the right
These learners dont like working on their own. Where possible, let them work with a buddy of their
choice. They need to bounce ideas off of each other. Once theyve done this, then get them to work on
their own
Be aware that these learners like to be in a nice environment and they usually appreciate good art,
music and fine social skills. If you can find a way to incorporate these interests into a lesson, they will
engage. (How hard can it be to use a fine painting, period fashion or a piece of music as a talking point
to start a lesson?)
Fine arts! If I were curriculum mapping for this year, I would incorporate lots of opportunities for
these learners to dress up and enjoy visiting an art, fashion or dance exhibition or a concert. These
opportunities would work well as rewards too
Pastoral care needs to incorporate lessons in relationships. Break ups and the formation of new
relationships will be distracting for them so they need to learn how to cope with these inevitable
These pupils also need to develop a strong sense of self and need to be re-assured that its OK to say
no to anything that makes them feel uncomfortable
Oh and if youre the kind of teacher who rolls out of bed and into the classroom, you need to be
prepared to be judged for your wardrobe choice.
These bullet points are simplifications (one or two are tongue in cheek) that can be used in a classroom
by any teacher. One of the things I loved most about being a teacher was learning alongside of my
pupils. Anything can be brought into the learning process so as long as you are enthusiastic and
unafraid to take risks by playing the fool (I was always good at that part), year 7 pupils will follow


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

along too. In my career as a History teacher, I used meditation, yoga, singing, dressing up and games
of all sorts to keep pupils interested.
Further refinement on this astrological signature can be found by looking at the individual chart of the
pupil which needs to be done by a professional astrologer. If you're interested in more individualised
information from a professional astrologer and teacher, leave a comment or send me an email at:
Alex Trenoweth London, United Kingdom
Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International
Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on
Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing
Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it
combines classroom teaching experience, sound
research and the potential to have a positive impact
on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and
those who have been labelled "at risk". For
queries, consultations or syndications, please
contact Alex via or leave
a message.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador

Author: Marguerite dar Boggia

Rafael Correa is politician and an economist educated in Ecuador, Belgium,

and the United States. He was elected President of Ecuador in late 2006 and
took office in January 2007. In the 2013 general election, Correa was elected
President for a third time with 57% of the vote. Correa was a close ally of the
late President Hugo Chvez of Venezuela. In response to Chvez's
comparison of President Bush with Satan, Correa said that it was unfair to
the devil.
This is his chart. he was born on 4/6/63. The time of birth is from his


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Neptune conjoining the Midheaven is the signature of one's idealized vision of a government,
wherein harmony, service, and peace are based on justice, freedom, goodwill and the rule of law.
With Saturn, strong in an angle, and in its own sign of Aquarius, he can attempt to make it a reality
and thus achieve his ambition to serve and help the indigent in his country.
Zip Dobyns was a great astrologer and researcher. She found that the houses are more
important than the signs. When a planet is within 5 degrees of orb to the cusp of the following house,
it can be considered to be in that house. A greater emphasis on the planets in the house gives a more
accurate delineation of the chart. Therefore, I consider Neptune as in the 10th house, Pluto in the 8th
house, Venus in the 2nd house and possibly Mars in the 7th house.
Aquarius on the ascendant resonates with the aspirations of the New Age: brotherhood,
freedom, humanitarianism, progressive beliefs, innovative technology, tolerance, and new economic,
political and social systems. Uranus, its ruler, strong in an angle in the 7th house, will accomplish
great changes in government. Pluto in the 8th house opposition Venus implies the death of old,
outworn economic (Venus) systems, in order to make way for the new. Cautious Saturn, co-ruler of
Aquarius endows responsibility, and structure. Dreams must become a reality only through practical
planning and hard work.
Saturn's sextile to Sun and Mercury potentized his ambition to dedicate himself to education
(3rd house & Mercury). Through a scholarship, he earned an economics degree at the Universidad
Catolica Santiago de Guayaquil in 1987. He worked for one year in a mission (Neptune) at a welfare
center, where he acquired some knowledge of Quechus, the language of the majority of the native preColumbian population. In addition to Spanish and Quechua, he is fluent in French and English. That
being insufficient for his ambition (Saturn) to serve the people of his country, he received a Master's
degree in Economics from the Universit Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), and a Ph.D. in Economics
from the University of Illinois in the U.S. in 2001.
Declinations-Antiscia are measurements in degrees of latitude north or south of the celestial
equator. Computer software can convert the declination-antiscion2 degrees into degrees of longitude.
The degree of declination equivalent Neptune is 20:39 Aquarius. It conjoins natal Saturn (20:32)
Aquarius. This endows these planets with greater influence. His antiscion point equivalent Moon
(23:32 Aries) conjoins his natal Mercury (22:38 Aries). Correa communicated (Mercury) daily to the
people via TV, of his actions and feelings. (Moon).
The emphasis of aspects to Venus and Jupiter in the 2nd house (finance/values) to wit: Pluto
opposition Venus, Mars quincunx Venus, and Uranus quincunx Jupiter, inclined him to study
economics. Understanding finance and the markets, were keys to the major challenges of society.
Neptune, the strongest planet in the chart rules Pisces, which is in the 2nd house.
Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo are in mutual reception. They endow him with additional fire,
strength, power and confidence. His Mars in kingly Leo and volatile planets in Aries (Sun, Mercury,
Jupiter) know of no bounds to achieve success. His courage is formidable. Obstacles are as minor
challenges brushed aside with the stroke of his impetuous words and actions.
Saturn square Midheaven and Neptune, implies that his career will have periods when political
challenges seem insurmountable. Former despotic and corrupt Administrations had granted rights to
multilateral oil corporations, that were detrimental to Ecuador. He accused foreign petroleum
companies operating in Ecuador of failing to meet existing environmental and investment regulations.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

He announced that on July 26, 2010, Ecuador would enact reforms to a hydrocarbons law that aims to
expropriate foreign-company operations, unless they sign service contracts increasing state control of
the industry. Correa reminded oil companies that if they did not abide by the state's policies, they
would have their fields nationalized and would be forced from the country.
Uranus, the ruler of the ascendant is in the seventh house of others and also of open enemies.
He had and has many. Correa pledged to shut down the U.S. military base in Manta. He threatened to
default on Ecuador's foreign debt, and to suspend review of the country's economy by the World Bank
and the International Monetary Fund. Indeed, on April 26, 2007, he ordered the expulsion from
Ecuador of the World Bank's country manager. He was accused of authoritarianism, nepotism and
attacking dissidents.
His Jupiter quincunx Uranus in the 7th house of open enemies did not endow him with the
wise use of psychology, (Jupiter) when it came to relating to others (7th house). He called the
Ecuadorian press: "a group of wild beasts"...mediocre, incompetent, inaccurate, lying...."
When the La Hora newspaper published an editorial entitled: "Official Vandalism", he was so
infuriated (Sun in Aries) that he retaliated by filing a lawsuit on May 10, 2007, against the president of
the board of directors of the Quito-based La Hora newspaper. The editorial said that Correa intended
to rule Ecuador with turmoil, rocks and sticks.3
The Moon sextiles the midpoint of Neptune and the Midheaven, and all quincunx the Sun.
This aspect forms a "Y", which is called a yod. The yod is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is
also called a "Finger of god" aspect, because it relates to DESTINY. His forceful personality (Sun)
was destined to bring changes (quincunx) through new governmental (MC) policies, relating to
finance (Neptune rules the 2nd house) and other people's money, (Moon in 8th house) and more
particularly relating to the elites and the exorbitant moneys received by the multilateral oil companies.
That aspect can be activated by an eclipse on one of the planets or whenever a planet aspects
one of the planets in the yod. The way to interpret a yod is to examine which houses are involved; the
nature of the planets and their rulership.
Here is how it demonstrated in his life. In January 2007, progressed Moon (14+Aries)
conjoined natal Sun (15+Aries). Moon rules the public (also his feelings) and Sun signifies himself.
The Midheaven denotes career. This was when he became President of Ecuador. There was also a
lunar eclipse on 9/7/06 at 15:05 Pisces, opposing his Moon, that activated the aspect.
He has a second yod: Part of fortune (12+Cancer) sextiles the midpoint of Pluto and the Moon
(13 Virgo), with both quincunx the ascendant, (12+Aquarius)(himself). {He (ascendant) will use his
power (Pluto) to bring prosperity (part of fortune) for the public (Moon)}.
The eclipse on 3/9/16 at 18:56 Pisces on his Moon, (15:43 Virgo) activated a "Finger of god"
aspect on 4/16/16: Progressed Sun (7+ Gemini) sextiled natal Mars (7+ Leo) and both quincunxed
progressed MC (7:58 Capricorn). He, (Sun) as President of Ecuador (MC), was invited to speak (Mars
rules the 3rd house of communication & Sun is in Gemini) at the symposium of the Vatican Pontifical
Academy of Social Science.
He said at that symposium:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

"The key question is who has the main voice in a society: elites or the majority? the market or
society? The great challenge of the century is to achieve the supremacy of human beings over capital.
The world order is not only unfair, it is immoral. Everything favors the most powerful and double
standards are rife......."4
(The American Candidate, Bernie Sanders, also spoke at that symposium. Bernie has four
"Finger of god" aspects!)5
Correa has succeeded in reducing the high levels of unemployment, poverty and indigence.
The majority of the people admire Correa, because he identifies with them and not with the financial
elite; but to date, Correas popularity remains controversial internationally and especially with the U.S.
1Raphael Correa was born on 4/6/63 2:20 AM EST Guayaquil, Ecuador,79W50; 2S10; Time from mother, asked
by an astrologer on 5/24/14.
2 Antiscion is the singular of antiscia, which means 'opposite shadow'. These points are reflections or shadows of
the normal planet points relative to the 0Cancer and 0 Capricorn tropical solstice axis.
3Rafael Correa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4Wise Words: "One world with a Common Plan", Share International Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 5, June 2016 pgs.
19-20. "Bernie Sanders for the Next President" under Articles.

Marguerite dar Boggia- Santa Paula, California (USA)

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Secretary and Membership
Chairperson of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research).
She formerly served as publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal and as
Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress).
She was a co-founder of UAC. Her articles are published in the ISAR journal
and in other publications. At this time she offers FREE of charge three pages
weekly online of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by
Pythagoras. She can be contacted through her website which she created at
the age of 90:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

About Mars
Author: Eric Meyers

Fiery Mars is learning to take risks in the development of will and courage. As seen with Aries the
Ram, it plows ahead and learns through trial and error. Impulsive and imprudent action is just a part of
the deal as we awaken to more informed ways of behaving. As the most active of all the planetary
energies, Mars involves displays of personal power, desire, decisiveness, and force. The Sun is the
energy of vitality, but it remains fixed as the hub of the cycles. Martial energy extends outward in
service of competition, sex, and all forms of assertion. Mars energy is charged; its passionate instead
of reasonable. Its traditionally designated as a malefic because the ego prefers to not have to work
through conflict.
Using the Earth as our reference point, the orbits of Mercury and Venus are tied to the movement of
the Sun. The inner planets establish our orientation to the world, the consensus reality that surrounds
us. Mars breaks free and represents the establishment of free will. It can have any angular relationship
to the Sunwe can do anything we choose.
Mars is famous for its reddish color, suggestive of passion and often anger. It has the largest dust
storms of any planet, indicative of a most turbulent temperament. These storms tend to increase when
the planet is closest to the Sun. Likewise, we use the language of temperature when we speak of the
intensity of our passions. The gift when our passions are hot is the opportunity to become more
aware of them and express whatever has been suppressed or pent up.
Mars has the highest known mountains in the Solar System, as well as the greatest canyon, called The
Valles Marineris. It stretches more than 4,000 km long, is up to 600 km wide, and gets as deep as 8
km. In contrast, our Grand Canyon is about 800 km long, spans 30 km, and is only 1.8 km at its


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

deepest. Marss great canyon covers about a quarter of the circumference of the planet, resembling an
enormous battle scar. Mars is our warrior spirit.
Mars has almost the exact same amount of land area as Earth. It just lacks oceans. It portrays our
stripped-down glare of intensity. The Martian landscape is reddish, parched, barrenthere is little
sentimentality here. There are patches of ice at its polar regions, but this ice is frozen, not in flow.
Other similarities include the length of a dayMartian days are slightly longer than the Earthsand
the angle of their axisMars at 25 degrees and Earth at 23. Its also interesting that Mars is half the
diameter of the Earth and our Moon is about half the diameter of Mars. We are learning to see
ourselves in, and ultimately own, our base passions. By so doing, we cease to create conflict and move
toward greater intimacy.
Mars has two small, irregular shaped Moons named Phobos (13.5km) and Deimos (7.5km).
Considering that Mars is close to the asteroid belt, these are thought to be captured asteroids, and their
shape and size are consistent with this theory. In mythology Phobos pertains to fear, and Deimos to
terror. Deimos is the smallest known moon in the Solar System, which is a metaphor to how terror
may not have much actual substance to it. Perhaps its an extreme egoic reaction to present stimuli
based on prior unprocessed trauma. Phobos is destined to eventually crash into Mars, which may
suggest that fear ultimately can be removed.
The Egoic Mars
It is all too easy for Mars to behave from ego. In fact, thats what most of us are doing almost all of
the time. How much are we on auto pilot, behaving from instinct? How often are we reacting to the
circumstances we find ourselves in, instead of consciously directing our lives? Many have had the
experience of catching themselves in the midst of doing something unconscious: searching for ways to
escape, subtly sexualizing connections, reaching for a bag of chips, or pushing someone around in
some way. It can take years of cultivating awareness to act in alignment with soul intent.
Until we become aware of the nature of our unconscious, behavior is motivated by (and is a reaction
to) our prior experiences and deeply ingrained patterns. We want to make sure the bad doesnt
happen again, and we try to get more of the good. Most behavior doesnt stem from choice, only the
illusion of it. Heres the paradox of Marsfree will seems readily apparent to us, but only truly
emerges when we resolve our past and can get ourselves out of the way. Then, our liberated behavior
stems from our soul connection with Spirit, so it turns out not to be personal at all!
The cost of remaining unconscious is high. It is through our actual behaviors (Mars) that karma is
created. When we behave in accordance to soul, there is no karmic residue because we are serving as
instruments for Spiritthe ego (and its attachments and self-preoccupied agenda) is not involved. Sri
Ramana Maharshi said, Work performed with attachment is a shackle, whereas work performed with
detachment does not affect the doer. We can understand this astrologically with the Moons South
Node, which reveals the behavior habits and patterns that we must learn to reconcile. Our internal
worlds (Moon) dont necessarily create karma, unless we act unconsciously. What we put out into the
world comes back to us in some way.
In order for us to achieve consistency of behavior with soul realization, we must bring presence and
awareness to the unconsciousness of our egoic survival needs. If we dont, we have no idea that we are
not really acting from freedom. The egoic Mars has unconsciously wreaked havoc on the planetall


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

the violence, wars, and sexual indiscretions. Any harmful and selfish behaviors have its fingerprints.
We are collectively learning to tame this beast.
The Awakened Mars
We all must venture through the karmic patterns we have created. When we accept the past and take
responsibility for our situation, we become able to live more freely in the present. It takes a lot of
energy to keep issues buried or guarded. When we resolve our attachments and release our defense
mechanisms, we have additional sources of energy to be used constructively. Martial energy becomes
our ally as we learn to behave as a spiritual warrior. If we can face all of who we are, we can face
anything in the world, as we understand that they are one and the same.
How do we know when the past is healed and behavior is free of creating painful karmic dramas?
Awakened teachers describe how creative impulse emerges through them, and the role on the personal
level is simply to allow. Ideally, the fire of our Sun (connected to Source) becomes channeled in a
certain direction through Mars. We understand and cooperate with what the energy is informing us to
do. These impulses tend to be directed towards meaningful (fire) projects or connection. In contrast,
when the ego is in control, our action is defensive and tethered to the past.
The spiritual warrior is willing to rise to the challenges of soul growth in a fearless way. The high
end of any chart requires fierceness of intent and focus, the willingness to venture forth despite
uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Ultimately, we can adeptly manage whatever challenges arise. Mars
puts in place clear boundaries and is able to be an advocate of truth or freedom. Its not looking for a
fight but is willing to stand for what the soul knows is right. Mars accepts positions where it can be a
catalyst for change. When we are able to live the awakened Mars, we take charge of evolution on this
Eric Meyers- Sacramento, California, USA
Eric Meyers is a full-time professional counseling astrologer,
teacher and author of 5 original books (including The Astrology
of Awakening, Elements & Evolution, and Uranus). He has a
M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa
University and studied with astrologer Steven Forrest. Erics
focus is on how astrology relates to the process of spiritual
awakening and the evolution of consciousness. He has pioneered
a new approach weaving threads of modern psychology, universal
spiritual principles and a contemporary understanding of science
and nature. Eric has emerged as a progressive voice in renewing
astrology for the 21st Century.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness: Part


The Modern Worldview

Author: Armand Diaz, Ph.D.
(This article is a chapter from Armands forthcoming book Conscious Cosmology: Integral Astrology
v2.0. A chapter will be published in each issue of Infinity Astrology Magazine over the coming year).

Human consciousness has an inherent flexibility that allows it to evolve into increasingly complex
stages. As with biological evolution, changes in the environment physical, social, economic, and/or
political tend to push at least a section of the population towards higher levels of being. Perhaps the
seeds of new levels may be present in a few individuals who thrive when conditions change, or it
might be that the new environment itself interacts with humans to produce entirely novel stages of
What seems apparent is that a type of consciousness that is rarely, if ever, seen prior to a point in
history becomes increasingly well represented in the population within a relatively short period of
time. Additionally, because the new worldview comes about because of changing needs, not only do
more people begin to display the new level of consciousness, but it also has much greater influence
and power than mere numbers suggest the new type of consciousness thrives because its time has
People organize themselves into clans at the Magical stage, with an emphasis on preservation of
sameness, reliance on the ancestors, and gifts from the gods. At this point, individuals do not have
fully formed egos but are largely identified with their group. Eventually, leadership is needed and a
few folks differentiate themselves from the clan and form the Egocentric stage, where power is
primary. As more and more people begin to assert their will at the Egocentric level, a kind of Wild
West scenario creates increasing uncertainty and fear, leading to the Traditional worldview. Abstract


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

thinking develops, and with it the rule of law. Authority is primary, and there is a belief in a universal
way, an order to the cosmos that requires adherence at every level from the physical world through the
individual and into society.
Although the Traditional worldview yielded tremendous results in the development of civilization,
there are notable problems with it. The reliance on authority, and particularly established authority
(ancient sages, ancient texts, ancient beliefs) can lead to an inflexibility that stifles new growth and
development. There is also a problem with internal consistency its fairly difficult to know
everything about everything and have it fit neatly into a system, no matter how much one thinks it
ought to be possible.
In response to the stifling weight of tradition, a new type of consciousness began to emerge at the
Renaissance (in the West), although it really began to take hold during the European Enlightenment.
The Modern worldview challenges authority with facts and counters beliefs with data. Rather than
relying on the authority of the past (or present), it is assumed that any individual suitably equipped
with the faculties of reason and observation can discover truth for his or herself. Instead of looking to
what the ancient sages had to say about how the body works, for example, one can investigate with
surgeries, autopsies, and experiments. There is no need, either, for a completely consistent system that
operates on every level, so that if one wants to know how the liver works, one need not seek out
correspondences with the planet Jupiter on the basis of their both being large objects.
The Modern worldview is individualistic, in contrast to the more group-oriented Traditional
worldview. The prime value recognized by Modern consciousness is progress, an almost unfailing
faith in the future and the ability to make a better world. Modern consciousness underlies virtually all
of current science, academia and business, and is a strong (but not uncontested) force in Western
politics. Modern consciousness tends to be rather materialistic, as well, largely because the greatest
successes of science have been in the material realm, but also due to the ability to observe and measure
physical phenomena with practical objectivity one can see for oneself rather than relying on reports
of others or dictum from authority.
The relationship between the Traditional and Modern worldviews is worth investigating, because it
continues to be a prominent source of friction today and also because it directly impacts astrologys
acceptance in the contemporary world. Although a full investigation is beyond our scope here, we can
use the Copernican Revolution as a telling example. By the late Middle Ages, the Catholic Church
then the dominant political institution in Europe had thoroughly tied its theology to its cosmology.
The social and political structure it created were tied to a theological vision, and both were consistent
with a model of the universe which literally had hell below and heaven above, with the sun, moon, and
planets revolving around a geocentric earth.
When Copernicus, Galileo, and others challenged the geocentric model, it was not simply the order of
the physical universe they were questioning, but by implication the authority of the church on every
other level. If they could be wrong about the material world, the Church could be wrong about other
things, as well. As we know, the Church reacted poorly and scientists have never forgotten the
treatment they received for pointing out the failures of authority and the Traditional worldview.
In turn, science and the Modern worldview have taken a strong turn towards the material.
Metaphysical realities, theories without empirical evidence, and anything that smacks of tradition is
rejected in favor of measureable, physical data. That has significance for astrology, as much of our
discipline is based on tradition and/or deals with matters that are not easily measured via physical


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

means (psychology and the other social sciences have had similar issues, and have often overcompensated in order to gain greater acceptance).
In our individual development, the Modern worldview resonates with a healthy adolescent questioning
of authority. At a certain point in development, its typical for someone in their teens to stage
something of a revolt against parents, teachers, and other forms of authority, usually fueled by a
confidence that she or he knows better and that a new reality pertains that those in authority simply
cannot see. Within the context of adolescence, of course, the revolutionary insights may or may not be
well grounded and often come from a simple desire to assert ones individuality.
Although adolescence is an opportunity to begin to develop the Modern worldview, it would be a
mistake to think that all adolescent rebellion is about entering a new mode of consciousness. For many
people, it simply means defiantly swapping one tradition for another, as when one leaves the parents
Methodist church to become a Baptist, or breaks with the familys Republican history to become a
Democrat. In fact, estimates suggest that only about 25% of the population reach the Modern stage
but it is also estimated that this quarter of the population currently wields about half of the power in
contemporary society.
The competitiveness that we see at his stage differs from Egocentrism in that at the Modern stage one
wants to be recognized and lauded by society one sees the value of the collective, one simply wants
to be on top of it. The corner office, the Nobel Prize, the Academy Award, and the Olympic medal are
all symbols of individual excellence within society. Material benefits are paramount, whether in the
form of technological achievements (who doesnt like air conditioning?) at the societal level, or a fat
paycheck for the individual.
The Modern worldview tends to look askance at astrology, and most skeptics have a Modern
perspective. Folks who are anchored at this stage of consciousness tend to accept astrology to the
extent that it has demonstrable practical value, for example in helping to make business decisions or to
predict the weather.
Accordingly, there is not a great deal of astrology that has a Modern perspective. There is a scientific
astrology that attempts to find astrological correlations with human and societal behavior, and it
predictably takes an approach that has little regard for tradition. If as the Gauquelin studies suggest
Mars has greatest effect in cadent houses, that is okay with scientific astrology, because evidence
trumps tradition. Financial astrology is another branch of astrology that has a Modern character, as is a
great deal of mundane astrology, which looks primarily at the cycles of planets discovered only since
the Modern era.
The Modern stage of consciousness is associated most closely with the planet Uranus, which was
discovered in the midst of the development of this worldview. Uranus is revolutionary, opposed to
authority, cool and aloof, and very individualistic, and so is a good fit for the Modern worldview.
Uranus is also the first trans-Saturnian planet, and so represents the move past the Traditional
worldview that Saturn represents.
Modernism has its limitations. The obsession with progress leads to a treadmill mentality in many
quarters, and concern for economic gain can result in some very short-sighted decisions. The Modern
worldview hasnt ended war or poverty, and has arguably caused environmental degradation. The
progress that has been made in technology, medicine, and other areas is often shared rather stingily
even in countries that would be considered advanced by Modern standards. It is the failures of the


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Modern worldview that have led to the rise of the next level of consciousness, which I call the
Humanistic worldview, which we will address in the next issue.
Armand Diaz- Bayside, New York (USA)
Armand Diaz, Ph.D., is a consulting astrologer, with a practice based in New
York City and an international clientele. In addition to consulting, he speaks on
astrology nationally and internationally. His book, Integral Astrology:
Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, was
published in 2012. In 2013, he co-produced and co-edited Transpersonal
Astrology. His most recent book, Separating Aspects, is on relationship
astrology. He is Books and Articles Editor for the Astrology News Service, and
is Agent 17 for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Armand can be reached via his


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Keith Richards & Jimmy Page: mutually in tune?

Author: Alan Annand

What do Keith Richards and Jimmy Page have in common?

Theyre both British-born and 72 years old. Both are renowned guitarists steeped in the blues,
founding members of world-class rock bands. Both are songwriters and innovators Richards in 5string open tuning, Page in technical virtuosity. Both are avid readers Richards of WW2 history,
Page of the occult. Both have large guitar collections 3000 for Richards, 1500 for Page. And for a
time both were heroin addicts.
These two fabled rock guitarists were born in England within three weeks of each other Richards on
18th December 1943 in Dartford, Page on 9th January 1944 in Heston. Since both were born in the
early morning, Page at 4am, Richards at 6am, they both have Libra, a sign of long ascension, rising.
Note: both charts are presented with only the traditional visible planets in whole-sign houses using the
sidereal zodiac.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Richards ascendant lord Venus is in his first house, Libra. Born three weeks later, Pages Venus has
moved to his second house, Scorpio.
In those three weeks the Moon, which was in Richards 11th house Leo, has gone three-quarters of the
way around the zodiac to occupy Pages 9th house Gemini.
Except for the Moon and Venus, every other planet is in the same sign, therefore in the same house for
a whole-sign house system.
The Sun has advanced 22 degrees. Mercury went retrograde after Richards was born, so Page has it
both combust and retrograde.
Otherwise, everything else in their charts is the same sign and house Mars and Saturn both
retrograde in the 8th, Jupiter retrograde in the 11th, Rahu/Ketu in the 10th/4th house axis.
Both guitarists have a mutual reception by sign between the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo.
Since they have the same ascendant, this mutual reception creates for both a powerful link between the
3rd and 11th houses.
Among other things, a mutual reception between the 3rd and 11th can create powerful artistry
including musicianship. This is because the 3rd is associated with physical prowess, manifesting as
athletic skill or artistic craft, while the 11th is associated with realized talents, particularly within the
context of a group effort. Heres how I described some of this effect in my recent book, Mutual
The native has the courage to address large assemblies, and may act as a spokesperson for an
association or society. He is talented in entertaining large groups of people, through speaking or
performing. He takes part in a group adventure, and is a member of a musical group or performing arts
troupe. He may be ambidextrous, and has a good musical ear.
Although this wasnt written with musicians in mind (I looked for case studies after I wrote the effects
of each exchange), this does apply to both Richards and Page, who share the mutual reception between
3rd and 11th house lords. Heres how it manifested in Richards life:
3rd house themes are revealed through his guitar prowess, songwriting talent and love of books. Note
that the 3rd/11th exchange involves the two houses that rule the right and left hands, respectively. The
11th house theme has played out in group work, a huge income, an iconic social profile as a rock
star, ongoing dedication to fellow musicians, and a collection of guitars that numbers over 3000.
This describes Page too, except he owns fewer guitars than Richards. But what distinguishes Page is a
second mutual reception in his chart, elevating him to a select group only 3% of the public who
have two mutual receptions.
Pages second pattern lies in the 2nd and 8th houses, where their lords Mars and Venus have
effectively exchanged signs to occupy each others domicile.
Traditional astrology considers the sign opposite ones domicile as a place of detriment. Yet when a
planet is there, it looks directly across the chart casting an (opposition) aspect into the sign it rules.
This is considered by all jyotishi (Vedic astrologers) and some Hellenistic astrologers as being
positive, since the ruler can see its sign/house and thus ensure its wellbeing.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Among other things, a mutual reception between the 2nd and 8th houses facilitates the exchange of
money and/or knowledge between the native and other people. Heres what I said about this in my
book, Mutual Reception:
Because the lords of money for the Self vs the Other are in mutual reception, the notion of currency or
financial exchange is obvious. This could manifest positively, eg, via a banker or investment broker
who manages other peoples money, or negatively, as a thief or swindler. We could also view the
exchange in light of knowledge. Acquired education may be specialized, or transmitted via an oral
tradition, eg, mysticism, occult, or the alternative healing arts. This could appear in the chart of a
scholar, linguist, or occultist.
Although you might think that sounds more like JP Morgan or Aleister Crowley, its surprising how
well it applies to Page. Heres what I observed about his 2nd/8th mutual reception, with the added
influence of Saturn on the exchange axis.
The negative association of a strong Saturn on this exchange axis skewed Page into dark territory his
heroin addiction, his fascination with the occult, and some unsubstantiated rumors about sex with
juvenile girls. On the plus side, however, he was well-educated and soft-spoken, and created a massive
transfer of wealth from rock fans into the bank accounts of Led Zeppelin. Equally positive, he later
turned his own significant wealth back into several charities.
Aside from their Moon positions and the shifted Venus that creates Pages second mutual reception,
the two musicians charts are still strikingly similar. Most notably, malefics Mars and Saturn both
occupy their 8th houses.
Anyone familiar with the current sidereal transits will note that transiting Mars and Saturn will be in
Scorpio for seven months this year, from mid-February to mid-September, except for a brief
retrograde foray into sidereal Libra late June and early July.
Transiting Mars and Saturn will form an exact conjunction at 15SC47 sidereal on 24th August 2016,
opposite the natal Mars/Saturn pair in the 8th house Taurus of both guitarists charts.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

It may be morbid, but its inevitable that the average astrologer will give at least some passing thought
to the possibility of accident or death during this transit. Its almost inevitable in the case of Richards,
our generations walking zombie:
Long defying Top 10 lists of wholl die next, Richards is an archetypal rock star. One journalist
compared him to Lord Byron mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Another called him a capering
streak of living gristle who ought to be exhibited as a warning to youth of what drugs can do to you
even if youre lucky enough not to choke on your own vomit. [Mutual Reception, p.157]
Both Richards and Page were heroin addicts. Although Richards was relatively public about his bloodcleansing holidays in Swiss clinics, Pages treatment was more discreet. However, both fought the
battle and emerged victorious. But however good the vitality and the prospects for longevity,
eventually the sand runs out of ones clock
So what of that powerful pair of malefics in the 8th house? Are they a pair of killers? And now that
theyre directly opposed by transit from their natal positions, does this intimate a crisis, the beginning
of the end?

Although Vedic astrologers would now turn to a consideration of the major and minor planetary
periods (the dasha and bhukti of jyotish) for guidance, lets try instead to examine this strictly on the
basis of transits to see what we might distinguish vis--vis a prognosis for either of these two 72-yearolds.
Note that the transiting conjunction of Mars and Saturn occurs at 15SC47. Mars is strong in its own
sign, Saturn is ordinary.
In Richards chart, this transiting conjunction forms a very tight opposition (00deg28) to his natal
Mars. Mars is lord of his 2nd and 7th houses. Since the 2nd rules family (among other things) and the
7th rules the spouse, one possible outcome is some problem regarding his wife Patti Hansen.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The transiting Mars/Saturn conjunction also forms a tight square (01deg11) with Richards natal
Moon. Since the Moon rules his 10th house, this could affect his career, reputation and/or social status.
But since the 10th is the 4th from the 7th, it could also spell problems for Pattis mother.
Having seen this much, we could now hypothesize that, assuming shes still alive, Patti Hansens
mother suffers illness or death this summer. This would be a blow to Keiths spouse (the 7th), his
mother-in-law (the 10th), and indeed his whole family (the 2nd).
But hes not sick or dying, because theres no affliction to either the ascendant or the ascendant lord.
His natal Venus is strong in its own sign!
In Pages chart, the transiting Mars/Saturn conjunction also opposes his natal Mars, albeit here with a
larger orb of 04deg00. Again, we could turn our attention to family (2nd lord) or spouse (7th lord) but
lets continue our analysis before jumping to conclusions.
In Pages case, transiting Mars/Saturn also scores a direct hit (01deg48) by conjunction on his natal
Venus, which rules his 1st and 8th houses. The 1st represents health and vitality (among other things),
while the 8th invokes physical trauma and longevity.
Note that the transiting Mars/Saturn conjunction in Pages chart makes close aspects to both natal
Mars and Venus, the two planets involved in his mutual reception of 2nd and 8th house lords. And the
malefic nature of that transiting pair is likely to have a negative effect.
Of what sort? Two possibilities come to mind.
The first is physical. Venus is Pages ascendant lord. Natal Mars/Saturn both oppose natal Venus; now
transiting Mars/Saturn both conjoin natal Venus. Natal Mars/Saturn occupy the 8th house of the
(hidden) sexual organs. Venus is representative of the reproductive system. Since transiting
Mars/Saturn affects both natal Mars and Venus, we could hypothesize a prostate problem. Will we
ever know? Not likely.
The second possibility is financial. Pages natal Mars and Venus, both closely aspected by the
Mars/Saturn transit, are lords of the 2nd and 8th houses. Led Zeppelin is currently the subject of a
lawsuit alleging their famous song Stairway to Heaven represents a copyright infringement. Dubious
or not, its gone to court. Given the very nature of the mutual reception involving the 2nd and 8th
houses, eg, facilitating an exchange of money, this could mean Led Zeppelin is obliged to pay
I know its only rock n roll but I like it.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Alan Annand- Toronto (Ontario), Canada

Alan Annand is a graduate of the British Faculty of Astrological Studies
and the American College of Vedic Astrology. His New Age Noir
mystery series features astrologer Axel Crowe, whom one reviewer has
dubbed Sherlock Holmes with a horoscope. His latest book Mutual
Reception is a detailed reference text for one of the least-understood
configurations in astrology.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016


Author: Ana Andrade
Being a racing driver is extremely hazardous, yet exciting. There is an overexposition to adrenaline but
also to many opportunities to be involved in car crashes. And the history of racing drivers has been
written by success and accidents that ended in severe injuries and in other cases, in death. So, what
astrological factors can be seen in a racing driver chart that can explain the survival or not, in an
accident? In this article, it was selected four racing drivers that suffered accidents, two of them with
fatal consequences. They are: a) Michael Schumacher, b) Ayton Senna, c) Niki Lauda and d) Gilles
Villeneuve. The analysis is based on the natal chart and transits during the day of the (fatal or nonfatal) accident; the Age Harmonics chart (AH) corresponding to the age of the accident; and, finally,
the asteroid Hazard (9305) as representative of danger and peril.
All the charts are casted in The analysis is done by casting the natal charts with
transits during the day of the accident and compared to the Age Harmonics chart (AH), including the
asteroid Hazard, corresponding to the age of the driver when having the car crash.
Asteroid Hazard (9305) is a Main-Belt asteroid that was discovered on October 7, 1986 by E. Bowell
at the Anderson Mesa of the Lowell Observatory. It has an orbital period of 3.18 years [1]. The
asteroid was named after Cyril Hazard, a British radio astronomer born in 1928. His work includes the
first detection of radio waves from an extragalactic source, the use of lunar occultations for source
position determination and the first detection of quasars with high redshift [2]. For the article
purposes, the asteroid Hazard represents hazard, risk, peril, or danger.
Finally, the orb selected for aspects of planets and asteroid is 5 degrees.

(Hrth, Germany, 03 February 1969)


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

(Asteroid Hazard in Virgo in 5th House)

Michael Schumacher is a retired German racing driver. He is a seven-time Formula One World
Champion and is widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. He won two
titles with Benetton in 1994 and 1995 before moving to Ferrari where he drove for eleven years. His
time with Ferrari yielded five consecutive titles between 2000 and 2004. Schumacher is an
ambassador for UNESCO and a spokesman for driver safety. He has been involved in numerous
humanitarian efforts throughout his life. In December 2013, Schumacher suffered a serious head
injury while skiing being six months of coma. Schumacher is at his home receiving rehabilitation
privately. [3]
The non-fatal accident in Silverstone, England: On July 11, 1999, Schumacher crashed at the highspeed Stowe Corner at Silverstone. His Ferraris rear brake failed, sending him off the track and he
suffered a broken leg. [4]

In his natal chart, Schumacher has Hazard in 13Virgo 41 in 5th House and it trines Sun and
sesquisquares Mercury.
In the day of the accident, Mars transit conjoined natal Mars; and Jupiter transit opposed to both Mars,
natal and transit. Hazard transit created a Grand Trine with natal Hazard and natal Sun.
In the 30th AH, it is observed a square between Sun and Uranus, and this Uranus conjoined natal IC.
Jupiter conjoined natal Hazard, Sun transit trines Hazard, Pluto and Sun conjoined natal and transit
Mars. Finally, Vertex conjoins natal Saturn.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

(Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 21, 1960 - Imola, Italy, May 1, 1994)
(Asteroid in Scorpio in 10th House)
Ayrton Senna da Silva was a Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula One world. He was
acclaimed for his wet weather performances, such as the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, the 1985
Portuguese Grand Prix, and the 1993 European Grand Prix. He holds a record six victories at the
Monaco Grand Prix. Senna was buried in Sao Paulo and in his grave is written the epitaph "Nothing
can separate me from the love of God" (a reference toRomans 8:3839). Senna had donated part of his
fortune to help poor children and he created the framework of what later became the Instituto Ayrton
Senna. [5]
The fatal accident in Imola, Italy: On 1 May, 1994, Senna died aged 34 after succumbing to fatal
injuries sustained during his final race at the San Marino Grand Prix. As Senna rounded the highspeed Tamburello corner on lap 7, his car left the racing line at around 307 km/h (191 mph), ran in a
straight line and hit the wall at around 233 km/h (145 mph), after the application of the brakes for
around two seconds. Senna was extracted from his race car had a weak heartbeat, blood loss, fatal
skull fractures, brain injuries and a ruptured temporal artery. Senna was sent to Bologna's Maggiore
Hospital. Later, it was made the announcement that Senna had died. [6]

Sennas Hazard is in 23Scorpio 41 in 10th House and it squares Mars in Aquarius in 1st House.
In the day of the accident, Hazard transit was in 20Cancer 18 in opposition to natal Saturn. Mars
transit squared natal Moon. Hazard transit trines natal Hazard. Saturn transit conjoined natal Mercury.
In the 34th AH, Sun conjoins Hazard in opposition to Pluto, if added Hazard transit, a T-Square is
created. Other aspects are Neptune conjoins natal Hazard and Venus conjoins natal Jupiter. Finally,
Uranus conjoins natal South Node, and Mars opposes natal Moon.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

(Vienna, Austria, February 22, 1949)
(Asteroid Hazard in Taurus and in 12th House)
Andreas Nikolaus "Niki" Lauda is an Austrian former Formula One driver who was three times F1
World Champion, winning in 1975, 1977 and 1984. More recently an aviation entrepreneur, he has
founded and run two airlines (Lauda Air and Niki). Niki Lauda has written five books about his
experience in driving. [7]
The non-fatal accident in Nurburing, Germany: On 1 August 1976, Lauda was involved in an accident
where his Ferrari went off the track and burst into flames. Lauda was trapped in the wreckage.
Drivers Arturo Merzario, Lunger, Guy Edwards and Harald Ertl arrived at the scene. They helped
Lauda. He suffered severe burns to his head and inhaled hot toxic gases that damaged his lungs and
blood. Although Lauda was conscious and able to stand immediately after the accident, he later lapsed
into a coma. Lauda suffered extensive scarring from the burns to his head, losing most of his right ear
as well as the hair on the right side of his head, his eyebrows and his eyelids. Lauda recovered and
returned to race again just six weeks later at the Italian Grand Prix, appearing at the press conference
with his fresh burns still bandaged. [8]

Lauda has Hazard in 23Taurus 33 in 12th House, in trine to Jupiter in Capricorn in 8th House and in
square to Venus in Aquarius in 10th House.
In the day of the accident, Jupiter transit opposed to Hazard transit, and this Jupiter transit had
conjoined natal Hazard. Moon transit conjoined natal Neptune and North Node transit with natal


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

In the 27th AH, North Node conjoins natal Hazard. Sun, Venus and Hazard are in conjunction. Moon
opposes to natal Sun, Uranus squares natal Uranus, Jupiter conjoins natal Venus, Mars conjoins natal
IC, Asc conjoins natal Mercury, Neptune conjoins natal Vertex, Sun transit conjoins Vertex.

(Chambly, Canada, January 18, 1950 Zolder, Belgium, May 8, 1982)
(Asteroid Hazard in Virgo in 8th House)
Joseph Gilles Henri Villeneuve, known as Gilles Villeneuve, was a Canadian racing driver. Villeneuve
spent six years in Grand Prix racing with Ferrari, winning six races and widespread acclaim for his
performances. His son, Jacques Villeneuve and his younger brother Jacques also had a successful
racing career. Villeneuve is still remembered at Grand Prix races. At the Autodromo Enzo e Dino
Ferrari, the venue of the San Marino Grand Prix, a corner was named after him. At Zolder the corner
where Villeneuve died has been turned into a chicane and named after him. [9]
The fatal accident in Zolder, Belgium: On May 8, 1982, Villeneuve died after an accident during the
final qualifying session for the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder. The Ferrari hit the back of Mass' car and
was launched into the air at a speed estimated at 200225 km/h (120140 mph). Villeneuve was
thrown a further 50 m from the wreckage into the catch fencing on the outside edge of the corner.
Several drivers stopped to help Villeneuve. The first doctor found that Villeneuve was not breathing,
although his pulse continued; he was transferred to the University St Raphael Hospital where a fatal
fracture of the neck was diagnosed. He died in that evening. [10]

Villeneuve has Hazard in 24Virgo 34 in 8th House trine Mercury, Sun and Moon in Capricorn in
1st House. Hazard is also in a conjunction to Saturn. But Hazard has a sesquicuadrature to Jupiter in
Aquarius. Pluto resides in 8th House and Vertex conjoins cusp 8th.
In the day of the fatal accident, Hazard transit was in 26Virgo 40 retrograde, practically over natal
Hazard. Neptune transit squares natal Hazard.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

In the 32th AH, Hazard conjoins natal Mars, Sun conjoins natal Saturn and natal Hazard (Sun is ruler
of 8th House and Saturn is the ruler of Ascendant). Saturn conjoins natal North Node and Mercury
transit conjoins Uranus.
The position of the planets and asteroid Hazard, in combination, provide a detailed about the
accident and its consequences. Moreover, the transits and the Age Harmonics charts reveal much
more clear the potential consequence of the accident.
A posible interpretation about asteroid Hazard in signs and houses of these charts is
explained as follows. In case of Schumaher, Hazard in Virgo may indicate danger in particular parts
of the body, as the fracture of the leg in Schumacher. But the position of this asteroid in the house,
may provide a different consequence, being in 5th House, the lucky house, the consequences would
be non fatal. Moreover, in Schumachers latest accident when skiing, it was a serious but non fatal
one. In case of Senna, Hazard in Scorpio and in 10th could indicate a close relationship with death,
accident with negative consequences. In case of Lauda, Hazard in Taurus in 12th could indicate a
danger in the body with possibility of dilution of the physical boundaries (he received the extreme
unction) and his physical appearance was affected, as Lauda experienced consequences in his face. In
case of Villeneuve, Hazard in Virgo but in 8th House that may increase the likelihood of death when
acting the house of endings.
In relation to asteroid Hazard and aspects, they provide more information. On one hand, in
case of non-fatal accidents, the relationship of Hazard with Jupiter and Sun is important. Apparently,
the relationship of the asteroid with the great benefactor may indicate a potential survival, in first
place, and with the Sun (vitality) in a second place. In case of Schumaher and Lauda, they both have
Hazard trine Jupiter and Sun respectively. In addition, to Laudas chart, a hard aspect with the other
benefactor planet, Venus, may express that the accident would not be fatal but the physical
appareance or beauty would be affected. On the other hand, in case of fatal accidents, such
Sennas, Hazard squares Mars and has no contact with Jupiter nor Sun. In case of Villeneuve,
Hazard in 8th House trines luminaries and Mercury, but Hazard has a sesquisquare to Jupiter.
In transits, it was found that the configurations and aspects that the transit planets and transit
Hazard may reveal the consequences of the accident. In case of Schumaher, Jupiter transit opposed to
natal Mars (and transit) while Hazard transit created a Grand Trine with natal Sun and natal Hazard.
It is like Jupiter applacated the force of Mars, and the Hazard was diluted in soft aspects with vitality
of the Sun. In case of Senna, Hazard transit was in opposition to natal Saturn; Mars transit squared
natal Moon. Hazard transit trines natal Hazard. Saturn transit conjoined natal Mercury. The aspects
were hard and with a planet related to death such Saturn. In case of Lauda, while in the sky Jupiter
transit opposed to Hazard transit, this Jupiter transit had conjoined natal Hazard, so the
consequences were non fatal. In case of Villenueve, Hazard transit was retrograde practically over
natal Hazard, a double Hazard with fatal end.
In Age Harmonics charts, some configurations were created inside the chart and in
combination with natal and transits. These combinations are convincing for the analysis. In case of
Shumacher, besides the aspects indicating an accident, such the square between Sun and Uranus, and
the conjunction of Uranus and natal IC, Jupiter conjoined natal Hazard and Sun transit trined
Hazard. This interaction of aspects may indicated that the accident would have a non fatal ending. In
case of Senna, Sun conjoins Hazard in opposition to Pluto and Hazard transit was the apex of this T-


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Square, configuration that invited to think in fatal consequences. In case of Lauda, North Node
conjoins natal Hazard; Sun, Venus and Hazard are in conjunction; Jupiter conjoins natal Venus, Mars
conjoins natal IC; Uranus squares natal Uranus. Although there were hard aspects, the soft ones with
benefic planets led to think in non fatal ending. In case of Villeneuve, Hazard conjoins natal Mars,
Sun conjoins natal Saturn and natal Hazard (Sun is ruler of his 8th House and Saturn is the ruler of
his Ascendant). The interaction of these planets did not promise a survival position for this racing
A further research is needed about this asteroid and with an extended database.
[4] Ibidem
[6] Ibidem
[8] Ibidem
[10] Ibidem
Birth charts from
Michael Schumacher: DOB 3 January 1969, Hrth, Germany, 13:43, Rodden Rating C, Collector: Rodden.
Ayrton Senna: DOB 21 March 1960, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 02:35, Rodden Rating AA, Collector: Borges
Niki Lauda: DOB 22 February 1949, Vienna, Austria, 11:02, Rodden Rating C. Collector: Lescaut.
Gilles Villaneuve: DOB 18 January 1950, Chambly, Canada, 6:00, Rodden Rating B, Collector: Bordoni.
Asteroid Hazard;sstr=9305
Biographies from


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016
Photos from different sources:
Michael Schumacher:
Ayrton Senna:
Niki Lauda:
Gilles Villeneuve:
Ana Andrade- Lima, Peru
Ana is from Peru. She lived in Argentina for ten years during which
time she studied at the Fundacion Centro Astrologico de Buenos Aires,
(CABA), where she graduated in 2009 with a special mention. In 2010,
Ana concluded the Postgraduate Program and became Professor of the
Astrology and Intuition Seminar. In 2011, she became an International
Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) Certified Astrological
Professional. She also collaborated as professor in ISAA (Superior
Institute of Astrology) in Argentina, leading workshops with a wide
range of topics and she co-led the certificate workshop on Consulting Skills for the ISAR competency exam.
She has published, as co-author, in the March 2015 AFA Journal of Research, and in the ISAR journal (2013,
2014 and 2016). Ana also contributed to the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) with her article
Six Nobel Prize Laurates in 2016 and to Infinity Astrological Magazine. In September of this year, Ana will
participate as conference speaker in the 48th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association in UK. Now
back in Peru, Ana continues leading workshops and provides consultations intensively using asteroids in her


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Remain or Leave, UK referendum 2016 analysis

Author: Rod Chang
This is a important referendum
for people in UK and EU and
the support of both campaigns
are very very close at this
moment , we know that since
early June the leave campaign
are leading in poll however the
tragedy of Jo Cox slightly
change things.
I read many of analysts from
respectful astrologers Mark
Cullen, Sharon Knight, Olga
Morales, Faye Cossar and
many other astrologers and be
very honestly I basically agree
the leave have more chance to
win and I also want to do one
by myself but I am afraid of
my personal feeling of support
to remain in EU will distort
my analyse. It took me several
days to think about this but I finally decide to write it down.
Here is my approach, I first studied UK 18010 chart wit Transit, Second progression, Solar Arc, Aries
Ingress Cancer Ingress , Fixed stars and Solar Eclipse. Also study the chart of 1973 when UK enter
EEC with techniques above this will give me some ideas about will we have big change regarding the
relationship between UK and EU.
I then studied chart of Treaty of Rome (25th Mar 1957 ) as EU natal chart and also consider
maastricht treaty ( 1st Nov 1993 ) as another chart for EU to see if EU going to face something
change. This will not suggest UKs leave or stay however it will describe the change of EU after this
Finally I studied David Camerons personal chart with Transit, Second progression, Solar Arc, Solar
return, also have quick look Boris Johnson s chart to compare.
1801 Chart
Support for remain in EU


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Tr Mars tri Mo ( although Mars itself have a meaning of cut off and independent but it rule 7th
represent other countries ) as it form a harmony trine I take it as a gentle negotiation (or black mail ) ,
not brutal cut off.
Tr Ju and Tr Pl both wide trine Ma , it give support to Mars but only have weak (large orbs) and subtle
(Pluto and 12th) influence.
Secondary progression Mo and Sp Asc tri Ve
Solar Arc Ju tri Pl, Sa Ur set Pl (easy the difficult financial situation )
Solar Arc Mars trine Sun, suggest PM gain his power and build up good relationship with other
countries with harmony action.
Asc and Moon both on Fixed sign on Aries ingress chart , Moon in Leo in 7th form a trine with Saturn
and Uranus suggest a harmony situation with other countries.
Fixed Stars paran at 23rd Jun 2016 at 7:00
Venus Rising when Regulus is On Nadir orb 00 mins 46 secs
A creative person who receives honours, or a diplomat
Culminating when Arcturus is Rising orb 01 mins 49 secs
A leader in the arts or in humanistic politics
Support for leave EU
Tr Pl op Mo ( M.C ruler , Government PM has been challenged , People feel anxious )
Tr Pl con So ( Sun as leader again has been challenged , if So as 11 house ruler it could explant the
Scotland referendum too)


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Tr Ur tri Sa ( I.C ruler opposition and land a tendency toward to separation ) support by Tr So Tr Ve
square 1801 Uranus.

Sp So squ Ma , ( the ruler of 11 house against ruler of 7th house )

Sp Mc squ Ma ( public image of against other countries )

Sp Me opp Ve, Sp Ju opp Ve ( Venus rules 1st house has face challenge by 3rd and 6th house ruler
Jupiter and 9th 12 ruler Mercury ) ( So ruler of 11 square Mars ruler of 7th house )


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Solar Arc So squ Ma
SA Ve squ Me ,Sa Me con Mo ( Mercury rulers 12 house conjunct Venus Mc ruler which is not a
great idea and suggest a self destruction of PM)
SA Ju sq Chiron ( the uncomfortable feeling of historical wound of UK and Continental )

Mars on MC of Aries Ingress chart as Mars rule 2nd and 9th nothing to do with foreigner relationship
and Mars has meaning of cut off here, maybe this explain the high volume of leave opinion in public
however it trine the Sun ruler 7th.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Cancer ingress chart have Asc rule Saturn opposite powerful 4th ruler aghast government usually we
take 4th as opposition could this also suggest PMs enemy ( Johnson and Gove)? Saturn rule both Asc
and 12th again another sign of self destruction of PM.

2016 March Solar Eclipse chart has Uranus right on angle this can not be ignore and Saturn on Asc
also suggest the rejection , Mercury rule 7th square by Mars ruler IC ( sense of belonging ).
Fixed Stars paran at 23rd Jun 2016 at 7:00
Alpheratz Culminating at the Mid-heaven Dr.Brady describe Alpheratz as To see oneself as
independent of ones culture or society.
Setting when Zuben Elgenubi is Culminating ,Manipulating the social order for better or worse
Uranus Rising when Alhena suggestProtest, parades, meetings and marches
Uranus Culminating when Spica is On Nadir , The people want to be inspired by an idea, or an
Pluto -Rising when Menkar is On Nadir, Dramatic events that rock the lives of a large number of
Conclusion of 1801 chart studies :
There is no harmonic aspect in Secondary progression chart suggest the resentful feeling in the
country, Solar Arc chart also suggest lots of conflict and discord , my hope is the Harmony aspect in
Aries ingress chart toward to Sun ( rules 7th in Aries ingress chart ) suggest no huge conflict with
other countries. Again I should be very careful about this as I am mainly support remain and maybe I
weigh a bit more on the Aries ingress chart. The transit (include Solar Eclipse and Ingress charts )
suggest environment and global situation build up tension and support leaving EU. The Fixed stars
paran also give some idea of dramatic change. Although I support remind but it looks like PM and the
remain campaign lead by him are not in favour.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

2. 1973 UK enter EEC chart
I studied this chart as a relationship between UK and EU and I took whole chart as a relationship deal
and see any disharmony signs in Transit Progression as deal break factors, also I took 7th house in this
chart as the relationship itself rather than other countries.

This chart it self have Pluto in Libra on Asc, Chiro in 7th . I will not consider Mars as a sign of cut off
as it rule 7th but maybe hard aspect from Uranus are more like the separation. The trine between
Venus and Chiron in 7th and Moon tight conjunct Mars Neptune in Sagittarius are suggest the dream
and idea to be bigger. Of course the Sun square by Chiron and Pluto are like what leave campaign
said we lost control of our own country. Sun conjunct Jupiter look nice but a Jupiter in fall make this
relationship like a down-grade deal, people maybe gave too much hope (Jupiter) and expect in better
future (So rule 11th ) from neighbour help each other (Jupiter rule 3rd).
The only thing I like in this chart is the Mars Jupiter mutual reception although there is no traditional
aspect but a semi square this suggest the huge effort EU (include UK) paid to maintain stable.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Support for remain in EU

Tr Jupiter trine Jupiter
Tr Saturn trine Venus ( protect the deal )
Sp Mo in Cancer, Sp Mars in Capricorn (although there is tension suggested by opposition between
Mo-Ma for a while however it is out of orb now )


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Sp So set Mercury
SA Ve set Mo, SA So set Me, SA Ve sext Ma , SA Pl sxt Ju, Sa Ma con N.Node Sa Ma con Ju
SE New Moon sex Jup, Se Ma con Mo,Se Ju tri Ju
Support for leave EU
Transit :
Tr Pluto conjunct N.Node and Jupiter, Tr pl square Chiron a deal breaker
Tr Chiron square Mercury , Tr Sa app Sa, Tr Ur opp Ur , Tr Ne sq Ne
Tr Uranus trine Mercury Tr Neptune square Venus
Sp Mercury square Neptune (confused)
All the planets on SA chart semi square 1973 chart Planets


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

SE New Moon sq Sa , SE Ur tri Ve, SE Pl con Ju, Se Ju squ Ve, Se Sa con Ve

Conclusion of 1973 chart studies :
As I was born on 1973 I know this year could be taught as most transit form hard aspect to Natal chart
and this is 42 year for UK entry EU therefore an inevitable midlife crisis for this relationship could be
expected , sounds like this relationship have to be reconsider again. Again the Transit suggest
tendency to leave but Solar Arc and Secondary progression are suggest easier situation.
3. Treaty of Rome 25 Mar 1957


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

I use Treaty of Rome as EU natal chart as this is very beginning point of EU , this chart have
exaltation Sun sextile Moon . Exaltation Venus conjunct Sun (non-trastional), Sun trine Mars and
Neptune trine Pluto . Uranus trine Sun in 6house , Saturn trine Mercury near Dsc , We can see the
clear idea of this chart , Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, to create a common
market of goods, workers, services and capital within the EECs member states base on the European
Coal and Steel Community (6th house ) .
I will not see the transit progression and direction of this chart as the factor of leave of remain of UK
but only the current situation of EU altogether with chart of Maastricht treaty.
In the transit chart Transit Chiron conjunct Venus ( Asc ruler ), Tr Saturn Opp Mars , Tr Pluto
conjunct IC as the basic challenges to EU and a danger sign of reform (Pluto on IC ) however 7 house
ruler Mars trine Asc ruler Venus suggest the idea of common market still be agreed by member

The Secondary progression chart has Mars ON MC this is not a sign for break as Mars rule Dsc of this
treaty as the deal and relationship , Sp Moon on 27 Pisces conjunct Vensu another good sign for EU
stay together.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The Solar Arc in another way suggest some change , the SA Mars conjunct Uranus this suggest a
change action ( break up ). SA Mars opposition Moon the management of EU has been criticised , SA
Venus square Pluto and SA Neptune square Venus , SaMars square Neptune all strongly suggest a
division inside of EU.
Transit as current situation is difficult , SP suggest EU people still tie by feeling but Solar Arc suggest
the action are confused and divided.
4. Maastricht treaty
This is basic chart for EU and has more influence of EU current situation and EU expansion also UK


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

The Asc on 14 Gemini Moon on 3 Gemini conjunct Node. Moon square Chiron , Mars conjunct Pluto
and Uranus conjunct Neptune both square Venus , both Neptune Uranus also sextile Mercury are
major themes of this chart. The Uranus Neptune conjunct suggest an idea to be bigger then before for
something good. There is also historical idea as great united states of European behind this chart
present by Moon Chiron square in 12th and 4th.
In Transit we can see the grand cross hit Maastricht treaty quit hard . Acc square by Neptune Jupiter
and opposite by Saturn on Dsc. Transit Pluto on Ur Ne, the great revolutionary idea , the unrealistic
dreams face the most crucial reality (Pluto in Capricorn) . Transit Mars square Saturn suggest the
criticism on EU structure.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Transit Pluto sextile Mercury (Asc ruler) and SP Pluto conjunct chart ruler suggest the power struggle
and lock of clarity in EU has been point out and the request of reform. SA Uranus and Neptune
conjunct MC remind people the good intention of this great idea. However SA Sun soon will form a
semi square with Neptune and Urnanus suggest we realise how difficult to carry these great ideas.
David Cameron
Another way to analyse this question is check David Camerons chart as He represent campaign of
stay in EU and will face huge challenge from Boris Johnson, if the result of referendum is leave he
have big change to face party leader challenge and lost his PM position. R
Cameron has Libra ascendent Sun and Venus both in Libra.



INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Factors that suggest Stay in Power

Tr Saturn trine Moon (MC ruler )
Tr Pluto trine Pluto
Tr Jupiter conjunct Pluto
Tr Mars trine Saturn
Tr Mars sextile Uranus
SE Mc on Sun
SR Venus (ruler oh MC and Asc ruler of Natal chart ) on 0 Virgo near Regulus
SR Jupiter on 12 Virgo conjunct Zosma (Victim or Survivor ?)
Factors that Change and Challenge of life
Tr Pluto tight square Sun
Tr Chiron conjunct Chiron and Saturn
Tr Node conjunct Pluto
Tr Mars conjunct Neptune
Tr Mars square Mars
Tr Mars semi square Venus
Sp Moon semi square Chiron


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

SA Venus square Mars

SA Mercury square Saturn
SA Jupiter conjunct Uranus (Jupiter rule 6th lower position and daily routine going to change )


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Eclipse New Moon on his Chiron

Eclipse Mars square Mo ( Mc Ruler )
Eclipse Mars square Venus ( Chart ruler )
Eclipse Mars conjunct Saturn
Eclipse Jupiter opposite Chiron


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Solar return (SR) Venus near Asc ( Venus in Virgo fall ) square by Saturn (7th ruler)
SR Mars in Virgo conjunct Venus Moo and Jupiter square by Mars and opposite by Neptune
SR Sun in 3rd in Libra ( fall ) challenge by Uranus and suggest big change in career.
SR Jupiter on 12 Virgo conjunct Zosma (Victim or Survivor ?)
Many factor suggest PM going to have hard time and lots of change, I dont know if I give hope to SR
Venus fall but conjunct Regulus is too naive .
Boris Johnson
Compare with Cameron Boris Johnson have little bit more luck .
Transit Jupiter trine Natal Jupiter (Mc ruler) sextile Neptune (Mc ruler) conjunct Pluto
Transit Pluto trine Jupiter.
SP Mercury Trine Jupiter sextile Neptune
SP Mars sextile Uranus
SA MOON opp Mercury SA Venus sextile Mercury
SA Jupiter trine Saturn
SA Neptune sextile Satun
the things he need careful is
Transit Saturn square Pluto Transit Uranus opposite Moon, Transit Jupiter opposite Chiron
SA Pluto conjunct Moon
SR Mars near Dsc , LoY saturn in 7 conjunct Moon.
Algol is on Ascendent (traditional view )


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Compare with similar situation EEC referendum 1975

Than year Transit Pluto is right on 1801 Asc and Solar Arc Moon trine Mars (7th ruler) , Solar Arc
Neptune trine 1801 Sun (11th ruler ), Solar Arc Sun square Uranus and trine Pluto.
1975 Harold Wilson win the referendum of stay in EU. He has SP Venus right on Asc and SA Asc sxt
Venus SA Saturn sxt Saturn , Solar Return chart has Sun conjunct Asc, SR Mars trine Pluto .
Mercury as LoY sextile Venus ( although Detriment in Aries very little help) However lots of
harmony aspect the in Soar Arc help him stays PM but he resign at 1976 with health concern.
That day Fixed stars paran are
Bellatrix Rising at the Ascendant orb 03 mins 32 secs
A life full of struggle but also success, a battler
Pollux Rising at the Ascendant orb 01 mins 59 secs
Using words and language to seek truth, however painful
Sun Rising when Menkar is Rising suggest Great success or great loss; to be a pawn in the winds of
change (Great success in this case)
Moon Rising when Vega is Culminating A compassionate leader, someone who cares Circumpolar
Venus Rising when Rigel is Rising It is favorable and similar to Jupiter and Mars (Arising and lying
Opening of poll chart


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

As Mark Cullen and other traditional astrologers apply Bonattis battle field chart technique with
opening of poll chart. I really interesting and enjoy reading this . I have to be very honest to say, if
anything in astrology suggest 50-50 and many analyses can not give me a clear direction.
This chart could be last draw for me to judge the favour is in leave company .
As 1975 remain campaign (Government so as 1st house) win , we can see 7 house ruler caught in 1st
house and 1st house ruler conjunct with Jupiter in 11th. For 2016 EU referendum table turned, 1st
ruler will be in 7th without any major aspect.
more about this please ready Mark Cullen s article
Rod Chang- Taipei, Taiwan
Rod Chang has studied astrology for over twenty years, both through selfstudy and through the LSA and the Faculty of Astrological Studies. His
favourite aspects are mundane astrology and a humanistic approach to
astrology. He has written a number of books on astrology in Chinese and
has taught it in Mandarin for around ten years. He is co-founder of the
Academy of Astrology with Jupiter Lai, which aims to promote Western
Astrology to Chinese speakers . Rod is also working closely with other
Asian astrologers in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong in order to establish an Asian
astrology network.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Life on Mars Referendums and Retrograde

Author: Stefanie James

Mars Is Entering Direct Motion

Tensions have been running high and there has been a lot of vitriol, toxicity and spite on social media
lately. Im hoping this may be expressed in a more constructive way as Mars enters direct motion, but
that may just be wishful thinking on my part!
When retrograde Mars is at its closest to Earth and at 00:29 GMT on the 30th June 2016 it will begin
its station to Direct Motion which means it will be moving further away from Earth in its orbit,
adding some perspective to the collective anger and tension felt by those in Great Britain. For some, it
has been the case that society
hasnt been able to see the wood
for the trees.
retrograde this year on the same
day as Pluto, there was always
going to be a deep aggressive
undercurrent seething over
taboo and unspeakable issues. It
has to be said that in the UK a
lot of people have been mudslinging over the outcome of the EU Referendum, or Brexit as it is referred to in the media.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Across the pond in the USA, there has been a lot of interest in the presidential candidacy of 2016 with
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton being the forerunners of the race. Many people feel that neither
candidate is worthy of presidency, though some say Clinton is the lesser of two evils. I went on THA
Talks this weekend to discuss these issues.
Pluto & Mars both went Retrograde on the same day and as both are rulers of Scorpio (Pluto the
modern ruler and Mars, traditional) and with Mars re-entering Scorpio, there is a feeling of buried
anger coarsing through this transit. There is the potential to heal deep wounds and ancestral pain
which is being carried through a trine from Mars to Chiron but this isnt without its own pain
steeped in collective fear and trepidation.
The Rule Of Three
When Mars stations direct it will be in the 8th House in Scorpio so this is a triple whammy of martian
energy though not as direct as Mars in Aries its a more passive and receptive type of energy
release. Calculated and controlled, when this energy does have full release, the flood-gates are opened
and a deep eruption occurs. This is particularly so, for Mars in Scorpio.

Being in the 8th house, this will be felt in the shared wealth on a grand scale it Screen Shot 2016-0629 at 19.37.01may provoke deep concerns involving the economic situation of the nation and its
position in Europe, the fear of the unknown in the divorce from the EU and societal knee-jerk
reactions which relate to this type of psychological disturbance. It would seem the taboo for this
current time in history is that of race, and national pride and patriotism. As taboo is a key word for
Scorpio and the 8th house, the current political situation in both the UK and US are described by this


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

symbolism very well. Those who voted out of the EU (52% of the British population) are being
accused of racism, being called stupid, not worthy of voting and it has even been questioned whether
anyone above the age of 55/60 should have a say over the political position of The UKs relationship
with Europe, based on the assumption that these individuals will be dead within 15 years. It seems an
awfully huge generalisation that just over half of the voting public simultaneously hold the same
bigoted perspective on the political stance regarding their homeland.
Divide & Conquer
The UK Referendum has split the UK down the middle, and within that chasm a deep seething vapour
full of generalisation, assumption, hatred and fear has emerged. People feel unsafe, unhappy and
misunderstood. Families are arguing, friends are falling out of favour and politics is being discussed in
every area of life. The Moon in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio denotes a stubborn and difficult tug
of war between both sides of the fence with tempers frayed and anxieties running high. This is a time
of extreme emotions and actions, equally so. Issues of ownership, worth and the threat of loss are
projected onto the land and its rituals.
When Venus meets Mars and Chiron by grand trine on July the 7th, there is an opportunity to express
discretions in a diplomatic and Venusian way. This may be prompted by some sudden, unsettling and
destructive issues forced to the surface by Mars in a very uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. There may
be more eruptions, explosions and attacks. If Istanbul Airport is anything to go by, we should heed the
warnings and stay vigilant during these testing times.
Stefanie James- London, United Kingdom
As a young girl, my school books were covered in doodles of astrological and
planetary glyphs. Addicted to the horoscope pages in magazines, I would always
be so excited on the approach to my birthday, buying all the monthly magazines I
could afford with my pocket money so I could have the double page spread
dedicated to my Sun Sign alone. However, I wouldnt just read all about my sign
I would study up on all my friends signs and quiz them about their
personalities. When my teachers asked me what I wanted to do when I left
school. My answer was simple I wanted to study the planets.
Fast Forward to the year of my Saturn return where my inner compass re-calibrated to my true course in life after
a rather rocky period of sensible career choices and not-so-sensible lifestyle choices. I decided to book myself
on the Diploma course with the London School of Astrology where I initiated my Astrological studies.
Since my Astrological Journey commenced I have proofread a number of book manuscripts for fellow
Astrologers, awarded the Ada Phillips Scholarship to attend the Astrological Association Conference 2014,
studied at the Centre for Psychological Astrology worked at the Astrology Student Conference 2014 & 2015
running the book stall on behalf of The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden and have submitted work which will
be published by Flare Publications in 2016.I chose the name Stellium Astrology for my website as my personal
planets (including my chart ruler) form a Stellium in Aquarius. Uranus the dispositor of my Stellium is
conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. I also have a Stellium in my 6th house when using the Placidus house system,
but lets not confuse matters!Consultations can be conducted over Skype, telephone or in person. All
consultations are recorded and a copy is sent to you for your records. Consultations are carried out with the
strictest strictest of confidence. Personal information, documentation and recordings are kept in adherence with
the Data Protection Act.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016

Jillian has been involved with tarot, and western astrology

for over 37 years, including consultations, writing weekly
newspaper predictions, lecturing in New Zealand, and New
Orleans USA, and entertaining crowds at the local Hobart
Wrest Point Hotel Casino. A teacher of tarot and astrology
with Adult Education for 8 years, she also consulted on
national psychic and astrology phone lines, and, ran an
astrological matchmaking service. Jillian has also pursued
her passion with Indian astrology over many years and gave
a tarot and astrology presentation in Calcutta, India in
February 2015. Recently she has presented a video on
YouTube about the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot deck.

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INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016


INFINITY Astrological Magazine July/August 2016